How to change iCloud on your iPhone

How to change your iCloud account without losing your data. How to change the iCloud account on your iPhone and use a separate account for iTunes and the App Store

and more often I meet people (two cases in the last month) who use an iPhone or iPad, but do not know the Apple ID account information (email password) linked to the device.

They don’t realize that they are depriving themselves of all those delights that the iPhone gives us and for which they have actually paid a lot of money.

If you’re one of them, read the rest of this article! Today I will explain how to replace someone else’s Apple ID on the iPhone with your own. And at the end I’ll let you in on a little but very useful secret.

Let’s find out why this happens. From my experience, there’s usually one reason and it boils down to laziness or unwillingness to deal with creating an Apple ID. So it turns out that when buying a gadget, people let some lefty uncle from the store enter their Apple ID and password when first registering the device.

Usually in such cases, the password is not given to the new owner. This leaves you with a device on which you can’t install new apps from the AppStore or update your existing apps.

  • You need to unlock your iPhone or bypass Activation Lock.
  • Forgot your Apple ID password? Restore it
  • In the settings of my iPhone someone else’s Apple ID!

So let’s fix it and customize your device. To do this, you need to follow three simple steps. Here they are!

Change your Apple ID to your iCloud email address

Previously, you could only change your Apple ID email address from one third-party to another third-party email account, but not your iCloud email

However, Apple now allows you to change your Apple ID from any third-party service, such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo, to an iCloud email

Before proceeding with the steps to change your Apple ID to an iCloud email address, you should know that this change is permanent, and you cannot go back to using a third-party email address as your Apple ID.

For example, if you switch your Apple ID from [email protected] to [email protected], you can’t go back to [email protected] or [email protected].

Method 1 Change via computer

With PC the problem of how to change Apple ID, is solved quite simply, it is necessary in any browser to type the address, the operating system in this case does not matter. The link leads to Apple’s official page, created to allow you to change various account credentials.

There are two main sections on this page:

  • Apple ID management, where you administer and change your password;
  • account connection, where identifiers are set after resetting them or new ones are configured when you turn on your iPhone or iPad for the first time.

Here the newcomer can also get complete information on what Apple ID is and when it is needed, as well as detailed instructions on how to change Apple ID on iPhone and other Apple devices.

change, icloud, your, iphone

The option to change the Apple ID record is possible after entering a valid login and password, this will allow you to change the Apple ID without losing data.

Next, the system will ask you to specify a new email address where you will receive notifications. After you have entered that email, you will receive a link to open it and confirm your action.

In the section where all user information is located, you can not only change your account password, but also change personal information, security requirements, add a phone number, add other devices from which you log in to the App Store, iCloud and iTunes, as well as specify payment information.

After checking your Apple ID, you can update your iCloud settings.

How to change your iCloud account

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This article tells you how to change the iCloud account that is associated with your iOS device to a different account.

Click Off. This button is located at the bottom of the dialog box. This is how you will turn off the “Find my iPhone” feature for your current iCloud account.

  • To remove all iCloud data from your device’s memory, move all the sliders to the “Off” position (in this position, the sliders are grayed out).

Click Exit. This will confirm that you want to log out of the iCloud account that is currently associated with the device.

Open the Settings app. Its icon is a gray gear (⚙️) on the Home screen.

  • If you want to create a new Apple ID, tap “You don’t have an Apple ID or have forgotten it?”. This option is below the password line. Follow the instructions on the screen to create an Apple ID and set up your iCloud account for free.
  • In older versions of iOS, tap iCloud.

Merge user data. If your device stores user data such as calendars, reminders, contacts, and notes that you want to merge with your iCloud account, click Merge. Otherwise, select “Do not merge.”.

  • The data you select will be available in iCloud and any devices that have logged into your current iCloud account.
  • Scroll down the screen to see all the apps that have access to iCloud.

Open the Apple Menu. This menu icon is a black apple and is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Too grand a decision

When we first created our Apple account, we didn’t know how important the decision we make when choosing the email we would associate with it. We usually take the first account we have at hand, maybe not even the main one, and this decision we make later has important implications. Almost all of us decide to use a gmail or hotmail account, the most common email accounts, also because we do not currently have an iCloud account, we may not even know what it is.

Until now, we have been pulling this solution forever, because although we could change the email account associated with our Apple ID, this new email account could not belong to Apple or, nor A rare decision on Apple’s part that few people understood, but we put up with it. After our Apple ecosystem has been perfectly established, and we want to use our iCloud account so that everything is centralized within Apple, Apple itself has not allowed it.

Until now, because we can do it now. We just need to log into our Apple account from any browser and click the edit button on the right There we will be given the opportunity to change our Apple ID.

Now we can choose which email account we want to associate with our Apple account, and yes, we can finally use But be very careful when making this decision, because according to Apple itself, this change will be irreversible., and once our account is linked to Apple email, we can no longer use a third-party account. It shouldn’t matter much to most people, but think about it.

You will have an Apple ID with your iCloud account when the entire process is complete. The question is what is happening with all my devices? They automatically switch to the new iCloud account you added Only the Mac asked me for my account password, which is automatically used on my iPhone and iPad, so there should be no problem making the change.

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What you need to remember before changing your Apple ID region

All unspent account balance will be voided. If you used physical or digital cards to top up your iTunes/App Store account, the remaining balance will be cancelled.

The Cupertinians initially do not want to get involved with currency exchange, but there is an opportunity to request a refund through customer support. You should do this well in advance and wait for a response from a specialist before changing the region of your account. However, at this point, if the support team decides to return your unspent funds from the account, they will not be able to transfer them to a Russian bank card.

To view your account balance, go to App Store. Apple ID Account.

It is possible to cancel an annual gift subscription to Apple TV without any consequences. If you cancel it, any remaining free period will be reset, but a regular TV or Apple Music subscription must be canceled and you will have to wait until the end of the period you purchased. Of course, here, too, you can contact Support to reset the remaining period of the disabled subscription, but this procedure will take some time.

Cancel existing subscriptions at Settings. Apple ID. Subscriptions.

You will need to turn off family access. All users in the same Apple ecosystem family must have accounts in the same region. It is not possible to change the country for one account if family access is already set up.

You’ll have to dissolve the family in your Apple account, change the region for all its members, and then reconfigure Family Access.

To do this, go to Settings. Apple ID Account. Family Access.

Changing the region deletes the iCloud media library. This only affects saved tracks from Apple Music, all your photos, documents, and data will stay in place. But the selection of music, sorting playlists, and downloading data to the device will have to be done all over again.

To buy content in another region, you will need the appropriate bank card. Payment information may be initially not specified in the account settings, but when trying to pay for a service, game, or app, you will be prompted for a new payment method.

Of course, the old bank cards will not work, you will not be able to select a phone number of the old region for payment, and purchased iTunes/App Store top-up codes will be valid only for the region where you bought them.

You may not find the applications you need on the App Store in another country. For example, customers of some Russian media are now being actively removed from the markets of many countries. It is possible that in the future there will be no banking applications or familiar to us domestic services.

Your device will have old versions of already installed software, but you will not be able to update them. And after restoring iPhone from a backup or a key iOS update, these applications may not install on your device at all.

The only bonus you will get is the ability to install applications that may not be available in the store, to which the current account is linked. for purchases will become higher, you will have to find a way to pay for services and subscriptions in the form of a foreign bank card, and with the possible blocking of accounts in Russia, not the fact that your account will function.

While any Apple services are not blocked in our country yet, you can’t know how it works, so you can’t guarantee the blocking override by changing the region.

To change your Apple ID on your PC.

To find out the ID, you just need to go to your account page on the official site.

You need to enter your login (phone or email at choice) and password. After that, the site will ask for a six-digit code, which will be sent to your iPhone.

In the opened window you will see the account section. Click the “Edit” button to the right of it.

How do I change my Apple ID

You can change the email address you use for your Apple ID. To do this, use a list of simple steps.

If you change your email address, you may need to answer one of the security questions you asked when you created your account to identify your Apple ID.

After changing your email address, you’ll need to sign in again to any service that uses an Apple ID.

If an ID has the extension, or

If your Apple ID email address has the @iCloud, or, you can only change it to something else with the @iCloud, or that is already associated with an account.

Go to the Apple ID page through the link and log in with your current email for identification and password.

Click the “Change” button in the “Account” section.

Immediately below the Apple ID, click the “Edit Apple ID” link.

A list of email addresses that you can use as your Apple ID will appear immediately.

It includes additional email addresses already associated with your account.

Select the email address you want to use as your Apple ID.

Note that you can only change your Apple ID in this case to another Apple email address with the extension, or

Click “Continue” and wait for the procedure to complete.

If your Apple ID is a third-party email address: method for iPhone or iPad

Go to “Settings” “Account” “Name, phone numbers, e-mail” and enter your Apple ID account password.

The ability to change the Apple ID email on your iPhone is available in iOS 10.3 and newer versions of the operating system.

Click “Edit” next to “Contact Information” and delete the email used to identify your Apple ID.

Click “Continue” and specify a new email address to use as your Apple ID.

Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to the specified email address.

Note that if you specify an email with an Apple extension (, or, you’ll see a special confirmation prompt. You will not be able to change your ID to a different service provider after this.

If your Apple ID is a third-party email address: the Mac way

Go to the Apple ID page using your Mac browser and log in with your current email for identification and password.

Click on the “Edit” button under “Account”.

Immediately below the Apple ID, click the “Edit Apple ID” link.

Provide a new email address to use as your Apple ID.

Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to the specified email address.

Please note that if you specify an email address with an Apple extension (, or, a special confirmation prompt will appear. You will not be able to change your ID to a different service provider after this.