How to Block Phone Number on Honor

How to block at the operator

Consider blocking subscribers using the example of the main popular operators: MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and Megafon. The easiest way to block incoming calls is via USSD command or SMS to a short number.

Let’s start with the MTS operator.

Cellular operators have special commands that must be entered directly into the calling app. Each of them performs a specific action associated with services or assistance to the subscriber. Often the same combination is used when sending an SMS message to an operator:

  • Enter the combination 111442 # in the call menu. Press the call key.
  • Wait for a reply message with a connection notification.

You can also activate the “Blacklist” service by SMS with the text 4421 to the short number 111.

The subscriber is brought into the emergency situation using SMS with the text 227XXXXXXXXXX # to 4424.

You can block a number of one of two types:

  • Busy status. The person who calls from a certain number will hear short beeps in the receiver. To do this, use the command 44221number #;
  • The “Subscriber’s device is off” status. The caller will receive a voice notification that your mobile phone is disconnected or out of range. To connect, send USSD request 44222 # and press the call key.

We figured out how to block a number. Now we will remove the subscriber from the emergency by the following methods:

  • USSD request 442247ХХХХХХХХХХ # and call button;
  • Message 227XXXXXXXXXX # on 4424.

Standard Android functionality

The operating system developers have provided for the possibility of blacklisting other people’s numbers using standard functionality. This feature is available from Android version 6 and newer. Call blocking is very simple (some menu names and interface may change depending on the OS shell on your device):

  • Open the settings window.
  • Go to “System Applications”.
  • Then go to the “Calls” section.
  • Select “Blacklist numbers”.
  • On the screen that opens, click on the “Add” button.
  • From the menu select either “Enter number manually” or “Select contact”.
  • Next, enter the required number that you want to block (1), mark the blocking type (2) and press OK (3).

You can add contacts or new numbers to the black list. In order not to call, but messages come, just check the corresponding box before blocking. To remove a contact from the emergency, hold it with your finger and click on the “Delete” button.

Now the blocking of calls and SMS from this subscriber will be removed.

Let’s consider an example of blocking numbers on Samsung with TouchWiz. TouchWiz is a unique OS skin from Samsung that powers the company’s smartphones. In it, the procedure for adding to an emergency situation is somewhat different. Go to the call log and find the required number. Then click on it. Open the menu with the system key and select “Add to blacklist”.

Removing a subscriber from the black list is carried out through the call settings menu.

Of course, it is impossible to cover all devices and shells. we just showed the most common examples of blocking on Samsung, MIUI shell, etc. If these methods do not work for you, then use the annoying call blocker through the functionality of your mobile operator.

How to block a number on Android

Every mobile phone user has encountered unwanted calls. It is very easy to solve this problem by blocking numbers from which annoying calls appear. You can blacklist the phones of advertisers, spammers, and so on. You can also get rid of annoying acquaintances. All this can be done using the blacklist function on phones with the Android operating system. In this article, you will learn how to block a number on Android in all sorts of ways.

“Black list”

With the help of this software you can make settings for calls and SMS messages from unwanted people. The program is analogous to the foreign Mr. Number-Block calls Spam, which cannot be downloaded from the Russian Play Market.

  • Then go to the page with the description of the application and click the “Install” button. Wait for the program to finish downloading to your phone.
  • Now let’s figure out how to add a number to the black list through this software. First, allow access to calls and messages on your phone.

Then follow the instructions:

  • Click on the icon.
  • Select the type of contact you want to add.
  • Click the checkmark to confirm.
  • Now the number will be displayed in the list of all banned subscribers. You can customize the list by hidden, unknown or all contacts.
  • To remove a position from an emergency, you need to hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds, then select the “Delete” item.

Through the “Blacklist” application for Android, you can also block incoming SMS from certain subscribers.

Go to the side menu and select “White List”. It can include those whose incoming calls and messages will never be blocked by your phone. The application procedure is exactly the same as in the case of an emergency.

Tele 2

Holders of Tele2 SIM cards can activate the service via request 2201 #.

Disconnection of the service is carried out through a 2200 # request and a call button.

To check the current status of the option (connected or disconnected), just dial 220 #.

Service activation on Tele2 is free, but the subscription fee is 1 ruble per day. When you add a subscriber to an emergency situation, you will be charged a fee of 1.5 rubles per position (the maximum number is 30). To add a number to the blacklist, dial USSD command 22018ХХХХХХХХХХ # and press the call key.

To remove a contact from the list of emergency situations on the Tele2 SIM card, you must use the command 22008XXXXXXXXXX #.


The block of contacts on Android with a Beeline SIM card is carried out by the same methods. SMS and USSD. First of all, we connect the service using the 110771 # command. Activation will take place within 24 hours from the moment the application is sent.

How to Block Phone Number on Honor

The cost of connecting the service with Beeline is zero. However, adding contacts is paid by the piece. 3 rubles per subscriber. The option is disabled by command 110770 #.

To make yourself unavailable for a specific number, use the request 110771block_number #.

To remove subscribers from emergency situations dial 110772 #.

How to find a blacklist for a Beeline subscriber? To do this, enter the combination 110773 #. Viewing the entire list is free. Maximum simultaneous number of contacts in emergency situations. 40.

App lock

Call Blocker

  • Run the program.
  • Go to the “Blacklist” tab.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the Add button.
  • Choose to add from the call log, contacts or enter the combination yourself.
  • To remove a position from an emergency, click the checkmark (1), and then the “Delete” button (2).

Now you know how to completely block all incoming calls and messages from unwanted people. Keep this manual and use one of the methods if necessary.

Blocking options

You can blacklist contacts in the following ways:

  • standard Android tools;
  • using the service of your mobile operator;
  • through special applications.

Number blocking apps

If you have any problems with the previous solutions to the problem, then you can resort to using third-party applications to block numbers. There are a lot of similar applications now, but we will only consider one. The application with the uncomplicated name “Black List” is very popular among Android phone users. You can download it through PlayMarket absolutely free.

After installing and issuing all the necessary rights to the application, you can immediately start blocking. This process is simplified as much as possible here, but still we will analyze it together.

  • On the top panel, select the “Blacklist” tab.
  • Click on the plus button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Choose how you want to add the number.
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After that, all that remains is to select a number from the list or enter it manually (whichever you have chosen) and confirm by clicking on the “bird”. With this application, you can even block an unknown number.

If you want to remove a number from the black list, just long press on it, and then in the window that appears, click “Remove”.

Is it possible to block a phone number so as not to call

Many people who are faced with unwanted calls, a logical question arises, is it possible to block someone at all through the phone? Of course, there is more than one way to block calls from a certain number.

Another question is how effective such blocking will be. If you are worried about some telephone prankster or annoying buddy, then blocking will do the trick. If we are talking, for example, about an advertising agency or a call center, then everything can be a little more complicated here, since companies have a whole staff of employees, each of which may have its own unique number. It is clear that in such a situation you will have to block each of them separately, but sooner or later you will block all their operators, and the calls will stop.

We should also talk about such a popular topic as calls from collectors. In pursuit of money, people are rarely stopped by things like blocking numbers. If suddenly you are faced with the problem of illegal extortion of money through the phone, then the best thing you can do is to immediately contact the appropriate authorities. In the end, if these people have your personal number, then it is most likely not a problem for them to find out your address.

How to block calls from unknown numbers

If you know how to block a phone number from calling, it is quite easy to understand how to block a phone number. It is much more difficult to figure out how to block a hidden number on Android. But it is still possible. Unfortunately, without the help of third-party software, you will have to block all calls from hidden numbers. If this suits you, then you can do it like this:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the section “Call settings”.
  • Inside it, find the subsection “Call rejection” and go to it.
  • Next, check the item “Reject from the list” and go to the “Black list”.
  • Here check the boxes next to “Unknown” and “Private numbers”.
  • Save your changes.

After that, all calls to your phone from hidden numbers will be rejected.

How to ban a number using phone settings

Every Android phone has its own blacklist. To add a new number there, you need to do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • There find the “System Applications” section and go to it.
  • Then go to the subsection “Calls”.
  • Find and select “Blacklist numbers”.
  • After that, you will be taken to a page with a list of all blocked numbers; to add someone new to it, click on the “Add” button below.
  • After that, you will be asked to choose the method of adding, you can enter the number manually or select from the list of contacts (for this, it must be added to your contacts).
  • Here you can also set what exactly needs to be blocked from this number, messages, calls, or both.
  • Upon completion, you will need to click the “OK” button in the upper right corner.

After that, the number will appear in the list that we saw earlier, and all calls from it will be blocked.

If you want to cancel the blocking, you can do it at any time. To do this, you need to go to the black list, following the instructions written above, find the desired number in the list of blocked ones, select it and click on the “Delete” button below. After that, the number will be immediately unblocked.


The service of adding to the blacklist and Beeline is also paid, but unlike MTS, here the fee is charged not by day, but by the number of blocked numbers (three rubles per number). To block a contact in a phone connected to Beeline, do the following:

  • First of all, we connect the service by sending a USSD request “110771 #”.
  • After that, you will have to wait until the service is connected, it takes no more than a day, you will be notified of the connection via SMS.
  • When the service is activated, to block the number, you will need to send a USSD request “110771 (number) #”.

After that the subscriber will be blocked. If you want to unblock the number, then send USSD-request “110772 #”. Also you can see your blacklist by sending “110773 #”.

How to block a phone number so that they don’t call: all the ways

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to block people calling your mobile phone. You can do this using apps, through settings, over the Internet, or even contact your cellular operator for help. Each of them has its own advantages and is suitable for certain situations. Therefore, let’s take a look at each of them separately below, but for now I suggest watching a video on how to block incoming calls from unwanted numbers:


The last popular mobile operator Megafon. The “Black List” service here costs one ruble per day, regardless of the number of blocked numbers. It can be connected in two ways: via USSD-request “130 #” or by sending an empty message to “5130”.

To block a contact you just need to send his number via SMS to “5130”. You can also add to the black list via USSD request “130 (number) #”.

If you want to see the list of blocked numbers, send a request “1303 #”.

Tele 2

Let’s consider Tele2 next. When you activate the blacklist, the operator will deduct one ruble per day from your account. In addition, a fee of one and a half rubles will be charged for each number added to it.

To activate the service send USSD-request “2201 #”, and to deactivate “2200 #”. Do not forget that it takes some time to activate the service. If you want to check whether the service is currently connected to you, send a request “220 #”.

Numbers are blocked using the USSD request “2201 (blocked number) #”. The request “2200 (blocked number) #” will help to remove a number from the black list.

How to block a phone number from calling

Today we’ll talk about how to block a phone number so that unwanted subscribers don’t call or write SMS. we’ll look at the most effective ways. Surely every person in his life had to communicate on the phone with people whom he really wanted to block. Many did not do this due to the fact that they were simply ashamed and did not want to offend the caller.

But no matter who it is, a spammer, advertiser, prankster or annoying acquaintance, one way or another, if this person annoys you with his calls, then you have every right to stop communicating with him. However, if someone does not block people out of embarrassment, then someone else does not know how to block a phone number so that they do not call and write SMS. This article was written to help you fix this problem, so read on and learn how to block incoming calls and unwanted SMS messages.

Preparatory stage: setting up Calls Blacklist

Give Calls Blacklist the necessary permissions in Android OS by clicking on “Continue”.

You need to allow the Blacklist application to access contacts, make and manage phone calls, send and view SMS messages.

Calls Blacklist replaces the standard Android Dialer to further manage incoming calls and SMS messages. Confirm the action by clicking on the “Yes” button.

How to block an unknown number using the Calls Blacklist app. How to block hidden and unknown numbers via Calls Blacklist app

Not everyone likes to receive anonymous calls. Most often they call from unknown numbers in order to advertise a product, to sell something. The anonymous numbers also hide the people you least want to hear.

Fortunately, there are many methods and programs out there that will save you from unwanted calls once and for all. In this tutorial, we will show you how to reset anonymous calls and unknown numbers in Android OS.

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We need a small Calls Blacklist application. It is designed to block hidden numbers, add contacts to the black list. The list of supported devices is very wide: Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei and other smartphones / tablets.

The full version of the program (Calls Blacklist PRO) costs 1.99 All its functions can be tested for free before purchasing. Basic Calls Blacklist is free to use.

If you don’t have time to read the text, watch the video instructions on how to use the application:

Through the main settings

  • The next step is to set the correct blocking options. Open Calls Blacklist, select the “Settings” section in the side panel.
  • We are interested in the “Blocking” section. The Calls slider should be shifted to the right (this means that the call blacklist is working).
  • Set the checkboxes opposite the options “Hidden numbers” and “Unknown numbers”.
  • If you need to block messages from hidden numbers, activate the SMS option.
  • Also move the “Unknown numbers” slider to the right.

Via quick settings panel

You can also activate blocking of anonymous calls through the “Blacklist” slide-out panel, which is available on the main screen of the application. Here you will find the same options as in the main settings.

  • Move the “Calls” slider to the right (thereby activating the black list)
  • We activate the options “Hidden numbers” and “Unknown numbers”.
  • Move the SMS slider.
  • We activate the option “Unknown numbers”.

That’s all! As long as the Calls Blacklist application is running, you will not be disturbed by anonymous users: hidden numbers will simply not reach you. You will hear short beeps on the caller’s side, and your phone’s notification bar will show missed calls. those that were blocked in Calls Blacklist. The same applies to SMS messages: they, in fact, will reach you (the recipient), but you will not see them.

By the way, if you need to change the blocking rules, you can easily do it through the Calls Blacklist main menu by clicking on the plus sign. Here you can prohibit calls by template, from the contact list, enable the “White List” mode, etc.

Losing your phone

Let’s briefly repeat the sequence, which is better to adhere to when a smartphone is lost:

  • Check if it was left somewhere in the apartment, in a bag or with friends. If possible, make a call to him;
  • If the call is not heard anywhere and no one picked up the phone, then you should remember all the places where you could leave your mobile;
  • Try to track it down with locating features and block it if enabled. If the location is successful, go and pick it up. How you can block a lost phone, we will tell you later in the material;
  • If there is no connection to the search service, we recommend that you go through all possible places of loss, making calls along the way;
  • If none of this helped to find the loss, you should contact the law enforcement agencies and report the loss.

Blocking Android smartphones

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to lock an Android phone if it is stolen. The procedure is similar to smartphones from Apple, but first you need to install a separate application on the gadget via Google Market:

After that, a window with all connected devices and a map will appear in the application. We select the required device, after which its location will be automatically displayed on the map along with data on the last activity.

Among other things, the IMEI code, model and date of the last appearance on the network are displayed here. The following functions are available: “ringing”, blocking and deleting all data from the phone. When resetting to factory settings, the thief still has access to the smartphone’s functionality, but all information will be deleted.

How to block a smartphone if it was lost or stolen?

Depending on the device model, the method of blocking and the algorithm of action may be completely different. On Android, this feature is only available if enabled first. Apple has implemented deep blocking. When linked to iCloud, even a factory reset iPhone will still be locked. Next, let’s take a closer look at how to block a mobile phone through a Google account, restrict access to an iPhone and protect Windows Phone.

When is blocking required??

The average person has a huge amount of information stored in their smartphone. Therefore, more often the phone has a password, a fingerprint scanner or other means of protection. It helps to protect personal photos, social media accounts and even bank accounts from intruders or unwanted individuals.

This is enough to protect yourself from possible troubles. But even this kind of protection is neglected by many. Therefore, if you lose it, you need to lock your smartphone as soon as possible. Not all people can act in good faith with the found device. Because of this, a person can lose money from bank accounts and not only.

Find a lost device by IMEI

IMEI is a unique serial number for a mobile phone. It contains hidden information available only to mobile operators. This method is used by the police when tracking stolen equipment. This is the most reliable method to get your lost device back. It is important that a person has at least some documentation on a smartphone, confirming that he is the owner.

Law enforcement agencies issue a request to mobile operators. They include tracking IMEI numbers. If the phone is connected to the network, then it will “light up” with the display of the location. It will work even if it has been reset to factory settings.

What to do in case of theft or loss?

The main thing is to notice the loss of a smartphone in time and try to restore the chain of events. This will help you understand at what point the loss occurred. You should not start to panic and immediately write a statement to the police, you should try to call your number or just look around you. If the phone is lost in a crowded place, then most likely it will be found. Further, it all depends on the circumstances or the good faith of the finder. It is worth making an appointment with the respondent or the place of return.


The first versions of the operating system could not please with the built-in ability to track the phone. Therefore, depending on the manufacturer, their own services were introduced, for example, from Samsung or LG. In the latest Android revisions, Google has added tracking in the form of the “Find My Device” app.

In it, the user logs in with his Gmail account and gives permission to enable the function. Now, in case of loss, the device can be easily tracked down by doing a small sequence of actions:

  • Go to the Google website and log in with your account;
  • Select your avatar in the upper right corner. In the context menu that opens, click on “Google Account”;
  • A page with profile settings will open. Go to the “Security” section;
  • Scroll down to the “Your devices” section. Click on “Find a lost or stolen phone”;
  • A panel with connected devices will open, among which we select the desired.

After that, a map will appear with the last location of the phone when connected to GPS or the Internet.

How to lock your phone?

Gradually, the mobile phone has evolved from a common means of communication into a multifunctional device with many functions. Therefore, its loss is extremely unpleasant for many factors. In the material we will tell you how to block the phone if it is lost and ways to track the theft.

Locating a Lost Smartphone

Another problem is if the phone is in silent mode or the person has no idea where he could have left it. The latest versions of devices based on the Android and iOS operating systems are equipped with built-in tracking functionality using geolocation. The function must be enabled in advance and the launch methods differ depending on the brand of the device.

The iPhone operates on a complex and closed system, but this is one of its main advantages. Your phone needs to be connected to Find My iPhone. The program is preinstalled, but you need to give permission to connect to iCloud using the settings:

  • Open the main screen and enter the “Settings” menu. Click on your name and click on the iCloud item;
  • Scroll to the end of the list, activate the “Find iPhone” slider and data on the last location.
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After activating the function, the user will have the opportunity to track his device. To do this, you need to go to the website and log in with your Apple ID. In addition to finding a lost gadget, the service allows you to perform some actions:

  • Play sound through speakers on a connected iPhone;
  • Enable Loss Mode. This will lock the device and start tracking on the ground;
  • Erase all personal information;
  • Full blocking.

Such functionality will allow you to quickly find and track your lost iPhone. The main thing is that it is turned on and has access to the Internet.

How to block a phone number on a smartphone?

Keeping in touch with family and friends just got easier and faster with our Android smartphones. However, not all people who can connect with us via a mobile phone are loved and welcome; some spammers, annoying strangers, telemarketers, and other unwanted callers require proactive action. You don’t have to waste your time on them. You can block them!

In this guide, you will learn how to block phone numbers using your Android smartphone.

Built-in call blocking features

Most Android phones have built-in number blocking features. Unfortunately, the blocking process remains varied as manufacturers build functionality into their APIs.

That is why this procedure may be unique for your smartphone, it all depends on the device. Needless to say, we cannot go into details about each step for blocking a call on each phone, but we can show you how it is done with the most popular devices.

Got a vanilla Android phone like the new Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X? You will be glad to know that blocking a phone number is very easy! There are two ways to do this. The easiest one is to open the Phone app and access the section that contains the latest calls. A long press on any of them will bring up a context menu in which you need to select “Block number”.

The second way is to open the “Phone” application and click on the ellipsis icon, select “Settings” in the upper right corner of the menu. In the menu, just click the “Block calls” button and dial the number you want to block.

Some operators make it easier!
Want to get rid of annoying contacts? Number blocking works, but what if you change phones often? You might want to make the blocking a little more systemic. Some operators allow you to block certain numbers at the service level. Many Russian operators do this.

There are some limitations, however. One operator can only admit five blocked numbers. Another, for example, introduces hardware restrictions. You need to call your operator and clarify the situation.

Call blocking on Samsung phones

Many of you probably use Samsung phones. It’s the biggest Android smartphone maker, after all. Trying to get rid of annoying callers? Let’s figure out how to block calls.

Open the Phone app.
2. Select the number you want to block and click the “Details” button (located in the upper right corner).
3. Select “Add to Auto-Reject List”.
4. To remove a number from the list or make other changes, go to Settings. Call settings. All calls. Auto-reject.

Call blocking on LG phones

The locking process is very similar to LG phones, but there are minor differences. Here’s how to block a phone number on LG:
1. Open the Phone app.
2. Click the ellipsis symbol (top right corner).
3. Select “Call settings”.
4. Select “Reject Calls”.
5. Click on the “” button and enter the number you want to block.

Call blocking on HTC phones

Open the Phone app.
2. Press and hold the phone number.
3. Select “Block” from the context menu.
4. Click “OK”.
5. You can remove numbers from the blocked list using the application.

Third party apps to block phone calls
If your Android phone doesn’t have a built-in call blocking feature, or for some other reason, you can choose from a variety of third-party phone call blocking apps in the Google Play Store. Especially noteworthy are Mr. Number, Call Blocker and Calls Blacklist.

Mr. Number is a free, ad-free Android application that allows you to block unwanted calls and messages on your mobile phone. This application protects your phone from spam, blocks selected contacts and can make your phone inaccessible in another part of the world.

Mr. Number also has a remote search function that allows you to find information about an unknown caller. The first 20 searches are free, while you will pay around 1 for the next 20 searches. This app also has Caller IDs that supply additional information about the callers.

Here’s a general guide on how to use Mr. Number:
1. Download, install and run Mr. Number. Click the “OK” button to continue.
2. Check your country settings. Select the country with the code, enter your phone number. Click on the Ok button to continue.
3. To start blocking contacts, tap “No” or the barring symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to access the list of blocked numbers.

The block list contains three tabs: Reset, Voicemail and Exceptions.

When a contact in the Drop section tries to call you, the phone will automatically drop the call. Contacts directed to voicemail will be redirected to your voicemail box. You can add a number to the first two sections (Reset / Mail) in different ways:

Suspected spam
All private / blocked numbers
Select one of the recent calls or messages
Enter number
Select from contact list
All numbers are out of contact
All numbers starting with.
All numbers in contacts
All numbers

The Exceptions tab lists contacts that will not be blocked or redirected. So if you want to keep in touch with family and friends, protecting yourself from spammers and unknown numbers, enter your family numbers and contact numbers of friends in the “Exceptions” tab.

You can also block contacts right from the main screen of the app. On the Recent tab, which displays the history of received calls and messages, press the Menu button next to each log entry and select Block Number. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to block the contact or redirect all of his calls to your voicemail. You can also mark it as spam and add a comment about why the contact was blocked. A notification will appear every time the application intercepts a blocked contact. The history of blocked contacts will be displayed in the “History” tab on the main screen of the application.

Call blocker

Another handy phone blocking app you could try for free, but not ad-free. If you subscribe, you can get rid of ads and get premium features, including Private Space, which securely stores private SMS messages and restricts access to the call log.

Here’s a general guide on how to use Call Blocker:
Download, install and run the Call Blocker app. Click “Agree” to continue.
In the main menu of the application, click the “Blocked Calls” button.
Click the “Add” button (icon of a sheet of paper with an X sign).
The “Black List” and “White List” tabs will be displayed on the screen. Click “Add” to add the contact number. You can add contact number using call log or SMS log, you can also enter the number. Contacts listed on the “Black List” tab will be blocked, while contacts in the “White List” section will be available.

Calls Blacklist

And last but not least, the free, regularly updated Calls Blacklist is a very simple application for keeping a list of contacts that shouldn’t be able to reach your phone. The ad-free premium version is also available for about 3.

To block calls using Calls Blacklist, simply launch the application and add the contact number to the Blacklist tab. You can add a number using your contacts list, call log or message log, or add a number manually. That’s all! Blacklisted contacts will not be able to reach your phone.

Are you suffering from the abuse of unwanted or useless calls? How do you filter contacts? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!