How to Change the Language on a Button Phone

How to Change the Language on a Button Phone

How to change the language on the Android keyboard?

The scheme of action in such a situation directly depends on the interface installed on the keyboard. For the reason that users use the keyboard of the brand Gboard, it is necessary to speculate about it. Follow these steps:

  1. A globe icon is clicked.
  2. The standard English layout is activated.
  3. After completing this operation, attention can be typed in the desired language.

There is a special category of keyboards on which the user must swipe sideways by pressing the space bar to change the layout. This is a convenient option.

How to change the language on Android from Chinese to Russian?

If a person needs to change the language from Chinese to Russian, you will need to perform simple

  • In the built-in settings, checkboxes are placed next to the desired language;
  • The choice made is saved;
  • Depending on the firmware or the selected language, you need to press the key combination. A common way is the standard switch layout.
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The user can meet the button in the form of a globe. For the keyboard to work as it should, you need to make the appropriate settings. After that, a function will open to switch layouts strictly to your personal discretion.

Change the language from English to Russian

The operation of how to change the language from English to Russian on Android is considered common. The reason is that the standard keyboard of the smartphone in the process of typing is equipped with these two languages. If there is a need to switch the language for comfortable use of the gadget, you should rely on light and useful schemes.

On samsung

Users of these devices to achieve the desired result, you must perform the following steps:

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  1. Goes to settings.
  2. A line opens with the keyboard and language.
  3. Goes to the section with the keyboard settings.
  4. The International Keyboard section is selected.
  5. A menu opens with Active Input Methods.
  6. Check the boxes next to the required languages.

Having mastered this operation, the user will be able, while typing, to change and add a variant of the set using the icon, which is located below.

On the huavei

In the situation with the Huawei, you must also act through the device’s built-in settings:

  • In the main menu of the smartphone, the section with Settings is clicked;
  • The line Language and input is selected;
  • The desired language is highlighted from the list of proposed ones.
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After carrying out the above manipulations, information on the phone will be displayed taking into account the choice made.

How to change the language on a push-button telephone?

If a person uses an old phone model, on which there is a button keyboard, you need to act through the keys. The options are similar to those used on a PC. The following options are available for changing the language:

If none of the presented switching options gives a positive result, you will need to download the third-party Russian Keyboard application.

This is a virtual keyboard, which, despite the not very attractive appearance, there is one chip. It allows the user to work comfortably with an external keyboard, switch the required layouts on it.

The language on the Android keyboard does not change: the main reasons

If a person is faced with a problem when the language does not change, one can judge the presence of many problems. Among the common ones, it should be noted:

  1. Lack of operating system updates.
  2. There is a malfunction in the functioning of the phone itself.
  3. There is no language if the user needs a non-common option.
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If you check the smartphone for these functions, the problem can usually be solved quickly enough.

After fixing the problem, you can begin to install the language required for use. If a touch keyboard is installed on the smartphone, the following operations are performed:

  • Goes to the menu settings. If you need to install English, just activate Settings;
  • There is a line Language and keyboard;
  • Selects the option to write text;
  • Inside, press the command through the buttons Selection key or Enter.

At the end of the operation, the person selects the desired option. If everything worked out, you need to save the actions performed and use your smartphone or tablet in comfortable mode.

To summarize

If for performing daily operations the user needs to change the layout of the interface from Chinese to English or Russian, just select one of the options presented and clearly follow the scheme. If a new smartphone model is available, you need to make a replacement by pressing and entering the command of a special button. With some Samsung models you need to mess around a little longer, but in any case, the operations are lightweight and have a minimal amount of time.