How to change the order of channels on your Samsung TV

Setting up your Samsung Smart TV 5 Series

It took an awful lot of effort to buy a brand new Samsung TV, and you can’t wait to get it home. Now the only thing left is to configure the channels, connect it to the Internet and finally plouch on the couch to watch a movie on the big screen. In this article, we will touch on the topic of finding and assigning TV programs to their places. How to connect Smart TV to the router (Wi-Fi network) and other details were explained in this article.

There are a total of 4 main sources of media content:

In what cases can you change the order of channels

You can change the channels order if the TV company itself has arranged the channels. If the TV has received the channel order from the TV company, you may not be able to move it.

What you chose during the auto-tuning What to do next
Antenna. Cable or Satellite Antenna Move to move channels
MTS TV. NTV-Plus or other operator Try to move the channels. If it does not work, then do Auto-tuning again (by selecting Antenna or Satellite Antenna ), and then go on to move the channels. Cable or Satellite Antenna ) and then go to channel shifting
Don’t remember what you chose when you did the autotuning Try to move channels. If it does not work, do auto-tuning again (by selecting Antenna. You should change the channels order only if your TV sets itself;. Select Cable or Satellite Antenna ) and then go to moving the channels

How to do Auto-tuning for terrestrial and cable TV

How to do autotuning for satellite TV

If you need to change the order

You can change the channel order only if the TV set itself. If the TV has received the channel order from the TV company, you can’t move the channels.

What did you select during the auto-tuning What to do next
Antenna, Cable or Satellite Move to changing channels
Move on to moving channels Do Auto-tuning again and go to channel shifting
Don’t remember what you selected during the auto-tuning Do the auto-tuning once again and go to the moving of channels

Below are instructions for different series (click on the series name to see), so find out the series of your TV before tuning.

How to find out the year and series of your TV

Channel tuning on a Samsung TV

There are only 2 ways to program your Samsung TV. With their help the owner of the device can search for channels manually or perform auto-tuning. The first option will detect even the weakest signal, and the second will make the whole process as easy as possible.

Auto Search

Even a beginner can automatically readjust TV channels. To do this, you will need to perform a few standard steps, described in detail in the instruction manual. If you have done everything correctly, you will be able to watch the channels on Smart TV and sort them according to your preferences.

Before making a Samsung TV autotuning, it is necessary to check the correctness of its connection to the signal source.

After that, the following steps should be performed:

  • Enter the menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to “Broadcast” and look for the item “Antenna” there.


Automatic channel scanner doesn’t always see weak signal, so it ignores it and switches to a new frequency. To eliminate this error, you need to make a manual adjustment.

  • Press “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • In the window that appears look for the “Antenna” item.
  • After the transition, select “Manual tuning”.

How to manually tune the analog channels on your Samsung TV?

To start tuning, press the “Menu” button on the remote, select the “Broadcast” tab (can be “Channel”). In the menu that appears, select the “Cable search parameters” item. Go back to the “Autoset” menu and select the item “Autoset”.

How to move the channels on an H-Series TV

or press “Keypad” and select “Menu” item on TV screen.

There are analogue and digital channels. Channels that have a name next to the number are digital channels. Unnamed channels are analog.

If you move digital channels, they change their places (the fifth channel is moved to the third, the third is moved to the fifth, the other channels remain in place).

If you move analog channels, the position of the channels located below the moved one changes (the fifth channel will be moved in place of the third one, the third will be moved in place of the fourth, the forth one will be moved in place of the fifth, etc.).Д.).

Select “Edit Channel” and press “Menu” button on TV screen. Numbers” and press the “Enter” button.

Use the arrows on the remote control to move the channel to a new position

Or enter the number to which you want to move the channel.

Press the “Enter” button to save the channel in a new location.

Channel number has been changed. Repeat steps 5. 9 to move the other channels.

Main sources

Here is a general diagram for all models, for your particular unit, we recommend that you study the enclosed manual.

  • Samsung TV. LCD, LED, plasma, Smart TV, etc.
  • If you have an older device, you must buy a receiver (tuner) to support digital TV.
  • Antenna or STB, cable.

The tuning process is approximately the same for any representative of the Samsung family:

  • Initially, make sure that the set-top box or antenna (outdoor, indoor or analog) is connected to the device. The cable must go to a special socket on the back panel.
  • From “Menu” choose the option “Setting channels“.
  • The program will offer you two options. To configure analogue channels or DTV (digital).
  • Then you need to choose between automatic and manual mode.


Samsung can safely be called a smart device thanks to the “auto-tuning” function. This implies automatic search of TV programs, and their arranging. According to TV companies or alphabetical order. Click on your preferred search method: Antenna, Cable, Satellite. Some Smart-TV models can give you a choice of TV companies: NTV-Plus, Telekart, Tricolor, etc.

If you select any of the first three options, the search will be done automatically, and the TV programs will be displayed in the usual order. When auto-tuning is finished, select the programs of a particular television company. They will appear the way they were distributed by the specialists of this company.

If you want to customize your list, use the move feature:

  • First, press “Menu” button.
  • Select the icon labeled “Broadcast” (looks like a small white satellite dish).
  • Scroll down until you see “Change Channel Number”. Boldly click and activate by clicking “Enable”.
  • To move to the next step, press “Home”, again go to “Broadcasts”, “Right”, “Change“.
  • Find the TV channel whose location you want to change, put a checkmark in its checkbox, click “Change. Numbers.”.

Important item! When you move a TV channel that has a name, it may just swap with some other. For example, if you want to move CTC from 20th place to 2nd place, where Russia-1 is, there will be no shift, CTC will become 2nd and Russia-1 will become 20th. But if we are talking about TV programs without names that have an ordinal number, then when you move one of them up, the rest will move down.


To reconfigure the channels on an older Samsung TV manually without a wizard, you need to understand:

change, order, channels, your, samsung
  • First, this process for older models is a little more complicated.
  • Secondly, old modifications don’t have autotuning. You have to tune them manually.
  • Thirdly. Often outdated technology shows poorly and will not allow you to fully experience the quality of modern television.
  • Fourthly, it is possible to get lost in the menu.

Over, the adjustment of an older model involves changing some important parameters. Sometimes it frightens unprepared users, but there is nothing wrong with it, because it is impossible to harm the equipment in this way.

[Tutorial] How to change newer Samsung Smart TV to other regions for more apps and settings

  • Activate “Menu”, then open the “Antenna” tab.
  • “Manual adjustment”. “Digital k-value adjustment”. “Create”;
  • You will see a window of parameters: frequency, module, transmission. By default you should enter the following data. 170000 kHz, 128 QAM and 6900 KS/s respectively. The device will be tuned for some time, detecting TV programs. The picture on the screen will change, there will be flashes of different programs. You may see some black and white pictures. Do not be alarmed.
  • When the search is finished press the button “Ok” (“Save”). The window with frequency, module and transmission will appear again. Leave the last two unchanged, change the frequency to 178000 kHz, then repeat the steps.
  • Similarly, you can search for TV programs by adding 8000 to the frequency each time. You can perform such experiments up to frequency of 226000 kHz, this is the final point. You can use the same principle to adjust the picture or the sound to make them better. To do this press “Menu”, subitem “Picture”, then randomly adjust sharpness, color, contrast, brightness.

How to Change the order of channels on a Samsung Smart TV

You can manually sort and arrange the TV channels on Samsung TV:

  • The “Menu” button will open the list of sub-items. You have to click the “Broadcast” window. Check the box for the desired programs.
  • From here you can add to favorites, delete, rename, rearrange. To save the arrangement of programs, you should press the “Enter” button.

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