How to change the font size on your computer

How to increase the font size on the computer screen

Question from a user


Can you advise me please with one problem: after buying a new large monitor. the joy was not long, photos and movies on it were amazing, and the text is not so. too small! When reading this text, eyes quickly get tired because of its small size.

Is it possible somehow to increase the font size in general in all programs and in Windows??

Tip: By the way, at your site I noticed that the font is small (for me). I advise you to enlarge it a little.


Yes, the problem is present: now the diagonal of monitors grows, together with the advanced growth rate and the screen resolution (because of this the text on the monitor, and just some details, become difficult to read).

In this article I will look at different options on how you can increase the font and elements on the screen for easier reading.

By the way, according to the assurances of doctors, there is a recommendation to sit not closer to the screen than 50 cm from it (if you have to move often to the screen during the work. so this is another reason to increase the font on the computer).

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By the way, the font on this site was slightly increased, let’s see how people react (thanks for the tip, I did not even think about it).

Changing the font size of all Windows objects

The instruction will show how to increase the size of the font on your computer, or reduce by changing the number of dots per inch, and all the other elements will be displayed more or less. To begin with we need to find the screen settings (described above). In Windows 7, 8 you will have a list of sizes available as a percentage (the standard “fine”).

To enlarge the font on your computer screen choose a higher percentage than the standard one. Then click “apply” and then “exit now”.

You can set a custom (your own) setting. In Seven, click on the left with “different font size” (screenshot above). In Eight, click on “custom size settings”.

In the “select scale” box, set a custom size percentage by choosing from preset percentages, or hold down the mouse button on the ruler and drag to the right to increase, to the left to decrease the percentage. Here you can also track the value of pixels per inch. The maximum value is 500%. Be sure to check the WindowsXP-style scale options so that you don’t have problems displaying text in older programs.

After selecting the desired percentage, click OK, then “apply” and “exit now.

You can reduce, increase the font on your computer manually through the registry. Run the registry of seven or eight, visit the “Desktop” section (detailed in the picture). In the right pane, find the “LogPixels” parameter, double click to open it. Change the number system to decimal, and then set the value to pixels. Then click OK, restart the PC.

Presenting the pixel to scale ratio reference table:

Scale in percent Value in pixels
Fine 100% 96
Medium 125% 120
Large 150% 144
Huge 200% 192
Custom 250% 240
Custom 300% 288
Custom 400% 384
Custom 500% 480

If you set too high a value for your resolution, then the picture can look distorted and unclear. Boot to safe mode and set the file to a reasonable size, or download the registry file here and unzip it. Double click run the reg file, click “yes” (account control message), then “yes”, and OK. After that restart Windows.

Here you know how to reduce or increase the font on the computer using the keyboard of the individual components of Windows 7, 8, and programs, and also considered changing the size of the text on the entire screen. Which recommendation to use is up to you.

Changing the size of a font by changing the scale

Scaling changes not only fonts, but also the size of other elements of the system. You can adjust the scaling in Settings. System. Display. Scale and Layout.

However, scaling is not always the way to go. You can use third-party software to change and adjust individual fonts in Windows 10. In particular, a simple free program System Font Size Changer can help.

How to enlarge a font on your computer with a few clicks?

The Windows operating system has a number of built in tools that allow you to change the font size as well as the writing style. Software tools for working with graphic, text and other kinds of files have their own functionality, which contributes to a favorable display of the information on the screen. Simple and clear recommendations on how to increase the font on the computer, a frequent question for beginners, will help you master the basic techniques of effective interaction with the text information.

Service settings

It is no secret that there are some differences among the Microsoft family of operating systems. The control panel in each of the Windows systems has distinctive features. However, the general order of operations (control) remains practically unchanged.

Windows XP

In order to put a large font on your computer, you should follow the steps listed below.

  • Click the right mouse button on your desktop.
  • Select the “Properties” item from the context menu.
  • Click on the “Appearance” tab in the window that appears. At this stage you can change the font size of the Windows interface: large, medium or normal.
  • The “Apply” button activates the changes you have made.

You can specify any font size and type, if you wish.

  • In the “Appearance” tab, click on the “Advanced” button.
  • In the new window you can make the necessary adjustments to the elements, as well as choose the color and style of lettering and symbols.

As you can see, the answer to the question “how to increase the font on your computer?” is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

Windows 7 and the flagship eight

  • Click the right mouse button on the desktop.
  • Select “Personalization” from the dropdown list.
  • In the displayed window on the left (bottom) find the “Screen” item and left-click on it.
  • In the window that opens you will be offered two ways to change the visual perception of elements displayed on the screen.
  • Applying one of them will give you a practical answer to the question of how to increase the font on your computer.
  • Choose the one you find most suitable and press the “Apply” button.

Font base

Writing text sometimes requires a special kind of letters or symbols. By default, the system has several dozen different fonts. You can view the list as follows. Enter the menu “Control Panel” and click on the “Fonts” icon. This way is valid for literally all Windows operating systems.

How to increase font on your computer: the handy “Hotkeys” function

By pressing two buttons simultaneously. “Ctrl” and “”. you can increase the size of displayed objects in any Internet browser. If you want to decrease the font. instead of “” you should use the “-” button. The combination “Ctrl0” will help you to return the standard value.

Instead of a conclusion

Often after the unsuccessful manipulations with the appearance of the interface and the setting of text in the windows the user has a legitimate question: “How to fix the font on your computer?”This problem is solved elementary. For the Xp-version, you just need to change the theme, but in the “seven” and Windows-8 you must go to “Control Panel”. “Fonts”. “Font Options” (top left corner, second item) and activate the “Restore default” button.

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Change the font settings

Windows 8 deprived of a lot of functionality, which had previous versions.

There is only a meager amount of font settings that the user can control.

To change settings in text, do the following:

The path for changes in Windows 8 configurations

  • A window opens in which you should find “Make text and other items larger or smaller” or in a foreign language “Make text of other items larger or smaller”.

“Make text of other items larger or smaller”. select when setting the font

Setting options for new font size

  • You can make the size of the letters larger or smaller. Set the style you like.
  • You will also need to specify in the configuration the scope of settings. For example, only text documents.
  • Save changes.

It should be remembered that such changes in font design parameters can be applied only to some of its elements.

Let’s try to change the size of the selected font in another way

Required to go to the Control Panel in the section “Printers and Faxes.

You can now click on the “Appearance and Personalization” section. In the window that pops up, find the “Screen” section. Click on it with your mouse.

On this page you can select a particular action area and set the options you want.

You can define the screen size by setting a new percentage. Or you can change just the font, specifying its size, typeface, and stylistic characteristics.

At the end of the steps described, click on the “Apply” button.

Change the font in Windows 8

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Let’s look at one of the easiest ways to change the font size on your Windows 8 computer:

1First you need to remove the style for text suggested by the system. The default for this variation of the software is Segoe UI. Save changes.

2Open again and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts.

To work properly, you should get rid of any system files that might begin with Segoe UI.

3Do the same procedure, already described above. follow the path.

4To create a temporary folder. Set the necessary changes and choose the design you like. This completes the settings.

Change the writing style in Windows 8 back to menu back to menu

How to work with the new fonts in Windows?

Windows makes it easy to work with built-in fonts as well as add new ones. After downloading it is important to install them correctly on your computer.

There are two basic font types by default in Windows: TrueType and OpenType. They are the same for different computers, printers, and applications. TrueType fonts can be handled in any way without reducing the clarity. OpenType includes a wider variety of fonts. This set is also compatible with external devices and programs.

PostScript fonts are used for high quality printing. They are detailed and artistically designed. They are the font of choice for glossy magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc.д.

Viewing all available fonts is easy in the Control Panel. Select the desired section at the bottom of the list.

Fonts can be viewed, removed, hidden.

Where to Find New Fonts?

Fonts range includes more than 100 thousand titles. They are created by amateur artists and design organizations. Fonts can be downloaded from special sites. Many developers provide them for free, but some companies distribute fonts for a fee.

You can also download or buy fonts in the Microsoft store. A link to it is available in the Control Panel in the Fonts section. Here click on the button “Get more information on the Internet and fonts.

How to install fonts?

The following tips will help avoid problems when downloading and installing fonts:

  • If the name of the new font is the same as the one you have on your system, you should rename it;
  • close all programs during installation;
  • some fonts require installation of two files: one for the screen and one for the printer.

The fonts look like a ttf file. Choose one way to install:

Changing the text size in Windows 7,8

If you are still a user of older versions of Windows, you probably want to know how to adjust the font size on your PC. Of course you can use the first three methods, but they only change the text size in the browser. So if you want to make a larger or smaller font on the whole PC, use this method.

    Right click on the free space and find the line “Screen Resolution”.

Right-click in the free space on your desktop, and open “Screen Resolution”

Open the list in the “Resize from Normal Size” drop-down menu, select the desired value or move the slider with your mouse, and click “OK

Useful information! Before you click “Exit Now,” save and close all of the important files that are open on your computer. If you do not do this, they can simply be deleted.

In this article we have laid out for you different ways to change the size of the text for comfortable work on your computer. If you still have any questions, we suggest you watch this video.