How to change the geopolitance for iPhone. How to share a geo -position on the iPhone?

How to change your location on Android and iOS

Social networks, online cards, photochemes and other services track your coordinates and often make this information available to others without demand without demand. But you can transfer a false location to them. For example, to maintain anonymity or just play friends.

You can disguise your real geosition using the Hola Fake GPS Location application. After the first launch, you will have to spend a few minutes to make the necessary settings. But in the future you can almost instantly change the coordinates in a simple and convenient integration.

After installing Hola Fake GPS Location, you must give the program a resolution to change geopolition. To do this, first click in the GO application, and then Settings. the “For Developers” section will open. Then find the item “Select Applications for Fictive Locations” and select Hola Fake GPS Location with it.

Next, go to the settings of the device and open the section responsible for the location parameters. Here, turn on the mode of determining the geopolition only by GPS satellites.

When you make the above settings, the application will be ready to work. To change the coordinates with it for all other programs, just select a false location on the map and press the GO button. You can choose any locations around the world. To turn off the change of coordinates, you need to click on the Stop.

The transfer of false location works in the background. By including Hola Fake GPS Location, you can, as usual, share coordinates on social networks and take new pictures in other programs. But now other users will see not your actual location and not the places in which you took the photo, but the selected coordinates.

You can also manage the work of Hola Fake GPS Location using a special widget that appears after installing the program on the notifications panel.

After turning off Hola, other applications can still see fictitious coordinates. In such cases, just restart the GPS module.

The Hola Fake GPS Location app is available by paid subscription or completely free. But in the second case, the program will use the computing power of your device during its downtime and a little traffic.

How to change the location for iOS

Unfortunately, in iOS, location is impossible using fake GPS data. A high degree of closed system does not allow you to install programs from other sources, except for the official App Store app store, in which there is no place for such tools. Apple moderators check all applications and, if there are violation of the rules of functions, refuse the developers in the publication.

The only chance to change the location in the iPhone or iPad is to make a jailbreak and use one of several Twiks available to Cydia like Locationhandle or Locationfaker. However, this option is available only to users with iOS 10.2 and earlier versions that are amenable to Jailbreak.

Never forget about anything

Simple reminders do not work when you need to do something with reference to a specific place. Sitting in the office, you clearly remember that in the evening you need to buy milk home, but when you come to the store, you will forget about it and remember already approaching the house. With the iPhone the problem is solved elementary.

It is enough when creating a reminder to click the toggle switch “Remind the place”, choose a place and indicate when you need to recall: upon arrival or after leaving.

Tell your friends where you

Explain to a person where you are yourself is sometimes very difficult. Such troubles are at all use if you and your friends use iOS devices.

We just open the details of the chat in the “messages”, clicking “details”, and click “Send my current geopolition”. Your interlocutor will receive a geomete, which can immediately be viewed in the “maps” and quickly lay the route to the destination point. Instead of a thousand words, as they say.

Alternative options how to add geolocation to photo?

But if you need to accurately indicate the place on the map and you fail to do this in the above way. We offer to do this on another device or with the help of a program:

  • Adding geolocation and GPS Tags using the Geotag Photos Tagger application (GPX)
  • Adding photos on a device with MacOS using a special program in the properties
  • Using online service to attach geolocation

In this article, we tried to choose the main methods of how to edit photos on the iPhone and add the necessary information about the GPS location. Other useful articles about iPhone and iOS, you can find on our website. We try to actively replenish the base of such instructions.

Smartphones with Jailbreak

You should immediately clarify that Jailbreak is an operation conducted on iOS devices that opens access to the file system in the phone. After its conduct, the owners of smartphones expand the possibilities of use, since you can download programs, applications and topics into the system, including from sources. The minus of the jailbreak is considered to remove the device from the manufacturer’s guarantee.

This version of geolocation is considered the most effective and simple, since the alternative store Cydia provides iPhone users almost limitless opportunities.

In this case, the FAKE GPS Pro program will help change the location. How to change geolocation in the iPhone with its help described below.

  • We go to Twik and allow the program to gain access to location.
  • We find the right place on the map and put a pin in this area.
  • Press the Play key.
  • After that, the inscription Traveling on the upper left corner will be visible. She informs the owner that she managed to change geolocation to iPhone. How to save this place? We simply mark it with an asterisk, and it will always be in the side menu of the Favourits program.

To turn off the program, you need to pause, after which Traveling Off notification will appear in the upper left corner. In addition to changing location, the program has a number of useful functions. It follows paid and costs about five dollars (328).

Sending geolocation of the second device

About how to change geolocation on the iPhone, has already been described above. It is known that some mobile devices do not have a jailbreak. This applies primarily to Apple gadgets. However, indicate the wrong geolocation and disguise your whereabouts is still possible, it is necessary for this: it is necessary:

  • Connect both gadgets to one account.
  • Install the IOS 8 or more modern version (for example, 10).
  • Go to the settings, choose the option “Privacy”.
  • Choose geolocation services, activate the “Share Geopolitance” option.
  • Go to the menu item called “from the device”.

How to send geolocation with iPhone. share a geopolis

For example, if the user wants to change the location of any iPhone model, IPad menu item is selected. Now it is worth placing a second device where a person would like to be, after which you can send false coordinates.

Important! It should be borne in mind that the FAKE GPS Pro program does not work on devices without jailbreak. The reason is that the iOS system is closed. However, you can successfully use the method described above to outwit the device.

Both devices must be connected to one account

This function can be very useful for those who are actively conducting correspondence on a variety of social networks and publish their photos.

How to change the location of GPS to iPhone

Currently, many people are looking for a way to change the location of GPS on their iPhone. Since Apple has produced iOS10, at present, no official tool supports IOS10 hack. As a complete content control tool for iOS devices, itools can now help iOS users easily change the location of GPS.

ITOOLS can control the contents of iOS devices. He can also transmit and create backup copies of almost everything on your iOS devices, including music, photos, contacts, files, videos and applications. ITOOLS is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone of any models, iPad and iPod. And it can be installed both on a computer with Windows and Mac. Itools accompanies the development of iOS devices since the time of iPhone3. This helped more than 10 million iOS users manage their iOS devices in a simpler and more reasonable way.

iOS 16: Must-Try Hidden Features for All iPhones

ITOOLS now has a “virtual location” function for both the Windows and Mac version. This is really good news, because regardless of whether you use Windows or Mac computer, you can download the corresponding ITOLS version and use it to change the location of GPS to the iPhone.

Many iOS users like to use ITOLS to change the location of GPS, as it is very practical in everyday life. For example, you can better know the place before going there; Sometimes you can deceive your friends or colleagues with a fictitious location; Some people use this function to come to work; Other people use it to play games such as Pokemon GO.

Download the trial version of itools (iTools for windows, iTools for Mac). If you are good about itools, please feel free to buy a license on our official website here.

How to change the location of GPS to iPhone using iTools?

After a successful connection of your iPhone to ITOOLS on a computer, you will see an integration below:

Click the “toolbar” in the menu line, you will see the “virtual location” button on the Inteime:

Press the Virtual Location button. Enter the location in the text frame, click “Move here”, and you will be located in this place.

You can even imitate walking in this place after pressing the walking mode.

If you need to finish the virtual location and return to your real location. Click “Stop the simulation”.

Summing up, itools. This is a simple and quick way to change the location of GPS to the iPhone. No matter what you want to do with this function of the “virtual location” of ITOLS, it will definitely satisfy you. In addition, ITOLS is also an ideal content management tool for your iOS device. You can use it to backup or transfer the contents from iOS to a computer in a simpler and more reasonable way. Share this with your friends who also need itools if you like our iTools.

Any other problems for iTools during your work, please go to our customer service for solutions.

Learn more about Thinkskysoft and ITOLS, please click here.

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How to change data geolocation on iPhone

Sometimes I want to boast of photos that you rested on an exotic island or expensive resort. We cannot judge you for this. And sometimes I just want to make fun of friends and fake the location of the pictures, for example, on Instagram.

Or imagine this situation: you have many excellent photos from where you really were, but because of the photo editor, the location of photos was lost. In this case, you should not worry. You can change the geolocation of photos on the iPhone, and below we will tell you how.


We tested several applications, including Mappr, Photo Investigator and Metapho, but the best of them. Mapic. Other applications are also good, so you can try them and. However, in Mapic, changing geolocation data is easy. And below we will explain how to use it.

First, download Mapic for free from the App Store and open the application.

1) Select a photo (you can select several at once) from one of the albums in the photo application.

2) click Next in the upper right corner.

3) Select the location that you want to tie to the picture or pictures. This can be done manually by introducing a location in the search bar, or on the map. By pressing the button in the lower left corner, you can tie the current location.

4) Press Apply this location.

5) Now you can save the result in the photo or immediately share it on Instagram.

You can read about how to view the geolocation of pictures on the iPhone in this article.

There are many different reasons to want to change the geolocation of your photos, but in any situation, it is very easy to do it quickly.

The main points are ITOOLS:

Send almost everything, including music, voice notes, videos, photos, documents, books, files, applications, contacts from your iPhone / iPad / iPod to a computer in just a few clicks. Import music, videos, photos, books, contacts and files from a computer on iPhone / iPad / iPod without data loss. Control all the contents on IDEVICE with ease. Create a backup of almost everything on your IDEVICE on PC, either selectively or in just a few clicks. Set your own rington on the iPhone easily and quickly. Support the virtual location, you can find your iPhone anywhere where you want, in just a few clicks. Compatibility with all IDEVICES includes all iPhone / iPad / iPod models, or hacked or unauthorized. Friendly Inte Week, only one click is required for 90% to complete the process. Itools only imitates the location of the GPS of your device directly. Never import or change the data of applications / games, which means that it is 100% safe for any products based on LBS. And after you acquire a license on our office website, you will receive a guarantee for life. It would be great to have this software and use it to manage your data on your IDEVICE, correctly?

  • Add output mode to set up route
  • Support for Autoloop (cycle)
  • Set up and show the walking speed if you use walking or pin mode.
  • Support for a virtual joystick to manage your direction
  • Improve the user connection integration and exit
  • Configure the cycle time
  • List of the elect: Save your favorite place in this list for further use
  • Return: quickly return to your previous location
  • Settings of the window size
  • Import / export GPX files (drag it out the window)
  • Preservation of speed settings in different modes
  • Increase data storage permit
  • Add online study and notification of new functions
  • Installation of unlimited contacts in PIN mode
  • Give the repetition mode and the cycle mode to choose from
  • Continue the GPX route from the stop point / new method of imports GPX file using the GPX button
  • Streamline the list of locations by temporary sequence / alphabetical order; Sorting a list of locations with a folder; List of export / import locations
  • Add the return function of the route in pin mode
  • Add a simplified window for the output mode
  • Add filters of pokets and gym halls to create a close GPX (extended GPX)
  • Teloport immediately when starting GPX or PIN routes
  • Several copies (simultaneous use of several ideas)
  • Wi-Fi connection between ITools and iOS devices
  • Add a transition mode to a teleport on a GPX market (V1.6.four.6)
  • Add a timer for a cyclic transition along the route
  • Remote GPX drifting
  • Ribbons

The main description of the Virtual Location function:

STEP1: Open itools and connect iPhone to iTools on a computer. Click the “toolbar”, and then click the “virtual location” icon to start the fake location of GPS. STEP2: Enter the GPS address or coordinates that you want to place in an empty frame, and click “Cross”. Then you can start falsify the location of GPS. STEP3: Click “Move here”. Here you will come to London. Increase the scale, you will see London closer. Then click the icon in the form of a person in the upper right corner. STEP4: Click the destination that you want to send and click “Move here”, you will start walking mode. And then you will see that the distance and time is clearly left.

In the main version, you can only go along one route that Google provides. Now you can choose the output mode in the upper right corner, and then you can configure the route that you prefer to your destination by clicking on the route, along which you want to follow. 2. Support for Autoloop when you use walking mode or output mode, you can see the blue button, click on it, then you can go into automatic shutdown mode. This means that you can walk between two points. 3. Set up and show the walking speed if you use walking or pin mode. You can see the speed displayed when using the walking mode or output mode. And you can even configure the speed of walking in each mode. four. Support for a virtual joystick to manage your direction. Pay attention to the left lower corner, you will find a joystick. Then you can use the joystick to change the direction and get the exact point you want to go to. 5. Improve the user connection integration and exit in the primary version of the virtual location page will be disabled after disconnecting the USB cable that connects your computer to your iPhone. Now the virtual location page will remain even without turning off the USB cable. The previous page will recover after you connect your iPhone to PC again. In the primary version, as soon as you turn off the virtual location page, your iPhone location will still be in a fake place. You need to restart your iPhone to return to where you are actually. Now the location of your iPhone will return to normal a few minutes after you closed the virtual location page.

Configure the cycle time

You can set the cycle time from 1 for an unlimited time. And you can easily adjust the time using the mouse wheel. Drag the line of the cycle to configure the cycle time, or move the mouse wheel to adjust the cycle time.

List of the elect: Save your favorite place in this list for further use

Allows you to quickly save and find your favorite location GPS. Before click “move here”, click “copy to the exchange buffer”, and then ctr v insert the coordinate into the search line. and then press the conservation icon at the end of the search line, enter the name of your coordinates and confirm. And you can find the saved coordinates here:

Return: quickly return to your previous location

After you fly from one place to a new place, clicking “move here” if you want to return to the previous place, you just need to press the “return” button, except for the search frame. But if you pick up a new place in the search frame, the last place will be empty.

Configure the window size: allow the deployment of a virtual location window

You can configure the size of the virtual location window to achieve the best visual effect.

Import / export GPX files (drag it out the window)

Import the GPX file from your computer to ITOLS by dragging the file into the virtual location window. (If you cannot drag the GPX file into the window, reboot the computer and repeat the attempt.) After import, you continue this route. After completing, you can export your GPX file here:

Preservation of speed settings in different modes

Speed ​​settings in different modes will be saved as your default speed when opening a virtual place next time.

Increase data storage permit

The saved list of locations or other saved data will not be easily lost after increasing the permit for storage of data.

Add online study and notification of new functions

Press the textbook button in the upper right corner, you will see a textbook and a new function added to a virtual place.

Installation of unlimited contacts in PIN mode

You can maximize the contacts 10 in PIN mode earlier, but now you can establish unlimited contacts.

Repetition mode and cycle mode for users to choose from

Repetition mode. This is the repetition of the route from the starting point A to the final point B. The cycle mode is similar to the cycle back and forth, from a to b, then from b to a. Now you can choose in what mode you want to click here: Hints: the default mode will be repetition, if the straight distance is within 1km; The default mode will be the cycle mode if the rectilinear distance is more than 1km. If the rectilinear distance is more than 1 km from A to B, the rectilinear distance will be red, as shown below:

Quickly install a virtual location for iPhone on a computer

The main function of AISEESOFT ANYCOORD is to change the actual location of your iPhone GPS to a virtual location on Windows and Mac computers in accordance with your needs. Just enter the necessary information about the location in the software, and you will receive a fake GPS location for your iOS devices. In addition, you can import the GPX file to set the location or track with Anycoord. GPX files are also supported.

If you want your iPhone to move along a certain path, you can also use AiseSoft Anycoord. And for you there are three modes of movement that will make the movement free and diverse. Accordingly, this is the mode of one stop, the mode of several stops and the joystick mode. over, when you finish each movement, the recording of the route will be saved in history, and you can get the distance of each movement and check it at any time.

When using this mode, you can only choose the starting point and the end point, and then the program will set the route along which you can move the location of the GPS of your iPhone.

In this movement mode, you can choose several points and connect them to configure the route. And the location of your iPhone can move at your desire.

Without choosing a place and without laying the routes, you use a mouse to control the joystick on the computer screen, and your iPhone location will move freely.

Do you want the location of your iPhone to change at different speeds? You can drag the speed strip so that your iPhone can move at different speeds from 1 m/s to 50 m/s.

Play AR games on the iPhone without the need to walk

Suppose you like to play AR games, such as Pokemon GO, on iOS devices, play video games and connect to the real world-this is attractive and interesting. However, sometimes you cannot play it as usual due to bad weather. In this case, you can use AISEESOFT ANYCOORD to plan the route for the location of your iPhone GPS, and then you can play Pokemon GO as usual, but do not walk. over, if you want to play games with augmented reality on the iPad, you can also use this software to change the location of your iPad by GPS.

Launch AISEESOFT ANYCOORD on your computer and press the Start button to connect the iPhone to a computer.

Select “Change the location”, “universal regime”, “multiple regime” or “joystick mode” depending on your needs.

Select sites and click “Start moving” to change the location of your iPhone.

What are the ways of replacing geopolition

You can change the location using VPN. It is enough to connect to any foreign server and turn off the geolocation module.

Подробный обзор iPhone 6s и 6s Plus

If the application you need supports the determination of the location over the network, it will be possible to deceive it and be in another country.

This method is the simplest and does not require any complex manipulations. You just need to install any VPN client, for example, Tunnelbear or other analogues.

Unfortunately, the method is not always suitable, in addition, it will not be possible to indicate the exact location in a particular country. In this way, it will not be possible to virtually “travel” through their state or “go” to an exotic country.

Some jailbreak tweaks can transfer your gadget to a couple of slippers to any point of the planet without additional services and applications. To do this, you can use the tweaks of AKLOCATIONX, GPSCHEAT or their analogues.

Every year of reasons to make a jailbreak on the iPhone less, not everyone is ready to go to related restrictions only for a couple of minor buns.

Special applications for a computer can replace geolocation on the iPhone connected to it. The method is quite legal and does not require any manipulation or hacking.

This method only requires a direct connection of the smartphone to Mac or Windows-PC by wire during the replacement of the geopolition, but solves all the necessary problems. In this way, we will now move to any place on the planet.

How to install fake geopolition on iPhone

Download and install the Anygo application from the developer website.

The utility is paid, you will have to pay 9 for use.95 per month or lay out 55.95 for lifelong license. Fortunately, a free mode is available with a number of restrictions that many users are enough.

Run the utility on the computer and connect the smartphone using a cable.

In the Anygo application, find the right location using a card or search line.

Restart the desired application to the iPhone and enjoy your new location.

In this way, you can deceive almost any application on a smartphone, cartographic services, navigators and, of course, social networks.

You can go even further and initiate a false move of the smartphone. To do this, in the Anygo application, just go to the trip mode and indicate the final point of the route.

With the help of the slider, it will be possible to change the speed from foot to moving by car. The device can move both along the road and straight.

This is how you can only post a photo from an exotic island or a foreign city that is not available.