How to Block a Card by Phone

Not very pleasant events sometimes happen to each of us, which for a long time can ruin the mood of anyone. One of these incidents is the loss of money, and it doesn’t matter how you lost it. You dropped it somewhere or stolen it from you, in any case for you this means only a loss of cash. A similar situation can happen with a credit card, with the only difference being that losing a card does not mean losing money. In this case, you can still fix it by blocking your card urgently. However, you should not put off urgent measures in a long box, because over time, attackers can try to withdraw money from it.

You can use any of the three methods below to block your Sberbank of Russia credit card.

Card lock on the hotline phone

First, what you need to do is urgently call the toll-free hotline number of Sberbank of Russia 8 800 555 5550

How to Block a Card by Phone

All calls to this number made in Russia are completely free! In order for the operator to be sure that the cardholder is blocking the card, you will have to voice the keyword that you specified when opening your Sberbank card. If you correctly name the keyword, and the operator makes sure that you are the owner of the card, your card will be instantly blocked.

Block card via SMS

Second way. To block the card, it is necessary that you have previously activated the Mobile Bank service. In this case, you can send an SMS from your mobile phone to the short number 900 with the text composed of three parameters as follows:

  • The first parameter is one of the words. LOCK, BLOKIROVKA, BLOCK, or 03 (this means the command to block the card).
  • The next parameter is the last 4 digits of your blocked card.
  • And the last parameter is a code explaining the reason for the lock. Possible options: 0. The card is lost, 1. The card is stolen, 2. The card remained in the ATM, 3. Another reason.

Parameters can be separated by a space “”, a minus sign “-” or a sharp icon. “#”.

SMS format:

Message text: LOCK AAAA B

Block card through Sberbank Online

Third way. Through the Sberbank Online service. To do this, you need to enter a user ID and password. If you lose your password, when the Mobile Bank service is previously connected, send an SMS to 900 with the word PASSWORD or PAROL. You may also need to enter the last 4 digits of your lost card. After entering the Sberbank-Online system, use the “block card” option with a reason.

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If you use one of the above methods as soon as you discover the loss of a card, in most cases you will save your money that you store on this card.

The modern world with enviable periodicity presents not very pleasant surprises, and here one of them can cause many problems. In our case, C is a blocking of a Sberbank card. On the one hand, everything seems to be simple and there should be no problems, but, unfortunately, this is only at first glance.

So, there is a problem and it is urgent to find a way out of it: the card is either stolen or lost, and the presence of funds on the card makes you act very quickly.

In order to block a Sberbank card, you need the following:

X landline or familiar to all mobile phone;
X great if the Mobile Bank service is connected to a mobile phone;
X preferably if there is a password identifier in order to use the Sberbank-Online service;
X if you are the owner of AS Sbercard TS, an identity document is required.

So, all that is listed above is at hand, it remains only to choose how to block the Sberbank card.

Option No. 1. Lock via telephone.

A Sberbank card is blocked by telephone, namely through the Sberbank hotline. Phone: 8 800 555 5550. Calls within Russia are free. In this case, the operator will require confirmation that it is the cardholder who is contacting before the Sberbank card is locked. The locking process is simple: during the survey it will be necessary to name your keyword, which was indicated in the service contract.

Option No. 2. Blocking through the Mobile Bank.

How to block a Sberbank card, if connected “Mobile Bank”. To do this, you should not perform tricky actions, but you need to do them carefully and avoid mistakes.

We send SMS from our mobile phone to a special number: 900.
The request can be made in several ways, namely:
blocking No. No.B
blokirovka №. №b
block No. No. B
No. No. B
When choosing one or another variant of the message, it is worth knowing that the card will be locked if the latest data are correctly specified:
– No. No. Last four digits of the card
– b C code to lock the card or the reason why the blocking of a Sberbank card is urgently needed:
card was lost C 0
card theft 1
the card was left at ATM C 2
other C 3.
Input parameters are usually divided by the following characters: “-“, “#” or “”.
When a reply SMS arrives with a lock confirmation code, it must be sent within 5 minutes to the same number, namely, Ts 900.

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Option No. 3. Blocking through Sberbank Online.

Sberbank card can be blocked using the Sberbank-Online service. This type of service is available if the Mobile Bank service is activated.

We do the following: we send a request of the following form to the already known number (900):
Parol or password.

There are situations when several bank cards are tied to one telephone number. And here a legitimate question may arise: How to block a Sberbank card, moreover, the one that was lost. In this case, we do the following: after the request, we dial the last 5 digits of the card, which is subject to blocking.

Input parameters can also be separated by other characters: “-”, “” or “#”.

Information on the cardholder’s ID can be obtained by calling the Helpdesk. The only condition. This is the correct control information and card number, for which a permanent password was received for the Mobile Bank.
After logging in, click on the link to block the card and indicate the reason for blocking.

Option number 4. ATM lock

Provided that the Mobile Bank service is not connected, you can get a personal identifier and password for entering through any ATM. Login will be in limited functionality mode. This method of blocking a Sberbank card is acceptable only if the card has not been lost and you already have a check with an ID and password. In this case, when you enter the Sberbank-Online system, again click the link to block the card and select one of the reasons indicated in the list.

In order to protect clients ’money savings under force majeure circumstances, Sberbank provides a card blocking service. There are 4 ways to block bank cards.

Let’s figure out why you need to block the card and how to do it.

In what cases is it necessary to urgently block a card

The main reason for blocking is the leak of privacy of data written on the surface of the card or the loss of the card itself. Sberbank recommends in such cases immediately block the card.

In what cases do they block the card:

  • Scammers or strangers became aware of license plates on the map;
  • The card was used at an ATM with a special device for installing data on its surface (a popular fraudster scheme);
  • Card loss;
  • The bank’s client received an SMS on his mobile that outsiders want to use the card;
  • The map was in an accessible place for a large number of people;
  • Card stolen.

Each of the listed options requires an urgent card blocking;

Block the card through your personal account Sberbank Online

To save money, you can use the blocking service via the Internet.

In mobile application

  1. Launch Sberbank.Online mobile application.
  2. Select the desired card.
  3. Click link Block.

Screen with the card lock menu in Sberbank. Online

On the website of Sberbank. Online

  1. Visit the website online.Sberbank.Ru.
  2. Enter login and password.
  3. SMS will come with a code to enter, enter it.
  4. In your account on the first screen will be a list of the map. Next to the desired card, click on the button Operations.
  5. In the expanded list, select the command Block.
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What does the Operations button and the Lock in Sberbank.Online command look like.

After that, an SMS should arrive on the phone to confirm the lock, as when entering the service. Thus, the card will be blocked.

Block card by phone

The most common way is to call a bank employee on a toll free number for residents of the Russian Federation. 900.

7 495 500-55-50. For calls from anywhere in the world.

The operator will have to provide the code word and passport data to confirm the operation.

Block via SMS

Need to send SMS to 900 with text:

Lock 4326 0

4326. The last 4 digits of your card number.

. Reason for blocking. Card loss.

Other possible causes:

  • . Loss;
  • 1. Theft;
  • 2. The card is stuck in an ATM;
  • 3. Other reasons.

If you want to restore a blocked card, you should contact the bank branch for help.

Short commands from the phone (USSD)

To block a card, dial the combination in the telephone number dialing:

  • 900. Free call number;
  • 03. Command “block the card”;
  • Xxx. The last 4 digits of the number on the card;
  • 1. The reason for emergency access restrictions.

In response, you will receive a message about the status of the service with the activation code for the lock, which must be entered to complete the operation.

Block a card at a bank branch

Any branch of Sberbank is suitable.

What do we have to do:

  1. You must bring your passport with you.
  2. Contact your nearest customer service specialist at Sberbank.
  3. Explain the reason for emergency card blocking.
  4. The consultant will issue a special form to fill out.
  5. Submit the application for processing.

After all the actions, a notification about successful card blocking arrives on the mobile phone.

If you lost your phone, how do I lock the card?

There are situations when the user loses the mobile phone number on which the card is attached. Assistance in blocking a card in this case is carried out exclusively at a Sberbank branch. An application is drawn up with the indicated reason for the number change and transferred to the bank for processing.


Sberbank provides all available options for blocking plastic cards. Customers can choose a method according to their individual preferences and opportunities. The main thing in such situations is not to hesitate, but to act quickly and decisively. This will help protect honestly earned money from intruders.