How to add photos to Instagram from iPhone

How to make a post to Instagram from your phone

How to add a post to Instagram from your phone through the app or media library, how to edit the publication, put tags, geolocation. Tips for decorating posts, selecting hashtags.

Also, some photo and video editors allow you to share a media item in addition to saving it and therefore add it to Instagram directly.

  • Launch the program. Make sure you’re in the right account, if there are more than one.
  • In the bottom panel, select the “plus” in the center to open the gallery.
  • By default, Instagram prompts you to choose from recent photos, but you can tap on this caption from above and go to the library with albums.
  • Find the appropriate frame. At the bottom underneath, use the Aspect Ratio tool: make the image vertical or horizontal as needed.
  • Click on “Next” in the corner to go to the filters and editing tools. Here are the basic settings. Brightness, contrast, sharpness, temperature, burn-in, shadows, etc.
  • In the next window you can add a signature, decide in what other accounts the post will appear, copy it to social networks: VK, OK, FB, or Tumblr. Once you have made all the adjustments, click on “Share.

A more convenient way for some people is through the Media Library. To do this, you need to enter it and select a photo or video to publish. If you plan to post a video, it should be no longer than 60 seconds. The rest will be cropped.

  • Choose a photo or video. Find the “Share” icon at the bottom.
  • Find the Instagram icon in a pop-up menu. Where it is located depends on the type of operating system.
  • Tap on it. It will automatically go to the app. You’ll need to authorize in Instagram beforehand, if this has not been done.

When publishing a post directly from the Media Library, editing tools will not be available: only adding a caption.

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How to publish several photos in one post

The system is called “carousel” and has existed in Instagram for about 3 years. It allows you to add multiple photos or videos in one post (they can be mixed). A maximum of 10 media items. You can choose the order in which they will appear in the post.

When selecting photos and videos for the carousel, remember that they must have the same shape: either vertically, horizontally, or square.

The principle is the same as with the standard post:

  • Log in to the app and click on the “plus” in the center.
  • In the window that appears, find the item labeled “select a few”. This will be the “carousel.
  • Choose photos and videos in the order they should be in the post.
  • Click on “Next” in the upper right corner.
  • In the new window, scroll through all the carousel items to make sure they are in the right order. Here you can apply filters to each separately or to all at once. If you want to add more photos or videos (there are less than 10 at the moment), after the last object will be a “plus”. Tap on it.
  • If all is good, click on “Next” and confirm the post.

How to upload a photo to instagram

First, you need to decide which gadget you want to use to upload your photos to instagram. Will it be phone or PC. It’s much easier to post photos through your phone than through your computer. The social network does it all. You do not need to download any applications. It is possible to place, as saved photos from the gallery on the phone, or to make a photo and post it in instagram. The actions are very simple. They will be described below.

The only thing you may need to download photo editing programs if you have overestimated requirements for photo quality and processing. After working with which, the photo saved in the gallery, you can post in the usual way. There are many applications for downloading photos to instagram from your computer. For example, through Bluestacks, or from the Grambl application. In this article we will talk about a simpler way, which does not require downloading any applications. How to post a photo to instagram from your computer

Software developers do not stand still, this also applies to programs to download photos to instagram. There is a way to put the photo through a browser, such as Google Chrome. Let’s see some ways to post photos. Placing through the browser on your computer, requires logging into your instagram page. After opening the page, press the key combination CtrlShiftI. This action opens the page of the developer. On the developer’s page in the upper left corner, click on the icon of a phone and tablet. Choose the right gadget.

After turning on the button with the image of the tablet and phone, in the open instagram page, at the bottom you will find the button with the camera. With which, add photos in the usual way from your computer. Another way is to use a special application, such as Postingram. Like many other applications, it requires registration. It is rather simple. It is sufficient to add an email address, password, and click on the “Register” button.

It works through an account, so you must add it in the window that opens. This is the green “Add account” button. Fill in all the details, and then the post search section will appear, detailing how to work with the photo.

Post a photo from your iPhone

Next, we’ll break down methods on how to add photos to Instagram from your phone via iOS.

Through the app

  • Sign in to Instagram.
  • Click on “” located in the middle of the bottom menu bar.

Done, the image is published to your profile!

From the photographic film

To post photos from a photofilm, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Photos app;
  • Of all the pictures, click on the one you want to insert into Instagram;
  • Then click on the picture transfer symbol (the arrow in the square);

How to upload a photo to Instagram from your phone or tablet

Millions of people are now using social media: writing posts, posting videos. Instagram is especially beloved by users. Simple account owners make friends and share impressions, businessmen try to promote goods or some services, and bloggers try to gain an audience with the help of the content they post on their page. It has a simple and clear enough interface, so that even children can post to Instagram.

It is, on the contrary, more convenient than from a computer, t.К. Most pictures are stored on handheld devices. In addition, the application itself is optimized for different devices.

How to add photos to Instagram. The first thing to do is to install the program itself on your phone. By clicking on the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (Android), find the application icon and download it.


  • After opening the application, click the icon with “” at the bottom.
  • A window will appear where you can create, make corrections and make a publication to Instagram. At the bottom there are several tabs with the medisources: phone gallery and camera. Take a new photo or make a new video.
  • Select the finished photos in the “Gallery” tab. Instagram has an infinity icon, it suggests installing a special extension “Boomerang”. You need it to create short themed videos.
  • Another extension. “Layout” helps to make 1 whole image from different photos in Instagram. After you click on it, the extension menu opens. Find the shots you want there and choose a collage from the ready-made options. Edit the result and click: “Next”.
  • If you plan to post several photos at once, select the desired ones in the gallery and press “Next. Remember, the system will process them simultaneously. If you set a filter. It will be common, if you do cropping. All photos will be automatically cropped.
  • To add photos to Instagram via your phone, select “Photos” and click on the big round button. Use the circular arrows to change the camera: front or front-facing. The lightning icon is a flash. Taking a picture will automatically take you to the pre-publish menu.
  • The “Video” tab is responsible for adding videos to Instagram. Press and continue to hold “Play” while recording. When finished, click: “Next”.
  • The edit (pre-publish) feature allows the author to use filters. To set the brightness, perspective or contrast of the photos.
  • You can add hashtags, locations, and descriptions after posting, when the photos are uploaded.

The tablet works in a similar way, it resembles a large phone. So it makes no difference how to publish images to Instagram. Using it or a smartphone. Some advanced owners download the app to all devices at once.

How to add a photo to Instagram with your camera

This function allows you to publish new photos you have just taken. The user takes pictures and publishes them immediately.

  • Launching Instagram, find the camera image among the icons at the bottom. It can be seen in the center of the panel.
  • To add photos to Instagram through the phone immediately after taking them, click on the icon found. When the camera is activated, point it at the desired object. To take it off, use the center button.

The picture is ready, just add a description (optional), after that the profile feed will be updated.

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How to upload photos to Instagram using the gallery

Usually there are all the images taken with the camera or downloaded by the user from the Internet.

Upload pics to Instagram from the gallery as follows:

  • Open the application, log in and look for the camera icon in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap it. The camera is activated. The round button in the center. Take a picture. To the right is the camera image. Make a video. We will need the icon on the left. Tap it and a small list will appear. Among the suggested options, look for: “Gallery”.
  • Your phone gallery will open. To post photos to Instagram, check the desired images. Next you will be prompted to crop the picture or leave it unchanged.
  • Then the editing section opens, where the user can use different filters, apply effects or frame.
  • Once it’s finished processing, click on the arrow at the top to go to publish. There you can add a description and hashtags to the photo on Instagram, activate synchronous posting (if necessary).

It’s worth previewing the gallery and figuring out which images can be used as material for posts.

How to choose a caption

Thousands of photos or videos are uploaded to the app daily on a variety of topics. Profile writers tend to stick to the main theme. If he or she specializes in publishing original food recipes, the new photo is likely to be about a meal or a step-by-step depiction of the cooking procedure. If your main focus of the account is travel or fitness, then 90% of your new material will be about a new location or a description of a workout.

However, how do you direct followers and other interested parties to the right post to collect more views in the end?? The “dressing” of the photo will help. It is the main feature that Instagram users use to meet the posts.

First of all, it is an original, memorable, even “topical” caption. It will interest the readers. How to make it:

  • You should use language that is familiar to the target audience. Perhaps spice it up with specific terms or jokes understandable to “their”.
  • Must match the main idea of the post, ideally conveying it.
  • You can also add contact information to your signature.

Encouraging inscriptions also work well. For example, if you post a picture against a background of some place, you can sign it: “Where do you think I?”

How to crop a photo and add it to Instagram

If you plan to post a photo not in its entirety, but pre-cut, then let’s figure out how to do it. You can get rid of unnecessary fragments in the picture again in several ways.

The first (in the built-in device editor):

  • Run the program sotset and through the “plus” select the appropriate photo in the gallery.
  • Sliding the screen apart with two fingers, select the area of the picture to save. Anything not selected will be cropped.
  • Click “Next” and share the post.

Interesting. If you don’t want users to share their opinions under your post, at the point of adding text and hashtags, go to “Advanced Settings” and check the “Turn off Комментарии и мнения владельцев” checkbox.

  • Download and install PicsArt via Google Market.
  • Skip the authorization and premium filter ads stage. You don’t need it yet.
  • Click on the “plus” on the bottom menu.
  • Click on “All photos” and select the appropriate one from the gallery.
  • Click on Tools. Crop.
  • Highlight the area you want to crop.
  • Save your changes with the “arrow”.
  • Select “Share toPost to Instagram”.
  • Add a watermark if needed.
  • Publish to.

How to tag people in a photo

Instagram allows in the publications of the feed (there are restrictions in the storizas) to mention any accounts, including closed. After that, their profile picture will be displayed in the “Flagged” block. However, some users can customize the feature to confirm or reject the tag’s presence in an image.

  • Reach the last part of the photo posting process. Find the “Flag Users” line.
  • In the window that pops up, tap the spot on the photo where the tag should appear. Instagram will offer a search bar.
  • Type in your username or account name. The “@” element is optional. Once you do so, the window with the photo will reappear.
  • If the tag is in the wrong place, tap and hold it and move it to the other location. Next you can add more people, if necessary.
  • After completing the procedure, click “Done”.

Features of carousels in the social network feed

“Instagram” is used by people of both sexes, nationalities, cultures, and occupations. Some people want to share photos with relatives and friends, others are trying to increase their popularity, to promote a product or service.

The carousel’s special feature is that it is designed to publish from 2 to 10 images at a time. Its main purpose is to draw attention to the post, t.Е. Make a person linger on the page and scroll through the photos.

I post a carousel when I want to share:

How to download videos from Instagram?

Here are seven ways to download videos from Instagram.

Check your file manager.

If you have an Android smartphone, you don’t have to use different websites or apps to download videos. All the videos you view on Instagram are saved on your device.

Use your file manager to find them. If you can’t find it, you’ll have to download it from Google Play. Just enter “file manager” in the search and download any.

Next, go to “Main Memory” com.Instagram.Android Cache Videos. Change the video extension to MP4 and you’re done. Videos are saved in reverse order, meaning the most recent ones will be at the top.

Add than One Picture to Instagram Stories on iPhone. Multiple Images Same Story

Video downloader for Instagram.

If working with a file manager is too complicated for you, you can safely download one of the many specialized programs from Google Play that will help you download videos.

One of the most popular is called Video Downloader for Instagram. It allows you to download or repost videos to or from Instagram in one click. The video is automatically added to your phone, in the gallery.

The Dredown app (aka Video Downloader. For Instagram Repost App)

This is one of the first apps created to download videos from Instagram. To use it, you first need to download the app from Google Play.

Next, you need to copy the link to the post you want:

Go to Instagram, find the post you want, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select “Copy Link.

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Go to app. The copied link will be automatically pasted in the window you need.

After a few seconds, your browser will start downloading the file. You will find your downloaded video in the Videos folder on your device.

It’s worth noting that this app works not only with Intagram, but also with YouTube Twitch, Vine, Vimeo, Metacafe, Tumblr, etc.

For iOS -devices ( iPhone , iPad . Imac )

There are several apps in the App Store that allow you to download videos, but many of them are full of ads and not always easy to use.

Regrammer app. Exception. It’s completely free, and while it does come with ads, those ads aren’t very intrusive.

You need the link of the post that has the photo or video you want to download. Once you copied the link, paste it into Regrammer, and hit “Preview.

On the last page, you can choose between downloading a video to your device or reposting on your behalf.

It will not be superfluous to get a backup way to download videos and photos from Instagram.

This method only works on a computer.

You again need to copy the link to the post and paste it into the search box on the Gramblast website and click “Download Gram.

You can re-download your downloaded video to any social networking site or just store it on your hard drive.

Of course it’s not hard to download videos from Instagram, but you should keep in mind that every video and photo has its author, and you might be violating copyrights.

Download for personal use only. Enjoy, but do not use the downloaded material as your own. You wouldn’t want to be treated the same way.