How to Change the Battery Nokia Lumia 930 Battery

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How is the battery replaced?

In almost all modern phones, the process of replacing the battery looks identical. We will consider this work with step-by-step illustrations on the example of one of the smartphones. For all other devices, everything looks similar.

Situations in which a new battery is required are fairly standard and common:

  • the phone has been over a year old and it has become bad to hold a charge;
  • smartphone turns off in the cold;
  • the gadget turns off at 20-30-40 percent;
  • when the charger is connected, the percentage of charge jumps;
  • the device gains a full charge in just half an hour.

Basic steps to replace the battery

1. First remove the SIM card and memory card to separate the cover. We remove the back cover, having previously unscrewed the lower bolts. The cover is usually either glued to the phone case, or fastened to the latches. If the lid is glued, then heat it to 80-100 degrees and gradually disconnect.

How to Change the Battery Nokia Lumia 930 Battery

2. Inside the phone, a protective panel is fastened to the bolts, which holds all the inside of the phone. Unscrew it and remove.

3. Disconnect all loops, unscrew the remaining fixing bolt and pull out the motherboard.

4. The old battery is attached to the factory adhesive tape. First, we unstick it, then we gradually make our way under the battery and carefully disconnect it from the case. A display loop and a mainboard loop pass under the battery. If they are damaged, the display will stop working or the phone will stop charging.

What should be paid the closest attention at this stage:

  • extremely carefully handle all the internal elements;
  • we’re not in a hurry during the work, the rush here is useless;
  • carefully disconnect all loops;
  • Before reassembling, make sure that the smartphone starts up with the new battery.

5. Glue double-sided tape on the inside of the case, glue a new battery on it. Press it tightly so that it holds tight, since there are no other fastenings, except for adhesive tape.

6. Putting the phone back: insert the motherboard and the fingerprint scanner, attach the protective plate.

7. Firmly insert the back cover into the grooves. The phone is ready! We wipe all surfaces with alcohol and give them to the client.

The new battery must be calibrated. Put the phone on charge all night, at least 8 hours. Use your phone normally the next day. Discharging to the very zero is optional. After that, put it again until it is fully charged. This is the so-called “battery calibration”. It must be produced in order for your smartphone to use the capacity of the new battery to the maximum.

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