How To Authenticate Samsung A50

Physical reasons

The first thing that comes to mind when the smartphone does not charge from the charger is a broken cable, block or the gadget’s connector itself. In this case, it is worth checking everything. An important point. You should not check the functionality of the cord by pulling it out of the power supply and plugging it into the laptop. Due to insufficient voltage, new Samsung models. A50 and above may not receive power or do it too slowly, which will make the user think about damage to the cable. Ideally, you should take a power supply and a cable from a similar Samsung gadget. If they are not available, third-party accessories with similar parameters on the adapter will do.

Checking the cord, power supply and connector does not give unambiguous answers about the presence of physical damage. Sometimes the reason lies in a burned-out power board or microcontroller. He realizes that the battery capacity is full and stops supplying current. This node is extremely important in the phone. If it is broken, then the device may think that the battery is discharged and does not turn on, but in fact it is full, or vice versa. The battery does not charge although the capacity is at zero. It is impossible to establish whether the matter is in the internal nodes in the home environment. Having tried the methods listed below and not finding a solution, you should contact the service.

It is important to know. Degradation is characteristic of any battery. This term implies that in the process of use, the battery gradually deteriorates. It charges slowly and autonomy decreases. If the phone is more than a year old, and it began to charge for a long time, but the power supply and the cable remained complete, then 100% of the reason is in the battery. It should be changed.

Choice of accessories

If you look at the accessories for phones five years ago, it is easy to notice that the power supply often has a charge (current) of 1 Ampere. Later, blocks with increased power began to appear, and in modern gadgets from the Galaxy A and S series. A70, S8 and above, you can see the most powerful chargers. The reason is the appearance of the fast charging function. It is achieved through increased current flow and it is wrong to assume that this works with any accessories. Sometimes the included power supply and cable are not designed for quick replenishment of capacity and the necessary accessories are sold separately.

If a proprietary charger cannot be used, then you should not just replace accessories from a third-party smartphone or buy the most inexpensive options. They are highly likely to do a poor job, for example, the phone will remain discharged, although it shows that charging is in progress. The reason is that the current that flows through the incomplete accessory is enough only for minimal actions, and the device cannot send something “to the reserve”. A similar situation is often observed if, while charging, you play or watchs on YouTube, you do not have to be surprised that the charge remains in one place in this case.

Also, do not charge a modern mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive device like Samsung A80 from the USB connector. They are not designed to recharge the capacious batteries of modern phones. But, if you find a Type-C connector in your laptop or PC, then feel free to connect the appropriate cable. This is a new standard with increased current supply, which is able not only to read data, but also to power the phone.

If the Samsung phone does not charge from the charger, I will tell you why and we will fix it together

Good time, my regular blog readers and subscribers! Often, mobile technology users are faced with the fact that their device does not charge. Sometimes the device does not display the charging process, and in other cases the indication is present, but the capacity in fact remains unreplenished or the battery gains 100%, but quickly sits down. Why Samsung phone won’t charge, I’ll tell you in this article.

Problems with software

What to do if Android Samsung does not charge from charging or does it slowly, but you have established that the cable and the unit are working normally. The reasons for this behavior may be in a damaged battery, but sometimes it lies in the software. For proper charging, you need to unload applications from the memory, if there are a lot of them there, lower the screen brightness. If the device is synchronized with something via Bluetooth, then it must be temporarily disabled, a similar situation with access to the network via Wi-Fi and LTE.

How To Authenticate Samsung A50

It will not be superfluous to look into the smartphone’s power settings. Look for the item “battery” and make sure that the maximum performance mode is not activated. By itself, it is more needed by gamers, but even without it, a good device provides a comfortable work. If you have energy saving, then activate it, but first go and clarify what it is, sometimes the processor harshly cuts off the work of applications, and you will face the fact that you will no longer receive notifications. You will eliminate slow charging this way, but you will get other problems. Power saving mode is not always useful.

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Do not forget that any running applications are a drain on battery power. If you closed all the software, but the phone still sits down quickly and does not fill the battery, then the reason may lie in viruses. You should not neglect antiviruses, but if you do not use them constantly, then make it a rule to completely check the device’s memory with some frequency. Perhaps cleaning will solve the problem with slow charging or its absence.

Many users are wondering why the phone doesn’t charge up to 100 percent. Technically, this shouldn’t happen at all. If you see that the device has reached 99% and then nothing happens, then everything is working as it should. In modern mobile technology, battery protection is implemented. When it is full, the phone stops being powered directly from charging, as this leads to rapid wear and tear and forcibly stops the current supply. This is possible with branded accessories, so this is another reason not to change them for cheap Chinese counterparts. over, in the modern world it has been established that for long-term battery operation, it should be kept between 20 and 80% of its capacity, that is, you should not discharge and charge it completely.

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How to identify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy?

Among the fakes, there are primitive copies and replicas of Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 phones and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 tablets as close as possible to the originals.

Determining the originality of Samsung Galaxy

1. Pricing policy and place of purchase

Remember: a check and a guarantee in our time are forged by craftsmen, who then cannot be found to return a low-quality purchase. And in the official service center they will not listen to you.

Samsung has repeatedly stated that it does not make discounts on top models (Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6; Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 4). The price is half the market price (allegedly a sale) clearly gives a fake.

2. The appearance of the gadget

  • The diagonal screen size of a fake Samsung Galaxy is often slightly different from the original. To be able to compare, it is better to know in advance the real dimensions on the Samsung website.
  • The latest generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a metal case, and the screen is made of high-strength glass protected by Gorilla Glass technology, which protects the surface from scratches and cracks. It is too expensive for manufacturers of Chinese counterfeits to use such materials. They usually cost plastic.

3. Operating system

Samsungs work on the Android platform, which is freely available and can be used on fake devices. However, the Chinese are trying to reduce the cost of this part of production by installing cheap operating systems like “KitKat”.

To check this nuance, go to the “Settings” (“About the device”). Or you can just flip through the menu on the desktop. 5th generation Android runs smoothly and quickly. Chinese systems slow down and freeze when scrolling.

As in any gadgets often counterfeited by the Chinese, the fake Samsung Galaxy has “translation difficulties”.

When scrolling through the menu of a fake phone or tablet model, you can see serious failures:

  • Incorrect translation of words and whole sentences
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Chinese characters instead of Russian and English

5. Performance characteristics

The processor power (in the original Samsung Galaxy S6 it is 8-core), screen resolution, RAM and camera power can be checked by downloading special applications such as AnTuTu Benchmark on Google Play and running on the phone.

Pre-check on the official website of the manufacturing company for real data for verification.

6. Service code

It is installed by Samsung engineers on every smartphone and is not included in the operating system itself.

In the “Phone” application, dial the combination # 7353 # with the call button. If a menu appears on the screen to check the functionality of the functionality, everything is in order. Otherwise, in your hands is a fake.

Authenticity verification method that Samsung experts DO NOT recommend using.

If the seller insists on the authenticity of the gadget, referring only to the IMEI, this is a reason to be wary. Scammers with experience often get the numbers of original devices.

If frozen

Hanging Samsung A 50, you can try to reanimate a simple, but very effective method: pry off the cover and remove the battery from the device. A radical solution will not eliminate the failures that have occurred, but will return the smartphone to work.

If the freeze problem persists, then you need to eliminate the root cause. Think, are there any dubious applications or programs installed on your smartphone that can conflict with Android? First, you need to delete them, and then reset them, removing their traces in the system:

  1. Open the “Settings” Samsung A 50.
  2. Tap “General settings”.
  3. We select the item “Archive and reset”.
  4. Tap “Reset”.

We are waiting for the phone to reboot and enjoy a clean system that works without failures due to conflicts with installed dubious applications. Reset allows you to fix problems in the functioning of Android and does not affect user files.

If it does not turn on

A reboot is sometimes required for a smartphone that has stopped turning on, although it is definitely charged. To restart and fix the system crash, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Clamp the power and volume down buttons together.
  2. Do not release the keys and hold them for at least 7 seconds.

After that, the device should start, and the legendary Samsung screensaver will appear on the screen. If the problem recurs frequently, we recommend that you reset your phone to fix system problems.

How to restart a smartphone

The method of how to restart a Samsung A50 smartphone does not fundamentally differ from the restart methods of the entire line. For this:

  1. Hold down the power, volume down and screen activation buttons at the same time.
  2. Wait until the phone prompts you to select an action and tap “Restart”.
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The Samsung Galaxy screen will go out, and after a while a splash screen will appear and the phone will enter operating mode again, getting rid of the existing Android crash.

Features of the model

The budget model burst into the market and immediately impressed users with its technical characteristics, which are not inferior to the flagship lines. Features of face recognition and fingerprint protection against unauthorized access appeared in inexpensive devices only from Samsung, and this is a significant breakthrough. Two microphones and a unique noise cancellation system make using a budget gadget convenient and comfortable, and high performance, economical battery consumption and fast charging with the original charger were immediately appreciated by the owners of the novelty.

The smartphone supports the functions of custom settings, in addition, the gadget has a night mode, perfectly photographs and takes pictures well. A 50 has standard security and privacy features, and also allows the owner to have multiple social media accounts and clone applications.

A large number of positive aspects do not protect the smartphone from malfunctions. Often the device requires a reboot, and this can be done in different ways.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A50

You may need to restart your Samsung Galaxy A50 if the device malfunctions, often freezes or does not want to turn on at all.

Possible problems

Samsung A 50 is a fairly new model, so serious failures in its work, despite careful study, often occur. Some of them are of a temporary nature, for example, problems with a fast charge consumption, which gradually disappears by itself. Users also note failures in the identification of fingerprints, but here the craftsmen have found a way out. Instead of three different pads, they scan the same one, which allows taking into account all the nuances of reading.

Other problems arise already during the operation of the device due to the fault of the users. Samsung may freeze and require a reboot due to overflowing memory, mechanical damage to internal parts due to the fall of the smartphone or deformation, moisture ingress. Android malfunctions can also occur against the background of installing questionable applications or not yet stable updates on the device.

If you suspect damage or a factory defect, it is advisable to seek professional help. The official website of the manufacturer provides a list of service centers where qualified employees of the company will diagnose the device and identify the real cause of constant malfunctions.

How to check the authenticity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. How to check a Samsung Galaxy phone for originality

    Views: 566 945 Discussions: 22 Today we will answer a very important question: how to find out if the original Samsung Galaxy?

Many consumers want to save money by buying devices on various ad platforms, where it is quite deceiving to the unknowing person. If you buy from official retailers, then this problem should not worry you, since they sell 100% original gadgets. Due to the current economic situation and neighboring countries, people are forced to look for better deals. Unaware that you can be deceived, you buy a smartphone 2 or even 3 times cheaper than the average retail price and only after a while you realize that you bought a fake.

So how can you tell an original Samsung Galaxy from a fake? There are several ways that you will now learn about.

How to check Galaxy S9 by IMEI (serial number) for authenticity

The function of checking a smartphone for authenticity by serial number (IMEI) is as old as the world. We take the serial number, enter it in a certain place, we get the result. Everything is very simple. You just need to know where to get this serial number, where to enter it and how to make sure that you are not deceived?

Not an easy task, but we can handle it. Let’s go! 🙂 There are several ways to find out the IMEI of Samsung’s new flagship 2020: Look on the box.

On one side of the package, you will see a sticker containing all the information you need. View on smartphone. If the device is new and the films have not been removed from it, then on the back of the case there will be a shipping film with a sticker containing various information about the device (model, memory size, serial number, etc.). Open Galaxy S9 settings and go to the “About phone” section.

IMEI in front of you! The most reliable option.

How to check the authenticity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Comparison of watches by characteristics (Apple Watch 2 VS Gear S3 VS Huawei Watch VS Moto 360) we look Top 10 Best Smartwatches I advise, not bad Last sign (S). Control letter (sometimes it may be absent); The last five digits (34567) are the actual serial number; The sixth character from the end (2) is the month of manufacture; The seventh character from the end (W) is the year of manufacture; There may still be 3 to 7 characters ahead.

Month coding: in numerical order 1.

9, A. October, B. November, C. December. Year coding: R. 2001; T. 2002; W. 2003; X. 2004; Y. 2005; A, L. 2006; M, P. 2007; Q. 2008; S. 2009; Z. 2010; B. 2011; C. 2012; D. 2013; F. 2014; G. 2015; H. 2020; J. 2020; K. 2020; M. 2020; N. 2020 2. Messages like “Thank you, we’ll check it now”, “Hurray, everything worked out”, etc.

Review of smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch: the charm of the classics

This gadget with the characteristic appearance of a round mechanical watch, complemented by a bezel. A rotating ring around the dial, even knows how to imitate a tick. Among the features of the chronometer are a bright Super AMOLED screen, good autonomy, increased moisture resistance, and support for the Samsung Pay service. Tracking the state of health with the help of smart watches, Vesti.Hi-tech found out all the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The clock has long ceased to be just a device for determining the current time.

This accessory, the functionality of which has expanded even more today, has become, moreover, a kind of style attribute. With the advent of smart watches, their choice is still largely related to personal preferences.

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The new smart watch, which, having got into the Galaxy family, began to be called Watch without any fancy, Samsung announced simultaneously with the smartphone (our review).

Generally speaking, it is proposed

How to check a Samsung smart watch before buying

»» Risks when buying a used smart watch.

A smart watch has turned from a stylish and beautiful accessory into a complete addition to your mobile device, which has a wide range of functions and capabilities. The only drawback of such devices is their high price, which is why some users are forced to purchase either copies of smart watches or a used device. This raises a natural question. Is it worth buying a used smartwatch or is it better to purchase a new original device??

The main advantage is that used smartwatches can be purchased at well below market prices.

However, such savings can often lead to additional costs for repairing the gadget and replacing various parts that are out of order.

In addition, there is a high risk of purchasing a copy or a fake instead of the original product.

The first way is to check the Samsung a50 for originality by IMEI

The IMEI number is an international identifier representing a unique code associated with each mobile phone.

This is one of the easiest way to check an original Samsung a50 mobile phone.

There are several ways to check. The easiest to dial the code: # 06 #. Is dialed as if the subscriber’s number.

You can also go to settings, scroll down to find information about your phone. The “About phone” section displays the IMEI code, model number, and serial number.

Then check all the information regarding the number (samsung a50) by visiting the site. IMEI.Info

The search function on the IMEI.Info website is very easy to use and is always available completely free of charge.

All you need to do is enter the IMEI number in the special bracket and click the CHECK button.

How to check the authenticity of a smartphone samsung a50

Along with the high tech associated with the new Samsung a50 phone model, people tend to think they can get the same features at a much lower price.

Due to lack of awareness among buyers, sellers deceive buyers by selling them fake phones at a lower price.

Therefore, you should know what can be used to authenticate Samsung phone by performing samsung galaxy a50 verification upon purchase.

Here you will see how to check if a smartphone is an original or a duplicate.

You should know that Samsung manufactures mobile phones developed on the Android platform, which is open source.

Since anyone can use it, it’s easy for companies to counterfeit the original device.

So, if you are planning to purchase a new a50 and do not know how to check if the smartphone is original or not, this entry will be very useful to you.

Keep reading the article to see key features like IMEI check, original check code, etc. To check for authenticity.

Other ways to check for authenticity of samsung galaxy a50

In addition to checking IMEI, there are other ways to distinguish between genuine and fake Samsung a50.

Originals have bright display colors, while duplicates display dull ones. Also, fakes have a large gap between the edge of the screen and the body.

The logo on the counterfeit is easily removable and the volume buttons have unusual spaces unlike the original ones.

There is no doubt that only company representatives can check with high accuracy whether your smartphone is a fake or not. Success.

How to check a Samsung phone for originality by serial number a50

Service Tag Check This is the easiest and fastest way to check for originality of any Galaxy smartphone. Each device of the company has a proprietary menu that is launched by a secret code.

  1. Open the dialer app
  2. Enter code # 7353 #
  3. Such a menu should appear on the screen, where there are various options for testing phone components.
  4. If you have it, then the device is original.

How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity by serial number to find out

You can find out information about the model and modification of your device, its manufacturer and the market in which it was released (Asia, Europe or America). If your device is not original, you can see it literally in one click.

If you want to get an additional manufacturer’s warranty on your laptop, you definitely need to know its serial number. By going to the manufacturer’s website and filling out the appropriate form indicating the serial number and model of the laptop, you will receive additional service for the period provided by the manufacturer for this model.

Examine the laptop case carefully to establish a serial number.
Typically serial number a similar product is indicated on a sticker that is attached to the bottom of its body to avoid rubbing.

How to check a Samsung phone for originality by serial number

To see it and understand whether the phone is a fake or a real one, the user will need to dial the following code. # 7353 #. The screen will display a list, which is shown in the picture below.

If, after entering this code, nothing happens, then the user is most likely holding a fake.

Note! All service combinations are entered in the standard dialer. Dialing is usually not required.

How to find your serial number

ISSN is one of the integral parts of the barcode of various products, so you should look for it just under it.

How to find the serial number of your Galaxy S9?

There are several ways to find out the IMEI of Samsung’s new 2018 flagship:

  1. Look at the box. On one side of the package, you will see a sticker that contains all the necessary information.
  2. View on smartphone. If the device is new and the films have not been removed from it, then on the back of the case there will be a shipping film with a sticker containing various data about the device (model, memory size, serial number, etc.).

How to check a Samsung phone for originality by serial number s9

Why does a Samsung phone user need to check IMEI?

Establishing this information can help verify the originality of your potential smartphone, as well as find out if it is stolen if you buy a device that has already been in use.