How To Add Verified Phone Numbers To Your Apple Id

How To Add Verified Phone Numbers To Your Apple Id

If you still haven’t enabled Two-Factor Authentication for your Apple account, we strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

We clarify right away that Two-Factor Authentication is different from Two-Step Verification. The second is older and less secure.

If you have disabled 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), then anyone who takes possession of the password from your Apple ID will be able to access your contacts, calendars, notes, emails and other personal information, as well as see your photos, iCloud files, etc. d.

Special Apple ID questions do not help either: at the present time, even an ordinary user can hack your Apple ID in many ways.

With 2FA, access to all of the above data is not enough with a single username and password from Apple ID, since each input from a new device must be confirmed with a six-digit code that automatically appears on verified devices. By enabling 2FA, you can only access your Apple ID from verified devices. This feature greatly improves the security of your Apple ID and personal information.

You can enable 2FA in iOS 10.3 and later in Settings → [your name] → Password and Security → Two-Factor Authentication or in Settings → iCloud → your Apple ID → Password and Security → Two-Factor Authentication, if you have a version older than iOS 10.2.

You may need to answer your Apple ID question.

By enabling 2FA, you will need to enter your Apple ID, password and confirmation code each time you log into iCloud and other Apple services through a new device or browser.

But what if you lose access to all your trusted devices? You can no longer log into your Apple ID? No. 2FA can also be confirmed using a code sent to a verified phone number. You can get the code through a message or phone call.

When setting up 2FA, you need to enter at least one verified number. over, you can add multiple numbers. This will help you if you lose access to your trusted devices.

We recommend using a home phone number, a friend or family member number. Later, you can use it when there is no way to access your devices.

How to add a verified two-factor authentication number

Verified numbers and devices can be managed from the Apple ID webpage.

one) In the browser, go to:

2) Log in to your Apple ID.

3) In section Security click Edit.

four) Click Add phone number..

5) In the pop-up window, select your country.

6) Enter the phone number you would like to use for 2FA.

You do not need to enter the country code, since you have already selected it, i.e. You do not need to enter “7”.

7) Choose a confirmation method: SMS or Phone call.

8) Click Continue.

9) Enter the received six-digit confirmation code.

10) After that click Done in the upper right corner of the Security section to save the settings.

Note: Verified numbers can also be deleted. To do this, simply click on the icon x next to the number you want to delete.

Two-factor authentication and SMS security

Using confirmation via SMS or phone call is recommended only if you cannot access your trusted devices, since this method is unsafe. The message can be easily intercepted. SMS is the least secure way to confirm.

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