How to Bind a Number to a Phone

By linking a Sberbank card to his phone number, the client receives a lot of opportunities. From receiving information on the account and transactions performed, to managing the account through a mobile phone. How to attach a card number to a phone number, how much does the service cost, and what opportunities will open to the client?

  • In the branch of Sberbank
  • Link a phone number to a card through a terminal or ATM
  • Link a phone number to a Sberbank card via a call to operators
  • Link a phone number to a card over the Internet
  • If the attached number to the Sberbank card has been lost
  • Mobile Bank Tariffs and Opportunities

In the branch of Sberbank

In order to tie the phone number to the card, you only need to personally come to any branch of Sberbank. The client needs to have a passport, a mobile device, the number of which will be linked to, and a Sberbank card with him.

A bank specialist will offer to fill out an application for the provision of services. After that, the client himself or a bank employee will connect the service to the phone, and it will work within 10 minutes.

Link a phone number to a card through a terminal or ATM

Linking a phone number to a Sberbank card through a terminal / ATM:

  1. After inserting the card into the slot designated for it, you need to dial the PIN code.
  2. Once in the main menu, you must go to the option “Mobile Bank”.
  3. Next, select “Snap main card”, enter the phone number and select the tariff to be connected (the tariff description is given in the subsequent article).
  4. Within 24 hours after the transaction, an SMS notification will be sent to the cardholder’s number to which the account was linked, which will be successfully linked.

Link a phone number to a Sberbank card via a call to operators

How to Bind a Number to a Phone

You can connect a mobile bank around the clock using the toll-free number of the Sberbank contact center. 8-800-555-55-50. Before calling, you need to prepare a passport, a plastic card and remember exactly your phone number in order to dictate all this information to the operator.

After the specialist identifies the identity of the client, he will need to tell him about his desire to connect a mobile bank.

Within 24 hours, the service will begin to work, about which the client will be notified via SMS.

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Link a phone number to a card over the Internet

If a Sberbank client has a mobile bank connected, then you can link the phone number to the card through “Personal Area” in the Sberbank Online system.

You must register in the system:

  • Enter card number and phone number;
  • Confirm the operation with the code received via SMS;
  • Come up with a username and password for further use of the service.

Next, on the main page, go to the option “Mobile bank”, bind to the card a new one (first disconnecting the old one) or an additional phone number.

If the attached number to the Sberbank card has been lost

In this case, you must immediately disable the mobile bank. You can do this:

  • At a branch of Sberbank with a passport;
  • Through a terminal / ATM of Sberbank with a card;
  • SMS to 900 “LOCKING”
  • At “Personal account” Sberbank Online.

It is possible to disconnect the mobile bank both from one number and from all linked ones. To get access to the service again, you need to send one of the options in the message to number 900:

  • 05.

If you need to connect one of several cards back to the number, after the word or team number you need to enter the last 4 digits “plastic”.

Mobile Bank Tariffs and Opportunities

Before you can bind, you must select the package of the mobile bank. There are two such packages:

Package “Economical”. It allows you to use the service for free, but includes only services to confirm transactions made through Sberbank Online, SMS passwords. Also, when connecting to the package, the client will receive technical messages.

  • The cost of checking the balance will be 3 rubles per 1 request;
  • Requesting an account statement for recent transactions will also be paid. 15 rubles.

Package “Full”. Includes in the list of services:

  • SMS notifications about the movement of money in the account;
  • Free balance check and account statement;
  • The ability to make financial transactions from a mobile device.

Package “Full” provided on a fee basis:

  • 30 rubles a month. For entry-level cards;
  • 60 rubles a month. For high level cards, or privileged.

If the client originally installed on his phone “Economy” package, you can change it yourself “Full” via SMS to number 900, in the body should be written: FULL, or TARIFF.

If the card holder wants to change “Full” package a “Economy”, you need to send an SMS to 900 with the word: ECONOMY, or TARIFF.

When applying for a new plastic card, employees, with the consent of the client, immediately connect to the Mobile Bank. Therefore, users do not even know how to attach a Sberbank card to the phone. Such a question arises when a person changes his mobile operator or mobile number.

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To bind means to activate the Mobile Bank service. The service is offered at two rates: free ECONOMY or paid FULL (monthly fee 30-60 rubles per month). In the office, the manager connects. But if the phone number has changed, then you can independently connect the service.

Up to 8 accounts can be connected to one telephone. If a paid tariff is selected, then a monthly fee will be charged every month.

How to attach a card to another phone number

If there is a need, you can contact the branch of Sberbank, do it yourself at the ATM, or ask for help at the round-the-clock customer support service. Your goal is to connect a mobile bank. Choose a tariff depending on your needs.

  1. If you rarely use plastic, are afraid or do not know how to work with the Internet, do not understand equipment and hardware (self-service terminals), connect the free ECONOMY package.
  2. If you often use plastic, the flow of funds is regular, choose the FULL tariff to remotely control your accounts. Subscription fee. 30 or 60 rubles.

How to attach a phone number to a card through the office of Sberbank

Calling for help at the ward is a reliable way. Present your passport and plastic. You should have a mobile phone with you. Two options:

  1. Contact the manager. You will be asked to fill out a request for a mobile bank connection. After processing the application, the service will begin to work. It takes 1 day.
  2. Contact a consultant in the waiting room. They will help to connect the service through the self-service terminal.

How to attach a card to a phone through an ATM

If you used to deal with terminals and ATMs, figuring out how to connect a mobile bank will be easy.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Find a terminal that supports the desired function. It is not available at all terminals. It is better to look for the necessary device in large departments or at points with several Sberra terminals.
  2. Insert the plastic and dial the pin code.
  3. On the screen in the main menu, select “Connect Mobile Bank”. If you don’t see the desired section in the main menu, look under “Information and services” (the menu is different).
  4. Further it will be offered to choose the ECONOMIC or FULL tariff. We choose.
  5. In the next step, enter the mobile number.
  6. Confirm the operation.

An SMS notification about the activation of the Mobile Bank service will come.

They often talk about how to link a page in VK to another number, but not all methods work. A social network is a platform for profit for entrepreneurs and freelancers, so the levels of protection are growing exponentially.

Existing methods

There are three official methods for linking a VK page to a phone.

#1. Change in settings

You have the right to change your personal data, although the possibilities are limited. The described method requires waiting for the consent of the VK moderators for two weeks.

  • Go to your account settings by clicking on the avatar in the upper right.
  • Click the “Change” link next to the number. For security reasons, most of it is displayed with asterisks.
  • Enter a new value. If the phone is already in use, you will receive a warning. You will also see a message if the entered number is already used by another profile. The message displays the number of available bindings.
  • Confirm the action by code or by resetting the call.
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The application will be generated and sent to the network administrators. You will receive a response within 14 days.

After the moderators send a positive response, other users will be able to find your profile by phone number.

# 2 Account lockout

The method is effective, but, on the other hand, is dangerous. The profile of VK users who repeatedly violated the rules is frozen forever. When defrosting, you can specify a new mobile. It is confirmed by a code.

To get into the ban, show forbidden activity. Sign up, like. Leave your identifier on the likes exchanges. Post with a link to such a resource. The lock will occur in a short time.

# 3 Rebind number

To bind a phone number to a page in VK, if it is tied to another one, you will first need to untie it. You will need to confirm its legitimacy using an access code, which will come in the form of SMS. You can act through the settings or restore access to your profile.

So what to do if the phone number is linked to another page in VK:

  • Type in the address bar.
  • Click the link below the form: for those who do not remember the data and do not have access to the phone.
  • Enter old data and specify a new mobile.
  • Confirm by code.

“What should I do if it doesn’t work out, and I can’t attach my phone number to the VKontakte page?” Is a frequent question of users. It is necessary to solve such a problem at the administrator level. The likelihood of receiving a positive answer is small, since it is necessary to give detailed and plausible explanations of the reasons.

How often can I use these methods?

Perform the above actions constantly does not work. How much you can attach the number to another VKontakte page depends on the frequency of such actions. When you register, you will be able to change your mobile in a day.

Do you know other ways how to specify a new mobile in your profile? Write in the comments!