How to Change Screen on Iphone 4s

How to Change Screen on Iphone 4s

He was only two weeks old

BAMTS!. And the new iPhone 4S, which lay a second ago on a table in the museum’s wardrobe, was most absurdly wiped the sleeve of a supplied jacket on the floor in the most ridiculous way. The blow fell right into the corner of the screen. and it was covered with a web of cracks.

Of course, after such a file, the exhibition exposition faded into the background, I walked through the dark, nervous museum that even the positive Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” ​​seemed to me a fiend of universal evil. Although the phone’s screen continued to work, when a finger touched the surface of the glass, small fragments stuck into the skin. Is it necessary to say that during the conversation parts of the screen fell corny in the ear? I “chopped up” a piece of scotch tape on top and drove home with a gloomy cloud.

The next month and a half, only an old one helped me out iPhone 2G. All this time in Moscow there were no high-quality displays on the 4S, and those that were offered caused shock and thrill with color reproduction and assembly.

At one time I wanted to put a screen on the Quartet, but dissuaded, because the contacts were somewhat different. Winter has come, the first snowfall has begun, I’m already used to the aluminum carcass of the first iPhone model. Suddenly, a single batch of displays for 4S came to Moscow.

On the left is the broken original, on the right is its replacement.

According to the seller, the parts were no different from the original. There was nothing to lose anyway, and I decided to install the screen myself, because I had long wanted to look at the insides of the device live. Never in my life before did I open an iPhone with my own hand. Along with the screen came a special set of two screwdrivers, a pair of plastic grippers, a pick, a suction cup and tweezers.

The bottom flat screwdriver is not included in the kit, but it is very necessary in the last stages

Red plastic pieces are needed to pry off the contacts of the loops, the screen is removed by the mediator. One of the screwdrivers (left in the bottom photo) serves to unscrew the two small screws on the bottom end of the speakers. The second screwdriver disassemble all other parts.

Left for housing, right for everything else

Let me remind you that, starting with the fourth model, Apple changed the configuration of the screw caps. Now in usepentalob”.

To parse the phone, I used great instruction masters from They made a clear description of the process, providing them with magnificent photographs of each step.

I was afraid that after assembling back I would have extra spare parts left, as in that joke. Looking ahead, I’ll say this is exactly what happened 🙂

IFixit Instruction

He took two A4 sheets, drew them into cells, where he then placed everything that he unscrewed, in chronological order of analysis.

The whole process took three hours. I have not experienced so much pleasure. Dismantling an iPhone is comparable to playing a Lego constructor. Everything was so neatly fitted to each other that chief for glands at Apple Bob Mansfield suddenly became my idol.

Mansfield is responsible for Apple’s hardware

When I followed the last step of the iFixit instruction and finally disconnected the broken screen, half of the work was done.

I took out a new display, put it in place, wrapped six screws on the sides, four in the corners, put the cables in place, and adjusted the vibration alert. And then it turns out that he forgot to remove from the broken screen home button! I had to reassemble everything and re-glue the damn key.

Then he assembled everything again, reached the Wi-Fi module connection, put the camera in the slot. I think let me rest. I turn the phone over to admire the reflection and see that forgot to wear mesh on the speaker. Bly-iiiin!

I forgot to put the grid

I did not want to disassemble again, because inside me it was bursting with desire to see the working phone as quickly as possible. Later I found out that the fragments would still not allow me to carefully separate the grid, so I was worried in vain.

Mesh. If such a fragment falls into the ear, then the sensations are not the most pleasant.

At the end of the third hour, the iPhone 4S was assembled. I looked with pride at my work and found on the table that very superfluous detail. I have no idea what it is. I really hope that is not critical.

With a sinking heart, I pressed the button Power.

A familiar white apple appeared on the screen, which means everything went well! I myself replaced the screen. The color rendition coincided, we read the text, the contacts were dialed, Wi-Fi worked, the music played, the camera clicked, the flash lit up my happy face, it remains only to open a bottle of champagne 🙂

Promotion from seller

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