How To Change The Font On Huawei

After installing some shells, it becomes necessary to deal with the question of how to change the font on the Honor and Huawei phones. In addition to convenience and comfort, this way you can personalize your tablet or gadget. Size, style and color. all this can be customized using the functionality of the gadget.

How to change the font on a Huawei and Honor phone. Search Download

Huawei’s smartphone maker doesn’t use the Android device that everybody is used to, but the unique EMUI software. In this regard, some utilities are becoming unattractive. How to change the font on the Honor and Huawei phones and use the device comfortably? To do this, just search through the search engines.

Once the choice is made. download the file to the device. The extension must be TTF, as working with others will require downloading additional programs.

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Convert font to install

For further work, you will need the Themes application for Huawei smartphones. It is downloaded from the market. Next, you need to follow the 6 steps with accuracy.

  1. Go into the program and go to the “Editor”.
  2. Click Create Font.
  3. Activate “Select font file” and find the one you just downloaded from the downloaded files.
  4. Before continuing, the announcement of the letters appears. If everything fits, you need to go to the next step with the button of the same name.
  5. Come up with a name, and click “Generate.”
  6. Confirm the operation and go to the section “Open Huawei Themes App”.

If there is no time and desire to spend time searching for files, you can use the existing versions in the program with shells. Here you can return the usual lettering.


Now you need to apply the installed texture of the text. For this:

How to Change the Font on Huawei
  • in the “Themes” application, activate the “I” item;
  • select “My text styles”;
  • we find the right one and use the button.

Now, when using the information will be displayed in the selected format. Details are in the = VIykYVq8q-I.

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Installing prepared fonts

In search engines, the file is presented in TTF format. The standard Themes utility is designed to convert an object incomprehensible to a smartphone into a regular format.

For those who want to optimize time, there is another way. You can download ready-made HWT files from trusted sources. In the future, it is moved to the container “Internal memory \ Huawei \ Themes”. Now in the application with shells, additional settings will be displayed in the “My text styles” section.

How to return a standard font

When you want to return the text to the standard, 4 steps are performed.

  1. Select “Themes”.
  2. Hold the icon for a few seconds.
  3. In the context menu that appears, click “Text Style”.
  4. Select from the proposed “Standard” and activate it.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

The display will show the regular letters of the manufacturer.

How to increase the font on a Huawei and Honor phone

The large display does not always allow you to clearly see the text, so you need to know how to increase the display on Honor and Huawei devices. You can do this in the menu:

  1. “Setting”;
  2. “Screen”;
  3. “Text Size”;
  4. use the slider to set the size;
  5. Returning to the previous menu, you can increase the interface elements.
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How to reduce the font in SMS

You can reduce the characters in SMS, calls and other factory menu items in the same way as you increase. After all the manipulations, bold large letters will be smaller and more information will fit well on the display.

How to make a beautiful font on Honor phone

Beautiful icons on Honor without root rights are possible with the help of various launchers. The developers offer a number of different programs that work in the same way as the Themes utility. Most often they use one. iPhone. it is downloaded for free, there are unobtrusive advertising messages when using it.

How to change font color

It is possible to replace black letters with pink, yellow or other with the presence of root-rights to secure an Android or EMUI phone. To do this, you can reflash the device. In the future, using various codes and algorithms, it becomes possible to change the labels in each menu item.