How to adjust the LG magic remote control

[LG webOS TV] remote control Magic

You can easily and comfortably select the desired functions by moving the cursor across the TV screen, just as you would move the mouse across a computer screen. If the Magic remote control is not included in the box, you can buy it separately. Some models require a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter (available as an accessory or sold separately) to use this function. To use the Magic remote control, you connect it to your LG webOS TV. Connect the Magic remote control before you use it, following the instructions below:

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Turn on your TV. After about 20 seconds, point the remote control at the TV and

The remote control is automatically registered and the TV screen appears

If the Magic remote control does not register, turn off the TV and try again. Re-register the Magic remote control

Press EXIT button on your Magic remote control for over 5 seconds.

The previously registered remote control is unregistered,

Shake the remote control Magic in the direction of the TV from side to side until the pointer appears on the TV screen. When you move the remote control in the desired direction, the cursor follows the direction of movement. Move the cursor to the desired location and press the Wheel (OK) button. You can adjust the speed of the pointer and choose the shape of the pointer display to perform the function. Adjusting the pointer on the Magic remote controller You can adjust the pointer speed and choose the shape of the pointer.

Press the button on the remote control and select in the upper right corner.

Select Available Pointer Options.

Tracking Speed Set the speed at which the pointer moves. Size Select a pointer size.

If you do not use the pointer for a while, the pointer disappears from the screen. If the pointer disappears from the screen, shake the Magic remote control from side to side. It will appear again. If the remote control directional axis does not match the pointer position on the screen, move the remote control cursor to the edge of the screen until it matches. If you press the up, down, left or right buttons, the pointer disappears and the remote control works like a normal remote control. Use the remote control within the specified range (up to 10 meters). If you use the device outside the specified range or if there are obstacles in the range of the device, signal failures may occur. If you use household electrical appliances, the communication between the remote control and the TV may malfunction. For example, microwave ovens and wireless LAN devices use the same frequency range (2.4 GHz) as the Magic remote control. Bumps can damage the Magic remote control. When using the Magic remote control, be careful not to damage furniture, electronic equipment or people.

How to set up the LG Magic Remote

The latest generation of Smart TVs (smart TV) are practically computers, designed for viewing visual content from various sources, including the internet. But for all their technology, manufacturers have taken care to make them very easy to operate. One of these developments of LG was remote control LG Magic Remote, aka LG Magic Motion, but among the owners of LG technique known as the remote Jedi. Why has it earned this honorary title??

With it you can easily control not only the Smart-Function LG TV, but also other devices connected to the TV, for example, Blu-ray player, home theater or set-top box. It also has other unique features:

  • In the remote Magic Motion has a built-in gyroscope, so you can move the cursor on the TV screen by moving the remote control in space. What they call “with a swipe of the hand.
  • The remote control has a wheel, similar to the wheel on a computer mouse, which makes it very convenient to browse content on Internet sites.
  • There is a voice search function, which is much easier than typing a query in the search bar or even switching channels with buttons.
  • The newest Magic Remote remotes have a gesture control option.

For most of the newer LG TVs (starting with the 7 Series), the Magic Remote is included along with the regular remote. For earlier versions of the remote Magic Remote will have to buy separately. Also for some models may require Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter. It also can be included in the set, or you will have to buy it additionally.

But anyone who has ever used this device will tell you that the purchase is worth it. over, such a remote control is relatively inexpensive. Manufacturers recommend buying only original remote controls, as only they can guarantee operation without malfunction, interference and other “glitches”.

An alternative way is to download the LG WebOs Magic Remote app to your smartphone and use it as a remote control.

But in any case, regardless of whether you bought it separately, or it came with your LG TV, the Magic Motion remote needs to be set up and connected to the TV. This is very easy to do.

First you need to pair your remote with your TV.

  • Insert the batteries into the remote control. The remote control runs on two AA batteries.
  • Turn on your set. Wait until it boots up completely.
  • Point the remote control towards the TV and press the click wheel to initialize.
  • The TV screen should display a message telling you that the remote has successfully paired with your LG TV. “Registration successfully completed.”.
  • If for some reason the message does not appear, you need to repeat the entire process again.
  • Turn off your TV then turn it back on. Then press a button combination on the remote control. Button combinations differ for different years of remote controls.

Magic Motion remote controls 2010-2011: Press OK and MUTE button simultaneously for at least 5 seconds and point remote control towards your TV.

Magic Motion remote controls after 2012: You must press the Smart (or Home) and Back buttons simultaneously for at least 4 seconds while pointing the remote toward the TV.

If you can not connect your remote control, the reason may be the following:

  • Batteries not working. Try to replace both of them.
  • Objects between the remote control and the TV, preventing normal operation. The Magic Motion remote control operates in the 2400-2484 GHz frequency range, its transmitter power is 10 dBm and its range is up to 10 meters. For optimal and correct functioning of the remote control, however, it is important that there are no foreign objects between the remote control and the TV.

Important: The IR receiver is located in the lower right corner of the TV. So you should pay special attention to this area.

If you buy the Magic Remote separately, you have to consider compatibility with different LG televisions. It goes without saying that your TV must be equipped with Smart TV function, but the year of manufacture should also be taken into account. Different remote controls work on different televisions.

  • LG LED LSD TVs or plasma TVs produced before 2012. AN-MR300 remote control.
  • LG Smart TVs of 2013 model year. remote control AN-MR400.
  • LG Smart TV of 2014. AN-MR500.
  • TVs of 2015 release models UHD 4K. UF7700, UF8500, UF9400, UF9500, LCD. LF6300, OLED. EF9500, EG9600, EF9800. remote control AN-MR600.
  • TVs of 2016 with WEB OS 3.0 (except UH625-603V, LH604V, LH590V, LH570V). AN-MR650 remote control.
  • 2017 TVs. remote control AN-MR650A.
  • LG SIGNATURE televisions come complete with AN-MR700 remotes.
  • 2018 TVs. remote control AN-MR18BA.
  • 2019 TVs. AN-MR19A remote control.

Once you’ve connected your remote to your TV, you can start using it. To do this, gently shake the remote from left to right. A pointer will appear on the TV screen. The wheel on the remote control has an OK button function. You can use it to change channels, flip through menus, etc.д.

Also remote control can be optimally adjusted based on your own preferences: set the speed of movement, its shape and size. You can do it in “Settings”. Select “Settings” and there select “Index”.

Primary pairing of 2012-2020 TV models and remotes, TV M, W, S, N, A, B, C, F, G, H, K series

The most popular LG Magic Remote brand AN-MR18BA, it comes with most LG televisions. This is what it looks like. The connection method for all the types shown on the screen will be universal, the only difference is the design.

This remote control can be used to control your TV like a wireless mouse for your computer. Before connecting, please note. If there are similar televisions nearby, turn on only the one you want to pair with, disable the others. The remote control can communicate with multiple TVs at the same time. To connect the remote control to the TV, turn the TV on and wait until it is fully loaded, wait about 10-20 seconds. Point the remote in the direction of the TV and press the wheel in the center to initialize until the message “Registration of a new remote control is in progress” appears on the TV. After a successful pairing, the TV screen should say that the remote control is paired with your LG. “Remote control Magic is registered. If for some reason the sign does not appear, you need to repeat the whole process again. I did it the first time, the remote control appeared and all buttons work. If you are not able to connect the remote control, try the Smart button (or the Home button) and the Back button for at least 5 seconds while pointing the remote control towards the TV. And wait for the message on the TV about connection.

Setting up the Magic remote control pointer

Smart Home Setup Settings Pointer

To adjust the speed, shape and size of the Magic remote control pointer. Perform the following operations:

On the Magic remote control. Press the Smart Home button. to open the Smart Home screen.

Select SETTINGS Pointer. to open the pointer setting window.

Speed : select the speed of the pointer.

Elevate. Enables or disables auto-alignment of the pointer.

The Equalize feature is used to move the pointer to the center of the screen. moves the pointer to the center of the screen when you shake the Magic remote control horizontally.

How to set up a universal remote control for LG TV

A universal remote control is a device that can be used to remotely control several devices, such as a TV, audio system, set-top box, etc.д. This is very convenient because one remote control replaces several, saving time and avoiding unnecessary clutter.

Universal remotes produced by many manufacturers, and they differ not only in price, but also in a set of functions and types of devices that they can connect. Therefore, before buying, carefully read the datasheet.

Setting up the universal remote control: steps and instructions

  • Before you start setting up the universal remote control for LG TV, turn on the TV (with the original remote from the device or with the Power button on the body).
  • Point the remote control at the TV set, press the TV button (TV). Hold it for a few minutes. The LED on the front of the unit should light up.
  • Press a combination of programming buttons on the remote control (they differ depending on the manufacturer, so read the manual carefully. It can be a combination of Power and Set, Setup and C, etc. д.
  • A code input box will appear on the TV screen. For different LG TV models it could be 025, 164, 161. Enter the code using the remote control.
  • Wait until the initialization is complete. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the indicator light on the remote control turns off.

Well-proven on the market are universal remotes manufactured by LG. They are compatible with any equipment of this manufacturer.

It’s important to remember that many universal remotes reset all settings after the batteries are removed from them at the same time. Therefore, they must be changed strictly in turn, or the setting will have to be carried out each time from scratch.

Almost all modern models of LG TVs, working on the operating system WebOS, you can connect a universal remote control Magic, whose principle of operation is similar to that of a computer mouse. It makes it easy to select the desired functions directly on the TV screen by moving the cursor over it.

Depending on the TV model, the remote control Magic can be included or purchased separately. In some cases, you may also need to connect an additional Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter.

Step by step instructions to connect the remote control Magic

  • Turn on your TV using the “native” remote control or the button on the case.
  • About 15-20 seconds after turning on the TV, point the Magic remote control toward the TV and press the OK button (wheel).
  • The remote control will be activated, and the corresponding inscription will appear on the TV screen.

You can also adjust various settings on the Magic remote control, such as the speed of the cursor on the screen and the size of the cursor. Here’s what you need to do to do this:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, select “Settings” (the gear icon).
  • Press the button with three vertical dots on the right side of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, you can change the speed at which the cursor moves across the TV screen, as well as its appearance: size and shape.

If you do not use the cursor, after a certain time it becomes inactive and its image disappears from the TV screen. In order to return it, simply shake the remote from side to side.

You can also use your Magic remote control as a regular remote control. To do this, you need to press any of the buttons: “up”, “down”, “right” or “left.

The range of the Magic remote control is 10 meters, if you use it at a greater distance, there may be problems with signal transmission.

How to set up a universal remote control on your smartphone

A smartphone can be a universal remote control. To do this, it must have Smart. To do this you need to download the app. For example ,

Compatibility of devices with TVs

If you need to buy a remote control such as LG Magic Remote, you should determine which model will fit your TV.

To do this, you can read the information presented on the websites of online stores. as a rule, in the description of the device there is also information about compatibility.

adjust, magic, remote, control

If your TV model isn’t on the list it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it.

You can check the compatibility information using a more reliable source, LG’s official website.

Go to the manufacturer’s page, find the model of your TV and select the Smart TV tab.

Trouble syncing your remote control with your TV

Yes, this situation also happens, you try to unlink and re-pair the remote, but nothing helps, the TV does not react to the remote. Most likely in this case the remote is defective. LG remote control is a complex device, it has a Bluetooth module, gyroscope, it reacts to the movement of the remote in space to control the mouse on the TV screen, it supports voice commands. Some element can not work, the remote control is a portable device, can often fall down, so the warranty on the remote control is usually 3 months. If you can’t pair a bluetooth remote with your TV, you’ll have to buy a new remote. Very rarely, the bluetooth module on the main board of the television may be defective.

If the standard remote control on your LG TV stops working, follow these steps to find the problem.

Check if the standard remote control works. To do this, take the phone, turn on the camera, point the camera at the remote control (infrared LED), it is in front of the remote. Then press any button on the remote; if it works, the LED on the camera will flash. Notes: The standard remote emits infrared light; humans cannot see light in this range, but the camera matrix responds to infrared optical waves.

The remote’s infrared LED glows on the camera

If the LED on the standard remote control is blinking, it means that the remote control is working. The infrared receiver on your TV does not work. Check to see if the signal receiver is blocking the soundbar or something else. Since modern TVs are computers, you need to reset the TV by unplugging it for 1-2 minutes (you need to pull the plug out of the socket). After 1-2 minutes, turn the TV on, check if the remote works, if so, the problem was in the TV, related to the software. If the TV does not respond to the remote control even after that, it must be repaired.

If the LED on the remote control is not flashing, replace the batteries with new ones. If replacing the batteries with new ones does not correct the situation, you need to buy a new remote control.

What problems can arise when setting up a universal remote control and how to solve them

If you are too lazy to spend the money to buy a remote, or even lazy to go to the store. You can try to download “LG webOS Magic Remote” app to your smartphone. This app has the same functionality as the remote control. Now you can control Smart TV functions from your phone. True, the support of the application comes only on smartphones with the Android operating system.

Then you just install it and use it. This application is a little more convenient, because the cursor can be controlled by touching the screen of your smartphone. From there it is also easier to enter text, for example, for queries in the search bar of the Internet browser.


  • Use the remote control within the specified range (within 10 m).You may experience communication failure when using the device out of range or if there are obstacles in the coverage area.
  • Depending on the accessories, there may be communication failures.Devices such as the microwave and wireless LAN operate in the same frequency range (2.4 GHz) same as Magic Remote. This can cause communication failure.
  • The Magic Remote may not work properly if the wireless router (AP) is within 0.2m away from the TV. Your wireless router must be more than 0.2m away from your TV.
  • Do not disassemble or heat the batteries.
  • Do not drop battery. Avoid hard knocks on the battery.
  • Do not immerse batteries in water.
  • Warning: Risk of fire or explosion if battery is replaced by the wrong type.
  • Properly dispose of used batteries.
  • Incorrect battery installation can cause an explosion.

TVs 2021- Z1/M1/G1/C1/B1/A1- QNED9/QNED8/NANO9/NANO8/NANO7- UP8 / UP7 (Please check if TV Bluetooth is available) Not all listed models are supported in all countries. Listed models are subject to change without notice.