How To Change Apple Id On Iphone

How To Change Apple Id On Iphone

How to change Apple ID

We’ll skip the reasons pushing you to change your Apple ID and go straight to the point: can this be done, and if so, how?

Apple reserves the right for users to update Apple ID data, which means that if necessary, to change any information there is no need to get rid of the old identifier and start a new one.

What information can I change in Apple ID

Each holder of an Apple ID at any time has the power to change:

  • first name, middle name and last name;
  • The primary e-mail concurrently is your Apple ID;
  • additional e-mail addresses;
  • Apple ID Password
  • Contact details;
  • as well as Apple’s language and distribution settings.

However, if you want to change your Apple ID, please note that when you use mail with the domain name @, @ or @ as your primary email address, you cannot change the email address.

Ways to change your Apple ID

You can change your Apple ID data in a variety of ways, so choose the one that seems most convenient to you. You can do this:

  • On the page “My Apple ID”;
  • in iTunes
  • in the App Store and iTunes Store apps on iPhone or iPad;
  • in the settings of the iPhone or iPad in the sections “iCloud” and “iTunes Store, App Store”.

How to change Apple ID from computers, iPhone or iPad

The advantage of the first method is the ability to change the Apple ID from any device with access to the Network, whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. To do this, launch the browser and click on the link leading to the “My Apple ID” page.

Next, click on the “Manage Apple ID” button on the right and enter your current Apple ID and password.

Then we are redirected to the section “Managing Name, ID and Email Addresses”, where you can replace your current Apple ID with a new one. Please note that your new e-mail address must be valid, because Apple will send a letter to the new address indicated asking you to confirm the e-mail address.

How to Change Apple ID via iTunes

Change Apple ID in iTunes is also quite simple. Launch the program on your computer and go to the iTunes Store. Here, in the navigation panel located on the right side, click on the “Account” link.

To view account information, the program will require you to enter your Apple ID password. Further in the “Apple ID Overview” “Apple ID” by clicking on the “Edit” button, you can easily change both the Apple ID itself and the password.

Change Apple ID via App Store or iTunes Store

Apple ID data changes in two programs in a similar way, therefore, as an example, consider only the option with the App Store.

So, we launch the regular App Store application and go to the “Selection” section. Here, at the very bottom of the page, along with quick links, is the button “Apple ID:”. That is what we need. Tap on it and, in the menu that appears, select “View Apple ID”, after which you will need to enter a password.

Next, we open a user account. Here you need to go to the first section of the same name, after which the fields for changing data such as password and e-mail (aka Apple ID) will become available.

All changes will take effect only after the confirmation of the new email address through a letter sent by Apple.

How to change Apple ID data in iPhone or iPad settings

Through system settings, changing Apple ID data is possible in the iCloud and iTunes Store, App Store sections. In the first case, when going to the iCloud section, contact information, date of birth, password, and even security questions will be available for editing. In order to start editing, just go to “Settings” “ICloud”, tap on your name and enter the password.

In the second case, using the “iTunes Store, App Store” section, it will be possible, among other things, to change the Apple ID itself. To do this, go to “Settings” “ITunes Store, App Store”, tap on the Apple ID and enter the password. Next, we open a one-on-one window, as in the App Store. Change the data and click “Finish.”

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How to change Apple ID on iPhone

Changing your Apple ID may be necessary in different situations, one of the most common options may be to buy a used iPhone. There are no difficulties in changing Apple ID to iPhone or iPad. We must complete all the steps according to our instructions: “How to change Apple ID “Proposed below.

If you have an Apple device, you must have a special account. Apple ID.

Apple ID is an account with which you squeeze to make purchases, downloads and other actions in Apple services: iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store, etc.

First, we’ll clarify some points before changing the ID on the iPhone:
You can change your Apple ID directly on the device, without authorization on the website.
The device will be saved after change apple idi. all contacts, photos, applications and settings. This fact must be taken into account if you are selling a device, make sure that your data does not get strangers. Our article will help you: How to untie your Apple ID iPhone

How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

  1. In the menu window that appears, click on the “Exit” item.
  1. After you have logged out with your Apple ID, click on the “Login” field.
  1. Select the “With an existing Apple ID” login option and log in (login and password) to another Apple ID.

If you do not already have an account (Apple ID), then we recommend that you go to the instructions on how to create an Apple ID.

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How to change Apple ID

The first point. Apple ID can be changed directly from the device. The user does not need to resort to authorization on the official Apple website in order to change the Apple ID used on the iPhone or iPad. The second thing you need to know is that all photos, contacts and applications available on the device will be saved. Many users are afraid of deleting their personal data and for a long time do not change the Apple ID using someone else’s identifier, so you don’t need to be afraid of missing content. And finally, there’s no need to provide a credit card number to create an Apple ID. The method of registering an Apple ID without a card is described in detail in this manual.

How to change Apple ID

Step 1. Go to the application App store.

Step 3. In the pop-up menu, select “Log off “.

Step 4. After successful exit, click “To come in “.

Step 5. Select “With existing Apple ID And log in with your Apple ID.

Done! You have changed your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. No Apple ID? Well, creating it is very simple.

How to create an Apple ID

Step 1. Launch the application App store.

Step 3. Select a region and click “Further “.

Step 4. Accept the user agreement.

Step 5. Fill in the information on the first page of registration. Enter the following: email address, password, date of birth, as well as indicate secret questions and answers to them. After filling in all the fields, click “Next”.

Note: the password must contain at least 8 characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Answers to security questions are recommended to be recorded on physical media, since access to them may be necessary if you need to change your Apple ID password.

Step 6. On the second page of registration, specify the payment method (bank card or mobile phone), select a request and specify the address. After filling in all fields, click “Further “.

Advice! You can create an Apple ID without a credit card. You can learn more about this method in this manual.