How to Boost Storage on iPhone 6s

How to download all photos from iCloud?

To upload your photos and videos to your iOS device, choose Settings [Your Name] iCloud Photos and choose Keep Originals. On your Mac, open the Photos menu, choose Photos Preferences, and then choose Upload Originals to This Mac.

Is it possible to somehow increase the memory on the iPhone?

On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Go to Settings [your name] iCloud Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.
  • Click Buy Space or Change Storage Plan.
  • Choose a tariff plan.
  • Click Buy and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to increase storage on iPhone 6s? What happens if you stop paying for iCloud?

It can be assumed that if you do not renew your payment, you may lose access to these songs in iCloud. Hence, you will not be able to remotely download these songs to your devices. We will assume that these songs remain on your computer, but access to them in iCloud will be suspended.

How to clear local storage on iPhone?

iPhone and iPad: How to Clear Cache on iOS

Then select “Clear Browser Data” at the bottom. iCab Mobile: Tap the gear icon and open Private Data / Access Protection. Here you can click on “Clear local memory”.

How to free up space on iPhone using iCloud?

To free up iCloud storage space, you can delete messages from your iCloud email account. You can also move emails from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows so they no longer take up iCloud storage.

What to do if there is not enough memory on your iPhone?

Quick instructions: what to do if your iPhone is low on space

  • Perform a general cleaning of music, photo and video catalogs.
  • Remove unnecessary apps from your phone.
  • If the application is more than 500 MB, uninstall it from your phone and then reinstall it.

How to Transfer All Data from One iPhone to Another?

To start transferring data from your old iPhone to your new one, click the Transfer from iPhone button. If using a cable connection, the transfer icon indicates that the devices are connected. You can also choose whether to transfer some settings from your old iPhone to your new one, such as Apple Pay and Siri.

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Is it possible to increase storage on iPhone 6s?

Since the iPhone does not have a slot for a rescue memory card, you can expand the capacity using an external flash card and storage devices. However, we offer a more convenient way. increasing the iphone memory by replacing the chip.

How did you come to this?

In general, the original idea was not at all to increase the amount of internal memory of the iPhone. As we were told at the Apple Pro service center, they are often contacted with a broken memory (nand-flash) in a smartphone. Such a problem is evidenced by errors during firmware that occur in recovery mode or DFU. 9, 14, 4013 and 4014. Sometimes the iPhone can be reflashed with such an error, but later the smartphone itself switches back to recovery mode.

How to Boost Storage on iPhone 6s

We looked at how you can increase the storage capacity of your iPhone. This is some kind of magic

When buying an iPhone, many often choose the version with the minimum amount of internal memory. It’s cheaper, and at first it seems that the same 64 GB will be enough (my computer in the early 2000s had a 40 GB hard drive!). But then it turns out that it was necessary to take at least an “average” model to fit the entire collection of offline music, photos and videos. But don’t buy a new iPhone because of this.?

Professionals have long learned how to increase the amount of flash memory of the iPhone using a sophisticated technological BGA repair. The bottom line is that engineers are replacing the memory module, and although an increase is only possible in the range allowed by the manufacturer, it is still very cool: for example, you can increase the internal memory on the iPhone 8 Plus from 64 GB to 256 GB (this is the maximum Apple allows).

How to increase storage on iPhone

The solution was found by replacing the iPhone’s flash memory. After carrying out diagnostics and disconnecting the battery, in order to de-energize the device, as well as all the loops, the engineer proceeds to dismantle the old (faulty) memory module.

Before starting dismantling, the chip is cleaned from the factory compound.

The module is “soldered” from its place on the board. This process is very complex and painstaking, since temperature conditions must be observed so as not to damage the motherboard and the elements that are on it during installation. For this, the engineer uses high-tech equipment and heating.

But you can’t just remove the old memory module and put in a larger one. First, the memory is checked on the programmer. It is very important to understand whether it is readable on the hardware or not, because if the memory module is completely defective, you cannot read technical information from it (which includes the iPhone serial number and other data).

The next step is where the fun begins. In order for the iPhone to “accept” the new memory chip, it needs to write data from the old module. This information is stored in a special section of memory. With the help of professional equipment, it is copied and written into a new memory chip. This is the only way the third-party module will work with the iPhone.

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Here you can choose. install a chip of the same capacity or increase the iPhone’s memory. Many, as a rule, make a choice in favor of the second option: since memory is still changed, why not upgrade. The only but very important limitation is that you cannot install a memory module that is not supported by the manufacturer. That is, the chip with 512 GB of memory in the iPhone 8 Plus will not work if the smartphone is designed to work with a maximum of 256 GB of memory.

Before installing a new memory module, it must be checked on the programmer. information should be read from it without problems. After that, the module is prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored), and it is placed on the board.

The engineer connects all the cables, the battery, and also installs a special waterproof rubber glue. This is a special layer between the body and the glass that protects against unwanted liquid spills.

When a new memory chip is installed, iTunes will automatically detect the iPhone in DFU mode. Therefore, before use, specialists flash the device: this allows you to once again identify memory errors, if any. If all the previous steps passed without errors, then the iPhone is activated already with a large amount of memory. In our case, we managed to increase the storage capacity of the iPhone 8 Plus to 256 GB.

Other options for increasing your iPhone’s internal storage

You can also expand your iPhone storage using external storage or cloud storage. These alternative bulking options have advantages and disadvantages:

  • External storage with Wi-Fi connectivity can expand storage up to 2TB. The device is compatible with all iPhone models, has a high speed of reading and writing. However, such a wireless storage device does not work in the absence of communication and is quite expensive. In addition, you will have to constantly carry an additional gadget with you, which can be accidentally broken.
  • Cloud storage also allows you to expand the volume using a special application installed on the iPhone. The most popular services for increasing iPhone memory are Dropbox and Yandex Disk. they work on any device. But to get a lot of storage, you have to pay a subscription fee. Also, access to resources requires the Internet, so if there is no connection, you will be left without additional memory.

In addition, such solutions will not help if the memory chip is completely out of order. If this microchip breaks down, the operation of the entire device is disrupted. In this case, the device requires a complete replacement of the flash memory.

Increase iPhone memory up to 128gb

The Orbita service center provides services to increase memory on any iPhone model. If you are not satisfied with the available capacity, our wizards will expand it to 128 Gb by changing the NAND-Flash microchip on the motherboard. In this case, all system information, data and settings will be saved on the device.

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The iPhone device does not provide for a slot for installing an additional memory card. Therefore, purchasing a model with a minimum volume of 16 GB, many users subsequently face a lack of storage space for all photos and videos. To buy a new device only due to lack of memory is, at least, impractical. In this case, the most reasonable solution is to contact the specialists of the Orbita service center, who will solve your problem in a short time. As a rule, the work takes about 2 hours, so you can pick up the iPhone with the replaced flash memory on the day you call the service.

How to replace flash memory on an iPhone

An important condition for carrying out an operation to increase the iPhone memory is that the smartphone must be fully functional, all information is saved. Therefore, first of all, the data from the device is backed up via the iCloud cloud storage. After that, a complete diagnosis of the device is carried out.

The process of replacing flash memory includes the following steps:

  • The smartphone is disassembled, the old memory chip is removed. The chip is dismantled on the LY-10001 CNC machine, the use of which completely eliminates thermal damage to the motherboard.
  • A new memory chip is stitched on the software package, which receives all the system information about the motherboard of your iPhone.
  • The prepared chip is mounted in a regular place on an infrared CNC machine WDS-700.
  • The iPhone is flashed and the required iOS version is installed. After which the device is assembled and tested for operability.

Also, this procedure is carried out if an old memory chip on your smartphone is out of order.

Possible memory chip malfunctions

Like any other chip on the iPhone motherboard, the NAND-Flash memory card can fail. The main cause of breakdown is usually mechanical damage or falling of the device, water and dust getting inside the smartphone’s case, as well as careless use of the phone.

The following symptoms indicate a problem with the built-in memory:

  • the smartphone does not work correctly. it often reboots, slows down, hangs or heats up;
  • the operating system regularly issues system errors;
  • applications take a long time to load;
  • even if there is enough storage space, the device reports that there is not enough available memory to download the file;
  • data of different sections is deleted independently. contacts, files, photos, etc.

If such problems appear, it is better to immediately contact the service specialists. Otherwise, you can permanently lose all the information on your phone without the possibility of its recovery.