How to change ID on iPhone

How to change Apple ID for other services on iPhone

There are other iPhone services and features like Messages, FaceTime es Game Center that let you choose which Apple ID to use.

To change your account, all you have to do is enter the iOS configuration, select the item corresponding to the service you want to act on (Messages, FaceTime o Game Center) and the first press of the Apple ID is currently set up, and then on element from.

After that, use the fields on the screen to sign in with your new Apple ID and that’s it. I also point out that services such as Messages allow you to choose, after a referral Apple ID is set up, which ones are email and that Phone numbers are associated with the same exploit that other users may be contacted.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone

How to change Apple ID on iPhone

How do you say? Do you already understand, but do not know how to fix it? But don’t worry: I can explain, step by step, how to change Apple ID on iPhone. In fact, in the next lines, we will learn what to do to associate the iPhone with a new ID, how to create a new ID directly from the settings menu (if necessary) and in case you forgot your new account password, how to get your credentials. Also, if you need, I will also show you how to change the personal information associated with an account.

Obviously, if you don’t know the account password, change Apple ID on iPhone with another person, so in this guide, I’ll focus on how to proceed on your own iPhone, not someone else’s. Having said that too, we just need to roll up our sleeves and take action. If you agree, we will ban the conversation and continue.!

  • How to change Apple ID on iPhone
  • How to Change Apple ID for iCloud on iPhone
  • How to Change Apple ID for App Store and iTunes Store on iPhone
  • How to change Apple ID for other services on iPhone
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  • How to Change Apple ID on a Used iPhone
  • How to Change Apple ID for iCloud on iPhone

    If you want to change the Apple ID associated with all Apple services, including iCloud, App Store, and iTunes Store, you will also lose your anti-theft protection. Where (which allows you to find your iPhone from remotely and control it remotely in case of loss or theft), all you need to do is access the iOS configuration by clicking the gear icon present on the home screen.

    On the next screen, tap Your name (or in the iCloud article if you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3), scroll down the screen that opens, tap the item from Write your Apple ID password and tap Disable to confirm that you want to remove Anti-Virus from your phone. theft.

    If you have forgotten the password to access your account, click the Question mark is present in the input field of the same one, click Venga and the procedure to reset your Apple ID password by email or security question. For more information, read my guide to recovering your Apple ID password.

    After entering the password, when asked what you want to do with the data associated with iCloud, activate the levers related to the information you want to store locally (in memory of the mobile phone) and press the option twice in a row from to confirm everything and complete the procedure for removing the identifier from the phone.

    Your selected non-Guardar data in iPhone memory will still be stored in iCloud, ready to download / sync at any time.

    At this point, you just have to go back to the iOS configuration menu, press release Login to iPhone and enter the details of the new Apple ID that you want to associate with the device.

    If you don’t already have an alternate account to associate with your phone, click on the entry to create a new Apple ID and follow the onscreen wizard. This involves filling out some forms, as also explained in my guide to creating an Apple ID.

    If you have forgotten your Apple ID or password instead, click the appropriate item and scroll to if you would like to reset your account password by email or with a secret question; alternatively, yes you forgot your Apple ID, click the required item and fill out the form provided with your first name, last name and email address so that you know your Apple ID and can access it. For more details on the entire process, read my guide on How to Find an Apple ID.

    How to Change Apple ID for App Store and iTunes Store on iPhone

    If you just want to change the Apple ID associated with the iTunes Store and App Store, go to the iOS configuration menu and select the iTunes Store and App Store item from the next screen.

    From the menu that is presented to you in this step, tap your Apple ID and click on the article from the box displayed on the screen to separate the App Store and iTunes Store from the Apple ID you are using.

    Then click on Sign in, enter the credentials of the new Apple ID you want to use for these services, and that’s it.

    How to Change Apple ID on a Used iPhone

    Did you buy a used iPhone and it was provided to you with an Apple ID already set up? A really big problem! As seen above, to remove Apple ID from iPhone, you need to record the corresponding password.

    Because it is impossible to change Apple ID on iPhone without password, the only solution available. contact the previous owner of the phone and ask him for the password. If you are unable to obtain the data in question, you have become a victim of fraud; therefore, you have the right to claim compensation and report the incident.

    How to change your Apple ID

    When you change your email to identify your Apple ID, you may need to answer one of the security questions you entered when you created your account.

    After changing your email address, you will need to re-authorize in all services that use Apple ID.

    If your Apple ID is a third-party email address: iPhone or iPad method

    change, iphone

    Step 1. Go to “Settings” “Account” “Name, phone numbers, e-mail” and enter the password for your Apple ID account.

    The ability to change Apple ID email on iPhone is available in iOS 10.3 and newer versions of the operating system.

    Step 2. Click “Edit” next to the “Contact Information” section and delete the email used to identify your Apple ID.

    Step 3. Click Continue and enter a new email address to use as your Apple ID.

    Step 5. Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to the specified email address.

    Please note that if you enter an email with an Apple extension (@, @, or @, a special confirmation prompt will appear. It will not be possible to change the ID to the address of another service provider.

    If the ID has the extension @, @, or @

    If your Apple ID email address has the @, @, or @ extension, you can only change it to another address with the @, @, or @ extension, which is already linked to an account.

    Step 1. Go to the Apple ID page through the link and log in using your current email for identification and password.

    Step 2. Click on the “Change” button in the “Account” section.

    Step 3. Immediately under your Apple ID, click on the link “Edit Apple ID”.

    Right after that, a list of email addresses that you can use as your Apple ID will appear.

    It includes additional email addresses already associated with your account.

    Step 4. Select the email address you want to use as your Apple ID.

    Please note that you can only change your Apple ID to a different Apple email address with the @, @, or @ extension.

    Step 5. Press the “Continue” button and wait for the procedure to complete.

    If your Apple ID is a third-party email address: Mac method

    Step 1. Go to the Apple ID page through the Mac browser using the link and log in using your current email for identification and password.

    Step 2. Click on the “Change” button in the “Account” section.

    Step 3. Right under your Apple ID, click on the link “Edit Apple ID”.

    Step 4. Enter a new email address to use as your Apple ID.

    Step 6. Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to the specified email address.

    Which ID can and cannot be changed?

    One thing I want to say right off the bat is that if your primary email address for your Apple ID ends with @, @, or @, then those identifiers cannot be changed to a different email address.

    Such IDs are created when registering with iCloud. Learn more about Apple accounts. Currently, you can only register with the @ domain. and addresses remain from the previous services and are no longer issued.

    An account that cannot be changed is both good and bad:

    • The bad news is that this is another mailbox and needs to be memorized. And beautiful names in domains are long gone.
    • The good thing is that even if someone finds out your ID and password from him, he will not be able to take away your account, replacing the e-mail with his own. This is where any shared account works. We’ll talk about security settings later.

    Well, if your ID does not end with @, @, @, then you have the right to change it.

    Forgotten Apple ID

    And what happens if you did not correctly enter the e-mail address of the new ID, and did not remember it. Well, they just made a mistake somewhere, but you don’t know where. This is exactly what happened to me when I wrote this article. This is where the ambush lies. Because the confirmation mail will be sent to a non-existent address and you will not be able to receive it.

    You will no longer be able to log in using your old ID. And you don’t know the new one.

    There is only one way to solve this problem:

    Call Apple Support 7 495 5809557 ext 4. Monday through Friday 9 am to 7:45 pm.

    They no longer have your old Apple ID in their database.

    He disappears at the moment of the change. But it can be found through the central support service, which should be contacted by a specialist from Russia. It takes about 20 minutes, so use a landline phone or Skype. Then you will be asked to answer the security questions that are listed in your account. And if everything went well, they will tell you your new Apple ID. Knowing it, you can change the postal address, as described in the paragraph above.

    Therefore, I recommend using secret questions in your account that do not cause any doubts in you. Also, link your device to your Apple ID by enabling Find My iPhone in iCloud. In this case, technical support specialists will be able to determine the account ownership by the number of your iPhone.

    And further. Some issues are resolved only by calling the Call Center. With personal communication with the support service, you can even steal someone else’s Apple ID if you know what to say to the operator 🙂

    How to change Apple ID

    To begin with, Apple ID is the email address you entered when registering with the App Store or iTunes Store. How to create one can be found in the article Register an Apple ID without a credit card. And you, for various reasons, may need to change it.

    For example. A friend registered your Apple ID on his mail, and you quarreled with him. Or the mail service that had Apple ID mail no longer works. For such cases, there is a procedure for changing Apple ID. Simple enough at first glance. But in the process of writing an article and checking all possible options for myself, I ran into a number of problems. And they decided only after an hour of communication with specialists from the Apple support service. So, let’s try to put everything on the shelves.

    If you entered a new e-mail for Apple ID incorrectly

    And what happens if you did not correctly enter the e-mail address of the new ID. Then the confirmation mail will come to a non-existent address and you will not be able to confirm it. At the same time, you will not be able to enter using the old ID.

    If you know a new, unverified Apple ID, please sign in by entering it on

    You will see a window like this. Your mailing address has not been verified. Click on “Change” and enter the correct e-mail details.

    How To Change Apple ID Email On ANY iPhone!

    After that, the procedure will be repeated with sending a confirmation letter to the specified mailing address.

    And following the link from the letter, you will be taken to the Apple ID confirmation page.

    How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

    Change Apple ID via Apple website

    Click on the Manage Apple ID link and sign in.

    By selecting the field “Name, ID and email addresses. mail “, click the” Change “button next to the section” Apple ID and main email “.

    Enter a new email address.

    Make sure the entered email address is:

    You will be prompted to verify your email address to confirm that you have access to it and that it belongs to you.

    A confirmation email will be sent to the new address. After you receive your message, click the Check Now link and sign in to with your new Apple ID and password to complete verification.

    Immediately after changing Apple ID, you cannot sign in with the old ID.

    Via App Store

    You can change your Apple ID through the App Store. For this:

    • Launch the App Store app.
    • Click the Featured tab and scroll down the page. Click on the Button labeled Apple ID:
    • 3. In the window that appears, select “Exit”. After that, click “Login”.
    • Select “With an existing Apple ID” from the options provided. Enter the details of another Account.

    Create a new account

    If, for example, there is a need to create an Apple ID for the first time on iPhone 5s, the user must register by creating a new unique name in the developer program. When buying a new device, do not neglect the Apple ID setting, as it is this that has a strategic importance.

    Account change

    If you need to change the previous Apple ID on your iPhone, you need to enter information that allows you to use iCloud services. Modern gadgets, in particular the iPhone, have at least two places where you can enter the relevant data. convenience for the user will provide passage to the following address: Settings. iCloud. After the application window opens, the previous account will most likely appear on the screen, if you do not know the existing password, no known trick will allow you to leave your account. In view of this circumstance, when purchasing a supported gadget, it makes sense to ask the former owner for the password for the account, otherwise the new owner will not be able to change it in the future. If the password is known, you should scroll through the window that opens to the “Exit” button and click on it.

    The third step to help you change your account is registering with the iCloud app. If, by a lucky chance, the field for entering data in iCloud turned out to be empty, you just need to enter your personal data into it and click on the “Login” command. You should not wait for the lightning-fast response of the program, since the verification of the recording can sometimes take more than a minute.

    So, if you change the ID on the iPhone, you can get free access to such a modern “storage” of information as cloud storage. It is worth noting that iCloud reserves 5 GB for its users. With iCloud, you can save copies of information blocks on your iPhone. An important advantage is the ability to quickly synchronize any data, for example, contacts and calendars, between several typical devices that were created by an American manufacturer.

    Among other things, those who decide to change their Apple ID to an iPhone will be able to find the phone if it is lost or stolen. Activation of this application is the very strategically important thing that will help the owner even remotely lock the gadget, delete all personal data from it, and also track its location on the world map.

    Find my iPhone service will help to track the location of the device if it is lost

    In this article, we will show you how to set up an iOS device account.

    There may be several reasons why an iPhone owner wants to change their ID. Most often, users have to change their username after purchasing a used device, when the new owner simply does not know the unique name previously assigned to the gadget. It is not at all difficult to create a new ID, it is only important to remember a few fundamental subtleties, on which the success of the venture directly depends.

    First of all, an iPhone or iPad consumer should know that it is possible to change Apple ID directly from the device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. The user does not need to additionally register on the manufacturer’s website. The data in the phone or tablet memory will not disappear anywhere, photos, contacts and previously installed applications will be saved. In addition, the owner’s credit card is not required to create a new ID.

    Quick way to change username in Apple app

    So, if the user of the device purchased a previously used device and knows the ID of the previous owner, but wants to change the old ID to his own in his iPhone, follow the instructions below.

    Some iPhone users may for a long time neglect their direct advantages, which lie in the ability to download and install new software products located in the AppStore on the gadget.

    In order for the purchased device to bring not only joy, but also benefit, you should understand the principle of changing the username in the program of the manufacturer.

    Benefits of the iCloud App

    An Apple ID will provide many useful features for your device.

    In view of this circumstance, the user has the opportunity to enter in the iCloud program not only his own personal data, but also other people’s. To some, this behavior may seem strange and illegal, because the introduction of someone else’s username makes it possible to download for free everything that was previously acquired by the previous owner. Today, on the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find many services that, for a certain fee (relatively small), allow everyone to use specialized general accounts, in particular, accounts that have an impressive base of various purchased programs.

    The gadgets of the American manufacturer Apple attract users from all over the world with their popularity, capabilities and extensive functionality. Almost every modern person wants to have a world famous device that provides its owner with a lot of opportunities and advantages. To take advantage of all the delights of the iPhone or iPad developed by American software engineers, you can create a unique account that should be on each device. As it became clear from the above material, it is quite simple to create or change an ID, it will take quite a bit of time and effort.