How to adjust the channels on an old Thomson TV

Adjusting THOMSON TVs

How to tune the channels on Thomson TV. Remote control for Thomson TV.

Our masters tune Thomson TV for analog and digital channels of terrestrial, cable and satellite television, adjustment of brightness, color and geometric characteristics of the screen, wired or wireless connection of Thomson TV to the network, connection of external players or recording devices. Everyone knows how to set up a Thomson TV. For your convenience we organize TV tuning consultation.

Types of TV signals

There are three main types of broadcast TV. It depends on how the signal is received.

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  • Terrestrial broadcasting. The broadcasting is from the TV tower to the indoor antenna, and does not use additional equipment.
  • Cable TV. From a special server in the distribution center of the operator the signal is transmitted by cable to network subscribers.
  • Satellite system. From the satellite, the pulse reaches the parabolic antenna, and then is converted by the receiver and sent through a cable to the TV set.

The first two variants can use analogue or digital channels, the last has a very high quality of audio and video signal transmission, but in order to view the TV you need to install additional equipment. Tuner (for details see the article about satellite TV connection).

Next, we describe in detail the setting of analog TV channels manually or automatically. Tuning of cable channels is not fundamentally different. Е. Digital channels are tuned identically.

Antenna to receive 20 digital channels.

To catch a digital signal you need an antenna this can be either indoor or outdoor with an amplifier. It all depends on several factors. The antenna must be in the DTM band, since the multiplexes are located in this band.

  • How far away is the TV tower from you?
  • The density of development and on what floor you live, also pay attention to where the windows are located if the tower is directly visible, it must be taken into account in the city.
  • If you live in an apartment building in the city, ask your housing management company about the collective antenna, if there is one, you can connect to it.
  • Also depends on the level of power of the transmitter and the presence of industrial objects, which create interference.
  • Most importantly, the closer you are to the TV tower, the better the reception.
  • Then the signal will also catch on a simple copper cable.
  • For example in some cases to catch the digital channels in the country house will be easier than in the city.

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How to tune the TV connection instructions. How to adjust an old TV. T how to adjust the channel color. Our masters do setting up TV Thomson analog digital channels cable satellite TV brightness adjustment color geometric parameters of the screen wired or wireless connect the TV. After replacing the optocoupler transistors b. How to set up a universal remote control when tuning.

Setting to control the TV (section “TV” of the code book); DVD player control. TV-tuners and others.

How to adjust the sharpness on your TV?

In order for the TV screen to produce a clear image on the test picture is necessary to achieve the most accurate display of intersections and lines. To do this, use the remote control to move the slider in the Focus (sharpening) parameter of the menu until all the intersections are visible.

To adjust the brightness of the screen on your LCD TV, you need to find the item “Backlight”, “Backlight Brightness” or “Backlighting” (if the menu is in English) in the picture settings. By changing the brightness of the backlight, you change the overall brightness of the screen without touching the signal parameters.

How to connect 20 channels of digital TV to an old TV

Setting up a digital set-top box for 20 channels on an old TV includes buying a special tuner. Searching is similar. Manual or automatic modes.

With built-in tuner, except for the antenna, you do not need any additional equipment. You can use an antenna that previously fixed an analog signal. To activate the work open the menu, activate the TV.

How to search for channels on your Thomson TV?

Start by pressing the power button on the remote control to turn off the THOMSON 43UC6406 TV. When the TV turns off, wait a couple of seconds and then turn it on again by pressing the power button. Well done!


It should be understood that not only modern versions of televisions, but also additional customizable accessories in the form of DVD or satellite TV successors are suitable for tuning the Thomson remote. When doing option entry for modern remote control equipment, the following tips are recommended:

  • You must first perform a proper startup of the unit to be set up.
  • To pair with a TV, press the appropriate TV button on the unit and hold it down until it flashes.
  • Then it is required to enter a special code, which will correspond to the TV model, using numerical keys.
  • Subsequently, the characteristic acceptance of a new code will be confirmed by a blinking diode on the TV being tuned.
  • Then perform a test run with all the keys available on the accessory.
  • If necessary, if the code does not fit, it can be replaced using the appropriate table.
  • If this method is not suitable, automatic scanning must be used.
  • Here after pressing the TV button, you should use the up or down arrow buttons (when selecting the correct code, the TV will turn off).
  • Confirm the action by pressing the corresponding confirmation button (OK or Enter). Or Enter).
  • With these methods it is possible to configure any joint use of the remote control and suitable equipment.

Do not forget to configure this remote control.

Remember that all the basic codes for use are contained in a special table, which can be found in the instructions that come with the accessory itself. Evaluating for operability and joint pairing takes place with equal application of different commands for TV or other equipment. Keep in mind that if you enter the value incorrectly, the TV will not respond to all or certain commands.

Телевизор «Thomson T32C81»

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For any other equipment, setup is done in the same manner. When performing the procedure, you must point the lens of the remote control directly at the signal receiver in the TV. If necessary, it is always possible to make a reset of the saved settings. The procedure of resetting is presented in the user manual that comes with the universal remotes from common Thomson TVs.

Important! In this case, the setting of the universal device was considered, but we should not forget that for the devices of this manufacturer you can always buy the appropriate models, which will not have to adjust.

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At the moment, various equipment and digital electronics are freely available for sale. Everything is made to fill human life with comfort, but any technical elements look incomplete, provided no accessories are purchased for them. In this case we are talking about TV remote controls, which allow you to send commands to the TV from a distance of up to 10 meters. Previously, only an identical device was suitable for each version of the equipment, but this has changed significantly when universal devices that can be adjusted for both modern and new equipment as well as for older versions of the technical equipment, which have long been removed from production, but are still in use by users appeared on the market.