How to change the language on the Android keyboard

How to switch the language on Android

Smartphone supports multiple keyboard languages. So, the user can set those that he will use regularly. The set of standard languages will depend on the firmware itself and the configuration of the device.

Before you change the language in the input method, it must be configured. For example, if the user needs French, it must first be added. This is done using the settings menu.

You can configure the languages at any time, regardless of when you use your smartphone.

In most cases, there are two standard keyboards, one in Russian and one in English. If for some reason they are not standard, the user should configure them. To do this, go to the settings of the device, and then, follow the instructions:

After this the language will be added to the keyboard. In this case, the user does not need to reboot the device. All changes are saved automatically. The sequence of operations may slightly differ depending on the version of the operating system and the model of the smartphone itself.

Once the input method is added, the user can switch between them without going into settings. This is done using the keyboard when entering text. There are two ways to change the language from Russian to English and vice versa.

In the first case user should click on the globe icon next to the space bar. The current layout will be displayed in place of the space bar.

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This sequence of actions will not be correct on all devices. Some smartphones support a different language change. If there is no suitable icon on the keyboard, then you should use the second instruction. So, the user needs to swipe the “space bar” icon, right or left. After that the input language will be changed. In such cases, the user will see right and left arrows on the space bar.

How to set the Russian language in Android from the menu

If the Russian language is not on the list, then the second instruction will help you.

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Switching external keyboard layouts using Android tools

To begin with, when the keyboard is connected, you need to go into the settings of the device and find there the “Language and input” item. There find the section “Physical Keyboard” (if the keyboard is disabled, it does not appear in the settings), and in it the item “Select Keyboard Layout”.

Most likely, the “Default” option will be active there, which means that the keyboard will use the language of the device without the possibility of switching the layouts.

Select the item “Customize keyboard layouts”. and if a long menu of possible layouts displays, then we are lucky. The Russian and English (US) keyboard layouts should be selected, after which the setting can be considered complete.

Switch the layout of the physical keyboard will be possible by pressing StrlSpace.

Switching external keyboard layouts using Android tools

To begin with a connected keyboard go to the settings of the device and find there the item “Language and input. There find the section “Physical Keyboard” (if the keyboard is disabled, it will not appear in the settings), and in it the item “Select Keyboard Layout.

Select the item “Configure keyboard layouts”. and if you see a long menu of possible layouts, we are lucky. It is necessary to mark the Russian and English (USA) layouts, then the configuration can be considered completed.

Switching the layout of the physical keyboard will be possible by pressing the key.

Configure the standard keyboard

Step-by-step instructions on how to configure the keyboard on Android, presented on the example of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. Menus on other smartphones may be slightly different, but the basic functions and name of operations will be the same for all smartphones.

To open the keyboard settings menu, follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings” and find the “Advanced settings” item.
  • Go to “Language and text input” menu.The screen will display a menu of keyboard settings, the first option of which is to set the language. Note that this function implies changing the menu language of the whole phone.

The next option displays the current keyboard and allows for individual settings.

By tapping on “Manage Keyboards” the user will be able to:

In this window, the user will be able to configure languages for voice recognition, enable censorship, offline speech recognition, allow Bluetooth commands on a locked device.

How to change the keyboard language on Android?

Typically, the keyboard of smartphones uses two basic layouts. English and Internet language, that is, in our example is the Russian language. Suppose that you use the Russian keyboard layout and need to write something in English. Question. How do I switch the language on my phone’s keyboard??

It depends on the keyboard you’re using on your smartphone. For example, the SwiftKey keyboard uses a swipe on the space bar, which means you have to swipe from left to right or right to left.

If done correctly, the layout will change.

On some other keyboards you may find a separate button to change the layout. There is one on Gboard.

To change or add languages to the layout, go to “Settings”.

Click on the line with the current keyboard.

The “Add Keyboard” button will allow you to add the layout.

And if you click on the pencil, you can edit the layouts.

All in all, it’s not so difficult if you know where to press.

Not changing the language on the Android keyboard: the main reasons

If a person encounters a problem where the language does not change, you can judge that there are many problems. Among the common ones are:

  • Absence of updating of operating system.
  • Malfunction of the phone itself.
  • There is no desired language, if the user requires a non-dominant option.

If you check the smartphone for these functions, the problem can usually be solved quickly enough.

Having eliminated the problem, you can proceed to install the language required for use. If your smartphone has a touch screen keyboard, do the following steps:

  • Transition to the menu settings is made. If it is necessary to set the English language, it is enough to activate Settings;
  • Finds the Language and Keyboard line;
  • The setting of the text variant is selected;
  • Inside, the command should be pressed through the Selection Key or Enter button.

At the end of the operation, the user selects the desired option. If everything is successful, you need to save the performed actions and use your smartphone or tablet in a comfortable mode.