How to add music to iPhone

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How to listen to music on iPhone for free?

  • YouTube Music.
  • Deezer (Android, iOS)
  • Spotify Music (Android, iOS)
  • SoundCloud (Android, iOS)
  • Wynk Music (Android, iOS)
  • Pandora (Android, iOS)
  • Tidal (Android, iOS)
  • Google Play Music (Android, iOS)

How to Download iPhone Music to Documents?

Just go to the music site through the Documents app and click the download button. You can also choose where the files are saved. After downloading, select the file to play it. The Documents app plays almost all audio and video formats.

How to listen to downloaded music on iPhone now?

Select “Settings” “Music” and turn on “Automatic Downloads”. The added songs are automatically downloaded to the iPhone. View the download progress. On the Library screen, tap Downloaded Music, then tap Download.

Where are photos saved on iPhone?

The iCloud Drive directory in the Files app has a Downloads folder where iOS saves all downloaded files by default.

Is it possible to download music from the Internet to iPhone?

How to Download Music from Internet to iPhone and iPad without iTunes

  • Open the Browser menu and in the address bar enter the address of the site from which you intend to download music.
  • Select the desired song, click on the file download icon in the FileMaster program.

How to download music to iPhone without iTunes?

Launch the Google Play Music app on your iPhone or iPad and sign in with your account. On the first page of the application, all the music you downloaded will be presented. Choose a track or album. you can already freely listen to music in excellent quality!

How to add music to iPhone? How to set ringtone to iPhone?

Everyone who uses an Apple product knows how complicated the procedure for working with audio files is. Unlike Android phones, the Apple logo technology works in a slightly different way. Instead of just uploading files to your device’s disk, iPhone has a completely different way of recording audio files. This, by the way, applies not only to how to record music on iPhone, but also applies to iPod and iPad.

Important points to keep in mind when using iPhone?

If you still don’t know how to add music to iPhone, this post will be useful for you. So, let’s say you need to import MP3 recordings downloaded from the Internet. To do this, you need to add them through iTunes, you can also do this through the form for creating playlists, thus making listening to music in the future more convenient.

After that, it is important to remember that you cannot move or delete the original records located on the computer. Otherwise, as already described above, it will be impossible to play music on the device after the next synchronization.

Introducing synchronization

So, as we explained how to add music to iPhone, we mentioned syncing several times. The word itself means to compare, compare, connect something. This is exactly what the corresponding function does in Apple devices. In fact, are the audio files on the user’s computer “adjusted” to the recordings on the media? that is, a player, tablet or smartphone. Thus, at the program level, two file directories are maintained in parallel, which directly depend on each other.

Software for recording media files

The software with which you can download songs to Apple devices is called iTunes. Through it, music from a computer to an iPhone can be transferred quickly and conveniently if you know how to use it correctly.

The thing is that audio files are recorded not by simply dragging and dropping files, but by a more complex synchronization procedure. So, each record must be placed from the file system of the computer into the program field, and after synchronization this file will be written to the device as well. If the file is deleted from your computer, after synchronization it will also be unavailable on your iPhone. The latter fact makes working with the application much more difficult.

Options to simplify your media experience

Of course, you can simplify the method described above and do nothing other than add music to the iPhone directly (without a computer). It is enough to download one of the many applications designed specifically for saving audio recordings. For example, until recently this role was played by the social network. which allowed saving music from Audio Recordings. However, with the last update of this application, such a function has been removed. Developers can be understood: the fight against piracy, including in the field of audio content, is now a topical topic.

Nevertheless, you should not be upset. music can be bought and downloaded on the Appstore in the appropriate section. This procedure is easier, since then you do not need to work with a computer and carry out synchronization. all files go straight to your tablet or phone. On the other hand, the method with downloading via iTunes has such a plus as the mandatory presence of a “parallel” copy of all music files. This means that in case of data loss for any reason, all your records will remain on the gadget or computer hard drive.

Why Apple has made life so difficult for users?

In addition, if music is transferred using the synchronization method, the user will be forced to save it on his computer as a backup before adding music to the iPhone. After the audio files are imported into iTunes, you should not delete them from their original location, because then they will no longer function on your device after the next synchronization.

How to set ringtone?

So, we figured out how to upload music to the iPhone. It’s time to figure out how to set the music on your iPhone that you would like to hear on an incoming call. First, it should be noted that you will need to work hard to create a special ringtone.m4a file. You can do this with any audio file on your phone using iTunes. The program provides for the option of saving a certain segment of the melody (its duration, by the way, cannot exceed 30 seconds). This is done so that during an incoming call, not the whole song will sound from the very beginning, but the most appropriate moment is chosen (for example, the chorus).

As for how to put music on the iPhone (meaning that we already have the ringtone file itself), this is done very simply. We go to “Settings”, then. “Sound” and “Select ringtone”. In the field that opens, we get a list of files that can be installed on the call. Choose, save. and it’s done!

Of course, the iPphone provides for the presence of standard melodies that can be installed without downloading songs using the methods described above. There are several of them, so each user can make a choice. However, the tunes that are preinstalled in the device are simple and straightforward, so you shouldn’t expect your favorite song to be among them.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone via iTunes

In order to upload music from your iTunes library to iPhone, you just need to sync them. Follow below steps:

Connect iPhone via USB to your computer, if you have Wi-Fi sync enabled, then use it.

If iTunes was not open, it will open itself. After the iPhone appears in the icon bar. click on it,

Go to the “Overview” tab, scroll down to the “Options” section and check the box “Handle music and videos manually”. Click the “Apply” button

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Now you need to select the “Music” tab and check the box next to the “Sync Music”.

Slightly below, if you need to download all the music from aytyuns, select the item “All media library”. And if you only want to download specific albums, tracks, or playlists, select “Favorite Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Genres.” And click “Apply”.

After iTunes and iPhone sync finishes, all marked music will be downloaded to iPhone.

How to Add Music to iPhone from Computer

If you have an iOS device, then you must be wondering how to add music to iPhone, iPad, or. Ideally, you can get help from iTunes or any third-party tool to add music to iPhone. The process is very similar to all iOS devices and will allow you to keep your media files close at hand. In order to help you add songs to iPhone in different ways, we came up with this thoughtful post. In this guide, we will teach you how to add songs to iPhone and without iTunes in steps.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone from Computer via iTools

There is a great alternative to iTunes, with which you can very quickly throw music to iPhone from your computer, this is the iTools program.

iTools (iTools). at the moment it is the best analogue of the iTunes program. Can completely replace iTunes to solve long syncing problems for iPhone and iPad.

It does not have the ability of iTunes to organize a music collection, however, most users do not need this, since you can register metadata directly in the OS environment.

Run the iTools program.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Go to the Music tab.

Click on the Import button.

Select the desired songs in MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless format and click Open.

If you need to select several files, hold down the Command button on Mac or Ctrl on Windows and click on the necessary ones with the mouse. If you need to select all files in a folder, use the keyboard shortcuts CommandA on Mac and CtrlA on Windows.

After that, the process of importing music will begin, after its completion, all the selected music will be on the device.

How to Add Music to iPhone with iTunes?

If you’ve been using an iOS device for a while, then you should be familiar with iTunes as well. It is developed by Apple and is known as the official iPhone control solution. Although, you may find that learning how to add music to iPhone using iTunes is a little more complicated. You can simply sync iPhone with iTunes library if you already have music in there. If not, then you will have to manually add the music to your iTunes library first. You can learn how to add songs to iPhone via iTunes by following these steps:

Connect iPhone to the system and run the updated version of iTunes on your computer (Mac or Windows).

If you don’t have music added to your iTunes library, then go to its File menu. Here you can choose to add selected files or add an entire folder.

The browser window will be launched. Here you can add music files of your choice to your iTunes library.

Fine! Now, you can simply add music to iPhone with iTunes. Select iPhone from the device icon and go to its Music tab on the left side.

Turn on the “Sync Music” option. This will allow you to sync selected music files, albums, genres or playlists. Click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.

This will sync iTunes music from your device and add songs to iPhone automatically.

How to add music to iPhone without iTunes using dr.fone?

This can take a lot of effort. to sync your iTunes music to iPhone. In order to have a fast and smooth experience, we recommend using dr.fone. Transfer (iOS). The tool follows an intuitive process and will let you know. how to add music to iPhone by following a simple snapping through the process. You don’t need any prior technical skills. and also add music to iPhone using dr.fone. Transfer (iOS). It is compatible with any version of iOS and works on all leading devices. such as iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, etc.

You can add songs to iPhones, iPads and iPods of different generations. using dr.fone. over, you can transfer your photos. contacts, messages, videos and all kinds of data files. It is a complete iPhone manager with dedicated tabs. to manage applications or explore the file system of a device. You can find out. how to add songs to iPhone using dr.fone. Transfer (iOS) by following these simple instructions.

What formats does iPhone and iTunes understand?

You can transfer music to iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad directly from a computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

It should be noted that iTunes does not work with all popular audio formats, and therefore, you cannot upload them to the library.

So, iTunes and iPhone, 100% support the following formats: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless, but some of the popular WMA and FLAC formats, unfortunately, do not.

If the music file is not added to the iTunes library, therefore, the program does not support this format and must be converted to any of the formats listed above.

dr.fone. Transfer (iOS)

Add Music to iPhone / iPad / iPod without iTunes

  • Transfer, manage, export / import music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps, etc.
  • Back up music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. to your computer and restore them easily.
  • Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. from one smartphone to another.
  • transfer media files between iOS and iTunes devices.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and IPOD.

Quite a lot of iPhone users have problems performing some operations. An example would be the following. Not everyone can understand how to add music from computer to iPhone through iTunes. often this happens if the owner of the iPhone has previously used an Android phone, because there the addition takes place by simply copying files to the phone.

So, let’s take a look at the process of adding music to iPhone via iTunes.

music, iphone

Item Launch iTunes and click in the “My Music” section.

First of all, we look if we have the iTunes program installed, if not, then download it from here (download link) and then install it, the installation video is here. After launching iTunes, open the “My Music” section.

If you have not added any music before, then the “My Music” section will be empty. It’s okay, it’s okay.

Item Import Music to iTunes Library.

Open “File. Add a file to the library” (in order to add only one song) or the menu “File. Add folder to the library” (in order to add the entire folder with music).

If you select a folder with a large number of songs, the “Add Files” window will open, in which you can watch the process of adding files to your iTunes library.

We are waiting for all the compositions to be added and move on to the next item.

Item Sync iTunes content with iPhone.

After adding music to iTunes, you need to sync it with iPhone. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer using the charging cable and click on the iPhone icon (in the upper left corner of iTunes).

After clicking on the iPhone icon, we will go to the settings menu. In this menu, select the “Music” section, and then click the “Synchronize Music” function from the bottom and confirm our action by clicking on the “Done” button located at the bottom of the window. If you don’t want to sync all of your songs, you can turn on Favorite Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Genres. In this case, you can sort the songs that you need to download.

After clicking on the “Finish” button, another window will appear with an additional confirmation request. Here we just click on the “Apply” button.

After the sync is complete, the music will appear in the memory of your iPhone. To do this, you will need to open the “Music” application.

I think everyone will agree with me that downloading media content to iPhones and other iOS devices is terribly inconvenient, and even difficult for some users. There is a need to master the iTunes media player. However, there is a plus in this, the media library will be correctly and beautifully designed.

This tutorial will show you how to upload music to iPhone in several ways, so let’s get started:

How to add music to iTunes

I think this is the most difficult and time-consuming of the methods discussed in the article, but it also has advantages:

  • in iTunes for each music file, you can register ID3 metadata for the convenience of grouping and organizing tracks;
  • you can put your own cover on any track, which looks beautiful in the “Music” application on the iPhone;
  • any track you can set your own equalizer settings and volume level;
  • iTunes is very easy to create playlists that will be downloaded to the iPhone when syncing;
  • iTunes can download your entire library or your favorite playlists, genre, albums, or artists to your iPhone.

As you can see, even despite the shortcomings of iTunes, it has its advantages, and when you learn how to add music to iPhone through iTunes, you will forget about the shortcomings.

In order to download music to iPhone, iPod or iPad, you must first upload audio files to your iTunes library.

  • First, we launch the iTunes program. The latest version can be downloaded from the Apple website.
  • Adding music to iTunes is very simple, for this you just need to drag the media file or even the entire folder with files into the program window. Then iTunes will start adding them to your library.
  • Select a folder with tracks or one track, press the right mouse button and select “Details”, and now fill in the ID3 metadata and add a cover.
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After filling up your music collection, you can start downloading music from your computer to your iPhone. You can of course not fill it, but when you fill it in everything looks much more beautiful.

How to add music to iPhone?

Everyone who has encountered Apple products for the first time asks the question: “How can you download music to your gadget?” iTunes is the main program with which you can fill your phone with your favorite music.

Download and install the latest iTunes from Apple’s official website. At first it may seem that iTunes is quite easy to use, but pitfalls await an unprepared user literally at every step. Note that by default iTunes will look for media files in the My Documents folder. My music. You can change the path yourself and select any other folder containing audio files.

Next, you need to copy all the music into one folder and open the application itself. From the main screen, click File → Add Files to Library. or File → Add Folder to Library if you want to add the entire directory. In the pop-up window, specify the folder or file you want to transfer to iPhone.

Next, you need to sync iTunes with your smartphone. To do this, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and select it in the Devices section. To transfer music to iPhone, in the main iTunes menu, select the Music section and click on Apply or Sync in the lower right corner.

Wait a while while iTunes syncs with your device and downloads music to it. After disconnect your phone from your computer, open the Music app and enjoy your media library.

In order to free up space on your iPhone and delete music files, you need to go to the Music section in iTunes and exclude files you no longer need from the list. After connecting your smartphone to the computer, select the gadget, go to the Music window and click the Apply button, or Synchronize.

How to add music to inshot on iPhone

On the iPhone, you can fully work with videos and even create full-fledged films. A good audio track will only complement the picture.

It is quite easy to add music with the help of special free applications. With the help of them, if you wish, you can make a very good movie.

In the last article, we looked at the function in detail. hello siri. Now we will figure out how to add music to video on iPhone using special applications that you can download absolutely free.


A popular video editor that Instagram bloggers love to use. It works stably and quickly, has a simple and, most importantly, intuitive interface.

Includes many interesting effects and quality tools for processing videos. It will be understandable even for those who have not encountered such programs before.

  • No subscription required
  • Audio, effects
  • Transitions
  • Stickers
  • Text
  • Background
  • Pruning
  • Changing the playback speed
  • You can make cool video memes

How to Download Music from Telegram to iPhone?

in the menu, where we click on the Create channel button. Drag the music files into the created channel window and wait for the files to download. After downloading, the music files will appear both in Telegram-messenger and on the iPhone. Click on the cloud icon with an arrow so that the file is saved in the iPhone memory.

How to save a song from telegram?

  • Click on the message with the song and hold until the menu appears;
  • Above the message, click on the inscription “”;
  • At the very bottom, click on the share icon;
  • In the menu that opens, select “Save to Files”

How to add music to video on iPhone. TOP applications

In the applications described below, music is superimposed on the video track directly from the toolbar. Just click on the add icon. plus or audio icon in the menu.

How to insert music into Inshot on iPhone?

Click on the browse button and open the downloaded track.

  • Listen to it and click the “Share” button in the lower left corner.
  • Find the line “Copy to InShot” and the song will open in the selected program.
  • In the application, click on the “recommended” item and your track will be located in the “imported music” tab.


The application is developed by Apple itself and is distributed absolutely free. Includes many tools for working with video, even allows you to make a movie and a full trailer for it.

It works stably, fast with an intuitive interface in dark colors to keep your eyes from getting tired. To work with video and audio overlay. first of all, it is better to try this software.

  • Adding text
  • Video effects
  • Ready templates for work
  • Changing the playback speed
  • Pruning
  • Adding audio
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Ready trailers

How to Add Music from iTunes to iPhone

iTunes will not copy my iTunes music to my iPhone 6. I have enough space on my phone for music and I have checked music syncing in iTunes, but when I sync with my iPhone, it never copies music. I have tried restarting both my phone and my computer, but nothing works. Please somebody help me what, how to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone? Many thanks!

For iOS device users, iTunes is one of the most useful apps for transferring music from iTunes to their device. However, quite often, some of them may have ever encountered a situation where the songs they want to transfer from are in a different iTunes library, while Apple only allows users to sync an iOS device with only one iTunes library at a time. Therefore, they are afraid that the existing data on their iPhone will be erased and placed in the new iTunes Library. Or maybe some of them even ran into the situation, iTunes does not recognize the iPhone when you connect the device to the computer. How to resolve this kind of embarrassment? Fortunately, here is a professional music transfer tool to change this situation called FoneTrans for iOS.This software allows you to transfer songs from iTunes to iPhone without erasing anything if you know the iTunes backup location.Let’s find out more about FoneTrans.

How to Download Music from iTunes to iPhone

Well, now let’s start a step-by-step guide to transfer iTunes music to iPhone using FoneTrans.

With FoneTrans for iOS, you can transfer your data from iPhone to computer freely. You can not only transfer iPhone text messages to computer, but also transfer photos, videos and contacts to PC easily.

  • Transfer photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Preview data before transmission.
  • IPhone, iPad and iPod touch available.

Step 1 First of all, download and install the software from the above right link to your computer. When the installation is complete, it will automatically open. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, then you get:

Step 2 You will see the content as Media, Playlists, Photos, Books, Contacts and SMS are displayed in the column on the left side. Click Media from the list. Then you will see Music, Movies, TV Shows, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Ringtones, etc. on the top. Click Music so that you can add songs from iTunes to your iPhone. Click on the triangle below Add. to select Add File or Add Folder, then select those songs from iTunes backup folder and click Open Transfer Music to iPhone.

music, iphone

It’s done! The music has already been transferred to your iPhone. You can check these songs on your phone and enjoy listening to them. Plus, FoneTrans for iOS works great on both Mac and Windows.

With FoneTrans for iOS, you can transfer your data from iPhone to computer freely. You can not only transfer iPhone text messages to computer, but also transfer photos, videos and contacts to PC easily.

Convert to ringtone format

First select the file. Then open the File menu. It contains the item “Convert” and then “Create version in AAC format”

The conversion of the file will begin, as a result of which a file with the same name, but of a shorter duration will appear below.

Right-click on this new file and select “Show in Windows Explorer” from the drop-down menu.

An explorer window will open. Here you need to change the file extension from m4a to m4r. That is, change the last letter “a” to “r”. (If you do not show extensions, then select in the explorer “Tools. Folder Properties. View. and uncheck the menu” Hide extensions for registered file types “). You can immediately copy the resulting file to another folder, where you can easily find it.

How to Add Free Music to Apple Music Library without iTunes? (2021)

Now without closing the explorer window, return to the iTunes window and go to the “Sounds” section. To do this, click on the “.” Icon and select “Sounds” in the drop-down list.

Return to the explorer window and drag the ringtone file with the mouse to the iTunes window. (You can do it through the “File” item. By default, the converted files are in the C: \ username \ My Music \ iTunes folder). The file should appear in the list of ringtones.

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How to set an iPhone ringtone

So that every time you hear a familiar melody, you do not need to grab your with your phone, you need to download the ringtone to your iPhone. You can make the desired call yourself from musical compositions.mp3. Or by downloading a ready-made file from the Internet.

IPhone ringtone must be in.m4r format. a special format for ringtones, and the length of the composition does not exceed 40 seconds.

How to put music on iPhone ringtone? The procedure is as follows:

  • Select and upload the file of the desired ringtone to iTunes.
  • Reduce the duration of a piece of music to 40 seconds.
  • Convert file to AAC format.
  • Download the file of the finished ringtone on the iPhone by syncing with iTunes.
  • Place a call on iPhone.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to set a ringtone on an iPhone.

Sync iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone is not already connected to your computer, connect it using a USB cable. Click on the device icon in the top bar of iTunes.

Select Sounds in the left pane. In the right window, check the “Synchronize sounds” checkbox. By default, all ringtones in iTunes will sync to iPhone. Then synchronize the device by clicking the “Finish” button.

After synchronizing your phone, you can set the iPhone ringtone and assign it to any contacts from the phone book.

How to set an iPhone ringtone

To put your finished music on your iPhone, open the Settings app on your phone. Click “Sounds” in the next “Ringtone” window. A list of ringtones installed on your phone will appear. The one you create will be the very first. Click on it, a check mark will appear on the right. Thus, you were able to change the melody on the iPhone by setting your music instead of “Marimba”.

In addition, you can set iPhone ringtone music for each contact. To do this, open Contacts in the phone application, select the subscriber whose call should be different from the rest, click Change. Scroll down to the Ringtone field to set iPhone ringtone. The number of contacts with unique ringtones is also unlimited.

iPhone Tutorials. How To Add Music From iTunes To iPhone in 3 Ways 2021

You can make a call to iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 using the same principle. The difference may only be in the iTunes version, but the procedure is the same everywhere.

After that, you will not confuse the sound of your phone with anyone else, and you will recognize calls from especially important persons from the very first second.

Uploading a ringtone file to iTunes

Instructions on how to put a melody on iPhone via iTunes are described in detail in the article “How to upload music to iPhone”.

Open the iTunes program (you can download it for free from the official website

Go to the “Music” section by clicking on the notes icon in the upper left corner.

Click on the “File” item and in the pop-up menu that appears, select “Add File to Library”.

The uploaded file will be displayed in the library.

Limiting the length of the melody

Now you need to reduce the length of a piece of music to 40 seconds, otherwise you won’t be able to put music on the iPhone ringtone. This can be done using online services or special programs on the smartphone itself. Here’s a look at how it’s done in iTunes.

Add songs from iTunes to iPhone | Transfer music from Windows PC to iPhone with iTunes (How To)

Right-click on the name of the music file. In the drop-down menu, select “Details”.

The file properties window will open. Click the “Options” tab. Here, in the “start” and “end” fields, you need to specify the fragment of the recording that you want to cut out of the entire piece of music.

Fragment duration should not exceed 40 seconds.

After setting the time interval, click “OK”.

Now you need to convert the file to ringtone format and put the song on a call.

Or it can be simpler.

You can put music on the iPhone call with a few finger movements, without “dancing with a tambourine” and connecting to a computer, although you will have to pay for this. Here’s a simple guide on how to install iPhone ringtones from iTunes Store.

Of course, there may not be the melody you need, but the main hits are definitely present.

How to Ring a Song on an iPhone (iTunes 12.6 and Older)

Step 1

We repeat the first step from the previous instructions: “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”.

Step 5

Now carefully rename the track from m4a format to m4r format.

Step 6

Connect your iPhone via USB cable and select it in iTunes.

How to put a song on a call on an iPhone?

If you are tired of standard ringtones.

If you are tired of the default ringtone sound of your iPhone, then it’s time to change that. If on Android it is not difficult to change the ringtone and such a procedure is done, literally, in two clicks, then the iOS system will not let you get rid of annoying sounds so easily.

ITunes installed on your computer or laptop will help you to replace the standard melody with your favorite track. After the release of the program version 12.7, this process has become somewhat easier.

Step 6

Add this track to iTunes, it should appear in the Sounds category.

Step 1

Launch iTunes and choose your favorite melody that you would like to hear on the iPhone call. Right-click on it and click on track information.

Add music to video on iPhone

In order for the video shot on the iPhone to be interesting and memorable, it is worth adding musical accompaniment to it. It’s easy to do right on your mobile device, and most apps can add effects and transitions to audio.


This completely free application developed by Apple is popular with iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. Supported, including older versions of iOS. During editing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before starting the process of connecting music and video, you need to add the desired files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the music and video you want, go to iMovie.

    Download the app from the App Store and open it.

To add music, find the plus sign in the editing panel.

In the menu that opens, find the “Audio” section.

music, iphone

All audio recordings that are on your iPhone will be shown here. When selected, the song will automatically play. Click “Use”.

The music will automatically be superimposed on your video. On the editing panel, you can click on an audio track to change its length, volume and speed.

After completing the installation, click on the “Finish” button.

To save a video, tap on the special “Share” icon and select “Save Video”. The user can also upload videos to social networks, messengers and mail.

Select the quality of the output video. After that, it will be saved to the device’s Media Library.

Add music to video

iPhone does not provide its owners with video editing capabilities with standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music to the video is to download special applications from the App Store.


The application is actively used by Instagram bloggers, as it is convenient to use it to make videos for this particular social network. InShot offers all the basic functions for quality video editing. However, the application watermark will be present in the final saved recording. This can be fixed by purchasing the PRO version.

    Open the InShot app on your device.

Tap on “Video” to create a new project.

Add a song by clicking on the special icon. In the same menu, you can select the function of recording a voice from a microphone for its further addition to the video. Allow the app to access your Library.

Go to iTunes to find music on iPhone. When you click on any song, it will automatically start playing. Tap on “Use”.

By clicking on the audio track, you can change the volume of the music, cut it at the right moments. InShot also suggests adding fade and boost effects. When finished editing audio, click on the checkmark icon.

Click the check mark again to finish working with the audio track.

To save the video, find the item “Share”. “Save”. Here you can also choose which social networks to share: Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

There are other video editing apps that offer a variety of tools for the job, including adding music. You can read more about them individually in our articles.

In addition to this article, there are 12387 instructions on the site. Add to your bookmarks (CTRLD) and we will definitely be useful to you.

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