How To Change Password On Samsung A 50

How to change a finger on a samsung a50

Hands must be clean and free of moisture, dirt, oil, lotions, dyes, etc. To operate the scanner.

You can register up to 3 fingerprints. From the home screen, swipe up from the center of the display to open the Apps screen.

Note: These instructions only apply to standard mode and the default home screen layout.

Go to Settings and Biometrics Security. Click Fingerprints. Note: Enter the current PIN, password or pattern. Select the footprint to delete.

Note: To select all, touch and hold your fingerprint until it is selected, then tap All (top left).

Note: When checked, a blue check mark will appear to the left of the fingerprint. Click “Delete” (top right).

Review the disclaimer to confirm, then click Remove.

Select Settings and Lock Screen. In the next step, select your screen lock type and click fingerprints.

Read the note and proceed to the next step. Add additional lock pattern before adding fingerprints and click “Confirm. Further, as before.

How to change fingerprint for samsung a50

Samsung a50 is packed with a fingerprint sensor, only the manufacturer has not perfected this function.

First, it is slow and even buggy for me. Therefore, I turned it off and will not show with pictures now how to change a fingerprint on a samsung a50.

I will show only in text so that again I do not have problems with unlocking. And the last time I barely unlocked.

Yes, such a feature is useful and trendy, but only if it works flawlessly. This technology has recently become a part of smartphones and seems to be for a long time. How the fingerprint scanner works, I’ll tell you later, and now how to change your finger.

How the fingerprint scanner works

Each of us has a unique composition of drawings on the hand. For the reader to work correctly, it must first scan it.

Therefore, when setting up the phone, we are usually asked to touch the reading surface several times. In this way, the complete image is saved in the device’s memory.

When you touch the scanner, the phone recognizes it and unlocks the phone. Of course, if the image stored in memory is identical to the image that was just applied.

Interestingly, to unlock a smartphone, the device does not compare all the images stored in memory, since such a process will take too long and will require quite a lot of processing power.

The phone only compares a few characteristic and individual features such as fingerprint forking and ending.

Based on this, the system either approves the “unlock” command, or the device remains locked.

It is important to note that it is usually sufficient that only 40 percent of the specifications are compatible with unlocking the device.

It is more efficiently secure (and impossible to forget) than other ways to lock your phone because no two people have the same picture.

Of the many tech gadgets hitting phones, the fingerprint reader has proven to be one of the most useful.

Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to take care of our safety, it is convenient and quick to use, and sometimes it provides additional functions.

This technology, originally present only in the most expensive devices, has become so popular over time, and we will find it in increasingly cheaper models.

In this case, fortunately, popularity goes hand in hand with practicality, because this is one of the most useful news to hit smartphones in recent years. Success.


Hello Yaroslav! I was pleased to read your article and was very pleased. I also have such a function on my phone, but at the same time there is also a rin-code that the phone sometimes asks for from me. I will say that the finger is a very convenient function. While it works well for me, my phone is new. Thank you for the article. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! All the best to you in everything and always. Regards, Anna.

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad it got lost. I also wish you all your wishes come true in 2020. By the way, while it is very unprofessional to write 2020.

Change the password on Wi-Fi on the D-Link DIR router

In order to change the password of the wireless network on D-Link Wi-Fi routers (DIR-300 NRU, DIR-615, DIR-620, DIR-320 and others), launch any browser on the device that is connected to the router. It doesn’t matter , via Wi-Fi or just a cable (although it is better with a cable, especially in cases when you need to change the password for the reason that you yourself do not know it. Then follow these steps:

  • Enter in the address bar
  • When prompted for a username and password, enter the standard admin and admin, or, if you changed the password to enter the router settings, enter your password. Please note: this is not the password required to connect via Wi-Fi, although in theory they could be the same.
  • Further, depending on the firmware version of the router, you need to find the item: “Configure manually”, “Advanced settings”, “Manual Setup”.
  • Select “Wireless network”, and in it. Security settings.
  • Change the password to Wi-Fi, and you won’t need to know the old one. If the WPA2 / PSK authentication method is used, the password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Save settings.

That’s all, the password has been changed. You may need to “forget” the network on devices that have connected to the same network before to connect with a new password.


To change the password on the TP-Link WR-741ND WR-841ND router and others, you need to go to the address in the browser from any device (computer, laptop, tablet) that is connected to the router with a wire directly or via a Wi-Fi network.

  1. The standard login and password for entering the TP-Link router settings are admin and admin. If the password does not work, remember what you changed it to (this is not the same password as for the wireless network).
  2. In the menu on the left, select “Wireless” or “Wireless”
  3. Select “Wireless Security” or “Wireless Security”
  4. Enter your new password for Wi-Fi in the PSK Password field (in case you have selected the recommended WPA2-PSK authentication type.
  5. Save settings
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It should be noted that after you have changed the password for Wi-Fi, on some devices you will need to delete the information about the wireless network with the old password.

Change password on Asus router

In order to change the password on Wi-Fi on Asus Rt-N10, RT-G32, Asus RT-N12 routers, launch the browser on the device connected to the router (you can use a wire, or you can also use Wi-Fi) and enter in the address bar, then, when asked about the login and password, enter either the standard login and password for Asus routers. Admin and admin, or, if you changed the standard password to your own, enter it.

  1. In the menu on the left in the “Additional settings” section, select “Wireless network”
  2. Specify the desired new password in the “Pre-Shared WPA Key” (in case you use the WPA2-Personal authentication method, which is the most secure)
  3. Save settings

After that, the password on the router will be changed. It should be noted that when connecting devices that have previously connected via Wi-Fi to a configured router, you may need to “forget” the network in this router.

How to change the password on a WiFi router

If you begin to notice that the speed of the Internet via WiFi is not the same as before, and the lights on the router are blinking intensively even when you are not using a wireless connection, then you may well decide to change the password to WiFi. This is not difficult to do, and in this article we will look at how.

Note: after you change the password for Wi-Fi, you may encounter one problem, here is its solution: The network parameters saved on this computer do not correspond to the requirements of this network.

How to change the password on a Zyxel Keenetic router

To change the password on Wi-Fi on Zyxel routers, on any device connected to the router via a local or wireless network, launch a browser and enter in the address bar and press Enter. When prompted for a login and password, enter either the standard Zyxel login and password. Admin and 1234, respectively, or, if you changed the default password, enter your.

  1. From the menu on the left, open the Wi-Fi menu
  2. Open the “Security” item
  3. Enter a new password. It is recommended to select WPA2-PSK in the “Authentication” field, the password is specified in the Network Key field.

How to change the password on another brand of Wi-Fi router

Changing passwords on other brands of wireless routers such as Belkin, Linksys, Trendnet, Apple Airport, Netgear and others is similar. In order to find out the address at which you need to enter, as well as the login and password for entering, it is enough to refer to the instructions for the router or, even easier, look at the sticker on its back. As a rule, this information is indicated there. Thus, changing the password for Wi-Fi is very easy.

Nevertheless, if something did not work out for you, or you need help with your router model, write about it in the comments, I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

How to change password on samsung a 50

One of the ways to somehow distinguish yourself from the crowd, as well as personalize your mobile device, is to install a unique melody on your phone and, when a call comes in, you can easily determine that the call is addressed to you, and not to someone nearby. How to set a ringtone on Samsung as the main one that is preinstalled in the system, as well as download any other ringtone to an owl smartphone?


Open the smartphone settings and in the “Sounds and Vibration” section, select the “Ringtone” subsection.

Next, click on the item of the same name and, depending on your desire, select one of the preset ringtones or click on the “Add” button in the upper right corner.

If this is the first time you want to put your melody on Samsung, you will have to click on the “Allow” button to provide access to the file storage and only then select the desired melody from the list of available on the smartphone.

How To Change Password On Samsung A 50

How to download a ringtone to Samsung?

To download a melody from the Internet, first of all, you need to go to one of the specialized sites, for example ringon.Pro, select the track you like and load it into the smartphone’s memory.

After that, you can use the instructions above and add a melody as the main one, but if you want the downloaded melodies to be in the same list with the standard ones, you need to perform a number of actions.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager, in the folder “My files \ Device memory \ Download” we look for the downloaded file and long press to select it.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the ellipsis and select the item “Copy” (or “Move”, if you want the file to be deleted from the “Downloads” folder, but remain where you move it).

Go to “Device Memory” and select “Ringtones” (to be set as a ringtone) or the “Notifications” folder (to be set as a notification melody).

Click on the “Finish” button and wait for the completion of copying (or transferring) the file to the specified folder.

Now you can select a ringtone through the standard list of available melodies.

Find my mobile

This method is suitable if:

You added your Samsung account to the device before blocking and remember your email address and password;

The Internet is connected on the smartphone or tablet.

To unlock your smartphone or tablet:

In a browser on a computer, open the service page.

Enter the email address and password of the Samsung account that was added on the locked smartphone or tablet, and click the “Login” button.

If you don’t remember your email address or password, click “Find out your ID or password” and follow the prompts on the screen.

If you could not recover the address or password, use other methods.

If the wrong smartphone or tablet that is locked is displayed on the left, click the down arrow and select the model you need from the list.

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Click “”, then “Unblock my device”.

Enter your Samsung account password and click the “Unblock” button.

The smartphone or tablet screen is unlocked.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy if you forgot your pattern, pin or password

This article will help you unlock your smartphone or tablet if you forgot your PIN, password or pattern.

If you remember your pin code, password or picture, but you cannot remove the lock, read the article

If your device is locked after a data reset and asks for a Google Account, see

There are three ways:

Find My Mobile service. Removes the pattern, pin code, password, fingerprint. Works over the Internet.

Additional PIN or Google account. Will only remove the pattern. Suitable only for Android 5.0 and below.

Data reset. Deletes pattern, pin, password, fingerprint and clears device memory.

Additional pin code or Google account. Only for smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and below

After 5 incorrect attempts, the “Additional PIN-code” item will appear. Click on it and enter the 4-digit code that you specified when you came up with the pattern.

If you don’t remember your PIN, click on “Unblock on Google” (“Forgot your pattern?”) And enter your Google email address and password. The same mail must be added on the device that you unlock.

If there is no button “Unblock on Google” (“Forgot your pattern?”), It means that the device has not added a Google account, use other methods.

If you don’t remember the password, restore it through a special form and enter it on the device. If the password could not be recovered, use other methods.

Data reset

If the previous methods did not help, do a data reset. You will delete all files and settings from the device, and along with them the pattern, pin code, password or fingerprint.

Forgetfulness prevention

How to remove a password from a phone using Android features

If you urgently need to restore your phone to work, then by donating data, you can get access to it in a short time. To do this, you need to carry out the system recovery procedure.

You will receive your phone exactly as you purchased it. In order not to lose data permanently, for such cases, it is recommended to make backups on cloud services. You can set the frequency of this procedure yourself, for example, after entering important data into memory.

Next, we will consider the option of how to recover the password using the phone. If you have another device at hand, for example, a city or mobile device (say, another person), then you can use it. This is a very easy way to hack your phone with a password. You just need to know his number and call. In most cases, when a call comes in, the blocking stops working.

After answering, you need to put the call on hold and go to the menu. There you need to get to the point responsible for protection and remove the marker from the password request column. Then you can “hang up” and the device will remain unlocked.

How to hack a phone with a password using software

Another program is designed to alternatively reset user settings. But you don’t need to delve into the engineering menu. Install the Adb Run program and use it to roll back to factory settings. This way of solving the question of how to remove the password from the phone can replace contacting the service center.

After starting the program in the main window, type the command 6, and then enter 1 or 2 to select the rollback method. If unlocking does not help, then you need to do manual debugging or use another method.

Secret code from the manufacturer

In order to enter the engineering menu, which only developers and service center specialists have access to, you must enter a special combination. You can remove the password from your Samsung phone using the command 27673855 #. It is worth preparing in advance for the fact that in this case you will lose all personal information that was stored in the device’s memory. over, from the phone it will be possible to make calls and write messages again. The attractiveness of this method is that you do not need to have special knowledge and spend a lot of effort and money to restore the device’s performance.

How to remove the password from the phone? Password removal and recovery on the phone

To protect their information, they set graphic keys and digital passwords on the phone. But if you change the combinations often, then there is a possibility of forgetting which one was installed last. In this case, questions about how to remove the password from the phone and whether it is possible to restore access to the mobile phone in a short time become acute. Consider the problem of accessing a smartphone using Samsung products as an example.

Google account

Some models may use your Google account information after entering an incorrect password several times. This method of how to remove the password from the phone is suitable for all users of Android devices. Account data, login (in the form of e-mail) and password, must be additionally saved in a notebook or desktop computer.

Restoring access will take a few seconds. In order for it to be successful, you need to have an active connection to the network using Wi-Fi or mobile. If you forgot your password from mail, then you can combine both processes and restore access to mail and the device at the same time.

How to disable password on Samsung

The algorithm for canceling a security and privacy feature is quite simple:

  1. We go into the settings of the smartphone on Android and look for the item “My device” in the menu.
  2. We enter the section and look for “Lock Screen”.
  3. We tap on the tab and evaluate what protection methods are used by the smartphone. To prevent the phone from asking you to enter a pattern / numeric key, select “No”.

The standard method does not always work: in some cases, the screen block is not canceled, and then you have to look for the reason: the enabled secure network, running memory encryption, using administrator rights and other technical nuances prevent the service from being disabled.

The main reasons for removing a password from a Samsung phone

There may be several reasons to find out how to remove a password on an old Samsung:

  • You keep forgetting your pin;
  • You gave your smartphone to relatives who find it difficult to enter the key;
  • You were given a smartphone or you bought it from your hands;
  • The key was installed accidentally and is absolutely unnecessary;
  • The smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen does not respond well to touch.
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Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already worked out a sufficient period of time, and the touchscreen responds with malfunctions. Entering a password in such a situation becomes a real pain.

Decrypting a device or memory card

Almost always, security manipulation is the culprit for the inability to remove the screen lock. For example, built-in encryption algorithms may be the cause of the problem. In an effort to protect the configured settings and personal data from hacking, you are forced to put a password on the gadget, but in order to subsequently disable the PIN, you must first abandon encryption:

  1. Open the menu and go to “Options”.
  2. Choose “Security”.
  3. We are looking for the section “Encryption and tap on it.
  4. Choose “Decrypt.
  5. Go through the line “Encrypt external memory” and click “Disable”.

To successfully complete the changes made, open the “Lock Screen” and tap “No”. After disabling encryption, the key will be removed.

How to remove password from Samsung phone

How to remove password from Samsung phone? A seemingly simple task, sometimes not feasible due to malfunctions in the smartphone. The article provides working methods on how to get rid of the service that has become unnecessary.

VPN Removal

An enabled VPN is the main culprit for inability to unblock. A virtual network provides secure access to the network, and when activated, the transmitted data is effectively hidden from strangers and fraudsters. But using a VPN has a downside: the function requires all-round protection of the device, therefore, before starting the virtual network, the system will require the user to install a key to remove protection.

The installed security key is not disabled during VPN operation by standard methods. To remove a pin, you need to remove the virtual network using the following algorithm:

  1. Go to the smartphone menu.
  2. Select the section “Connections”.
  3. We tap on the “Other settings” tab.
  4. Select the line “VPN”.

Open the properties of the virtual network used on the smartphone by tapping on the “gear” icon and select “Delete”. After manipulation, reboot the phone and delete the block in the above standard way.

Disable administrator rights

A number of applications require administrator rights for stable operation, but providing them with this functionality sometimes leads to errors when trying to remove the smartphone screen block. It is easy to fix the problem by following the instructions:

  1. We go into the Samsung settings and look for the “Lock Screen”.
  2. Here we stop at “Other parameters”, then tap on “Device Administrators”.
  3. The list contains all the “privileged” programs. Next to each, move the sliders to disable administrator rights for them.

In standard cases, all sliders move, but if one of them is inactive, there is a virus on the Samsung device. Remove it using a mobile antivirus, and then perform the manipulation to disable administrator rights again. The culprit program, of course, will also need to be removed from the phone, thoroughly cleaning up its traces on the device.

View item code

Typically, if the information is stored in a web browser, when the login form is displayed, the auto-complete function is triggered, where the password is displayed as dots or asterisks. Thanks to some changes in the element code, it is possible to display this string in a text version. You will need to do the following:

    In any convenient browser, go to and sign out of your email account.

Now you will see the account login form. Hold down the left mouse button and select a line, then right-click on it and select “View Code” or “Explore Element”.

A fragment of the element will be highlighted in blue in the opened console. Its name will be password, and the value will display the text version of the password if the auto-complete function is enabled.

To show the password as characters in the input line, change the value of type from password to text.

Now you have learned the required data from the email. We repeat that this method is universal for all services and browsers, so the algorithm of actions will be almost identical everywhere.

How to find your email password

Sometimes the user wants to know his email password. This can be done only if it has been saved in the browser or the auto-complete function is activated. The methods given in the article are universal and suitable for owners of a mailbox in any, even the most unpopular service. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Find out your password from email

There are two methods in total, thanks to which you can find out your password from an e-mail. In addition, we will tell you about a third, alternative option, which is suitable if your browser is not configured to save login information.

Viewing saved passwords in a browser

Now, most popular web browsers offer the user to save their logins and codes so that they do not re-enter them every time they log in. In the settings, absolutely all the information ever specified is available for viewing, including e-mail data. Let’s consider the process of searching for passwords using the example of Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser, click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots in the upper right and go to the “Settings” section.

Scroll down the tabs and expand more options.

In the “Passwords and Forms” category, click on “Password Settings”.

It remains only to click on the eye-shaped icon so that the line is displayed as symbols, not dots.

Now you know your code from the required account. You can copy it or remember it for later use. For more information on how to find saved data in other popular browsers, see the articles below.

Password recovery

Unfortunately, not all users have the function of saving passwords and autocomplete configured. In addition, there are situations when you need to find out the login information while working at someone else’s computer. If this happens, you can only rely on your memory, trying to remember which combination of symbols you used. However, you can just go to recovery and set a new password.

There are several recovery methods for each service, for example, confirmation on the phone, sending a code to a spare box or answering a secret question. Choose the one that works best for you and follow the instructions provided. Read more about password recovery in the most popular email services in our other material at the link below.

Above, we examined two main methods of how you can find out your password from an e-mail box, and also talked about an alternative option that will be useful in certain cases. We hope that our article helped you sort out the question that arose and now you know your own login details.