How to Change the Power Supply on a Computer

In most cases, when the computer does not turn on, the cause of the breakdown is a faulty power supply, which could fail due to power outages or overload.

Computer power supply. A very important component of the computer, thanks to which not only the motherboard is fed, but also most of the other components. From the power supply are fed: Winchester, CD, DVD drives, Floppy drive, some cards. All of the above components are connected not only to the motherboard, they are connected to the power supply using special connectors.

Let’s look at the case when it is necessary to replace the old power supply with a new one. By the way, the power supply is changed not only when it burns out, maybe just the old unit does not have enough power to pull all the components of your computer.

As practice shows, not everyone knows what a power supply looks like, so I show a photo of an average power supply:

Now about where the power supply is attached. If you look at the system unit from the back, then the part where the power cable is inserted is the unit. As you can see, it is mounted on four bolts that are unscrewed with a regular Phillips screwdriver.

If you remove the side cover of the system unit, the place under the power supply unit is as follows:

As can be seen from the photo above, cables of different connectors depart from the unit and connect to the components.

Well, now in order. In order to replace or reinstall the power supply, do the following:

1. Unplug the system unit from the wall outlet and disconnect all cords from it.

How to Change the Power Supply on a Computer

2. Move the system unit to a place convenient for you with good lighting.

4. After the new unit is available, you can proceed to disconnect the old one, but before that, remember well which wire and where it is connected. If necessary, sketch a diagram or even better, take a picture with the camera. This is done in order to then connect the new power supply in the same way.

5. Disconnect all cables of the old unit from the motherboard and accessories.

6. Holding the power supply with one hand, unscrew the fixing bolts with a screwdriver with the other.

7. Insert and screw on the new power supply. Following the sketch, connect all cables to the appropriate connectors.

Please note that the motherboard can be connected with two cables from the power supply.

It should also be noted that the hard drives of the old and new models are connected using different plugs. New SATA drives are connected using cables with the same name:

Old-style hard drives are connected in the same way as drives:

After everything is connected, close the lid of the system unit and connect the necessary device. Try turning on the computer.