How to Change SIM Card In iPhone

The world-famous smartphones iPhone 5s and its other variations are incredibly convenient to use. Each original iPhone is of high quality, a huge number of features and a variety of functions. Despite this, the lucky owners of iPhones, who have taken it into their hands for the first time and are preparing for use, are already being struck by the first question, namely, “How to insert a SIM card in your new iPhone?” In fact, this operation does not provide for anything complicated, you just need to consistently perform some actions. Which ones? We will talk about this later.

Preparing for the first use of your smartphone

To insert a SIM card into the new iPhone 5s or some other model, the subscriber must first prepare the phone for first use:

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the iPhone is not blocked due to a change in mobile operator. A huge number of iPhones are blocked on a specific mobile operator. If you want to switch to another mobile operator, you will need to unlock the SIM slot in your own iPhone.
  2. There is a significant part of the iPhone that have absolutely no lock.
  3. If the iPhone is still blocked on a specific network, you need to unlock it.
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We select a SIM card and insert it into the phone

To successfully insert your SIM card into the new iPhone 5s or its other configurations, the subscriber needs to clearly and sequentially perform the following steps:

    Before opening a SIM slot, a subscriber needs to turn off the phone. To do this, press and hold the smartphone’s power off key until the “Turn off” button is not displayed on the screen. You should swipe the button and the iPhone 5s (and any other model) will turn off.

Recently, Sims have acquired a slightly different look, or rather, have become much smaller. The main problem is that earlier versions of the iPhone do not accept new SIM cards, and vice versa, that is, the SIM that iPhone 5s accepts, other versions of this gadget may not accept.

Absolutely all iPhone models, with the exception of 4 CDMAs, can boast a SIM slot. The predominant part of iPhones has a structure such that the slot with the card tray is on the right side, somewhere in the middle. For iPhone 3G, 3GS, as well as first-generation iPhones, this connector is located among the boundaries of the upper region of the smartphone.

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A large number of these gadgets come with a special tool for extracting SIM cards. This is a small clip with a thin ending. In the absence of such a tool, you can use an ordinary paper clip, straightening one of its ends in advance.

After that, you need to insert a thin end into the hole in the slot and apply a little pressure, as a result of which the SIM card tray will “fly out”. Then the subscriber needs to very carefully pull out the tray with the card from the mobile device.

The tray has a special recess for the card, where you need to insert it. To place the SIM card correctly, pay attention to how the previous SIM card was installed there. Gold contacts should be directed strictly down.

  • The tray is inserted in only one way, so you should not worry about the fact that you will do something wrong. You need to push the tray to the end so that it locks into the iPhone. After that, you should check the side area of ​​the smartphone to once again finally make sure that the tray is correctly positioned.
  • After the steps are taken, iPhone 5s, as well as its other versions, will automatically connect to the network. Sometimes subscribers are invited to activate it themselves, but it’s not difficult, so don’t be scared when you see a similar offer on your iPhone.
  • How to Change SIM Card In iPhone

    If you very carefully, clearly and sequentially perform the described actions, the operation considered will end in success, and you can immediately use your brand new smartphone.