How to cancel your Apple TV subscription

How to cancel a subscription

There are several ways to deactivate a service:

  • Through the official website of the first channel. You will need to visit it by entering the address in the search bar. After. create a personal account by registering. Then the client needs to select the appropriate section, disable the service.
  • Through an application installed on various devices, operating systems.

As for disabling the option using the application, it is worth understanding in more detail.

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We are talking about a visit to the gaming service of Apple’s iOS operating system. To stop the option, the user will need:

  • Open the game download application.
  • Visit the “Settings” section.
  • Go through identification.
  • Find the subsection “Subscriptions”, open it.
  • Select the appropriate option, disable it by moving the toggle switch.

It is worth noting that after the cancellation of the service from the first channel, it will terminate when the paid period expires. At the same time, the owner of the smartphone will be able to see the date of the end of the service.

2 options to cancel your Netflix subscription here

In principle, the procedure for using this operating system is practically the same. The owner of a mobile device will need:

  • Open the Googleplay website or launch the application.
  • Log in with your own username or register.
  • Find the subscriptions section.
  • Select the one you want from the list, cancel.

You can also cancel the action by canceling your subscription from Google Play. Knowing how to unsubscribe from kino1TV will save you unnecessary expenses.

When uninstalling the application, the option will be automatically disabled, but the user will not receive the remaining funds for the unused period.

Description of the service, which gives

The advantage is the ability to view content at any time and through any device. For example, movie theater material is available for viewing from:

The client can interrupt or stop the broadcast and later resume watching. TV series and films are available for viewing both online and offline.

What does a subscription to the first channel give? The advantage of a paid subscription is the absence of advertising, as well as the provision of high quality files from the Amediateka catalog. The service is valid for a month, after which additional payment is required to renew. Additionally, it can be noted that the company provides a trial period so that a potential client can try the option and decide whether to use it further or not.

Thus, Kino1TV is:

  • online television series;
  • access to new episodes;
  • high image quality;
  • lack of advertising;
  • the ability to download movies, TV series for offline viewing;
  • information about the content on the service;
  • accessible, intuitive interface.

Despite the listed advantages, not everyone is satisfied with the cost or performance of the subscription. Therefore, many users are looking for a way to cancel their subscription to Kino1 TV.

How to cancel a Kino1TV subscription in 5 minutes

Channel One recently launched a service called Kino1TV. This service is a subscription to an online cinema, thanks to which users get access to films and series of both domestic and foreign production.

Feedback from subscribers

When the trial period of the application expired, I no longer used it. At that time, I went to rest abroad, and did not receive any messages about the work of the program. in principle, the Internet worked poorly there. When I returned home, I discovered that about 800 rubles had been written off from the cash account. It turned out that the first channel generously renewed my subscription automatically. I canceled the service, but I was left without money.

For several months now I have been using a similar service from the first channel. I like the fact that I can watch TV series at the time of their release. This is not the only advantage this application has. Now I can view content without internet access. I’m happy with the option, it’s worth the money, I recommend.

Deceivers and swindlers. I paid with the hope of watching my favorite TV show without ads, but I was wrong. In addition to the fact that the commercials did not allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film, a month later the company independently extended the option by writing off the funds.

A service that I would compare to Evie. Almost the same features, only the cost, I personally would have done less. I am sure that the option is not worth the money. Plus. the ability to watch movies, TV series offline, the minus I will call the presence of advertising, despite the assurances of its absence. I recommend the service to those who have money, time to watch good and high-quality content. Otherwise, there is free internet.

Video on the topic “7 days subscription is completely free”:

Canceling a subscription on an Android device

If you are using the Apple Music Android app, you can cancel your subscription right from your Android device. To do this, you need to launch the application and click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

As a result, you will see a screen with your account settings. Here you need to go to the “Manage subscription” section.

After that, information about your subscription will appear, as well as a list of all possible subscriptions.

At the bottom of the screen there will be a button “Unsubscribe”, with which you can unsubscribe from further use of Apple Music.

Turn off your subscription on a computer with iTunes

You can also cancel your Apple Music subscription through iTunes on your desktop computer. To do this, install the latest version of iTunes on your computer, or update it to the latest version if it is already installed. You also need to make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet, since work with Apple ID is not possible in offline mode.

Once iTunes is prepared, launch it, open the “Account” menu and select “Sign in”. As a result, a login window will appear, enter your Apple ID and password in order to log into your account through iTunes.

After logging in, open the “Account” menu again and select “View”.

This will bring up a page with information about your account. This page needs to be scrolled to the very end, right up to the “Settings” section.

At the bottom of the page you will see the item “Subscriptions”, and to the right of it the link “Manage”.

Click on the “Manage” link first, and then on “Apple Music Subscription“. After that, you will see the “Change subscription settings” page. To unsubscribe to music, just click on the “Unsubscribe” button.

After canceling the subscription, it will still be valid until the end of the paid period. After which it will no longer be renewed and will turn off completely.

Canceling an iPhone, iPad, or iPod subscription

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do it right on your mobile device. Any Apple device on which you logged into your Apple ID will do. For example, it could be an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

To unsubscribe, open the Settings app and click on your username at the top of the screen.

Then you need to go to the “iTunes Store and App Store”.

And select the option “View Apple ID”.

This will bring up a screen with your Apple ID account settings. Several options are available here, among which there are “Subscriptions”.

Opening the “Subscriptions” section, you will see all the possible subscription options for Apple Music. A blue check mark will be placed next to the subscription that you have active. And at the bottom of the screen there will be a button “Unsubscribe” with which you can deactivate an active subscription.

How To Cancel Apple TV Subscriptions on iOS Devices

Alternatively, you can turn off your Apple Music subscription using the Music app. To do this, launch this application, go to the “For you” section and click on the profile icon. As a result, your account page will appear in front of you. Here you need to click on the link “View Apple ID” and log in with your Apple ID login and password.

After that, you need to go to “Subscriptions”, and then to “Subscription to Apple Music”. This will take you to a page where you can unsubscribe from Apple Music. To do this, you will need to click on the “Unsubscribe” button.

After canceling your subscription, you can still use it until the end of the paid period. After which it will no longer be renewed and will turn off completely.

How to Turn Off Apple Music Subscription on iPhone

Apple Music is a music service from Apple that gives users access to millions of songs from the iTunes Store. This service is distributed by subscription with a three-month free trial period.

Many users, after the trial period expires, decide to deactivate the subscription, but do not know how to do it. If you find yourself in the same situation, then we offer you three ways at once how you can do this.

Turn off your Apple TV subscription

If you’re using a fourth-generation Apple TV or later, you can turn off your music subscription through your Apple TV settings. To do this, open your Apple TV preferences and go to “Accounts. Subscriptions. Manage Subscriptions”.

After that you need to select a subscription to Apple Music and click on the “Unsubscribe” button.

After canceling your subscription, it will remain in effect until the end of the paid period. After which the subscription will no longer be renewed and will be completely disabled.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription (2020)

With over 60 million songs, Apple Music is undoubtedly a great service. But if you plan on using any other streaming service or are listening a little, you can cancel your subscription and stop paying the premium. Check out this step-by-step guide and learn how to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Android Phone

  • Open the Apple Music app and in the upper right corner click the menu button → Account.
  • Click on Manage Membership.
  • You will see details of your Apple Music subscription. Click on Unsubscribe.

How to cancel Apple Music subscription on iPhone or iPad

Pro tip: Click on this Apple link to skip the first three steps below.

  • Open the Settings app and click on your name at the top.
  • Click on iTunes and App Store. (If you see Subscriptions, click on it and skip directly to step 4.)
  • Click on your Apple ID → View Apple ID → Confirm with Face ID or enter your Apple ID password → scroll down and click Subscriptions.
  • Click on Apple Music subscription. On the next screen, click Unsubscribe and confirm.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Mac

  • Click the Apple logo → App Store.
  • On the top menu bar, click Store → View my account → View info. Sign in if asked.
  • Scroll down and click Manage next to Subscriptions.
  • Click “Change” next to Apple Music subscription.
  • Finally, click Unsubscribe and confirm the action.

If you want to use the Music app, TV app, or iTunes app, open the app you want and on the top menu bar click Account → View my account → Manage next to Subscriptions.

Finally, to cancel your subscription in Mac System Preferences, click Apple ID → Media & Purchases → Manage next to subscriptions. A page will open in the App Store.

How to unsubscribe from Apple Music on Apple TV

If you have a 4th generation Apple TV or later (HD and 4K), you can use it to cancel your subscriptions. On Apple TV 3rd generation or earlier, you cannot do this and will have to use an iPhone, iPad, or computer.

  • In the Settings app, select Users & Accounts and select your account.
  • Choose a subscription.
  • Select Apple Music and then select Unsubscribe.

How to cancel Apple Music subscription on Apple Watch

  • Press the Digital Crown and tap the App Store icon in the cloud.
  • Scroll down and tap Accounts.
  • Click on subscriptions.
  • Click on Apple Music subscription → scroll down and click “Unsubscribe”.

How to Unsubscribe Apple Music via Web Browser

  • Visit using a web browser. Click “Login” in the upper right corner.
  • After logging in, click the “Account” button → “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and next to Subscriptions click Manage.
  • Then click Unsubscribe and confirm.

Cancel Apple Music Using Your Mac

  • On your computer, open the App Store.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your account and select your name.
  • Select “View Information” and scroll down to “Subscription”.
  • Select Manage and then click Edit next to Apple Music.
  • Finally, select “Unsubscribe”.

Reminder: If you cancel the program during the trial period, you instantly lose access to your Apple Music library. If not, access remains until the end of the current billing period.

How To Cancel Apple TV Plus Subscription

Cancel Apple Music using your iPod or iPad

You can easily cancel your Apple Music subscription using your phone or tablet. Just follow these quick steps:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings.
  • Choose your name and click “Subscriptions”.
  • If you don’t see Subscriptions, select iTunes App Store, select your Apple ID, and then View ID. After logging in or verifying face identification, you will find the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Select “Apple Music” and then “Unsubscribe”.

If at the moment you do not see the “Unsubscribe” option, then it is likely that it has already been canceled, which you can check with other people who also have access to it.

Canceling Apple Music with Apple TV

You can cancel your Apple TV subscription just as quickly:

  • Open “Settings” on your Apple TV.
  • Click on “Users and Accounts” and then select your account.
  • Click on “Subscriptions”.
  • Find Apple Music and select “Unsubscribe”.

When you cancel your Apple Music subscription

Here’s the thing. after canceling the subscription, the app won’t disappear on its own. And if you choose to keep the app on your device, it can make it easier to re-subscribe in the future.

However, you will definitely lose access to the service. Also, keep in mind that if you have an Apple Music family plan, canceling your subscription means other members will lose access to it.

Pro tip: If you’re unsure about Apple Music when you first sign up, be sure to turn off auto-renewal. You don’t have to worry about unsubscribing later and you will receive a reminder to renew your subscription.

Can You Undo Apple Music on Android?

Apple Music is available as an app on both IOS and Android, but if you are using Apple Music on Android and are ready to cancel your subscription, you cannot do it through the app.

Rather, you will need to use iTunes on your computer. In the unlikely event that you don’t have iTunes, you’ll have to download this first. Follow these steps:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Select “Account” and then select “View my account”. You will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select “View Account” and then go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Subscriptions” and then “Manage”.
  • Select Apple Music and then “Unsubscribe”.

If you only need to install iTunes to unsubscribe from Apple Music, you can easily uninstall it later by going to Settings Apps Uninstall on your computer.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

The highly popular Apple Music streaming service has a library of over 60 million songs and provides the ability to create your own playlists.

Luckily, you can always cancel your Apple Music subscription. And we’re going to show you all the ways you can achieve this.

Farewell to Apple Music

If you ever change your mind about Apple Music, you can always undo.

No matter how you use the service, you should be able to find a quick way to cancel. Even if you need to go through iTunes on PC, it won’t take long.

How happy are you with your Apple Music subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

Features of the Sea TV service

Online service TV is an entertainment portal that provides access to a library of films of various genres, TV series, shows and sports events. You can use this service both through a browser and using a special application that is installed on smartphones, tablets and TVs equipped with Smart TVs. The TV portal has a simple interface: the main page contains a convenient division into categories (“films”, “series”, “children’s content”, “online TV programs”, etc.). All films are accompanied by a short description and helpful information such as release date, cast and audience ratings. Among the main advantages of the TV online service:

  • simple and convenient shell;
  • a huge archive of multimedia content;
  • the option to watch TV channels online;
  • live broadcasts of UFC fights and various sports events;
  • the ability to watch films and series before their official release on TV.

The disadvantages include the lack of a function for adding your favorite media files to favorites and premieres of world cinema. Mobile application users can watch a limited number of TV channels, films, cartoons and series for free. At the same time, viewing of multimedia content will be accompanied by intrusive advertisements. To gain access to the full library of TV after a free seven-day trial period, you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription per month. Citizens of other countries may face a number of restrictions on viewing content, so they should consult with the managers of the online service support service before subscribing.

Online cinema feedback

Despite the fact that it is quite easy to unsubscribe from the paid services of TV, some users face certain difficulties when disconnecting a subscription. In case of any problems or questions, you should contact the Support of the online service by phone 8-800-58-595-95 (calls are free from anywhere in the Russian Federation). You can write an email to support@more.TV or contact the managers in the official TV communities on Odnoklassniki,. Instagram or.

How to turn off a subscription on your phone

In order to deactivate a subscription to TV on a mobile phone running Android OS, you need to go to the Play Market and follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Menu” key, which looks like three parallel lines and is located in the upper left corner.
  • Find the “Subscriptions” section, select “Sea TV” in the list that opens and deactivate the paid subscription.

On the iPhone, you will need to perform almost identical steps by visiting the App Store and turning off the unnecessary subscription by clicking on your Apple ID. Apple device owners can deactivate any paid subscriptions using the following aLGorithm:

  • First you need to open the “Settings” application.
  • Then click on your name (or “View Apple ID”).
  • Click on “Subscriptions” and select “Unsubscribe”.

If there is no option to cancel the subscription on the phone, this means that it has already been deactivated and will not be automatically renewed.

How to unsubscribe from a TV

In order to unsubscribe from a paid subscription on a TV, you need to open a special program for devices that support Smart TV and follow these steps:

  • Log in to the application using your username and password.
  • Go to the section “Subscriptions” and click on the button “Disable auto-renewal of subscription”.

After deactivation of the paid subscription at the beginning of next month, access to the multimedia content of TV will be limited, but the subscription fee will no longer be charged from the linked bank card. It will not be possible to return money for the unused period in the event of an early shutdown. Most of these online services adhere to this policy.

How to unsubscribe from TV

TV is an online cinema owned by the National Media Group and the CTC Media company. The service provides access to a huge archive of TV series, films and cartoons for a monthly fee of 299 rubles per month. The following guidelines will help you cancel your.TV subscription via Android and IOS portable devices and Smart TV-enabled computers and TVs.


During the pandemic, I subscribed to TV, as the service provided free access to everyone for a period of one month. I forgot to unsubscribe from the online service, and at the end of the trial period, 299 rubles were withdrawn from the card. We managed to untie the card and delete the account on the more.TV website, since navigation through the portal is very simple and understandable even to people who are far from a computer like me.

Yesterday I decided to unsubscribe from more.TV services, because I found several excellent online cinemas on the Internet with free access and a minimum amount of advertising. First, I went to the Play Market and canceled the subscription. Then I thought about it and decided to completely remove the mobile application “TV” from my device.

I connected a free period of 7 days in the TV application. It’s good that on the last day I remembered about my subscription and prevented the leakage of money from the card by selecting the option “Disable auto-renewal”.