How to Change Keyboard Color On Asus Laptop

Now you won’t surprise anyone with a laptop, and more recently, one out of 10 people had it. They differ in manufacturers, appearance, characteristics. In general, choose what you want. And on expensive models or on gaming devices, very often you can come across a keyboard backlight.

This is very convenient if you often have to work in the dark, and of course. it’s beautiful. So, if you have a backlit keyboard on an ASUS laptop, and you don’t know what to do with it, let’s figure it out. As clear as possible, I will try to explain how to turn on the keyboard backlight, what to do if it does not work, and how to change the color.

First you need to understand if this feature is on your device. You can open the official website of ASUS, enter your model and see the characteristics. Or, take a closer look at the keys: the letters printed on them should be translucent. For example, I still have a separate indicator on the Caps Lock key, when the key is pressed, it lights up in red.

Backlight on

Let’s start with the simplest. Keyboard backlighting is controlled by keyboard shortcuts. You will not find any settings in the “Parameters” window. If during loading of the operating system the buttons are highlighted in some color and then turn off, then you need to figure out how to turn on the keyboard backlight on the ASUS laptop.

How to Change Keyboard Color On Asus Laptop

This is done with the keyboard shortcuts FnF3 and FnF4, or Fndown arrow and Fn arrow up. On the button itself, an image of the keyboard with the sun should be applied. If the sun peeks out half. this is the button to increase the brightness, peeks out quite a bit. to reduce the brightness of the backlight.

The backlight does not work

If the keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the brightness do not work for you, or you are sure that the function itself is there, but the keyboard backlight on the ASUS laptop still does not work, even when the laptop is turned on, the buttons do not light up, then you need to deal with the drivers.

You can download them from the official website of ASUS. So enter the query into the search bar, or you can follow the link: We select a product on the site, in our case, it is “Notebooks”.

Further in the “Select a Product” area, you need to specify the series and model of your laptop. When it appears on the right, under the name click “Drivers and Utilities”.

On the tab “Driver Tools »indicate the processor model and the installed operating system. After that, a list of drivers will be displayed below.

We are interested in the sections “Others” and “Utilities”. Take a good look at what drivers there are and expand-read the descriptions for them. In the descriptions, you need to look for the words “Keyboard hotkeys” (keyboard shortcuts) or “specific functions” (specific functions).

As i did. In the “Utilities” section, I saw the word “Keyboard” in the description for the “Armory Crate Service” driver (it is necessary for backlight control). I also read in the description that I need to install the “ASUS System Control Interface V2” so that all keyboard functions work normally.

In the “Others” section, I found the driver “ASUS System Control Interface V2” and installed its latest version. To install the driver, click “Download”, unpack the downloaded archive and run the “Install” file in it.

Your driver name may be different and it will depend on the model of the laptop, for example, it may be called “ATKPackage”.

Now all function keys in combination with Fn should work. And this means that the backlight of the laptop keyboard, with the previously mentioned combinations, must be regulated.

Keyboard backlight setting

Personally, I faced the following situation: the backlight worked for me and the brightness was adjusted, but its color was constantly changing. Or the keys can be highlighted in one color, for example, red, and that’s all. If you have a similar situation, and you are interested in how to change the keyboard backlight color on an ASUS laptop, then read this item.

As mentioned above, you cannot do this through the “Options”, so you will have to download a special utility. Consider two: Armory Crate and Aura Sync.

Armory Crate Program

Before proceeding to download the program, you need to download a special service. To do this, open the official ASUS website, enter the model of your laptop and go to the list of drivers. “Driver Utility. “

Choose the processor model and operating system that is installed on the laptop.

In the Utilities section, look for the Armory Crate Service driver (latest version) and click on the Download button in front of it to download. This is the keyboard backlight driver, or rather, this particular service allows it to be controlled.

Look for the downloaded file in the Downloads folder on your computer. Select it and click the right mouse button. From the context menu, select “Extract All.”.

Use the Browse button to specify where to extract files from the archive, then click the Extract button.

Go to the unzipped folder and launch the “ArmoryCrateSetup” application.

Mark the item m “Repair.” with a marker and click “Finish”.

Your window may look different, and it will prompt you to install the service: just follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

When the installation is completed, click “Close” in the window that appears.

In order for the service to start working, you need to restart the laptop. You can do this right away by clicking the “Yes” button, or by clicking “No”, close all running applications and reboot yourself.

After the service is installed, go to the “Start” menu and click on the “Microsoft Store” shortcut.

If you have not logged in to your personal account, then log in now by clicking on the little man in the upper right.

If you don’t have an account, you can create a Microsoft account using this instruction.

Enter your username and password and wait for the login.

Next, through the search bar, find the “Armory Crate” application. Click on the result.

On the application page, click the “Get” button.

You can see the download progress on the “Downloads” tab, or click on the arrow in the upper right.

The Armory Crate utility will install itself after downloading. You can find it in the Start menu in the list of applications.

After installing the necessary service and Armory Crate application, you can proceed to the interesting part. this is the keyboard backlight setting. To do this, click on the button with the image of the keyboard and select “System”.

Next, open the “Backlight” tab, select any of the proposed effects and a suitable color.

Specify the color in the color wheel, you can add it to a separate list and save the changes.

In the same window a little lower, it is possible to change the brightness of the backlight using the slider.

Aura Sync and TUF Aura Core Programs

Another utility that can help change the keyboard backlight color is Aura Sync or TUF Aura Core. Look at the sticker on the laptop. If there is a colored circle with the inscription ASUS AURA RGB. choose the TUF Aura Core program, if the inscription ASUS AURA SYNC. then the Aura Sync utility.

TUF Aura Core can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store as described above. The utility is intended solely for controlling the keyboard backlight. You will not find various additional functions, as in Armory Crate.

So let’s take a closer look at Aura Sync. Write a name in the search and add “download” at the end. Next, to download the utility, select the official ASUS website.

In the drop-down list, select the version, click on it, and the file download will begin automatically.

Choose the latest. If it doesn’t work after installation, then try downloading earlier versions.

Look for the downloaded file in the “Downloads” folder and extract it from the archive.

Next, you need to install the AuraSetup application.

Then go to the LightingService folder and run the AuraServiceSetup file to install the necessary service.

After that, you can start the Aura Sync utility by clicking on the shortcut on the desktop. When the program interface opens, find the desired item and configure everything so that the backlight of the Asus keyboard is the color you want.

I think you managed to pick up a driver, and now you turn on and off the keyboard backlight on your ASUS laptop using hot keys. Also select a program so that you can change the color of the backlight. Just do not install several utilities at once, because they can begin to conflict with each other and will not work.