How to Change Font on Xiaomi Phone

All the ways to change the font on Xiaomi

Until recently, I did not think at all about how to change the font on my Xiaomi, but accidentally glancing into my mother’s phone, I realized what I was missing. The huge digits of the number, which she dials in the old fashioned way from a notebook, are readable without glasses. It seemed to me attractive and convenient, I decided to start setting up a faithful assistant.

Changing the font size

The easiest thing to do if you are planning to change at least something on your phone.

Go to “Settings”. “Screen” and select the text size.

I immediately decided to enlarge the letters and moved the slider to the right, but then returned to the usual small S. Habit is second nature. As if something is missing.

Please do not look for settings in other places and complain about their absence. The Chinese do not sit idly by, and always change something.

Standard way to change the font

Wandering around the endless expanses of the Internet, I endlessly came across instructions that, upon closer examination, caused a lot of questions. The thing is that when a new version of MIUI is released, the settings change, some in a drastic way. In other words, what was relevant a couple of years ago is completely inappropriate for the current version of MIUI 9. In addition, it is a mistake to mention the brand of the phone in this regard, you only need to focus on the current version of the firmware.

The branded shell offers a very real and affordable way to change the font. On its own, already outdated Xiaomi Redmi 4, which was updated not so long ago to the global firmware, this method works, we will consider it fully working at the moment.

So what do we have. There is only one font on the smartphone, it is installed by default. We will not be able to modify or change its style, so all subsequent actions will be associated with its replacement. To choose the type of a new font, follow simple criteria.

Firstly, it must be based on the Cyrillic alphabet and have both Russian and English letters in its set.

Secondly, when downloading, you need to pay attention to its format. mtz. So, the installation package is designated, with which the applications will work, forming the final picture of the transition.

If we go in the standard way, all this can be neglected. The smartphone itself will determine and install what you need, you just need to choose the design you like.

Go to Topics and write in the search “moby”.

We choose. View all, several dozen fonts will appear before you.

Download the style you like and install it on your phone.

To apply the font, the device will reboot, after which we enjoy the resulting views.

The procedure can be repeated several times. For what, I will explain a little later.

I must note that using the resources of the smartphone when changing the font, we thereby enter it into the system files and subsequently it can be easily changed to another version. If you just download the installation package, then the device may not see it and, accordingly, not apply.

There are many questions from unsatisfied users about the return to the previous state. Returning the default font is also easy.

You can return to the manufacturer’s font when changing the theme. Apply another theme and here it is your dear, it is by default.

It would seem that what is easier, but we are not looking for easy solutions. Another method is based on installing the Quick Shortcut Maker application, you can find it in the Play Store.

After you have downloaded and installed it, the necessary steps are:

  • Launch, find the settings, click on the checkmark to the left of the inscription.
  • The whole set of settings pops up, you need to find the word “Font”.
  • Select, rename the label (there is such an item in the menu, the topmost one). Click on the “Create” option.
  • Under the new name, the shortcut appears on the desktop. With its help, it will be possible in the future to “sort out grubs” and go wherever your heart desires.
  • If the shortcut does not appear on the desktop, you need to go. “All applications” and select. “Other permissions”. We tap on the shortcut on the desktop, the forbidden cross will be replaced by a green checkmark. After that, be sure to overload the smartphone and only after that the long-awaited icon will appear on one of the phone screens.
  • We enter the settings shortcut and see all downloaded and installed fonts, including the default. This is the same initial standard font that you missed after a few bad experiences changing the look of the device.

Again, here will be fonts only from the Themes utility. And only they can you manage. This is the question of where and what to look for.

As an alternative, I propose another way, it will suit those who, for some reason, could not understand the proposed program. I read such angry messages that I wanted to hide in a distant place so that “deceived” users would miss you.

The meaning of this method is very close to that described, but much simpler. We go into advanced settings and change the region from Russia to India. Don’t worry, for a couple of minutes, don’t edit anything on your phone. Then go to the “Themes” tab and click on the rightmost circle at the bottom with a funny face. You will see a menu in which there is a “Fonts” item. Change them to health, without installing any additional icon with settings. All your previously downloaded and installed fonts are located here, including the default.

Then change the region to Russia.

We get the status of a designer

Changing the font on Xiaomi phones today is not difficult. There were some troubles mainly associated with the global version of the firmware, but they are in the past. A couple of years ago, it seemed rather crude and the process of designing a new theme or font according to the scenario already described, stopped with an error.

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Immediately there were “gurus” claiming that it is possible to change the font only by having the proud name of the designer at their disposal. Neither then, nor even more so now, this does not correspond to reality. The presence of this status simplifies the change procedure, but only.

Let’s understand this issue a little, besides, even now it has not lost some relevance.

First, we will get permission from the Chinese. We follow the link and log into the mi account.

  • we agree to the provision of personal information as an individual designer;
  • on the next page we fill in all the columns about ourselves;
  • upload a photo of a newly-made designer and indicate your email address;
  • waiting for the status (day or three).

They may also refuse, which is why I do not presume to assert this. Maybe you need to send a photo of Sergey Zverev instead of yours?

What does the permission give? We come to the main thing, which is why all the fuss.

That’s the whole trick. We conclude that this status has not lost its attractiveness today. The style of the device is now in good hands. Some people say that it is possible to change the color of the font, for the lack of proven facts I do not undertake to judge this. But for especially inquisitive users, I want to point out one feature: when changing a theme, the color scheme of the font used also changes.

Change through third-party programs

Let’s take a look at the most popular font changer. Of course, it looks attractive to change at your own discretion, when you are your own boss and do not choose from what your phone gives you. No problems with designer status and other distracting nonsense.

  • Almost all utility options work only if you have root rights.
  • Changing the font is possible only in new applications, the system is not affected;
  • Possible font rollbacks on reboot.

But, in general, the application is tolerable and allows you to embody any fantasies that come to mind. Other similar applications work on the same principle, change something in the system. you will need superuser rights.

I can’t help but mention one more installation method. But it also has its drawbacks. you need TWRP (custom recovery). If you have it, then everything, in principle, is simple:

  • Download the archive. We put it in the root of the phone’s memory.
  • We are overloaded in recovery.
  • Choose Install.
  • Find our archive and install it on your smartphone.
  • Reboot.

As a result, a font from Google will appear on the device.

Changing fonts on Xiaomi is fun. However, after all the manipulations, I returned to where I came from. That is, I left everything by default. I don’t know why I didn’t like everything that I installed, most likely I didn’t find the best font in the world. Maybe you’re luckier than me.

How to change the font on your phone. step by step

How to change the font on your phone using the settings:

  • Go to screen settings, select the “Fonts” menu and enable the one you like.
  • On phones of some manufacturers, in the font settings, you may need to pay for the option you like.

If the device does not imply the ability to change the font through the settings, you can download one of the many applications of the HiFont type. Most often, such programs already contain large sets of fonts, and also allow you to find on the network and download new ones. After installing the desired font, the program can be “demolished”, the new type of text will remain. If you need to replace it, download HiFont or its equivalent again.

How to change the font on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi has a Themes application, enter it and search for “moby”. We are interested in the first search result. Next, click on the “view all” button and select and download a new font for your phone. After restarting your device, you will see the updated text display.

How to change font on Android phone

How do I change the font on Android and why should I change it? Android devices give users the ability to change the appearance of the screen for long-term comfort. Let’s look at ways to change the style and size of text on Android phones.

Changing the font on your Huawei phone

The design of the text on Huawei is changed in the settings. The result is a phone with large print, standard or small. If you want to change more than just the size of the letters, you will need to install a font replacement application. Phones from the manufacturer Huawei support the FontFix program if the gadget has an Android version not older than 4.1. FontFix contains a menu of 4000 fonts, which, unfortunately, cannot be sorted by input language. You will have to work hard to find a convenient Cyrillic font.

How to change font color on Android desktop

The above mobile application HiFont has color sorting of fonts, however, installing the theme will change the color of any text on your phone.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

But the well-known program Beautiful Icon Styler does not know how to change the font on an Android phone, but it can help transform the desktop icons. The application contains a catalog of paid and free icon sets, with multi-colored inscriptions, different icon designs. Please note that the application will allow you to change the desktop design for free 3 times, then you will have to pay for using the program.

Changing the font on Android. what is it for

Mobile devices are generally source of increased risk to human eye health. A font that is uncomfortable for your eyes makes it difficult to work with the device and makes your eyes tired. Someone simply does not like the standard type of text; they want to replace it solely for aesthetic pleasure. Let’s look at the instructions for changing the display of text on Android devices.

How to change the font style

Many Android phone models from Samsung and LG have a font style change function. To modify the text on the phone, special applications are required. open the menu in the following order:

  • Installations
  • Screen
  • Font style

Some of the fonts will already be saved in the memory of your phone, and additional ones can be downloaded for free.

Manual installation

Fonts for MIUI by link.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Save file with mtz extension to internal phone memory.
  • Launch “Themes”.
  • Press 4 on the left red circle in the center of the screen and select “Font”.
  • Open sections “Themes” = “Local” = “Import”. If these buttons are absent, then you need to change the region of use: “Settings” = “Additional” = “Region” and select the value “India”.
  • Specify the path to the saved file.
  • On the next screen select “Components” and “Font”.
  • Reboot device to apply changes.

Change via MIUI Custom Font Installer

The application, according to the description in the Play Market, works with MIUI 7-10 without root and a designer account. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Download the file from the link from the previous method and save it to internal memory.
  • Click “Install”, select the installation method, click “Ok”.
  • Select a font, click “Apply”, “Reload”.
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There are 3 ways to change the font on Xiaomi, but each of them is simple and suitable for any smartphone user of this company.

Android devices are distinguished by the ability to change almost everything in the user interface. The Chinese modification of the firmware. miui installed on Xiaomi phones is no exception. In this article, we’ll look at working with fonts. Consider the example of Xiaomi Redmi 3 how to increase the font and how to change it to a completely different one.

Changing the font size

By default, you can only change the size of the text, but not its type. Using MIUI 9 as an example, this is done as follows: Settings Display Text Size

In the menu that opens, you can see how the text will look when you change its size and how it will look on the desktop (for this, swipe the screen from right to left as shown in the screenshot below):

Everything should be clear here. drag the slider at the bottom of the screen, look at the result and click OK.

We get the status of a designer

To obtain the status of a designer, you must have a Mi account.

  • Follow the link and click Login now.
  • Log in through your account.
  • Registering as Individual Designers.
  • We fill in all the information about ourselves. It is advisable to upload your real photo, this is very important, otherwise your application may be rejected. All fields under the asterisk are required.

When you are asked to fill in the bank card information, we skip this and accept the agreement with the Accept Agreement button.

Now we are waiting, confirmation usually comes in a day or three. If you do not receive a confirmation or refusal letter for a long time, then we try to go to the site under your account, the status of your application should be visible there.

If there is no option to choose a font

With the arrival of the miui 8 version firmware update, many faced the inability to install their own version of fonts, especially this problem is relevant for global firmware versions (usually they are installed on new smartphones, for example, Xiaomi Mi 5). In fact, this option is there, it’s just that the developers do not give everyone access to this feature yet, although this option is unlocked on the Chinese version. However, users have found two solutions to this problem.

What is the “Designer” status for?

Not all owners of smartphones of this Chinese brand are satisfied with the standard functionality of setting up the screen. For advanced users, it is possible to expand the functionality of the smartphone settings, including replacing the style of displaying symbols, in the options that are not available in the corporate service “Themes”. After registering the design status on the official website of the developer, the user is allowed to install stylistic solutions from third-party developers on his device.

The application procedure involves the following steps:

  • Phone owner authorization using Mi account data;
  • Further on the page of the site “Individual designer” you need to enter the personal information required by the service;
  • Upload a photo according to the site rules;
  • Send request.

Verification and provision of status is expected within 3-7. After obtaining design authority, the smartphone owner will be able to download and use third-party themes.

Change fonts using the Themes application

  • Log in to the application using your Mi account identification data;
  • Enter the value “moby” in the search bar of the service;
  • The system in the first paragraph gives a list of available stylistic solutions for the desktop;
  • Review and select the appropriate option from the list;
  • Initiate loading of the selected theme into the device memory by pressing the corresponding button;
  • After the download of the theme is complete, click the “Apply” button;
  • For the new screen settings to take effect, you need to restart the gadget.

Change through third-party programs

You can use third-party programs to change the font. This method has two drawbacks:

  • The font changes only in third-party programs, in standard applications and the operating system it remains the same.
  • Root access is required to use these programs.

The most popular program is iFont. It contains many fonts, taking into account the system language, in the “Online” section we find the desired one, download and install.

How to change font on Xioami phone

Xiaomi devices have always been distinguished by a wide range of customization options. This is one of the reasons why gadgets from this Chinese company are in such great demand. anyone can customize the device interface to their liking, and make it more convenient to use. With each new update, more and more similar functions appear in smartphones manufactured by this corporation.

The MIUI 11 update was no exception: the developers also added a huge variety of options that were not there before. Among them is the function of changing the font. The only problem is that all this functionality is often hidden from the eyes of an ordinary average user. A person who is not very well versed in technology simply cannot find the section in the settings that is responsible for changing the font on the phone.

In this article, I will explain what methods can be used to replace a standard font with another, as well as how to increase or decrease its size.

How to change the font to standard?

If the installed font does not fit your phone, or you simply do not like the appearance, you can always return the one that was originally installed.

To do this, go to the far right section of the navigation bar in the Themes application.

In the window that opens, find the purple icon with the inscription “Fonts” and click on it.

All fonts ever downloaded and installed on your device will be presented here. Choose the default font, in MIUI 11 it is called “Roboto”.

If you do not know what the name of the standard font on your smartphone is, just open each of them and find the one with a large “Default” mark on it. this will be your standard font.

How to change the font using the Themes app

To fix this bug, do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “Advanced Settings” section.
  • Select “Region” from the items presented.
  • Set India as default country.
How to Change Font on Xiaomi Phone

Now you can start changing the font.

  • Open “Themes”, they are in the settings.
  • A font selection button appears in the navigation bar. Follow it.

This menu has a large number of fonts to choose from. Install any you like.

  • Click on the icon that says “free” to download.
  • Then click “apply”.
  • Restart your phone for the changes to take effect.

The interface of the rebooted device will have the font of your choice.

After successful installation, you can set the region to the previous one, the applied font will not change, however, the function to change the font will disappear from the Themes program.

How to adjust the font size?

The installed font can also be resized to make it more convenient for the user to read and write on the device. There are 6 text sizes on Xiaomi, from XS to XXL, respectively.

  • Open the settings.
  • Scroll to the “Screen” item and click on it.
  • Go to the parameter “Text size”.
  • Choose the size that suits you from the list of suggested.
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How to change the font on Xiaomi (Redmi), increase or decrease its size

Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone owners sometimes want to know how to change the font on a Xiaomi phone, or increase or decrease its size without affecting other interface elements.

Until recently, until the system component “Desktop” was updated, it was impossible to change the font size, but now the situation has changed, a special setting for this purpose has appeared.

But with the replacement of the font on Xiaomi, everything is still difficult, some manipulations are required for this, it is not difficult, but for a long time, and let’s say thanks for not having to change the firmware or get ROOT rights.

How to increase or decrease the font size on Xiaomi

Make sure that you have an updated “Desktop”, for this enter the settings, find “Component update”. You should have an empty window with the words “Update is not required”, but if there are elements in the list, update them, it will not bring any harm, except good. Now find the item “Screen”. Next, in the “System Font” section, select “Text Size”. You have a choice of one of six text sizes, choose the one that you like the most.

How to change font on Xiaomi

Replacing is more difficult and requires some time and patience.

The first thing that needs to be changed is the region, for this in the settings, find the item “Advanced settings”. Now select the Region menu. Find “India” in the list and activate it. Now we need to launch the Themes system application, you can do this from the settings. After changing the region, an additional item “Font” appeared in the lower navigation bar, click on it. A large number of options will appear on the list with a preview of how it will look on the Xiaomi screen. Choose carefully, because the wrong font will ruin your mood and make using your phone unpleasant. Once you’ve found the option you want, download it. The “Apply” button will appear, agree, and then restart your phone. After rebooting Xiaomi, you will see it in action, if the appearance suits you, return the region “Russia”.

The font that is installed by default on Xiaomi is called “Roboto”, this is in case you want to return everything as it was.

Changing the font through the application

Before you start working with the preinstalled Themes application, you need to log in to the MI account, which must be linked to the device. Then you need to follow a few steps:

  • Open the “Themes” application and enter the query “moby” into the search form, then select the first result in the search results.
  • A list of fonts appears in the output. Tap View All to see all available options.
  • Choose the style you like and click “Download”. When the download is complete, click on the “Apply” button.
  • Reboot your device.

As soon as the smartphone restarts, you will see the newly installed font on the screen.

You can also import a ready-made font by selecting the offline mode in the Themes application.

Standard font resizing

As a rule, Xiaomi devices have three default font sizes: L, M, S (in some versions it can go up to 5 sizes). You can increase or decrease the size by calling the settings menu. Display (or “Advanced”). Text size. The location of the option may vary depending on the version. The default size for all smartphones is M.

Sometimes it happens that the “Fonts” item is not at all in the settings menu. It all depends on what kind of firmware the developer has loaded into the device. As a rule, it does this in order to protect the smartphone from an inexperienced user. You can get full access to advanced settings if the owner of the smartphone obtains designer rights in his Mi Account on the official website. But there is another way, which we will consider in the next paragraph.

The nuances of changing the font on a Xiaomi phone

As a rule, Xiaomi phones completely suit their customers. But some of the more demanding users are looking to customize their smartphones further. One such requested change is the change in the screen font. In this article, we will look at the question of how to change the font on Xiaomi based on MIUI?

There are two versions of Xiaomi’s software in total: for Chinese users and for the rest of the world’s users. Changing the font is only available in the Chinese version of the software, but despite all the difficulties, we will share a few tips for changing without getting root rights to your device.

There are several ways to change fonts on Xiaomi smartphones. The first is the method for obtaining root rights, after which you need to install the iFont application. In this application, you can download fonts directly. But for this method you need to unlock the bootloader and then get superuser rights.

But the second option that we want to offer you does not require additional rooting of the device. Plus, it will work in any update. Moving on to the list of supported devices, the font style changes will work on all devices including Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Note 5 Plus, 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 6, Mi Max, Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Redmi 2 / Prime and further on the mobile line.

Returning the default font

Sometimes there are situations when you need to return the font to the standard one. The easiest option is to change the theme to one of the pre-installed ones. But there is another way.

It is necessary to create a special shortcut that will display, hidden from users, the font menu in MIUI. To do this, you need to download the QuickShortcutMaker application to your phone.

  • completely free;
  • supports multilanguage;
  • flexible settings menu;

After installation, launch the application from the menu and follow these steps:

  • For any application in MIUI to work correctly, grant all the necessary rights to it. You can do this by running Settings. Permissions. Other permissions. We are looking for QuickShortcutMaker and give the right to add shortcuts to the desktop.
  • In the running application, enter the search keyword “Settings”, find it and open.
  • Among the list of settings, we are looking for “Font” and click on it.
  • Change the name of the label: click the item to change the label. Now the shortcut can be created.
  • Close the application and look for the new shortcut that we just created on the desktop. In the menu that appears, you can now select not only the font style, but also its size.