How to change the language on your Honor phone

How to install Russian keyboard on Huawei?

And how to add Russian to the keyboard of a Huawei (Honor) phone?

  • Launch the Settings application on the Home screen of your smartphone.
  • In the “Settings” section, select the “System” item.
  • In the “System” section, select the “Language and input” item.
  • In the “Language and input” section, select the “Gboard” keyboard.

How to change the language on Wechat from Chinese to Russian?

In order to translate a message into your native language, you must:

  • Open a chat with a user.
  • Select the message you want to translate, press and hold it until the menu appears.
  • Then click “Translate”.

How to change language on Huawei Y 5?

  • Start by opening settings.
  • Then go down until you see the system icon.
  • From there select language and input.
  • Select the language that is the very first icon.
  • Now you need to add a new language, so click on ADD LANGUAGE to see the entire list of languages.

How to make Russian on the phone?

How to set Russian language in Android from the menu

  • Open “Settings” or “Settings”. Look for Language and Input or Language Input (globe icon).
  • Then just find the Russian language in the list and click once on it. It will be immediately installed on the whole system.
  • Now you have a real Russian Android.

How to return the standard keyboard to Huawei?

Click on “On-Screen Keyboard”. 6. Select the new keyboard you want to set as default. How to change the keyboard on an Android smartphone

  • Download and install the new keyboard from Google Play.
  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Find and tap Languages ​​& input.

How to change language. Huawei laptop

Changing the language on your Huawei phone is quick and easy. However, with other Huawei devices, the process is slightly different. If you have one of the Huawei laptops and is running Windows 10, you can also change the language of the operating system. But if your version of Windows 10 is Windows 10 Home, this is a single language option. This means that your computer only supports one display language. And you cannot download a language pack to change it.

Thus, in order to change the display language on a Huawei laptop, you first need to update it to Windows 10 Pro and then download the desired language pack. Please be aware this is a paid update. But if you decide to go further, or your computer already supports multiple language options, this is what you need to do:

  • Go to the Windows icon and select “Settings”.
  • Now select “Time and language”.
  • Select “Region and language” and then click “Add language”.
  • Download the language pack of your choice or simply select the one you have already downloaded.

Then you can set that language as default and restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

How to change the language on a Huawei device

When it comes to smartphones and other smart devices, it is mainly about comparing Android to iOS. Or, more often than not, it all comes down to deciding which one is better: Samsung Galaxy smart devices or Apple products.

change, language, your, honor, phone

But it became impossible to ignore Huawei. Their products have flooded the market lately. Some are very high end and come with exceptional features. The Chinese company has turned out to be a major competitor, and people are showing a keen interest. If you just bought a Huawei device, it may not be in your preferred language. Let’s see how you can change this.

How to change language. Huawei smartphone

There are many reasons why you might want to change the language of your Huawei phone from English to another. It’s also fun to play around and see what your phone looks like in different languages. So let’s see what steps you need to take to change the language from English.

  • Open “Settings” on your Huawei smartphone.
  • Scroll all the way down and select “System”.
  • Select “Language & input” from the menu.
  • Select “Language & Region”.
  • You can now select other languages ​​that were added earlier. Or you can add a new language to the list.
  • If the language you are looking for is already in the list, just click once and it will change. If not, select “Add a language“.
  • Browse the list of languages ​​and click on the one you are looking for.
  • You will be asked if you are sure that you want to change the system language to the one you have selected. Select “Change”.

Voila, your Huawei phone is now using a different system language.

Language settings can help you learn

It is quite clear that English is the language of technology. At least this is the case with most of the Western world. But if you want to keep your cognitive skills, learning a foreign language can be very rewarding. You can use one of the language apps and start practicing. Or you can just start changing the system language on your devices and see how quickly you get keywords.

To go even further, you can change the default language of your navigation app and see how long it takes you to get lost. When you stream your favorite shows, you can switch subtitles and try to pick up new phrases. And your last push could be changing the default language for your social media accounts. Chances are, the new system language on your phone will look like a breeze compared to this.!

How to change language. Huawei Smart Watch

If you are the proud owner of a Huawei Watch GT bracelet or an Honor bracelet, you may have problems with the default system language. These devices are incredibly practical and fun to use, but what’s the use if you don’t understand the language of the display? Huawei Smart watches and bracelets are set to use the same language as your phone. It makes sense. To use them, you must sync them with your phone.

This requires downloading the Huawei Health app. For Android users, you can get it here.For iOS users here.All you need to do is change the system language on your phone and then sync with the Huawei Health app.

From another language to English

Things get a little more complicated when you have to change the language, for example from Chinese to English. The best way to achieve this is to follow the same steps, but rely on visual cues and counting. If your system language is set to a language you do not understand and you need to return it to English, follow these steps:

  • Click the Settings icon (gear).
  • Scroll all the way down and tap the last item on the list.
  • Choose the fourth option from the menu.
  • Now choose the first option from the menu.
  • Or choose English from the list. Or, if it’s not on the list, tap the word in blue (usually in capital letters).
  • Scroll to find English from the list. Click and then when the confirmation pop-up appears, select the option on the right.

This is it. Your Huawei system language is back to English.

Make changes that work for you

If you own a Huawei device or are looking to purchase one, rest assured that changing the language is not difficult. At best, this is a few taps on the screen. In the worst case, you might need to download the app. All that matters is that the system language of your choice.

But if you want to play around and see if you can use your phone while the default language is Russian or Hebrew, you can do that too. It can even help you learn a few foreign words.

Let us know what you think of changing the language to Huawei in the comment section below.

What is hidden behind the name of the company “Huawei

Translating the name of the Chinese brand Huawei into Russian is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Many believe that the success, which the company was striving for by leaps and bounds, came thanks to the right combination of words. This definitely makes sense, because “as you name the ship, so it will float.” What does this strange combination of letters mean, so unusually cutting the ear of the Russian consumer??

How to translate huawei phone into Russian

In this article we will try to figure out how to activate Russian localization on Chinese firmware assemblies for Huawei devices.

Despite the rather frequent update of the model range of the company’s mobile devices, Huawei rarely pleases users with software updates, especially outside of China.

Therefore, owners of Huawei smartphones and tablets have to refer to the Chinese section of the support site in search of the latest OS versions, where you can find more recent firmware assemblies.

The problem with these firmwares is that they were initially adapted for the local market and contain Chinese and English language packs as the main localizations. This does not mean that there is no Russian language in them, just activating it may not be so easy.

Consider several options for the Russification of the Chinese firmware Huawei.

How to translate Huawei

The name of the world famous telecommunications company Huawei is the official English transliteration. In the Chinese version, the brand name consists of a pair of characters и. Their combination is read in exactly the same way as the phrase 化為, the translation of which means “transformation”. That is why the translation of the word Huawei into Russian has several meanings.

The first part of Hua can mean “excellent”, “great”, but at the same time it can be translated as “China” or “ethnic Chinese”. The second part of Wei is translated from Chinese as “achievement” or “action that led to success.”.

As you can see for yourself, there are not so many meanings for the word Huawei. The name of this wonderful brand can be translated as “great achievement” or “great action”. However, do not forget that the company is a Chinese property, so if you translate its name into Russian, one of the meanings may be “Chinese achievement”. Of course, many will say that such a translation is approximate, but it is the last version that conveys the whole essence of the company itself.

Method two: editing firmware files and system localization files

If the Russian language is not found in the settings, you need to work a little with the firmware and system files. To do this, we need ROOT rights and any explorer with access to the system root:

  • we follow the path cust / hw / default / xml /;
  • open the hw_defaults.xml file with a text editor;
  • find the line and change zh_CN to ru_RU;
  • if you want to remove other languages, find the line “! —string white_languages ​​=” zh_CN, en_GB, en_US, pt_Pt “-“;
  • replace this line with “! —string white_languages ​​=” ru_RU, en_US “-” (only Russian and English languages ​​will remain);
  • then we find the file “build.prop” in the package and correct the lines “ro.product.locale.language = zh” and “ro.product.locale.region = CN” to “ro.product.locale.region = RU” and “ro.product.locale.language = ru“;
  • if the specified lines are missing in the “build.prop” file, go to the “prop” folder and edit the “local.prop” file in the same way.

After all the manipulations, you need to perform a full reset to the factory state (Hard Reset).

And how to add and configure the Russian language on a Huawei (Honor) phone?

Most of the smartphones sold on the Russian market already have built-in Russian language firmware. Therefore, the “Russification” of the HUAWEI phone is easy to perform. To do this, go to Settings, set the Russian language and make it the main one.

The procedure for installing the Russian language and setting it up on HUAWEI (honor) smartphones

Consider the option when the main interface language is English.

Launch the “Settings” application on the Home screen of the smartphone.

Smartphone screen. launch the Smartphone Settings application.

In the “Settings” section, select the “System” item.

Smartphone screen. select the “System” section.

In the “System” section, select the item “Language input”.

Smartphone screen. select the item “Language input”.

In the “Language input” section, select the “Language” item.

Smartphone screen. select “Language”.

The “Language preferences” section lists the only language as the primary one, “English (United Kingdom)”.

To add a new language, you need to click on the “ADD LANGUAGE” button.

Smartphone screen. click on the “ADD LANGUAGE” button.

In the newly opened language selection window “Add language” you need to find and click on “Russian (Russia) Russian (Russia)”.

Smartphone screen. find and select the language “Russian (Russia)”.

After that, in the “Language preferences” section, there will be two languages: English and Russian, and the main interface language is still English and therefore all the inscriptions on the screen are still in English.

To make Russian the main language, you need to double-click on the words “Russian (Russia) Russian (Russia)”.

Smartphone screen. double-click on the language line “Russian (Russia) Russian (Russia)”.

After that, a check mark will appear opposite the words Russian (Russia) and the line “Russian (Russia)” will move to the first line.

Smartphone screen. a view of the “Language selection” section of the smartphone settings, where the main language is “Russian (Russia)”.

Now the entire smartphone interface will be in Russian.

Smartphone screen. a view of the Smartphone operating screen with the main language “Russian”.

We live in a world where computer technology exists. the world of the Internet and smartphones. Every day we use gadgets that can fulfill up to a million different requests, but we don’t even know how they appeared and who made every effort so that we could communicate freely and always be “online”. One of the world’s leading smartphone design and development companies is Huawei. There are several secrets in the very name of this brand, because Huawei’s translation is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance.

Third way: forced localization of system applications

This method is the simplest, however, it does not always work. The essence of this method is that a special application forcibly changes the system language to the specified one, if support for this language is initially present in the firmware, but at the same time it is hidden in the language selection menu.

  • get ROOT rights (for Russification of some firmware assemblies);
  • install the Locale 2 application;
  • launch the application and select the required localization language
  • wait for the process to complete.

The application will check the localization files of the system and, if the necessary language packs are found, will perform the system modification, and then reboot.

If the application displays a message about the impossibility to apply the changes, apply the permission for ROOT access to this utility in your ROOT rights manager (SuperSU, SuperUser, etc.).

If this does not help, then you need to download and install the ADB utility, and then:

Most of the smartphones produced in the world are developed and assembled outside of Russia. Therefore, the main language of the smartphone interface is also not Russian. Typically, when you turn on your smartphone for the first time, you will be asked to select your primary language. Naturally, you will immediately identify Russian as the main language. After that, all the inscriptions on the screen and applications will already be in Russian. But during the use of the phone, especially after “Resetting all settings” or for some other reason, you may find that the phone has lost the “Russian language”.

Method one: choosing the Russian language in the settings

Most of the Chinese firmware already contain full-fledged Russian localization and do not require manipulation of system files.

In order to activate support for the “great and mighty” in them, you need to go to the settings, scroll the menu to the item with the image of the key with the letter “A”, select the first item in the menu that opens and select the required language.

If the Russian language is not in this list, then you can try to Russify the smartphone by automatically applying the language of the SIM card. To do this, select the first item in the list of languages, it means automatic language selection, similar to the SIM language.

How to pronounce the word Huawei correctly

The head of the world famous telecommunications company Ren Zhengfei gave his brainchild such a worthy name for a reason. Many experts believe that it contains a kind of affirmation for success. Having traced even from the origin of the company to the present day, we can say with confidence that it works.

The Chinese smartphone maker believes that everyone who uses their products should definitely know how to pronounce the brand name correctly. And not only in Chinese, but also in their native language. In 2012, Huawei employees even took to one of the busiest streets in New York to understand if the inhabitants of the millionth city knew how to pronounce the company’s name.

In 2015, the management decided to repeat the action, but from the screens of computers and phones. A small video appeared on the YouTube channel, officially confirmed by the company, where users are told in detail how to pronounce the name of the company.

As for the nearest neighbors, Russians are used to pronouncing the name of this company in their own way. Of course, there is no unambiguous translation of the word “Huawei”, so most of our compatriots pronounce the brand name using English transliteration. However, experts in the field of studying the Chinese language with might and main keep repeating that in Russian the brand name will sound like “wa-wei”.

How to switch language on Android phone keyboard?

For devices based on the Android operating system, there are a large number of all kinds of keyboards that can be found on the Google Play Store. But regardless of the type of keyboard, you can switch to another language. How to do it. in our article.

The first step is to configure the languages ​​themselves. By default, two languages ​​are used. Russian and English, respectively, but you can replace them. To do this, go to the settings and select the subsection “Language and input”.

Next to Keyboard, click on the hash icon as shown below.

Here you can select the required languages ​​for keyboard input.

Changing languages ​​in this way is done on all Android devices, adjusted for the interface (read. firmware).

Now let’s move on to the keyboard itself. In order to change the language, for example, from Russian to English or from English to Russian (depending on the languages ​​you have installed), you need to click on the globe icon.

But this is not the case on every keyboard. On some, you need to swipe on the spacebar, like the keyboard on Samsung devices.

You have learned how to switch languages ​​on the keyboard.

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How to change font on Honor and Huawei phone


Instagram on Android has no settings whatsoever for managing fonts. The application is applied with the style that is set on the system by default. On the other hand, Instagram has another hidden feature. it is used to stylishly design account descriptions and posts. To take advantage of this opportunity, you need the Font for Intagram. Beauty Font Style application.

  • Install the Font for Intagram. Beauty Font Style application from the Play Market.
  • Run it and write text in the editor window.
  • Choose the style of its display.
  • Highlight and copy the result.
  • Start Instagram.
  • Insert the processed piece of text into your account information or post.
  • Save changes.

Instagram will show the caption in the form in which you inserted it

This is a great opportunity to create eye-catching signatures and style your account.


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How to Change Language on Honor 8x. Setup EMUI Language


The next step in working with the downloaded letter theme is installing and applying fonts for Huawei and Honor. We do all this in the Themes utility. Go there to the “I” section, then enter the “Text Style” line, then find the one you need. To apply, just click on it.

Why change the font on Android

Often, users are driven by the desire to give a mobile gadget an individual style, moving as far as possible from the boilerplate design of Android or another shell. But sometimes the task of changing the font on Android becomes a necessity. for example, if the default letter size does not allow reading from the screen due to vision problems.

Usually, 4 parameters can be changed for the system font:

  • family. for example, by default, the device has Roboto, and you want Arial or Comic Sans;
  • typeface. straight or oblique (italic);
  • saturation. regular, bold, or bold;
  • point size (letter size).

The family, weight, weight, and other properties of a particular font are recorded in its file. The size is changed by means of the operating system.

Font fix

Font Fix is ​​a prominent competitor to iFont. Font Fix gives the user access to many different styles that are collected from three reliable sources. However, you cannot set up a search for the desired language here, so searching for items in Russian will take some time. For stable operation, you must provide ROOT rights, which can be dangerous for the system. This utility should be downloaded only from reliable and trusted sources, for example, from the Play Market.

The application allows the user to upload their own masterpieces, however, with iFont everything is clearer, and the functionality is wider. Owners of smartphones with built-in FlipFont (HTC, Samsung) do not need ROOT rights to use.

Conversion for installation

We continue to work with the Themes application. In the licensed and not damaged version of Android, it is already there, and is in the main menu. Open it and then follow the instructions:

  • go to the edit section;
  • click on the “Create Font” button;
  • then select the TTF file that you previously downloaded to the device;
  • before installation, a preview of the letter design that you will have will be available;
  • agree;
  • click on the word “Generate”;
  • confirm the operation;
  • then go to the “Open Huawei Themes App”.

Basic Android settings allow you to avoid wasting time searching for the desired design, and offer several options that are already in the phone.

These authoring designs are saved in the internal memory of the device by default, and you do not need to download anything. The only negative is the small choice. The system will offer from two to four such options. They all have a different color, font, size. Their undoubted plus is the relatively low cost of RAM. That is, they do not negatively affect the processor and do not slow down the performance of applications.

Fleksy Emoji Keyboard

Now you can type any messages with your eyes closed, because SwiftKey includes an automatic word correction feature, as well as a beautiful transparent theme that will make your phone keyboard more original and stand out!

Love emoticons and stickers? Then this keyboard was created especially for you, because it contains a huge number of emoticons, emojis and gifs that will make your communication with friends more fun and exciting. In addition, you will be able to customize the keyboard background!

Ideal for stylish keyboard design on your Android mobile device. The app includes many categorized themes, unique emoticons, and a useful automatic word prediction feature.

If there is no option to choose a font

With the arrival of the miui 8 version firmware update, many faced the impossibility of installing their own version of fonts, especially this problem is relevant for global firmware versions (usually they are installed on new smartphones, for example, Xiaomi Mi 5). In fact, this option is there, it’s just that the developers do not give everyone access to this feature yet, although this option is unlocked on the Chinese version. However, users have found two solutions to this problem.

Recently, to create, make changes and install third-party themes, Xiaomi requires a designer account, below is described how to get this status.

Change language to Honor

To switch the language, you must use the instructions. The user needs to do the following:

  • Open device settings (Settings).
  • Then you need to select the most recent item “System” (“System”). The icon on Honor smartphones looks like this:
  • Next, click on the item “Language input”.
  • You need to select the first item “Language”.
  • If there is no Russian language in the list, then it must be added by clicking on the corresponding item “Add”.
  • In the displayed menu, you must agree with the proposed terms by clicking “Agree” (“Allow”).

Change Phone language from Chinese to English

  • Then you need to find Russian in the list. If necessary, you can use the search (line at the top).
  • Click on “Russian (Russia”).
  • Return to the previous menu by pressing the back key on the navigation bar.
  • Choose Russian (or any other language you want).

After that, the language will be changed to the one selected by the user. This does not require a reboot.

How to change language in honor phones

How to change the language on Honor

A lot of people these days have Honor devices based on Android. This system contains many different languages, so that the smartphone can be used anywhere in the world. But, at the same time, such a variety sometimes brings a number of inconveniences. This problem becomes especially unpleasant if a person speaks only his native language, not knowing any of the other existing ones. As a rule, you must have at least a basic level of English. But, unfortunately, life often does not always work out in our favor.

Change keyboard language in Honor

The scheme of actions also resembles changing the interface language. Changing the language on the keyboard involves several steps. Necessary:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the lowest item “System”. Open.
  • Go to the section “Language and input”.
  • Select the current keyboard (in the example it is Gboard).
  • Then select the item above “Languages”.
  • Choose English / Russian.

If the desired language is not in the list, then the user needs to click “Add keyboard”, then select the language, layout and click “OK”.

How to change the keyboard layout on Honor?

Go to the Settings app. Select “System”. On the next page, click on the line “Language and input”. If your system interface is different, use the menu search by the word “language” (without quotes).

How to put Russian language on Honor 9x?

To switch the language, you must use the instructions. The user needs to do the following: Open the device settings (Settings). Then you need to select the very last item “System”. Change the language on Honor

  • Then you need to find Russian in the list.
  • Click on “Russian (Russia”).

How to enlarge the keyboard on an Honor phone?

  • In the “Settings” menu. “System” go to the item “Language and input”.
  • Go to the “SwiftKey Keyboard” menu and click on the “Enter” icon.
  • We find at the top of the tile “Change.
  • Move or expand the edges of the keyboard to the desired size.

How to change the language to Russian on the phone?

How to change the language on an Android device

  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • Click System Language and input Languages. If there is no “System” item, then in the “Personal data” section, select Language and input Languages.
  • Click Add language and select the desired language.
  • Drag it to the top of the list.

How to replace the keyboard on your phone?

  • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Press System Language & Input.
  • Select Gboard Virtual Keyboard.
  • Specify the option you want, such as Theme or Settings.

How to change language on Honor 9x?

  • Let’s start the whole process by opening the settings and then the system.
  • Now let’s select Language input and Language.
  • Click on ADD LANGUAGE, select one of the available ones and select a country.
  • Now you can select the region and, as you can see, the new language is added to the list.