How to Block Access to the Site on the Phone

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How to Block Access to the Site on the Phone

How to block access to the site on your home computer or smartphone in order to protect yourself from negative content? There are several ways to perform this operation. Our article tells about the most popular of them.

How to block access to a site on a computer

Often you can encounter such a situation when you can not open the VK or Classmates. This usually happens due to changes in the special hosts system file made by the virus. But such a process to ban certain sites can be performed manually. Usually you will need to do the following:

  • on behalf of the administrator, we activate the notebook using Search in the 10th version of Windows via the taskbar. Similar actions with selecting a launch line are performed for Windows 7. The desired program will be found after typing Notepad in the 8th version of Windows and work will begin by clicking on the launch point as administrator;
  • open the “File” section in the menu and in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc open the existing one without the hosts extension;
  • one example of the contents of this file is as follows;
  • Indication of the address and the alphanumeric name of the site without initial http is done for additional lines with the sites entered for blocking. After saving hosts, it will be impossible to open the site. You can replace the above IP address of another resource with a mandatory space between it and the letter URL;
  • After saving this file, do not forget to restart the PC.

This method has a certain minus. A user familiar with this method can bypass the lock, and the technology itself is valid only for Windows.

Windows Firewall Access Restriction

In the presence of this firewall, blocking is done according to the current IP address for a given period of time. The procedure looks like this:

  • click on Enter after entering the address on the command line, and get the exact coordinates of the resource with which the packet is exchanged;
  • activate the firewall, provided it works with maximum security;
  • then in the line for working with the rules of the outgoing connection, select “Create”;
  • the next step in the picture below;
  • in the window that opens, we find “All programs”;
  • do not touch the default settings in “Protocols and ports”;
  • in the section of remote addresses for which the rule applies, specify the required IP;
  • click on “Block” in the new window “Actions”;

At the end, all points of the profile are marked and an arbitrary name is entered.

Google chrome

In the settings after the extension, a number of options are available:

  1. Deny access when entering the address of the resource.
  2. Blocking on specific days and times of the day.
  3. Restriction if the name contains individual words.
  4. If you try to change the installation settings, you must enter a password.
  5. Lock in incognito mode.

An important nuance. all of these functions are provided for free.

Application Yandex. DNS

The ban on the child opening unwanted content and resources dangerous by the presence of viruses is available using this service.

The setup process will not be difficult for any user:

  1. We will open
  2. Without closing the browser, we select the desired mode.
  3. Enter ncpa.cpl after pressing WinR followed by Enter.
  4. The choice of “Properties” when you right-click on a working network connection.
  5. We select IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4) in the network protocol window and activate the item with properties again.
  6. We fill in the Yandex.DNS data in the input fields of the DNS server address.

Other options include the OpenDNS service and content filtering functions in some programs and antiviruses.

How to block access to the site on the phone

Most often, the following methods are applied in practice.

BlockSite App

Without resorting to rooting the device, we gradually perform the following operations:

  • downloading the application to a smartphone;
  • launch with permission to the service to access the correct operation;
  • click on “” on the icon located in the lower right corner;
  • To activate the blocking of the site, enter its URL in the “Website” on the monitor.

The check is done by a test entrance to the resource that we blocked.

Editing the Hosts File

How to block access to a specific site in this way? It will take a few simple steps:

  1. First you need to open any version of File Explorer.
  2. Click on the “3 Horizontal Bar” menu icon. Click on “Device” in the “Local” menu. and click on “etc”.
  3. Before finding “hosts” by scrolling down, and by clicking on the file, select “ES Note Editor” in “Text”.
  4. We supplement the “Pencil” editor with a line of such content. “”.

Applying Gadget Settings

A fairly common technique is the capabilities of the functions built into your device. The process is as follows:

  • for all smartphones we make a choice of restrictions after sequentially entering the “Settings” and “Basic” items;
  • setting a PIN code designed to ensure data security with existing access restrictions after clicking on the enable restrictions icon;
  • at the bottom of the menu in the list of options, select “Web sites”;
  • it now remains to determine the inappropriate content and add the URL of a specific resource in the “Never allow” line.
  • For all subsequent operations with new sites, it will be enough to add them to this section.

You can block all unwanted websites in this way using iOS, using the automatic function if desired.

For each individual case, the user can find in our article the most suitable option for him.

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