How to adjust volume on iPhone 11

Depending on the situation, we control volumes or other on the iPhone

If you want to have more precise control over both volume levels, we will tell you how to set up physical buttons for iPhone to control the master volume or the volume of alarms, so you don’t confundir? S when landing or a certain volume, and avoiding that miss any call not to hear the signal.

In the Settings menu, select Sound. and you will see an option that says Call and Alerts. When Keystone is on, you can adjust the volume for alarms and ringtones when you press the physical volume buttons up or down. An exception to this rule is if any sound file is currently loaded, at this point in the volume that is controlled by the button is the volume of the device sound.

If the option is disabled, it becomes even more confusing because one would expect to be unable to control the volume of sounds, however there are exceptions:

iPhone 11 Pro: How to Set Volume Key to Change Ringer and Alert Sound Together

  • When the alarm rings, you can increase or decrease the volume using the buttons, regardless of your phone settings.
  • If you change the volume during a ringtone, it rings, the volume will be reflected somewhere, give
  • If you are listening to music or watching videos, the volume buttons always control the sound level, and will remain at the levels you choose

How to adjust the general volume and ringer on iPhone

A little-known but very useful feature of the iPhone is the presence of two different volumes. One is used to monitor ringing and message signals, and the other is used for audio in general. What can be confusing is that both volume levels are controlled by the same buttons.

Ringtone volume and iPhone volume are set separately

These parameters seem to have been explained in simple terms, but they can be confusing, because the only difference in the screen, when we go up or down the volume is the appearance of a small “word” about the speaker icon: ringer or volume. If the word Ringing appears, it is that we are changing the sound, calls, etc., and not the sound in general, which affects the volume level of songs and audio and video files.

Pay attention to these details so as not to confuse you using your volume buttons and to properly adjust the sound level of your devices. Have you ever been so loud that you missed a call and then you thought you were loaded but still didn’t really sound? Sometimes this happens when we did not know from the volume level that we were going up, or a call.

“The best advice on the Internet.” How to fine-tune the audio balance in iPhone

I will write this text in the first person. just because I really want to share my find.

It all started with the fact that my left ear began to hear a little worse than the right. This happened imperceptibly, but at some point I noticed that the sound in the headphones is, so to speak, not exactly on the bridge of the nose, but slightly shifted towards the right eyebrow. Stuck somewhere between her and her nose.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with that? If you listen to the early Beatles, who gave instruments to one channel, and the voice. in the other, you may not notice anything at all. But a carefully mixed and “centered” track is practically impossible to perceive normally. Up to ear pain.

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Therefore, I had to look for where the audio balance adjustment is located in iOS. It turned out to be quite simple. Apple’s official website details how to get to it. And everything would be fine if not for one “but”.

The instructions say that to adjust, you need to move the slider in the right direction and adjust the sound. The problem is that if you move the adjuster too little from the center, it will return to its original position when released. and everything will remain as it was.

If you drag the slider to the point from which it does not jump back to the center, then the sound goes to the side too much. There is a noticeable skew.

I will say right away: apparently, this text will be the first instruction in Russian on fine-tuning the sound balance on the iPhone. I could not find a Russian-language tutorial that would help to adjust the sound in the right way. Therefore, I immediately get down to business.

So, first you need to go to “Settings. Accessibility. Audiovisual material”. Right in the center of the screen is our bouncing slider, which you need to move a couple of pixels to the right or left.

Next, you need to set the required balance, and then. now will be the most important thing ! without releasing it, go to the desktop. On an iPhone with a button, you need to press that same button, on models with Face ID. minimize all windows with swipe up.

After that, the balance of the sound will remain the same as it was when you left the settings section, and will not change until you start moving the slider again.

It’s amazing how simple and unobvious the solution turned out to be. This problem is not very popular, but nevertheless it will be great if my life hack makes life easier for someone.

On the MacRumors forum, the jumping ability of the slider was discussed back in 2014. One of the users was so impressed with the elegant solution to the problem that he was not too lazy to register, just to say thanks to the author. “This was probably the most helpful piece of advice I’ve ever found on the internet.” he wrote.

Here I would grumble about the fact that Apple, they say, did not provide for such a simple thing as fine tuning the balance, but there are more terrible things in the world. Apparently, many Xiaomi smartphones do not provide for adjusting the sound balance in the system at all. And how to live with it is no longer very clear.

Why on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X the ringtone starts to sound quieter when calling?

Don’t worry, your iPhone is fine, and Apple actually intended it this way. “this is not a jamb, but a feature.” However, if you want your smartphone to ring at the same loud volume all the time, we will tell you how to do it.

First, let’s figure out why the melody plays loudly on incoming calls, but then the sound starts to fade. In fact, this is one of the features of Face ID. It works even when you are not using a face scanner to unlock your device. The fact is that Face ID cameras always scan your face, regardless of whether they are used for authentication or not. Even if you do not use the scanner, it still remains active to ensure the full operation of other functions, one of which is to decrease the volume of the ringtone.

How to turn off Ringtone Volume Down on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

To turn off ringtone fading, you need to deactivate the face scan feature, which detects whether you are looking at your iPhone 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X. When the feature is deactivated, the device will not will be able to determine if you are looking at the display while the incoming ringtone is playing, and the ringtone sound will not become quieter. For this:

Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone;

Move the switch opposite “Attention recognition” to the “Off” position;

After doing all of the above, you can check the volume by asking someone to call you. If the sound remains equally loud throughout the entire time, then you have succeeded. If you still feel that the iPhone is ringing too quietly, you can set the ringtone volume to maximum. For this:

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Open the application “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals” on the smartphone;

In the “Ringtone and message sound” section, move the slider all the way to the right to turn on the maximum volume;

If you want to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the option “Change with buttons”.

Some users deliberately turn off the ability to adjust the volume using the physical buttons, knowing the habit of their children to play with the device. However, many newer iPhones have this feature disabled by default.

New iPhone 11 Call Volume Extremely Low Fix (Do not return It)

If your iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X suddenly lose sound, check if Silent Mode is active (Mute switch, located on the side of the device). A small orange indicator on the switch will indicate the activation of silent mode. Also check if the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on, which mutes incoming calls completely.

Why the sound on the iPhone 11 has become quieter?

The quiet sound of the iPhone 11 is not always a serious breakdown. often than not, the ringtone becomes quiet due to pressing the volume button. Also, the user may forget that sometime during a meeting, lunch or other circumstance, he independently reduced the sound. IPhones have a special function “Attention recognition”, which is activated when the user is near the phone, and there is no need for a loud call. Sound on iPhone can become quiet for several reasons:

  • mechanical damage. falling, squeezing, impact;
  • getting into ports and connectors of water or other liquid;
  • software failure;
  • changing volume settings;
  • contamination of the speaker mesh with liquid or dust;
  • microphone damage.

If you are worried about a quiet conversation in iPhone11, then you need to check the speaker hole and the protective mesh. They can be contaminated with dust or liquid. Sticky dirt instantly clogs holes in the mesh, blocking sound. Subsequently, this may damage the speaker. To clean the mesh yourself, we recommend using a soft brush. First, a drop of alcohol or any other degreaser, the composition of which does not contain aggressive components, should be applied to it. This cleaning can fix the sound problem in 50% of cases.

If there is a complete lack of sound in the spoken speaker, you need to check if the iPhone has been switched to headset mode. Press the volume key during a call and look at the inscription that appeared on the screen. In the case of the appearance of the inscription “Headphones”, the sound disappeared due to the fact that the smartphone turned off the speaker. Replacing the cable, soldering the components on the motherboard that control the switching of sound modes will help to eliminate the malfunction.

How to remove quiet sound in iPhone 11?

If you want to disable the “Attention Recognition” function, then you need to go to the settings and select the “Face ID and Passcode” section. Next, you need to disable the checkbox. In case of re-enabling the option, just go to the same section and connect the check-box. To return the maximum volume in the smartphone, you should go to the settings and volume and set it to the maximum level.

To do this, go to the general settings and click on the “Sounds, tactile signals” section. Next, you need to move the switch to the right. This will maximize the beep on your phone. In addition, you need to check if silent mode has been turned on. If it is active, then go to full mode.

Quiet sound iPhone 11

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Sound problems on iPhone 11 occur for a variety of reasons. If you begin to hear the interlocutor poorly or the ringtone starts to sound quieter, then you should diagnose the device. Testing the device is primarily necessary if the iPhone has been subjected to mechanical stress. If dropped, hit, or got wet, the smartphone is seriously damaged, which affects the operation of the entire device. In each specific case, it is necessary to find the source of the malfunction. How to fix the breakdown depends on what caused the sound deterioration on the smartphone.

What to do if the ringtone is quiet on iPhone 11?

If you are faced with the problem of poor sound on your smartphone, then first of all you should check the settings of the gadget. To do this, you need to use the “Call / Silent” switch. Move the slider forward to remove the orange mark. Next, you need to go to the settings by selecting the “Do not disturb” section. Make sure this mode is off.

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If there are no problems with the sound mode, then it is necessary to clean the receivers and speakers. In this case, you need to remove the protective accessories. glass, film, cover. This should be done to check the speaker hole. If it is clogged, clean the mesh. If the microphone is clean, then it is recommended to go to the section with the settings. When you go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” category, you need to drag the slider to the calls and alerts. If there are no signals during the transition, then you need to contact Support Apple or service center.

If you are worried about the quiet sound of blocking on the iPhone 11, problems when talking on the phone, then the best solution would be to contact the specialists. If you do not hear sounds and signals, then try making a call from the iPhone by switching the call to speakerphone mode. The appearance of clicks, crackling may indicate problems with the network, signal reception. In this situation, you can be sure that a bad sound during a conversation is not caused by a breakdown of the gadget.

Professional repair

If the iPhone has been damaged after being dropped, squeezed, and the sound has become quiet or completely absent, then you should not open the device yourself and carry out any manipulations. Any unskilled intervention in the operation of a smartphone leads to unpleasant consequences. To restore sound on your phone, you should contact a specialist. In addition to high-quality repairs, the user will receive a comprehensive diagnosis of the device.

If you notice that your iPhone 11 does not work correctly, the sound disappears, it becomes very quiet, then you can always contact our service center. We provide a full range of iPhone diagnostics and repair services. We’ll help you find the reason why the sound on iPhone 11 is quiet. In our work, we use modern professional equipment and software products that help to identify the weaknesses of the device.

All you need to do is contact us in the most convenient way and make an appointment for a consultation. Our specialists will diagnose the device and offer the best way to eliminate the breakdown. All services are provided at affordable, non-exaggerated prices. Within a couple of hours you will be able to use your iPhone as usual. If the sound on the smartphone has deteriorated or disappeared, then, as soon as possible, call our service center.

How to check speaker volume on iPhone?

Go to the “Settings” “Sounds” (or “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals”) and drag the “Call and alerts” slider back and forth several times.

What to do if the sound on iPhone is quiet?

  • Make sure that Do Not Disturb (Settings. Do Not Disturb) and Silent Mode (switch on the side of the iPhone) are disabled.
  • Reboot iPhone and set the sound level to maximum.
  • Disable Bluetooth if other accessories are paired with it.

Why iPhone has a quiet speaker?

There are several reasons why the speaker on an iPhone is quiet. Sometimes the reason for this may be the inattention of the user himself, who forgot that he changed the volume parameters. Go to phone settings and go to the “Sounds” tab. The slider must be in the “bell and warning” position.

What to do if it is hard to hear when talking on the phone?

Try to make a call to a known working phone and check the sound quality. If this is not your case, then move on. Check the volume level. To do this, during a call, press the volume rocker up and check if there is a result.

How to increase the speaker volume on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Music → Equalizer and select the Late Night preset. After that, the iPhone sound will change and become louder.

Why is it hard to hear on iPhone?

Mechanical damage to the iPhone is quite often the reason that the interlocutor becomes hard to hear. As a rule, upon impact or other physical impact on the iPhone, the speaker can move, due to which the membrane travel decreases, and the sound begins to distort and becomes much quieter.

adjust, volume, iphone

How to increase the volume during a call?

How to increase volume on Android? You can increase the volume through the engineering menu. To enter it, you need to open the dialing number and enter the following combination: ###. Next, go to Audio, select Normal Mode and Type = Sph and then sequentially change the values ​​from Level 0 to Level 6.