How to answer a call on your iPhone with a button

No pick up on iPhone, or why you can’t answer the phone?

Good time! Despite the fact that every iPhone model is equipped with a great and responsive display, all sorts of problems with it still happen and there is no way to escape them. The impossibility to answer a call because the screen simply does not react to pressing is one of the most common mistakes. The interesting thing is that this happens sporadically and it’s almost impossible to predict this behavior! Consequently, it is very likely to miss a very important incoming call when you do not expect it.

Actually, what to do when “swipe the screen” does not work to answer the call in the iPhone, and today we will talk about. And also let’s find out why in general any user of cell phones from Apple faces with such a situation? Here we go!

So, the most common and common situation: you receive an incoming call, you take your phone out of your. And to answer you need to swipe the screen. You perform the action with a familiar gesture and nothing happens. The slider doesn’t move, the phone keeps ringing, and as a result, the call is missed. And the most interesting and unusual thing is that in everyday use (to play games, listen to music, etc.) the cache on the phone is a bit different.Д.) Everything is OK. The display is working properly!

Why does it happen?? There may be many reasons for this and it is difficult to figure out which one is 100% correct, take your pick:

  • The problem could be caused by static electricity. Have you noticed that most often the call answering slider does not move when the phone is taken out of the ? That’s right.
  • Conflict in the firmware and Apple at one time acknowledged this. The “glitch” occurs at the moment when the device checks the caller’s number against the notebook during an incoming call.
  • Some tweaks (programs installed by jailbreaking), especially those related to the phone book, adding different callers, non-native blacklists, etc.Д. Can even cause this problem.
  • Maybe the problem is in the sensor that is responsible for turning off the screen the moment you bring it to your ear.
  • The touchscreen may also malfunction, for example, by not pressing the button in the area where you want to receive an incoming call.

How to fix the problem of inability to answer a call because the sensor simply does not work?

Naturally, the solution depends on the cause of this behavior.

  • During the call run your palm over the whole surface of the display several times. Note that you should not only swipe the screen but also the entire front part (particularly the proximity and light sensors). In most cases, this will remove the static electricity and you will be able to “pick up the phone.
  • Press the power button once and then try to pick up the receiver. By the way, this very method often helps the author of these lines.
  • Use cases and films (glass) on the screen. Will protect against static.
  • As strange as it sounds after the previous point. Do not use glass and films on the screen. I had one person who also occasionally did not work the sensor on the iPhone. We decided with him to remove the film and could hardly peel it from the display. This material was more like a piece of tape (and construction tape) rather than a film. It’s amazing how the screen reacted at all in this situation. Under such a protection!
  • Remove jailbreak. How? Here is a detailed instruction.
  • If the problem is in the firmware, then restore the software through iTunes and do not use the backup of the phone book. Numbers to score manually.
  • In the case of “iron” problems. Take it to the warranty, if you have one of course.

Although, I very much hope that the last point (a visit to the service center) will not come.

To Answer Your iPhone Just Say YES! How to use Siri Announce Calls in iOS 14.5

After all, in most cases, the inability to pick up the phone in the iPhone is a problem that can be explained by simple reasons: static, excessive protection of the gadget or the next “bugs” in the firmware. It means that to solve it simply enough.

A couple of movements of the hand and that’s it, you can already say “hello”.

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P.S.S. It would be nice if Apple made it possible to answer calls with physical buttons. Yes? Yes! So get likes, click on social media buttons. The company needs to hear (and consider!) the opinion of its users!:)

Automatic answer

The auto-answer feature was created for people with disabilities who find it hard to use the standard screens for receiving incoming calls. However, no one forbids anyone to turn it on their device who prefers to answer all calls at once.

Automatic answer works on phone calls, as well as when calling via various messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. The user sets the time after which the iPhone will connect to the caller. To set up the feature:

The function is disabled in the same way, you just need to move the auto-reply slider in the settings. It’s unlikely to be useful all the time, but if you’re waiting for an important call and are worried that you won’t be able to answer it in the standard way, an auto-response will prove to be a useful addition.


The first thing to do is to rule out the possibility of a system failure that prevents the sensor from functioning properly. If the iPhone screen lock works intermittently during a call, perform a hard reset. It will help to fix non-critical errors in the system.

On iPhone 7 and other models without a physical home button another combination is used. Power key volume down key.

If the problem persists after a hard reset, reset your settings and content. Make sure you back up your iPhone so you don’t lose your personal information. After you reset your device, don’t rush to restore it from a backup. First, configure the iPhone as new, check if the sensor is working, then return the settings and files that were on the phone before the reset.

If the reset does not solve the problem, pay attention to the smartphone screen. Is there a film, glass or cover that covers the top of the device? Remove all accessories from the display and check the sensor again. Perhaps the film, glass or case does not let the waves pass, and without them the screen will again lock perfectly.

When a hard reset, resetting, removing the film and other measures do not help, there is only one way to go. To the service center. Something bad has probably happened to the sensor and needs to be replaced. The procedure is quick and inexpensive, but necessary if you want to get rid of screen locking problems.

How to make your iPhone receive incoming calls when you just hold it to your ear

Raisetoanswer (iOS 11) is currently not in Cydia or Sileo. So, to be able to put this tweak, you will have to first get an additional repository. In this particular case, you only need to add julioverne.Github.Io to the source list. Recall also that new Cydia repositories are not added to Sileo by themselves, and vice versa.

After installing the repository we need, open Cydia (or Sileo), search for raisetoanswer, and then in the results select “RaiseToAnswer (iOS 11)” and click “Install” and then “Accept”. Wait until installation is completed (1-2 minutes) and restart SpringBoard.

Raisetoanswer is activated immediately after installing and rebooting the iPhone and it works. There are no start screens, settings menus and switches. So, when someone calls you, just pick up your smartphone and put it to your ear. The call will be received automatically. There you go.

And to conclude, let us mention a few more points. First, we tested this tweak on iPhone SE with iOS 11.2.1, iPhone 8 with iOS 12 and iPhone X with 12.1.1. On all the above devices (jailbroken, of course) RaiseToAnswer works equally well. Secondly, the basic tap-to-tap answer function is not disabled by the tweak, so you can answer incoming calls in the usual way. And thirdly, given that there is no separate settings screen for the tweak, it can only be disabled by deleting.

How to answer an iPhone call (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype) without touching the smartphone

Each of us at least once in our lives has found himself in the following situation: iPhone rings, but his hands are busy or dirty, so there is no way to answer it (while washing dishes, playing with the equipment, etc.).П.). Starting from iOS 11 this problem can be solved once and for all.

Starting with iOS 11 iPhones have the function of automatically answering calls after a certain (user-defined) time.

Find it in the Settings (Universal Access → Touch → Audio Source → Auto Answer Calls).

After activation, you also need to specify the number of seconds to wait (for example, 3 seconds). After that, all incoming calls will automatically be answered after a specified time interval.

The “Auto Answer Calls” feature works not only for cellular calls, but also for FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and other messengers.

Of course, the above function is not useful for everyone. But it’s encouraging to see that Apple thinks not only about mainstream stuff like machine learning and augmented reality, but about the needs of average users.

Answering Calls Using the Compact iPhone Call Interface

After answering a call with a compact banner, it will automatically close after a few seconds. You can also swipe up during the call to make the banner disappear at once.

Click the call icon in the upper left corner to expand the window (go to the Phone app).

To go straight to the full-screen interface for audio and video calls, swipe down or tap on the compact banner.

Why are the Accept and Reject buttons missing when you have an incoming call on your iPhone??

Have you noticed that the iOS interface looks different when you receive a call? Sometimes it is a slider (you swipe it and answer the call), and sometimes it has two buttons (“accept” (answer) and “reject”). Why is this happening?

answer, call, your, iphone, button

If you’re an iOS newbie, you’ve probably wondered if it might matter if the caller is present in your contact list or not? What if the iPhone shows ways to accept or reject a call for different smartphones? For example, for native iOS gadgets, it’s one thing, but for android. Others.

If the iPhone is locked, when there is an incoming call, there is always a slider (slider) on the screen that says “Answer” and only. To reject a call in this case, you can do something else, such as double-tapping the side power button. But if you are using your smartphone right now, iOS offers you the opportunity to choose one of two buttons. Red (reject call) or green (answer call). Like in “The Matrix”.

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Not surprised. All it takes is INTENTION to understand why this is so. On the third time after purchase, I realized what the chip was

Not surprised. It only takes ATTENTION to understand why. After buying it for the third time, I figured out what’s up with this chip

answer, call, your, iphone, button

I have a sound incoming and black. Blocked screen, seems it is a glitch of 30 sec. Autolocks.

So it was always a slider and buttons, what’s confusing!?

I do not understand why it is necessary?! It’s uncomfortable. In order to understand Apple’s marvelous imagination, you have to read a polyinternet A smartphone should be as clear and simple as a 2 kopecks. The iPhone is very complicated, the interface and Ux are horrible.

It’s been like that forever, slider and buttons, what’s not to understand?!?

Why? If the contact is not recorded Russia is displayed.

answer, call, your, iphone, button

Downloaded Maya asked one of my colleague)))))) stuck for a couple of seconds without realizing that she downloaded))

Downloaded Maya asked one of my colleagues)))) got stuck for a couple of seconds without realizing that she downloaded))

Yes indeed, it is clear from a couple of phone calls at different moments It’s a whole article.

Yes indeed, it is clear from a couple of phone calls at different times The whole article.

Like, if you have your first iPhone. By the way, there’s nothing good about it. Too much noise for such an obsolete device in the digital world. 13th iPhone was very disappointing to me, not a very versatile device. But for people with special needs a lot has been done in it.

Iphone makers have come up with such a trick for security purposes. After all, if the locked gadget is in your. You can not exclude the accidental pressing of a button. The smartphone interface changes when the screen is locked to avoid unintentional rejection of calls.

How to Answer Call Without Touching the Screen

Iphone manufacturers have come up with such a trick for security purposes. After all, if the locked gadget is in your. You can’t rule out accidentally pressing the button. The smartphone interface changes when the screen is locked to avoid unintentional call rejection.

The point is not really made. The slider is designed to prevent accidental presses if the phone is in your at the time.

The smartphone’s features are very strange and inconvenient

Whoa, been using for 2 years now, couldn’t figure out what the cause was, thought getcontact was to blame, or so you want to discount and don’t know how

Thanks for the update! Very confusing and uncomfortable function. The first thing that came to mind that the phone is glitchy just( If anything I have the first iPhone in my life, 13. Honestly not impressed at all, very cheesy in terms of functionality. The selfie camera is miserable, the Samsung from 4 years ago is a better camera. Sorry, I know the Apple sectarians are going to jump in. This phone is not for those who want to be every day new, different, creative and free, and not for those who are content with what they have With iPhone you feel like a pedigree dog on a leash I do not know. All my friends who own iPhones love it, but for me even the sound in the speaker, when I hear the other party, is very low quality. External speaker ( music, ringing). Fire of course. But it’s first and foremost a phone, when you hear the other person and think they have a runny nose is terribledidn’t like it, want to like it for anything.I have to suffer with it for at least a year, so far only voice dialing has impressed me, probably because. That it’s made for the blind. No such thing in android. Siri is glitchy, so is Face ID. And they said the iPhone doesn’t glitch it glitches just like a normal phone.

Message the caller

Some people don’t get enough of one reset call and they start calling over and over again. Notify them that you can’t talk can be done with template messages.

When a call comes in, press the “Messages” button on the right side of the display. A small menu with 4 text options will appear:

If you select “Other”, the call will be dropped, and the phone will open a dialog with the caller, who can not calm down and stop calling. In the dialog box, you can write a text explaining to him that his calls are inappropriate at the moment, so you need to stop them and wait until you are free to call him back.

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