How to Block a Subscriber On Sony Xperia

How to Block a Subscriber On Sony Xperia

Sometimes you are very annoyingly called or sent by a subscriber whom you don’t want to hear, or it’s just spam and similar unwanted contacts. In order to prevent this, it is enough to block them in order to get rid of this problem once and for all. But not everyone knows how to add a contact to the black list on Sony Xperia and this instruction will help you figure it out. Actually, there is only one way to block using standard methods. send all calls from the subscriber to voicemail. While the contact wants to call you, he will hear the beeps, as if your number is busy.

Of course, this method has its drawbacks: you won’t see that they tried to call you (although for someone this is not a minus at all), there is no way to block messages from the contact and yes, this method only works for phone book subscribers. Below you can see screenshots of how to add a number to the black list in Sony Xperia by forwarding to voicemail. To do this, open the call list or phone book, select the desired subscriber, press the contact edit button, and in the options check the box next to the desired item.

Third-party applications provide more opportunities to block unwanted calls and SMS, which is sufficient in PlayMarket. I tested the most popular ones.

A very simple program that copes with its tasks. In it you can add contacts and numbers to the black list, in case of unwanted calls, a block will be displayed in the notification panel, in the event log you can see who and when called.

“Blacklist. Blacklist”

Another program that allows you to create a blacklist of unwanted subscribers in smartphones SonyX peria. The principle of operation is similar to the previous application. add contacts to the black blacklist, you can see when they called and threw messages, set up notifications, create a white list and manage blocking modes.