How to Call a City Phone

Calling from a mobile to a home (landline) phone is very simple!
I see in the face that the answer does not suit you.
Well. Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

How to Call a City Phone

Numbering capacity. Bit of theory

All numbering capacity in Ukraine, and in any other country, consists of a strictly defined set of numbers.
For Ukraine, this is twelve digits with a plus sign in front of it.
So to speak: 380671234567

380. International code of Ukraine
67. Operator code, in this case Kyivstar
1234567. Subscriber number within the operator’s network
There are no questions.
And what is a city number?

Here the principle is the same. The full number consists of:

  • Country code
  • Settlement code
  • Subscriber numbers

Here we call this subscriber number a city number.

It can be seven-digit. For large cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro and so on.
And it can be six-digit, five-digit or four-digit.

Anyway in international format 12 digits are dialed with a plus when calling from a mobile (cell) phone and no plus. When calling from landline (landline) phones.

Inside Ukraine You can not dial plus the first two digits.
I.E 38 from a mobile phone within the country is not dialed.

You know that. If someone dictates the number to you, then it sounds, for example, 0991234567.

How to dial a landline number from a mobile in Ukraine

If this is a seven-digit city number, then from a mobile phone, dial:

  • City ​​code
  • Subscriber number

In any case, from a mobile phone we need to dial either 10 digits or 12 digits with a plus.

If the city number consists of 7 digits, then the city code will be three-digit.

In Kiev, the reference railway station has a city number 503-60-50.
From the landline phone, we simply dial these seven digits and that’s it.

On a mobile phone, add the three-digit code of the city of Kiev (044) before the number:
Or dial the full number in international format:

If the numbering of a settlement is not seven-digit, but, say, five-digit, as in Brovary Kiev region, then inside this city you need to dial five digits (landline number) from a regular landline phone, and you must add the city code in front of this number from your mobile.

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Railway station of the city of Brovary has a five-digit city number 4-02-82
From the city number, while in Brovary, we simply dial these five numbers

From a mobile phone, you must add the code of the settlement:
Or dial the full number in international format:

In any case, we dial 10 or 12 digits!

That is, to call any city number of Ukraine, you just need to know its code.

Phone codes of Ukrainian cities

Recruitment Rules:
Three-digit code. For seven-digit numbers: 044 (city code) ХХХХХХХ (subscriber number)
Four-digit. For six-digit numbers: 0442 (settlement code) ХХХХХХ (subscriber number)
Five-digit. For five-digit city numbers: 04422 (settlement code) ХХХХХ (subscriber number)

Telephone codes of regional centers of Ukraine:

  • Vinnitsa 043 (for seven-digit numbers), 0432 (for six-digit numbers)
  • Lutsk 033 (for seven-digit), 0332 (for six-digit), 03322 (for five-digit)
  • Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) 056, 0562
  • Donetsk 062
  • Zhytomyr 041 or 0412
  • Uzhhorod 031, 0312, 03122
  • Zaporozhye 061 or 0612
  • Ivano-Frankivsk 034, 0342 or 03422
  • Kiev 044
  • Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd) 052, 0522
  • Lugansk 064, 0642
  • Lviv 062, 0322
  • Nikolaev 051, 0512
  • Odessa 048, 0482
  • Poltava 053, 0532, 05322
  • Exactly 036, 0362, 03622
  • Sumy 054, 0542
  • Ternopol 035, 0352
  • Kharkov 057, 0572
  • Kherson 055, 0552
  • Khmelnitsky 038, 0382, 03822
  • Cherkasy 047, 0472
  • Chernivtsi 037, 0372, 03722
  • Chernihiv 046, 0462, 04622

Phone codes of smaller settlements can be found at Ukrtelecom website, by selecting the desired area.

Or simply by entering the name of the settlement in the search box. But it must be indicated exactly in Ukrainian. Otherwise, will not find.

Select the desired area or enter the exact name in the search bar

How to call to Ukraine from another country

When calling to Ukraine from any country from a mobile (cell) phone The general principle of dialing is observed.
We type:
380 (international code of Ukraine) operator or settlement code without zero subscriber number
For instance:

If you make a call from a landline (landline), then the dialing rules may differ, depending on where you are making the call.

To call from Russia to Ukraine from a landline phone, you need to dial:

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8 (exit to the intercity). 10 (exit to the international direction). 380 (international code of Ukraine). (code of the operator or settlement). Subscriber number.

Call to Kiev on a landline phone.

Call to Kyivstar mobile (cellular) operator.

And now the most important question:
And how much does a call from a mobile phone to a city cost?
For all Ukrainian operators, the cost of a call to direct city numbers does not differ from the cost of a call to other operators.
Unless otherwise specified in some old special tariff.

And do not forget about the ability to call from Viber to any phone (especially from abroad) using the function Viber out.

In this article, we would like to reveal such a question as how to call from mobile to home. We were inspired to write it by questions in many forums where users are asked to describe the correct process of dialing phone numbers in cases where you need to call from mobile to home. Probably many users do not experience difficulties in this process, but there are still subtleties in it, so you should familiarize yourself with the information that we have prepared for you.

  1. How to call correctly from mobile to home?
  2. Landline call via cellular
  3. Long-distance communication format for mobile and landline numbers
  4. How to dial a home number in international format?

How to call correctly from mobile to home?

Mobile and home numbers are very similar in structure and should be dialed in the following order for a call:

  1. Country code (so for Russia it is 8 or 7).
  2. The operator code for mobile and the city code for home.
  3. Actually the user’s phone (in mobile numbers this is the last 7 digits, and in home numbers. The number of digits can vary from five to seven).

Landline call via cellular

Before making a call from a mobile, you need to make sure that you have the necessary amount of funds in your personal account, since such calls are charged much more expensive than inside a mobile network.

There are differences in the dialing of the home telephone depending on the location of the subscriber.

Long-distance communication format for mobile and landline numbers

Once Alexanr M. Left Yaroslavl for Moscow on business. And now I urgently needed to contact my mother, and since an elderly person was an opponent of modern mobile, I used only my home stationary device. As a result, the son, who had already lost the habit of such “gadgets”, was a little confused in this situation. He had to contact his neighbors (since they were more advanced in technical terms). But now faced with a problem, Alexander nevertheless decided to find out what is the process of dialing a phone when connecting mobile and home subscribers.

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For long-distance calls, city identifiers are provided, which can be found in any address directory. Also, many sites on the Internet will help you find the necessary information. For our part, we will indicate the most popular areas:

Region Region Region
Moscow and the region 495 Omsk 381 Voronezh 473
St. Petersburg and the region 812 Chelyabinsk 351 Saratov 845
Novosibirsk 383 Rostov-on-Don 863 Tolyatti 848
Yekaterinburg 343 Ufa 347 Krasnodar 861
Nizhny Novgorod 831 Permian 342 Izhevsk 341
Samara 846 Volgograd 844 Yaroslavl 485
Kazan 843 Krasnoyarsk 391 Ryazan 491

How to dial a home number in international format?

To call from mobile to home, when you are outside the country, you need to dial in a special order, which is developed in accordance with international standards.

In the Russian Federation, home numbers are dialed as follows:

  • ХХХ ХХ ХХ. When you need to call from home to home (the country and city codes are omitted).
  • 8 (UUU) ХХХ ХХ ХХ. Is dialed at intercity connection of mobile and stationary, where UUU is the “address” of the city.
  • 7 UUU ХХХ ХХ ХХ. A combination of a stationary subscriber in the international format (7. The international code of Russia).

The same principle when you need to call a home device registered abroad. Here are a few codes of popular destinations:

Country Country Country
Armenia 374 Czech Republic 420 Kazakhstan 7
Austria 43 Finland 358 Kyrgyzstan 996
Azerbaijan 994 France 33 Latvia 371
Belarus 375 Georgia 995 Lithuania 370
Bulgaria 359 Germany 49 Poland 48
China 86 Greece thirty Ukraine 380
Croatia 375 Israel 372 USA 1
Uzbekistan 998 Portugal 351 United Kingdom 44

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