How to Call the Police From Your Phone

To get help in an emergency, you should keep the number of the police and other services in an accessible place. You can call an ambulance, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other organizations from your cell phone, the combinations for this may vary slightly for telecom operators.

Does the region depend on a call from a landline phone

The police have recently been renamed the police, but the method of calling for help for citizens has not changed. To do this, you will need to dial the numbers 02 from a landline phone. So you can contact the duty unit of the unit subordinate to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Emergency call from mobile for different operators of the Russian Federation

Not everyone understands how to dial the usual combination of numbers 02 from cellular, if they do not support such combinations. The following information is available:

  1. You can use special numbers to call special services from a mobile device. Using combination 112, press the call button and wait for the answering machine.
  2. You can make an emergency call by dialing the two-digit combination that is assigned to your mobile operator.
  3. In all situations where a quick response is required, you can call for help by dialing 112. This is a single number that is suitable for all telecom operators. You can call even in cases when the SIM card is blocked or it is not in the smartphone. There is no service charge.

When a connection to the service occurs, the answering machine is activated. He will speak the message in two languages ​​- English and Russian, listing how you can connect to different services. If during reading the message no key is pressed, it is repeated, then the call is forwarded to the multi-channel single number 112.

911 service

911 Rescue Services has been helping people in distress for over 50 years. Using this combination, you can call rescuers in America. This phone number is easy to remember, convenient to dial, the services provided are constantly expanding.

Call a police outfit from the phone

If you don’t know how to reach the police, you can familiarize yourself with the following memo:

  1. To call the police from a stationary device, dial 02 or 102 on the phone.
  2. For smartphones, a combination of 102 or 112 is available, suitable for any operator.
  3. Also, from a mobile phone or landline phone, you can try to contact the on-duty part of the district where the event occurred, about which you contact the police.

To get communication services for free, you need to remember or write down the options for different operators:

  1. To call from a Beeline number, type 102 on the keyboard.
  2. Megaphone subscribers can make a call by dialing 020 or 02.
  3. From the Tele2 tariff, combinations of 102 or 020 are used to call the police.
  4. Those who use the services of the MTS operator should dial 102.

These combinations are valid both in Russia and abroad. Payment for such a communication service is not required.

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A call from a cell in an accident

Often people who are eyewitnesses or participants in a traffic accident try to remember how to call the police from a mobile phone. It is most convenient to use a combination of 112 (the number is serviced by all operators). It is easy to remember it. You do not need to look in the directory every time.

After the connection, the duty officer will send a call to the traffic police. If necessary, to resolve the situation, the same operator will notify other services. Ambulance or firefighters.

In what cases it will not work to call the police and what to do if the number does not work

Those who know the emergency number well do not always manage to get through and call the police. The reasons may be:

  1. The operator does not provide this service in full. When calling, this number will be busy for the subscriber.
  2. The call is made using the services of a third party. The speed of obtaining information is changing.
  3. It will not be possible to call the police if the person who answered by phone is not particularly familiar with the city. In this case, it is difficult for him to determine the point where the person who called is located.

If the usual combination for calling the police does not work, you should change tactics. All calls are received by operators who forward the received information to the call center of the area where the incident occurred. To get a dispatcher’s response faster, contact your local city office immediately. To do this, on the smartphone’s keyboard, press 0, then dial the city code and service number.

To get through and get help, it is best to immediately dial the emergency number of the area. It is recommended that you save such combinations in the phone book.

When police help is needed, the time counts for seconds, so there is no time to think about how to call the police from Tele2, but you need to act quickly and decisively.

How to Call the Police From Your Phone

In order not to get confused what to type on the keyboard. 02, 102, 112, 002, 020, you need to understand what all these numbers mean, you should familiarize yourself with the material that we have collected for you.

The police is an emergency service, the number of which has always been the same as that of other organizations that work to help the population. However, circumstances change over time, so there may be changes in telephone combinations for calling emergency services.

Short number for calling the Police on TELE2

Previously, the only way to contact each other and call the emergency service: police, ambulance, Ministry of Emergencies, gas workers was a stationary connection. In cities and villages, this system was developed, so great difficulties did not arise. At that time, the police number was 02.

At school, at home, on the radio and television they broadcast that it was necessary to remember this combination. The ambulance, the Ministry of Emergencies and the gas service were also on the emergency list and their numbers were two-digit. 03, 01 and 04, respectively.

When mobile communications became widespread in the country, operators each for themselves allocated separate phones for such organizations. They could only be three-digit, so Tele2 chose 020 for themselves, the same was with MTS, Megafon, and Beeline had a different police phone number. 002.

Thus, the police was assigned 102. Therefore, calling from a mobile device to the police station, dial the combination of 102.

Emergency call to call the police on TELE2

Emergency communications include several telephone numbers that guard the peace and health of the population: 104. Gas service, 112. Rescue services, 101. Ministry of Emergencies, 103. Ambulance services, 102. Police station. These phones are uniform throughout Russia and work even in the CIS countries.

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Therefore, if a situation occurs in any of the cities, you should remember the police phone. 102. Other emergency phone numbers are available on the official website of Tele2 operator

The Federal Law “On Communications” provides emergency telephone number 112 with its article number 52. It states that each operator should independently create a service for emergency calls of subscribers at number 112 and ensure its round-the-clock and uninterrupted operation even in such cases:

  • The subscriber does not have a SIM card or it is lost;
  • The device cannot find the network;
  • There are no funds on the balance sheet.

In any situation, number 112 works. Calling him, you will hear either an answering machine or the voice of the operator. In the case of an answering machine, you need to select the number that matches your problem.

If the specialist answers, ask him to forward the call to the police, and if you do not know where to go, consult the operator who received the call.

  1. Emergency calls through a single short number
  2. How to call an ambulance from mobile Ukraine 2020?
  1. Do you know what you need to voice when making an emergency call?
  • How to speed up an ambulance or police call from a mobile device?
  • What if the number for calling from a mobile does not work?
  • Other short numbers for calling from a mobile phone
  • Question answer
  • Conclusion
  • The banality and simplicity of this reason is “on the face.” many people simply do not have the slightest idea how to call an ambulance, police or firefighters from a mobile phone.

    Emergency calls through a single short number

    Just recently, the general number “112” has become valid in the country, by dialing which you can instantly get through to a particular service. Having made a call, you will reach:

    1. Rescue service.
    2. The police.
    3. An ambulance.
    4. Gas service.

    “112” today is a single number for all Ukrainian emergency services. The privilege of these numbers is that it is possible to call him from different Ukrainian operators. You can easily call emergency services (ambulance, gas workers, police, firefighters) from your mobile phone, and it does not matter if it is Life, Kyivstar or Vodafon. How to call an ambulance directly, read on.

    How to call an ambulance from mobile Ukraine 2020?

    101 Rescue Service, Firefighters
    102 Police
    103 Ambulance
    104 Gas service
    109 Help desk

    Today, in order to quickly get through and get help, people resort to using these numbers. Calls can be made to all numbers presented, both from stationary operators and mobile.

    Do you know what you need to voice when making an emergency call?

    Of course, in order to call emergency service, some unforeseen incident must have happened that caused stress. When this happens, even the most basic things involuntarily fly out of a person’s head. The state of panic ends with the specialist operator having to delve into some obscure inaudible explanations in raised tones. Thus, people lose their precious time, which they need so much. How do you need to communicate by phone in such cases, and what should the operator say first?

    • The first thing to do is try to formulate what you dialed the emergency number for. If, for example, you do not need an ambulance, then try to find out if a person has had any diseases or ailments in the past, when he was last treated, at what point his condition began to worsen, and other similar nuances.
    • If you called the fire department or the police, use the same principle to indicate what happened. After that, you always need to specify the exact address, up to the floor and entrance numbers, intercom code, etc.
    • When the dialogue is about to end, do not forget to name the correct contact phone number and address. Even if a person mixes up something and it will be difficult to find, you will be called back to the number from which the call was made to clarify all the details.
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    How to speed up an ambulance or police call from a mobile device?

    There is nothing surprising and supernatural in that when a person intentionally makes a call to the help desk, he expects that his complaint or request will be reacted as promptly as possible, and that the help will arrive almost instantly.

    Nevertheless, due to the fact that there is one number for all assistance services, the dispatcher initially answers the call, who, in turn, is involved in redirecting information directly to the department of a specific area, etc.

    Based on this, we can conclude that the call was reacted as quickly as possible, you need to immediately call the department of city services that relate to your area.

    Oddly enough, but many do not know how to call an ambulance from a mobile in Ukraine. Everything is pretty simple. To do this, press “0”, after. The code of the city long-distance communication in which you are located and a suitable short number. “1” is not required. This makes it possible in the list of cases to significantly affect the acceleration of response to an incoming call.

    What if the number for calling from a mobile does not work?

    There are situations when dialing one of the numbers it is not possible to establish a connection or the dispatcher simply does not respond. How, then, to call an ambulance and other authorities from a mobile?

    If when you dial the number of the service you are interested in, it is impossible to get through, which completely destroys all your hopes, then it makes sense to dial one of the aforementioned existing regional numbers. In your phone book, it is highly desirable that such numbers are located, so take care of this in advance.

    In addition, it should in any case be remembered that even private health organizations that provide security services have a base of short numbers used by people in critical cases.

    Other short numbers for calling from a mobile phone

    Obviously, short numbers do not end there. There are many others that people easily call for free from their gadget.

    It may so happen that, based on the prevailing incident, people may need not only knowledge such as dialing up police, firefighters, or an ambulance from a mobile phone. Just for this, we developed other short numbers, having made a call to which you can consult with highly qualified specialists in detail. Below we offer you a list of these numbers:

    122 Weather forecast
    127 Tax administration
    176 Local telephone network
    121 Exact time
    175 Mail delivery
    170 Call Center

    Question answer

    Question Answer
    How to call an ambulance from a mobile? 103
    How to call the police from a mobile? 102
    How to call firefighters from a mobile? 101
    How to call the gas service from a mobile? 104
    How to call the help desk? 109


    Thanks to this article, now you know how to call an ambulance and other emergency services from a mobile phone of any telecom operators (Kyivstar, Life, Vodafone) in such a way that they help you quickly and efficiently. Use all the information received to quickly solve unpredictable situations, it is better to make these short numbers in advance in the contacts of your mobile phone.