How to change the screensaver on your iPhone

How to set the wallpaper on iPhone

Wallpapers play an important role in the Apple iPhone interface. How properly the background is chosen determines the usability of the device. This is why iPhone provides the function of changing the wallpaper at the owner’s discretion.

Changing the wallpaper, as well as any other option, is done on the Apple iPhone through the device settings. Thus, if the user wants to change the desktop background, he can use the following instructions:

The iOS operating system also offers users the function of wallpaper shading to adapt the image to a dark theme.

After performing the above actions, you can evaluate the result. A new image will appear on the desktop or lock screen, which the user can then just as easily replace.

How it is done?

The first thing we have to do is to go to the Settings app In our iOS device, this app is the nerve center of the system and is certainly the best place to place this section.

Once inside the settings, we have to do the following steps:

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  • Slide down the menu until you find the section called “Wallpaper on the Wall” what’s circled in red in the photo, and click on it.
  • Once inside, it depends on the target we are looking for, we have two steps to choose; If we want to edit our current wallpaper (resize or switch between parallax and static modes), we just need to tap the section we want to edit, whether it is the lock screen or the home screen (where the icons are).

In case our goal is to. to set a new wallpaper, we have to select the option that appears above the images in the second photo, which is called “Select a different foundation”.

Since we already know what wallpaper we want to use, whether it’s dynamic, fixed or from our reel, we just need to customize it to our liking and specify the destination, to do this we will follow these steps:

  • Once we know what kind of background we need, we touch it.
  • A screen similar to the second one in the photo will appear on these lines, here we have to move and resize our background with our fingers (just as we process any image on the reel) and then choose whether we want it to be set to Static or Perspective mode.

The difference between these modes is very simple: in static mode our image will remain fixed without any movement as we set it up; in perspective mode, however, our image will move depending on the orientation of our device, creating a three-dimensional feel, which is beautiful but has its drawbacks. In perspective mode images should be set so that the image is larger than the screen so that the device can display more area when you move, this should not bother you because it will be done automatically when you select it, on the other hand you should know that it consumes more battery, constantly using gyroscope and accelerometer to determine its orientation and a graphics processor to handle this 3D effect.

How to download and install the wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Alternatively, you can use a Google search to find images as wallpaper. Click here (you can change your search query by specifying your device model and preference, for example: “iPhone wallpaper with girls”).

On the search results pages, go to the Images section. You can also use the search engine’s ready-made recommendations here (see. screenshot).

Select an image you like, tap and hold your finger on it until the context menu appears. Select the Add to Photo option;

Open the Photos app and select the image you want to set as the background.

Click on the button Share in the menu at the bottom of the screen (the button in the form of a box with an arrow up);

Position the image to your liking and click “Install”;

To set the selected picture as your background, select the “Home Screen” option (or “Lock Screen” if you only want to set the picture to the lock screen).

Close the Photos app and go back to your Home screen (or lock screen) and the picture you chose will appear on your device.

If you click on the “Both screens” option during the installation process, the selected image will be set as the background on both the home screen and the lock screen.

In order to return to the default wallpaper, open Settings → Wallpaper → Select New Wallpaper and click on the thumbnail of the desired image.

add a command to your home screen

Finally, you need to add a command to your desktop to trigger the action with a single tap. To do this, press and hold the command bar and press “Share”, then select the “Home screen” option. If you want to change the icon’s picture and name and press “Add”.

Move the icon to another screen if needed, and you are ready to use it! Click on the icon created when you want to change the wallpaper. You can add new images to the Wallpaper folder and remove old ones if you get tired of your wallpaper quickly. Note that the command automatically changes the wallpaper for both the Home screen and the lock screen.

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How to change the wallpaper on your iPhone

Go to Settings. Quick commands and turn on the Unreliable commands switch.

Create a separate folder in the Photos app and put there all the necessary images to set as the background.

In the settings of the team choose a folder from which the new images will be pulled up. Also specify the wallpaper which will be changed (on the desktop, on the lock screen, or on both screens simultaneously).

In the Commands app, go to the Automation tab and tap “”.

Create a new automation for yourself.

As a condition, select the desired time of day, for example, 8 a.m.

As an action, select Run Quick command. Wallpaper.

In the last step of saving the automation, turn off the Ask before start switch.

Now every day at the set time on your smartphone will automatically change the wallpaper. Instead of time of day you can specify other triggers which will trigger the change of wallpaper. It can be a connection to a certain network, a received notification or something else.

Do not forget that you can change the wallpaper manually, by running the command from the application or via a shortcut on the desktop.


Automatic change of wallpaper on iOS

Apple calls all quick commands that it does not issue unreliable

Be sure to set the time when the pictures will change

Add a quick command to automation

Don’t forget to disable the launch request function

Note: it is obligatory to disable “Ask before launching”. If you do not do that, every time it is time for automation to work it will ask for your permission and will not be able to change the picture by itself. This is very inconvenient.

If you set the current time, the wallpaper will not start changing until the next day. I may have overlooked something, but in this mode, they will change no more than once a day. I admit that some people might want to do it more often, but I think that’s fine as it is.

Loading an image

Before you replace the default background of your Apple device, you need to select a picture. You may like the images that you find in the standard wallpaper, or you may want to put a photo of a loved one on the screen. But we’ll look at a more complicated option, in which you need to download the wallpaper to your device from a third-party source.

There are two basic ways to add an image to the iPhone memory:

It is clear that, given the proliferation of wireless networks and the number of free Wi-Fi spots, it is much easier to go online with your iPhone/iPad and just save the picture in memory. But we’re not looking for easy ways, so:

  • Download the photo to your computer.
  • Connect your Apple device and start iTunes.
  • Select your device and go to Photos.
  • Check “Synchronize photos from” and navigate to the folder on your computer where the pictures you like are stored.

Select the files you want to sync and then tap “Apply”. All selected pictures will end up in the memory of the device.

How to set photos from other sources as iPhone wallpaper

We often have some beautiful photos or pictures on our camera, computer or iPad, how to put them into the iPhone and set as wallpaper? In this part we will show you how to add any pictures from other sources to your iPhone to change the wallpaper.

To post photos to your iPhone, you need a secure and professional file tool to help you do this. FoneTrans. is a tool for sure.

  • It transfers contacts, photos, music, movies, etc. Д. Between iPhone / iPad and iPod.
  • This alternative to iTunes sync allows you to transfer photos, music, etc. Д. Between iPhone and computer.
  • Duplicate contacts and edit iPhone contacts on your computer directly without iTunes.
  • Automatically convert video and audio to compatible formats for iPhone, iPad, iPod.
  • Make ringtone for iPhone with one click.

Download the software for the Windows or Mac version and install it according to your computer system. Then connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and run the program. If you want to sync your iPad photos with your iPhone, connect them to your computer.

Click “Photos” “Photo Library” on the left sidebar and click “Add” at the top and find the photos you want to put on your iPhone.

Select the pictures you want to transfer to your iPhone and press “Open”, then the pictures will be synced with your iPhone.

Here are the steps to sync photos from your computer to your iPhone, the steps to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or from iPad to iPhone are also easy enough. You can easily find the recording on the internet.

After transferring, you can find photos or images that have been transferred to your iPhone. Set them as wallpaper, as told in the first part.

In this article, we will basically show you three websites to download iPhone wallpapers and how to install and change iPhone / iPad wallpapers. You can record your sentence after reading this post.

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