How to add sberpay icon to the main screen. How to use sberpay in stores

Sberpay payment service: What is it and how it works?

What is Sberpay and how the service works? The product of Sberbank can be used both for online purchases and for contactless payment. But first it must be connected and configured: we talk about this in detail in our review.

Let’s start with an answer to the question of what kind of Sberpay is and why it may be interesting to you. This is a payment service from Sberbank, which can be used for both online and offline purchases.

To understand all the advantages and features, you need to consider each area of ​​work separately.

If you want to use the service, but do not know if Sberpee works in 2022 after sanctions? A detailed answer to this question in the article on the link.

So what is Sberpay for online buying? If you prefer Internet shopping, you will be interested in a similar payment method!

Convenient: you do not have to fill out the details, just save these maps. When you decide to make a purchase, a confirmation code will come. this is enough, you do not need to enter a lot of numbers.

While we explain what kind of Sberpay this is, how to use and pay online, we will tell you later. Now the bank has more than 60,000 partners, this network is constantly expanding. We are sure that you yourself have seen a green payment button many times when you made purchases in a particular online store.

  • You can pay cards of any payment system. even a visa and mastercard, which are now working with restrictions;
  • If you are authorized through Sber ID, you can save and use the maps of banks, not only Sberbank.

And what kind of Sber is this with a smartphone?

This is a contactless payment service. You just apply the phone to the terminal, confirm payment, the funds are written off from the attached card.

The functionality is implemented by analogy with Google Pay and Apple Pay. What is the peculiarity? It’s comfortable! Just get the phone, you do not need to apply a card and enter a pin code.

Here’s what you need to know about how Sberpey works for contactless payment:

  • Available only to holders of the world world. Unfortunately, you can’t use a visa/mastercard cards, they simply cannot be connected to the service;
  • Can only be used on Android smartphones. You can’t download the service for devices with the iOS operating system, this is prohibited by Apple;
  • Android operating system. 7.0 or newer. Look into the phone settings and check if it is time to install the update right now;
  • The mobile device should be nFC chip. Check if your smartphone has the necessary technology, you can on the official website of the manufacturer.

Practically figured out what kind of Sber is and how it works. You checked whether your device corresponds to all conditions?

Important update: April 13, 2022, Sberbank announced the suspension of payments by cards of the world. Difficulties are associated with technical disagreements with a partner serving the payment system.

How to use Sberpei with a map world now? Users are still available online payments in full. Stell yourself, representatives of the bank promise that an alternative way will soon be found. and you can again add the world to the wallet for contactless payment.

How to setup?

To figure out how to use Sberpay, you need to configure it in the Internet bank. It is important! The service itself is not activated, you need to do it manually.

Before using Sberpay, you need to wait a bit. The system itself will connect, in a couple of minutes you will receive a notification of the successful completion of the operation.

If you want, immediately click on the “Add Label” icon. To put the service icon on the main screen of the smartphone. If necessary, you can do this later-you need to squeeze the Internet bank icon and choose the appropriate item in the menu.

In the next part of the review, we will tell and show in practice how Sberpay works. But first, let’s clarify: it is better to choose a Sberbank service as a default payment tool, this will greatly simplify the use process.

You can find the desired section in the smartphone settings.

One touch of a finger and no cash. What is Sberpay

Paying a smartphone is the usual thing. Convenient: no cards and wallets need to drag. In terms of theft and fraud, it is quite harmless. And given the situation with coronavirus, it is also good for health.In 2020, Sberbank launched his own payment service. Sberpay. Works on the basis of the Sberbank application application. That is, the data of your Sberbian cards should not be transferred somewhere else, they remain inside the Sberbank system.

Не работает Сберпэй, как подключить и пользоваться альтернативами Sberpay для оплаты телефоном NFC

Sberpay is available only on smartphones with Android system. Because on smartphones with iOS by default there is an Apple Pay. a service, an analogue of which, in fact, is Sberpay. On androids a few years before the Sberian creation, their Googlepay or Samsungpay appeared. In short, Sberpay is needed by those who have no other contactless payment on the smartphone.

However, there are drawbacks. Firstly, only Sberbank cards can be tied to Sberpay. Other banks. no, in any case while. By the way, if earlier only VISA cards could be tied to Sberpay, now Visa, Mastersard and “World” can.

Two indispensable conditions to start using Sberpay. You should have:

One does not work without the other! Why do you need Sberpay if there is Sberbank online?

Sberpay is tied to Sberbank online, and you do not need to download some separate application. If you want to start using Sberpay, just connect Sberbank online. We download the banking application, enter the number of any of your Sberbiances (if not, we will have to start).On the main screen we see the section “Wallet”, where all your cards lie.

Choose the one we will pay by Sberpay. In our example, let it be a salary card. We go to “Settings”.

If you do not confront the screen lock, a window will appear on the smartphone with a request to configure the telephone screen blocking. Click on the inscription “In Settings”. Choose a locking method. It can be a PIN code, password, graphic key or fingerprint. After choosing and installing the lock, we again automatically fall on the page with the “Connect” button. Click. In the process of connecting, we see a question, we answer our choice “yes” or “no”.

All is ready. You can click on the “Create shortcut” button, and then a special icon will appear on the work screen of a smartphone.

Now, to pay at the checkout in the store, click the Sberpay icon on the smartphone, enter our unlock password or attach a finger, bring the phone to the terminal, look at the screen. we see the amount of, bring the phone to the terminal again. The purchase was paid. And no scammers.

How to pay?

In the first method, we do not need to delve into the application and do not need a mobile Internet, but we need to bring the smartphone to the terminal twice. In the second method, you need to independently activate Sberpay and you will need a mobile Internet to enter the application, but you need to bring the smartphone to the terminal only once. to pay for payment. How more convenient. decide for yourself.

In addition to payment by a smartphone instead of a card, Sberpay allows you to withdraw money from an ATM using a phone with NFC and pay for purchases on the Internet (if the service supports the Sberpay payment system) without entering the card and code from SMS.

How to create a shortcut label on the phone screen?

How to create a label of Sberpay on the screen of a smartphone and why is it necessary? Convenient option, you can quickly access the contactless payment service and transfer money for purchases.

Sberpay label on the desktop. a very comfortable thing. Sberbank’s service is needed for contactless payment of smartphone purchases, he began to gain particular popularity after limiting the work of standard services Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In some cases, you can pay for purchases when starting the terminal. The system is automatically triggered, the desired card is displayed on the screen, you can only confirm the desire to carry out the operation.

But this does not always happen, hence the question of how to make a label sberpay on the phone. Sometimes you need a manual launch of the service, and through the sticker this is much easier to do. Do not have to go to the banking application, look for settings Now you understand?

Before adding Sberpay shortcut to the main screen, you need to recall the working conditions of the service. If your device does not correspond to them, nothing will work out, you will have to refuse contactless payment.

If you are really interested in how to install Sberpey shortcut on the phone, you first need to check all these conditions.

To find out if your device supports the NFC, you can on the manufacturer’s website, all the necessary information is posted there. If there is no chip, you cannot pay a smartphone.

You can check the update of the operating system in the smartphone settings. As a rule, the section you need is in the “General” or “system” tab. If there is an affordable update, it is necessary to download it.

Recall once again that for contactless payment you can only use the world card. If you have Visa/MasterCard, first release new plastic or digital product. Everything can be designed through a mobile application or site.

Unfortunately, the owners of the iPhone are not available. Only those who have Android.

How to create?

So, how to display Sberpay label on a smartphone screen? If you want to simplify the payment process, you still need it!

  • Find the bank’s mobile application icon on the phone screen;
  • Click it with your finger and hold it for a few seconds;
  • A small window will appear where you will see a button with the name of the service.

Further. two answers to the question of how to create a shortcut label on the phone screen. Choose any option you like:

That’s all! Then you can move the sticker anywhere. Place it so that you can quickly enter the service.

There were questions about how to create a labeling sberpay? Even if you accidentally remove the sticker from the screen, at any time you can restore it. There are no restrictions, do as you convenient for you.

How to pay through sberpay

Before going to the store and paying through Sberpay, it is worth making sure that the application has been installed “by default” in the system settings of the smartphone. After that, you can safely approach the checkout and, having unlocked the smartphone in a convenient way, bring it to the terminal. Sberpay should open automatically.

How to setup

Having dealt with the introductory data regarding Sberpay, you can proceed to the practical part. We have to find out how to configure the work of the service, and what will be needed for this.


First of all, you need to install an application that offers access to Sberpay. Unlike other payment services, it does not provide for a separate program. Sberpay operates through the Sbercsioned Sber appliance, available for download in most stores. Therefore, as the first stage you will need:

Please note that in 2022 the Sberbank application was removed from the Play store Market. Therefore, to download software, you will have to use an alternative store or install the program manually using an APK file. When installing through APK, make sure the file has been downloaded from the official site. Otherwise, no one can guarantee the absence of viruses in the application.

If you managed to download the application through the Play Market until the spring of 2022, then it will continue to work and you will not have to bother with its re.installation.

If you decide to use the service for the first time, you will need to install the installation using App Gallery or any other store where Sberbank is presented.

Card binding

Any owner of a bank card of this monetary organization can register in the Sberban application, using the following instructions:

Since the Sberbank application is regularly updated, the names of some menu items may differ. However, in any case, the principle of registration will be the same. You will need to specify the data of the bank card, and then come up with a password for access to the service.

Sberpay connection

After you added a bank card to the Sberbian application, you must activate the Sberpay service. To perform the operation, you will need to take a few simple steps:

If everything is done correctly, then a message will appear on the screen about the successful connection of the option. The service is free, and its connection is required only to confirm the use of the smartphone as a payment means.

Creating a shortcut

For quick access to the service, you can create a shortcut on the desktop, which will be adjacent to the icon of the main application of Sberbank. The proposal to create a shortcut appears immediately after connecting Sberpay, and the user needs to just agree with it.

If the proposal did not appear, or you missed this stage, then you can add a label post fact:

This method works on devices with Android 9 and a newer version of the operating system. If the Sberpey icon does not display in the dialog box, you will need to reconnect the service according to the instructions considered earlier.

Phone setting and NFC

Adding a bank card, as well as connecting Sberpay. this is not the end of the setup. Next, you need to configure the smartphone itself. Firstly, it is proposed to make Sberpei with the default payment service:

  • Go to the “Connection and General Access” section, and then. “NFC”.
  • Open the “contactless payments” tab, after which. “default payment”.
  • Among the proposed options, select Sberpay.

In addition, do not forget to activate the NFC sensor. You can do this through the notification curtain (control center), as well as in the Smartphone settings section of the same name.

How to pay with a phone

Now you can proceed to the description of the payment process. Transaction is performed according to the instructions that will directly depend on whether you have made Sberpay by default payment service. If so, just bring the smartphone to the terminal and confirm the transaction by password or print.

If another service was selected as an application for payment, you will have to use the Sberpay label. Slide on it, and then bring the mobile device to the terminal and confirm the payment. We also draw your attention to that in both cases it is previously required to unlock the smartphone.


What will be needed for connecting sberpay?

  • Smartphone with NFC
  • Sberbank Online installed application of the latest version.
  • Sberbank card. Visa, Mastercard or World. From March 10, 2022, only world cards are adopted due to sanctions.
  • Go to the Sberbank Online Mobile application.
  • In the “wallet” block, select a card with which you want to pay for purchases by Sberpay (other cards can be added later).
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Click on “connect sberpay”.
  • Click on “connect”. The bank will check the card and connect it to the Sberpay system. If you have already connected Sberpay, then the card will simply be added to the system.
  • If you have a default payment system, for example, Google Pay, the application will ask you to change it to Sberpay. If you are going to use Sberpay, click “Yes”. The payment system can then be changed then independently in the “tinctures”.
  • If your NFC is disconnected, the application will offer you to turn it on. Click on “Settings” and turn on NFC.

Ready! Now you can pay for purchases with a smartphone using Sberbank bank cards, including the world.

To create a separate label for Sberpay on the desktop, click on the Sberbank Online application icon and hold for a second. If your desktop is protected from changes, go to “Settings”, select the “Desktop”, then “Desktop” and turn off “Protect from changes”.

sberpay, icon, main, screen, stores

Return to your desktop, click on the Sberbank Online application icon and hold for a second. Drag the Sberpay icon to the free place of the desktop.

You can add your other cards in the same way that you added the first. To choose a card for payment, enter in the search for the Sberpay application and select “Connect Sberpay”. Click on the desired card and click on the “Main Card for Payment”.

Change permits

If you do not have a Sberpay shortcut, it is worth checking the permission of the banking application. Sometimes difficulties arise due to the fact that the system cannot access certain functions.

Now you need to click on each resolution and change its settings, choosing everywhere the parameter “allow”.

Sberpay label is still not created? We will look for other methods of solving the problem!

Update the operating system

Sometimes the answer to the question of why the label of Sberpey is not created, lies on the surface. How long have you updated the operating system? Perhaps the service simply cannot work on your device technically.

If the update is available. that is why Sberpay label is not created! We recommend installing a new version right now: just act according to the instructions on the screen. After that, repeat the attempt to transfer the sticker to the desktop.

SberPay: как подключить, как пользоваться? Платёжная система от Сбербанка. Оплата телефоном.

Important! Since April 2022, the Sberbank app is not available in the App Store and Google Play, so you cannot update the program itself. In no case do not delete the Internet bank, restore the application will not work.

Still wondering: “Why can’t I create a labeling sberpay”? We will try the third method.

Reasons why Sberpay does not work

First, let’s figure out why the Sber is not connected in the application on Honor or other devices. There may be other problems related to application performance. They can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Malfunctions from the Sberbank online service, because of which the platform itself does not work.
  • NFC is disabled or physical damage to the module.
  • Lack of attached card or expiration of its validity.
  • On the card account from which payment is made, there is no money.
  • Payment errors.
  • No Internet, etc

These are the main reasons why Sberi Poye gives a mistake does not work and refuses to make a payment. Regardless of the situation, the problem can be solved independently and without contacting specialists. Next, we will consider what steps can help solve the problem.

Turn on NFC

The common reason why Sberbank drink does not work is the disconnected NFC module. In such a situation, check if it is included, and then repeat the payment attempt to pay. Use one of the following routes:

Failed to connect sberpay

If such an inscription appears on the screen with a proposal to try to register after 5 minutes or later, this is a very common mistake. And your solution is quite simple: you really need to try to register later, perhaps the system is now overloaded and simply cannot process your request.

If the registration has failed with the fifth and sixth attempt, then the problem is solved in a more radical way. you need to delete the application, restart the phone and the Sberbank program. As a rule, after this, there are no problems with the binding of cards.

The discrepancy between the card

One of the steps, what to do if the Sber is not working. try to tie another bank card. Failures may occur due to an attempt to connect the “plastic” of the Mir payment system. At the time of writing, the review is not supported by the system.

Sberpay writes “Try it in 5 minutes or later”. what to do

When trying to add a card, an error message may appear with a request to repeat the attempt later. As it turned out, this is a common problem with a rather simple solution. you need to try several more times. My card was added after six unsuccessful attempts. If this method has not helped you, you need to reinstall the application and restart the smartphone, and then repeat the attempt.

Set Sber Pay as the main application

One of the most frequent complaints on the Internet is that I can’t connect Sberbae, the service does not work. In such a situation, do the following:

After that, check if the program works or not. If the reason is this, payment should be made in the usual manner.

What is Sberpay?

Sberpay. payment system for purchases on the Internet and for payment by a smartphone instead of a bank card. Popular analogues are Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

When buying in online stores or services, you can choose Sberpay, enter the Sberbank online application and click “Pay”. No longer need to enter the card number and confirmation code from SMS messages.

Also, the Sberpay payment system allows you to pay for purchases in stores with a smartphone instead of a bank card, but for this the device must be equipped with a NFC chip.

Sberpay also allows you to withdraw money at ATMs without using a bank card. To do this, you will also need an NFC chip in your smartphone. You can learn more about NFC in a separate article.