How to add movies to iPad via iTunes

Three ways to transfer video from computer to iPhone

The question of how to transfer video from computer to iPhone sooner or later faces every owner of Apple devices. And this question is solved very easily and in several ways. Although, each of the methods will be more convenient for different cases.

For example, you can easily sync videos to your iPhone from your computer via iTunes. Another thing is if you don’t own a computer, but it has the video you want on your iPhone. In this case iCloud. Cloud storage. Will help you transfer video over the internet.

But if it is someone else’s computer and there is no Internet connection, or if you simply do not want to understand the intricacies of iTunes, it is better to use the utility iCareFone from the developer Tenorshare. Now more details about each of these ways.

How to download a movie to your iPad

There are so many ways for users to download videos to their iPad. They can be divided into two large categories. These categories differ in only one way:

It is worth noting that it is worth considering only those ways when the user has downloaded a video file from third-party resources for the iOS operating system. If the iPad owner has purchased a clip in the official Apple store, in the cinema, it is only worth downloading this document to the tablet, as a rule, the form already corresponds to the necessary.

It is worth to understand each method of downloading, because there are fundamental differences, which are discussed in more detail below.

Via iTunes

The first way is quite simple, but it may seem complicated for some users. It is the use of a special program from Apple iTunes. In general, the operating system of the phone is different in that it itself is extremely protected. Therefore, transfer via USB is not at all welcomed by the company. The cable transfer method can introduce additional viruses into the device, the apple gadget can become infected to the point that additional repairs may be needed.

Itunes software completely solves this problem, because you can transfer any files with it. It is a universal platform for controlling your smartphone or tablet. Many users complain about not being able to manage it properly, which is why some users have decided to move away from it, replacing iTunes with other convenient programs.

This way of transferring will only work for the MREG4 format. For other files you will need to convert the file additionally. 4. Other files will need to be converted additionally.

To transfer files using iTunes, the user must do the following:

  • Run the iTunes program itself on his computer, which must be downloaded in advance. At the same time, if there is no program on the device, it is worth downloading the file from the company’s official website;
  • Now click on the “File” button;
  • Tap on “Add file to media library;
  • Choose the movie you want;
  • Connect the tablet to your computer via USB;
  • Now you need to tap on the tablet icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Now the user needs to tap in the “settings” menu, open “Movies”;
  • Tap on the checkbox synchronization, the process of transferring the movie starts;
  • Agree with the changes;
  • Tap on the “Synchronize” button to the end.
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In order to use this method, the Internet is not so important, but if the program is not downloaded in advance, it is worth taking care of this. The movie desired by the user will be automatically added to the library of the tablet.

Using cloud storage

If the user does not want to understand how the software interface works, or if the user simply has no possibility to use a cable to connect the planet, he can download simple cloud storage from the company, or use special Internet services for information transfer and storage.

The user can download a file from any convenient cloud.

Important! This method requires Internet, because the transfer will be done only via it.

It is worth considering the algorithm of a typical cloud storage migration. A more detailed process is as follows:

  • Register on any convenient server, for example, it will be Yandex. Disk;
  • After that, he should create a folder for the movie and transfer there the movie that the user needs to transfer to the tablet in the future;
  • Now we open the cloud storage on the portable device;
  • We move to the folder as needed;
  • Now through this server, you can watch the recording online or download it through the official service to the tablet at once.

The user must take care of the format of the video in advance. About encoding is worth discussing next.

In general, it does not matter much which cloud storage is used by the user. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, it remains for the person to choose the most convenient option for him.

Through file sharing sites

Using file sharing sites is similar to the method of downloading via cloud services. File sharing sites are designed to transfer information from one device to another using the Internet. It is worth to look at the list of the most popular services. Applications for sharing files:

The process of transferring a movie is simple enough:

  • To begin with, it is necessary to register on the server that the user has chosen for data transfer;
  • After that, we upload the film that we would like to transfer to our account;
  • Get a link to download the file;
  • Use this address for your own purposes, to download the desired movies to your iPad.

After that, it is enough to download to the tablet the file that he received through the link. This is not the most popular way of transferring data, because any file can be downloaded directly or transferred via the cloud, but file exchangers have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

Among the main advantages of using this method, it is worth noting the following:

  • The user can transfer even those files that weigh quite a lot;
  • Saves space on internal memory;
  • You only need a download link, you don’t need to download any additional applications;
  • The user can download the video at any time.

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How to send videos from computer to iPhone via iTunes

Itunes is another special program for the iPhone. The difference from iCloud is that it does not store data, but is a guide between your computer and iPhone smartphone. It also contains more features and functions.

The basic function of iTunes is to transfer files (videos, photos, apps). If you want to add videos from your computer to your iPhone, you need to:

Step 1. Download iTunes on your computer (you can download the program from the official website). Connect your smartphone to your computer.

Step 2. Log in to your account. Wait for the program to find your smartphone in the device list. When the process is complete, an icon (shaped like a rectangle) will appear in the menu under the “Manage” line.

Step 3. In the left column (under “On My Device”) locate the “Movies” tab.

Step 4. Minimize the iTunes window (for convenience) and drag the videos you want from your folder or desktop (don’t forget to convert to Apple device format). Attention, if the format (file type) of the video you want to move is not supported by your device, you will see a notice. In this case, you need to change the video format.

Step 5. If all the videos meet the iOS requirements, then after copying click “Synchronize”.

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Step 6. When the data synchronization process is complete, you can disconnect your device and close iTunes.

This way is good if you need to transfer not important files to your device quickly, because iTunes does not save your files, it is just an explorer.

Copying videos from your computer to your iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Apple has only one way to copy media files, including videos, from your Windows or MacOS computer to your iPhone and iPad tablets. Using iTunes (hereafter I assume that iTunes is already installed on your computer).

The main limitation of the method is that it only supports the following formats.Mov.M4v and.Mp4. And for the latter case, the format is not always supported (depends on the codecs used, the most popular being H.264, supported).

To copy a video using iTunes, just follow these simple steps:

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movies, ipad, itunes
  • Connect the device, if iTunes does not start automatically, run the program.
  • Select your iPhone or iPad in the device list.
  • Under “On My Device,” select “Movies” and simply drag and drop the desired video files from a folder on your computer to the list of movies on your device (you can also select “Add File to Media Library” from the “File” menu.
  • If the format is not supported, you will see the message “Some of these files were not copied, because they cannot be played on this iPad (iPhone).
  • After adding files to the list, click the “Sync” button at the bottom. When the synchronization is complete, you can disconnect the device.

Once the videos have been copied to the device, you can watch them in the “Video” application on it.

Using the simple WALTR 2 app

This application helps to transfer video to the iPhone in a few clicks.

An important feature is that video content does not need to be converted to a suitable format before being transferred. This will happen automatically in the process of the file transfer. In order to use the program, you need to take the following steps:

  • Using a cable connect iPhone to the USB connector of your computer.
  • The program automatically checks the connectors available on your computer and will immediately detect the connected gadget.
  • The user can move the file to the main window of the program by dragging and dropping it on the program’s main page. The download to your phone will start immediately.

After you finish, the video file will be converted to the required format and will be available for viewing on your smartphone.

The first way of downloading videos

  • The first way is to use the standard “Video” application. Thanks to this application, you can watch movies on your iPhone without difficulty. It contains a minimum of settings and therefore does not “load” the user. But in order to start watching the movie through this application, you must first download it. There are two ways to do it.
  • The first way is to go to the iTunes Store, which will require you to invest. Since you need to first buy a movie, after which, it can be downloaded to the memory of the device. If your device has enough memory, start dropping videos. Once the download is complete, you can immediately start watching it.
  • The second way is to use the iTunes application on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Before you can start adding a video to your iPhone, you need to add it to your computer. You can go to any torrent and find there a special tab in the Movies for iPhone/iPad/iPod search section: you will only have to download the film.

If the downloaded movie is not in MPEG-4/H format.264, you will need to use the converter. Fortunately, there are a lot of them, and they are also free. When everything is ready, start downloading the file to your smartphone. In order to download the movie, you need to do the following steps:

  • Click on “File” in the upper left corner of iTunes;
  • Select the item “Add the file to the media library;
  • A dialog box will open, showing the path to the downloaded film (the file will appear in the iTunes Library).
  • Go to the phone management menu and click on the “Browse” tab.
  • Check the two checkboxes “Synchronize only tagged songs and videos” and “Manually process music and videos”.

After that, find the added video and check the box above it. Then press the “Apply” button at the bottom to save the file. Wait for the synchronization operation to complete. Once the download is complete, the video will be copied to the memory of the device and you can start watching.

Ways to convert your movies to the right format

All of the above applies to movies packed in MPEG4. But what to do if there are no such servers on popular resources? In this case you will have to use the transcoding of the file into the required format.

There are many services that offer this service. Among the most popular are Zamzar, FreeFileConvert, CloudConvert. All of them have a web interface and transcode files with storage on their servers. From where you will then need to download them on your iPad.

We hope that the above information will be enough to have the ability to download movies to your tablet if necessary. We will be glad to see your Комментарии и мнения владельцев regarding this problem.