How to block unfamiliar numbers on Samsung

The era of voice spam

Nowadays, the function of blocking calls from unknown numbers is becoming more and more popular. every day the number of spam calls is increasing exponentially.

Among my entourage, more and more people complain that they are constantly called by some strange people (and sometimes robots) from unfamiliar numbers, distract from business, and very often also wake up in the early hours of the weekend, which cannot but annoy.

Probably, you yourself have heard more than once from your friends and even saw on the forums questions like “They call me from unknown numbers and are silent. What is it?” or “Is it worth picking up the phone if an unfamiliar number calls?”, “I receive incomprehensible calls from different numbers. When I pick up the phone, they drop it. Did someone come across? “.

All this has already become a common and familiar phenomenon in our time. Indeed, in about half of the cases, when answering a call from an unknown number, the person hears silence or the call is immediately dropped.

On my own behalf, I want to clarify. if you hear silence or music when answering such a call, then most likely they are calling you from some call center. They know that in half of the cases people simply do not pick up the phone from an unfamiliar number or drop such incomprehensible calls. Therefore, spammers start dialing several numbers at once and there may not be enough operators. Yes, these are the savages. This is how call centers of banks, telecom operators work, who call people to offer them to get a card or take part in some action.

Whether to call these subscribers spammers or not is up to you. Personally, my reasoning is simple: if a call is inappropriate and causes negative emotions in me, this is spam and I mercilessly block such calls.


If you liked the above functionality, then I advise you NOT to update your Xiaomi phone (Pocophone or Redmi) to MIUI 12, because the new version of MIUI will have another “dialer” application from Google and it lacks the ability to block calls from subscribers who are not saved in contacts.


  • Open Settings scroll to the Applications section select System applications Call settings Antispam Call blocking.
  • Activate 2 functions: Block calls from strangers and Block calls from hidden numbers:

Now only those people whose numbers are entered in Contacts will be able to reach you. The rest of the calls will be blocked.

If there are no such settings in the phone (Samsung Galaxy, bare Android)

If you have a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel / Nexus, then you don’t have the same out-of-the-box feature as Xiaomi or Huawei. Therefore, you have two options:

  • Use a third party call manager. However, here it should be remembered that high-quality applications are often paid.
  • Use do not disturb mode built into Android. In this case, the phone will be able, if not to block (drop) such calls, then at least not to give a call signal and not distract you about an incomprehensible call from an unfamiliar number.

How to block calls and SMS from unknown numbers

When we studied the issue of blocking calls and SMS from unknown subscribers, it turned out that smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. Xiaomi and Huawei are the strongest in this. They have full functionality out of the box and allow you to flexibly configure your phone to cut off unwanted calls and messages.

But the giants just let us down. For example, in smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and similar models, you cannot set “hang up” to everyone except contacts. You have to use compromise solutions or purchase call manager applications from third-party manufacturers.

Confusion in function names

And once again we want to emphasize what we wrote about at the beginning of the article: in phones with the Android operating system, there is a confusion in the names of functions. The fact is that both in the Russian interface language and when switching the smartphone to English, the names “Blocking unknown subscribers”, “Unknown numbers” or “Unknown” are misleading (which is translated into Russian in exactly the same way).

The user may think that when the function of barring calls from “Unknown” numbers is turned on, the phone will block calls from people who are not recorded in the phone and are not known to you personally. However, in reality, this option means something else. blocking calls from subscribers with a hidden number (when instead of 7 (123) 4567890 it says “Unknown”, “Number is hidden”, “Unknown” or “Private number” on the screen). There is a separate instruction about this, the link to which we gave at the very beginning of this article.

In particular, in the One UI shell on modern Samsung Galaxy phones there is an option “Block unknown subscribers”, which in fact only blocks hidden numbers. Although on many older models of smartphones from this manufacturer, even with the TouchWiz shell, it was written more correctly: “Blocking anonymous”.

Should I use TrueCaller and GetContact to determine the names of owners of unfamiliar numbers?

I would like to say briefly about the currently popular applications TrueCaller and GetContact. The latter has gained particular popularity in the CIS countries over the past few years. The essence of such services is that you can most likely find out the name (or nickname) of a person whose number is not recorded on your phone.

I will say right away: using these (and other similar applications that promise to determine the name of the caller) on your main smartphone is definitely not worth it. Why? Yes, because such applications, upon installation, request access to your contacts and “merge” your entire phone book into their database for subsequent use by all users of the application.

The more people install the application, the larger the database of names and numbers. But the bad thing is that in this database people will be signed exactly as they were recorded on someone’s phone (most often, from the first one who merged them into the database).

Therefore, installing TrueCaller or GetContact is simply unethical towards people whose numbers are stored on your phone. Even if everything is signed there solidly like “Vasily Anatolyevich children’s doctor”, “Evgeny neighbor in the garage”, perhaps these people do not want their names to be publicly available on the Internet.

If you really really want to use the Trucoller or GetContact database in order to find out who called you from an unknown number, install these applications on your old smartphone, having previously deleted all contacts from there (I advise you to register a separate Google account specifically for this, where there is no information).

Thus, when you give access to the phone book when installing the application (otherwise they will not work), there will be nothing to drain and your karma will not suffer. After that, you can “punch” unfamiliar numbers in this smartphone in order to understand who called you.


Using the example of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 running MIUI

  • Go to Settings Section Applications System applications Call settings: (Second method: launch the Phone application, go to the Calls tab, open the dialer, click on the “sandwich” icon in the lower left corner to open the menu)
  • Select Antispam (Xiaomi calls it this correct word):
  • Activate the option Enable antispam.
  • Now go to the Call Blocking subsection:
    block, unfamiliar, numbers, samsung
  • Here enable the Block Calls from Hidden Numbers feature:

Also, you can block SMS messages from all senders who are not included in your contact list. To do this, in the antispam settings, select the Block messages item, and in the SMS from strangers item, select Block:

How anonymous calls are displayed on the screens of different phones

On Android phones from different manufacturers, an anonymous call can be designated as Unknown number, Unknown, Number is Hidden, and if you translate the phone language into English, then, respectively: Private Number, Hidden, Anonymous, Withheld or Unknown number.

Due to such a variety and ambiguity of some designations, confusion sometimes arises in the user’s mind. It would be more appropriate to use the word “Anonymous” or “Hidden” rather than “Unknown”, but oh well.

Depending on the model, the iPhone screen during such a call may display Anonymous caller, Anonymous or Unknown caller, and if the interface language is English, Unknown caller or No Caller ID. Although the version of iOS is the same, but on the screen of different generations of the iPhone will be written differently.

It seems to have listed all the possible options on the most common phones. I apologize in advance that I do not know that when making calls from hidden numbers, phones from other manufacturers like LG, HTC, Fly, Alcatel and the Chinese know-how write. But you can add this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев along with the phone model, if of course you want.

How to block unknown callers on Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9, S8, Note 20, Note 10

On the example of Android 8.0.0 with the Samsung Experience 9.0 shell, but in Android 9 with OneUI, the steps are similar:

  • Launch the dialer (Phone app):
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right and select Settings:
  • Select Block numbers:
  • Activate the Block function. unknown subscribers:

Samsung Galaxy How to Block Unwanted, Spam, Scam and Unknown Callers

Ready! Hidden, private and other undefined numbers will no longer be called to you!

Huawei phones with EMUI 8 shell

To enable a similar option in Huawei, do the following:

  • Launch the Phone app.
  • At the bottom right, click on the three dots.
  • Select the Blocked item:
  • At the bottom, tap on the Blocking rules icon:
  • Go to the Call blocking rules setting:
  • Enable the Block unknown / hidden numbers option:

How to block calls from hidden numbers in bare Android (Google Pixel, Nexus)

Android 10 has finally added the feature to block non-identifiable numbers in the Phone app from Google. To activate it, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Phone app.
  • Click the menu (three dots in the upper right) and select Settings.
  • Go to the Blocked numbers section:
  • And enable the Unknown numbers feature (Block calls from unidentified numbers):

How to block calls from unknown (hidden) numbers

Android smartphones have a very convenient function. barring calls from hidden numbers. As far as I can see, few of the users know about its existence.

Therefore, today we will talk about this in detail and you will learn how to block calls from anonymous subscribers. Please note, if you want to block calls from unknown numbers (which are not hidden, but simply not recorded in your phone contacts), read another article.

If you don’t want to read the explanations, you can quickly jump to the instructions you need using the links below.

Budget Samsung Galaxy on the example of J3 2016

If you have a budget Samsung smartphone on Android 5, then in the dialer you need to look for the Block list section and in it. the Block toggle switch. anonymous calls. The name is slightly different, but the essence is the same:


On Xiaomi devices, a user who wants to block must perform the following operations:

  • The settings and the Applications section immediately open;
  • A transition to the System software tab is made;
  • Go to Call Settings;
  • Anti-spam regulation is in progress;
  • Selected calls are blocked.

After completing these operations, you need to activate the blocking from hidden numbers.

How to block a hidden number on your phone?

The user of devices running on Androd can protect himself from unnecessary conversations and communication with uninteresting people. These persons or company representatives become hidden thanks to the AntiAON service.

The person being dialed sees an Unknown or Anonymous call on the screen. Seeing this on the display, you can lock. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Through the built-in blacklist;
  • By downloading and installing additional software;
  • Through certain tricks on the phone where the list cannot be accessed.

A common option is considered to be an action through the settings or a separate entry into the block of each phone.


On this smartphone, the blocking actions are no less easy and understandable. The user should perform the following manipulations:

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • You need to go to the settings and immediately open the Sounds and notifications line.
  • The mode is set. Only important SMS.
  • Indicate contacts suitable for this category.

You can go with a different scheme. The Sounds section opens, and then you should switch to the Do not disturb mode. There are special functions for distributing contacts. To activate it, you need to go to the settings.

In this case, you can operate through the standard bq settings menu, as well as through a third-party application, for example, Calls Blacklist. The sequence of actions here is as follows:

  • The utility is downloaded and installed.
  • The necessary permissions are affixed and clicked Continue.
  • It is worth allowing the Black List to access the entered numbers.

The rights to make and manage telephone calls are acquired. The application can replace the dialer, with which you can manage SMS and calls.

How to block calls from hidden numbers on Android: all the ways

How to block a hidden number on your phone is a question that allows you to save yourself from calls that come from hidden numbers. Everyone understands that mobile data is used to hide companies, advertising offers or fraudsters. Therefore, there is no desire to talk and be distracted by the challenge. The article describes the options for entering into the block. The main methods and benefits that open after the operation are listed are.


These phones are among the most popular. The devices already have special built-in options that facilitate the locking process. The scheme of action looks like this:

  • The call log opens, for which you need to click on the phone icon;
  • A button with three dots is selected in the menu and here you should go to the Blocked column;
  • Next, you go to the Block Rules page.

In this tab, you can activate the block of unfamiliar mobile phones. Calls will be dropped. Thanks to this, calls will not be distracting, and the line will also be free.


The option of barring calls from hidden mobiles to Samsung is similar to the operation of adding a subscriber to the blacklist. When deciding how to block calls from hidden numbers on Android, the following actions are performed:

  • The dialer starts, that is, the Phone application.
  • The icon with three dots is pressed.
  • Selected in the settings section Blocking.
  • The function Block unknowns is activated.

After performing these operations, strangers will no longer be able to dial.

Summing up

Owners of Samsung smartphones, as well as Honor, Huawei can protect themselves from unnecessary calls from hidden numbers and from notifications. To achieve this result, it is enough to follow the recommendations and instructions presented in the article. If you don’t want to waste time on making the necessary settings, you can always download special functional Android applications.

For Huawei (Honor)

One of the most popular devices on our market (so I’ll start the article with them). Their software already has built-in functions for solving such a task (which is good news).

  • first you need to open the call log (just click on the “tube” icon);
  • then select the icon with “three dots” in the top menu and go to the “Blocked” menu;
  • then go to the section “Call blocking rules”.

In this section, you can enable blocking of all unknown and hidden numbers. After that, all calls from numbers that are not in your phone book will be dropped (they will receive a line busy signal).

Thus, these calls will not distract you, and no one will occupy the line.

For Xiaomi

Another very famous Chinese brand. Their software also has a similar option, however, it is set somewhat differently:

  • first you need to open “Settings” and open the “Applications” section;
  • then go to the subsection “System applications / Call settings / Antispam settings / Call blocking”. See screenshot below;
  • then activate the block from unknown and hidden numbers (example below).

Block calls from strangers (Xiaomi)

There is an alternative option

  • The main menu has a Settings tab;
  • From this tab, go to the “Lock” window and put the checkboxes over the required commands;
  • Let’s touch on the paid version of the software, which makes it possible to protect the settings with a password. This method will not hurt when another user uses the smartphone besides you.

If you use your phone quite actively, then this method suits you better than others, because, despite the background processes, call and SMS barring, it functions more efficiently than its competitors. At the same time, do not forget that these opportunities are given free of charge.

Hidden Caller Blocker on Android

There are several ways how to block hidden number on Samsung phone. The function is available on most modern models, in addition, smartphone owners can download applications that allow them to manage incoming calls and block unwanted calls.

The standard method involves changing the settings in the phone itself without downloading any additional programs:

  • We go to the “Phone” menu.
  • On the page with the last calls, open the properties through the “three dots” icon.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • We tap on “Blocking numbers”.
  • If you know the caller, enter the numbers with the operator code in the designated field. Otherwise, activate the switch “Block unknown numbers“.

Also, free applications are available for users, which can be easily downloaded from the Playmarket. One of the popular programs is Calls Blacklist, which blocks both hidden calls and calls from unknown subscribers. The only drawback of the application is that it starts automatically and constantly runs in the background, which will negatively affect the speed of the device and the rate of battery consumption.

After downloading, open the application and configure the available functionality to fit your needs:

  • In the top panel, switch to the “Black List”.
  • Activate the sliders “Calls” and “SMS”.
  • We tap on the arrow next to “Calls” and put a tick next to the item “Hidden numbers“.
  • We do the same with the “SMS” section.

If you do not want to receive calls from all sorts of banks with annoying applications and various offices that collect statistics, in the settings we put a tick next to the item “Unknown numbers”. Now, if a person is not in the contact list of the smartphone, he will hear long beeps, and the smartphone will not bother you with anything. The only downside is that if a loved one tries to call you from someone else’s phone, he will also be ignored, so decide for yourself whether you really need a complete lock on Android.

How to block unknown numbers on your phone

Good afternoon friends. How to block unknown number on Android? Every Android phone has a caller ID chip that shows information about the incoming call. But it happens that some of the numbers are not identified for various reasons, and this call turns out to be unknown.

Perhaps the owner of this number made it so that the subscriber could not add it to the “Black List of Numbers”. In this article, we will consider several options for how to block such a call.

How to block correctly?

This method is preferable to many, because, with its help, you can block the necessary numbers without using third-party programs that will function in the background on your system. The disadvantage of this method to block a hidden number is that in some firmware this function is absent.

Conclusion:. I told you how to block an unknown number on Android using the Calls Blacklist program and the system method. It is better to use this particular program, because it blocks unknown numbers completely, and not just incoming calls. Also, on Google Play, find a decent number of similar programs. It is recommended to use the standard method if you cannot install the specified software. Success!

How To Block Unknown Numbers In Samsung (Android 10)

Good day!

Recently, it’s just some kind of epidemic of voice spam: they constantly call with a proposal to take a credit card, connect to another Internet provider, some polls, and sometimes just silence in the phone.

Honestly, it’s a mystery to me why it is still not forbidden to do this (at least to all large companies), or such dealers are not blocked at the operator level. Although, “If the stars are lit, then somebody needs it.”.

In general, one of the solutions to this problem can be setting up the phone in a special. mode: it will drop all calls from unknown numbers. that is, those that are not in your address book (that are not entered in contacts).

All the necessary settings can be set quite quickly: everything will take about 2-3 minutes to complete. Actually, in this post I will give several ways how you can do this.

Standard Means Method

As mentioned before, there are factory settings for blocking calls with hidden numbers on Android gadgets. Unfortunately, these options are not available all the time. You can find out and make the blocking function active in approximately the same way as in the methods that we discussed above. You need to enter the “Settings” of the main menu of the “Phone” tab, or apply the standard settings.

A few words about Do Not Disturb mode

Despite the fact that almost all modern versions of Android have a Do Not Disturb function. I can’t help but mention one of its differences from the blocking function.

So, when you activate “Do not disturb”, the subscriber calling you will hear long beeps, and your phone will be “silent”. Of course, the telephone line will be busy at the same time (no one else can call you at this time).

When blocking, the subscriber calling you will immediately hear short beeps. On the one hand, this is even better: your line will not be busy with all kinds of spam, and someone else will be able to get through, on the other hand, the caller can quickly guess that he is blacklisted.

It is difficult to say which option and when will be better. It all depends on who you are blocking:

  • if this is a person you know, then, probably, the “Do not disturb” mode will be preferable in most cases (so he will not immediately understand that he is blacklisted.);
  • if it is outright “spam”, then it is better to completely block (so as not to occupy the line).

How to block hidden number on Samsung if you are tired of calls from an unknown subscriber? It is quite simple to do this, and in the material we will additionally consider ways of how to become invisible yourself.