How to add discount cards to wallet iPhone


The Apple Wallet application allows you to view the history of card use, check the balance and discount discounts, receive notifications about promotions, etc. It can even be blocked remotely. if the phone is lost or stolen, so that information about your cards will be completely safe. guaranteed.

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Access to the main features through the menu. The following actions are available:

  • deletion;
  • automatic selection (for the very top);
  • changing the sequence;
  • update information (pull down);
  • useful information (for example, contact information);
  • general access (not for everyone);
  • installation of a special program for a specific card;
  • auto-update;
  • display on a locked screen (not always possible. manufacturer restriction or problems with the geolocation service).

What is Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) is a virtual wallet that stores bank numbers, discount cards, movie or train tickets, airplane, bus, etc. right on your phone. It was officially launched in Russia in October 2016, after a two-year “run-in” in the USA (although cunning users, changing their IP to British, used the passbook much earlier).

How to Add Any Card to the iPhone Wallet App, Even If It Isn’t Supported by Apple

  • smartphone iPhone 6 and above;
  • touchID (owner’s fingerprint identification) or FaceID (for iPhone X).
  • iPad tablet;
  • iPodTouch player;
  • IWatch smart watch.

Number of cards: from 8 (on old models) to 12 (on new ones).

Add Every Loyalty Card To Apple Wallet

discount, cards, wallet, iphone

How to add a card

There are already resources that have accumulated a large database of popular maps. These are (if there is no barcode on the plastic) and (for the most different ones), as well as the FidMe application. Using them is simple: choose a company from the list, enter the number. the virtual card is ready. Files with the.pkpass extension can be transferred:

  • through Apple applications: “Mail”, “Messages”;
  • via AirDrop (local network for Mac and Apple devices, wireless. based on BlueTooth or WI-FI);
  • from a Mac device.

You can carry out the procedure yourself:

  • through special applications. with one click;
  • by scanning a barcode;
  • if you pay in a network that supports Apple Pay, the application itself will offer to add the appropriate discount card.
  • Launch the Wallet app.
  • Click on the blue plus (“Add card”).
  • Then take a photo or manually enter the numbers.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Done!
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On the tablet, the process is similar, only the application itself is in the “Settings”.

If the application returns the answer: “This code does not apply to any card” or something similar to it, then you will not be able to use the application. the manufacturer did not count on the virtual use of the card through the iPhone.

To use the application through a smart watch (and to make it work independently of a smartphone):

  • Launch the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Click on “My Watch”.
  • Go to Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Select from the list of maps that you have already added to iPhone, according to the desired.
  • Click “Add”.

Or click “Add new card” and do everything as the instructions that appear will show.

Be sure to turn on TouchID or FaceID before adding. If you disable it or remove the password, information about all cards will be immediately erased from the phone’s memory so as not to fall into the hands of intruders. IWatch requires wrist recognition or at least a password, otherwise no data will be saved.

SOLVED! Cannot Add Cards to Apple iPhone Wallet Apple Pay?

What cards are supported

Over the four years of the program’s existence, a great many companies have accumulated that provide Apple with virtual analogs of real cards. These are large chains with a big name and branches in several countries (Auchan, Ikea, McDonald’s, Starbucks), although there are also quite young local companies (Perekrestok, VkusoManiya, TeleMax, Street beat, etc.).

Here are some options that can be used in Russia:

  • BP (refueling)
  • Leap (sportswear)
  • Lego
  • Nike
  • Re: Store (Apple distributor)
  • Samsung
  • Slow subs
  • Sony
  • Ural Airlines
  • AVTODOR-Toll roads
  • Adamas (jewelry)
  • Alpha insurance
  • Magnet
  • M Video
  • Media Markt
  • ROLF Premium (BMW Center)
  • Messenger
  • The Snow Queen
  • SportMaster and others, and others, and others.

Don’t know if you can download a discount card to iPhone? Ask the seller at the checkout. he must know if it has virtual counterparts

How to add a payment card to Apple Wallet

You can add a payment card in the following way:

You need to go to the Apple Wallet program and click on the text “Add payment card”. Then follow the instructions that will appear on the iPhone screen. Detailed instructions for adding a map are available on the Apple website. You can also add a card to Apple Wallet using the bank’s mobile application. For example, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank and others.


After the launch of Apple Pay and the ability to add payment cards to the smartphone, the application was renamed from Passbook to Wallet. In addition, users have the opportunity to pay with the Apple Watch.


Apple Pay launches in Russia. Russian users of Apple smartphones also got the opportunity to bind payment cards to the Wallet app and pay with their smartphones and watches.

The Big Guide to Apple Wallet

How does working with an integrator look like in practice??

Let’s take a trip through the Personal Account, in which the company creates electronic customer cards. It all starts here. on the main page of your personal account. Six tabs. “Home”, “Maps”, “Templates”, “Tools”, “Cabinet” and “Exit”. allow you to quickly navigate the service and quickly enter the desired section. In the “Templates” menu, create a design template for our card. the way it will look on the iPhone screen. In the “Graphics” section, you can add a push icon (more on that later), a company logo, a main picture, and change the background color and inscriptions. The possibility of full customization for the style of your company is provided.

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How to create a card in Wallet?

The technology for creating electronic cards for Wallet is efficient and does not take much time. The Wallet application is actively conquering the market today. Changing the name. it was previously known as Passbook. Apple has retained its basic concept: it is the same convenient and innovative service for storing tickets, discount coupons, loyalty cards and other essential tools. If you are not familiar with Wallet yet, it’s time to learn about this interesting application that greatly simplifies the life of its users around the world.

The first desire that may arise when working with the program: as soon as possible to place loyalty cards that have already overflowed the wallet into your iPhone.

Wallet vs Other card applications

At the moment, Wallet is gaining popularity, because more and more companies are striving to keep up with the times, and therefore. to introduce innovative digital solutions. International trends also play a role: many large Western retail chains are already connected to the service, and new companies from the very start refuse from plastic in favor of electronic cards.

What is the difference between Wallet and other mobile card applications? First of all, they differ in implementation. While in Wallet a user has the ability to get instant access to any of their loyalty cards, to any ticket or discount coupon, the functionality of card applications is not so easy to use. At the very least, you need to download one more program from the App Store to your smartphone, although it is much more convenient to have a built-in, so to speak, “native” solution at hand.

It is much more convenient and economical for businesses to have their electronic cards in Wallet than to create a separate application. If every company you’ve ever used had a mobile customer loyalty program, there’d be no space left on your iPhone desktop.

A third-party mobile card application is often devoid of the capabilities that Wallet provides. Do you want to instantly communicate a discount to your first 100 customers, for example? What now, to call everyone? Of course not. With Wallet, these customer communication processes can be adjusted in no time. Inform about a new promotion? Easily. You just need to come up with an accompanying text and click the mouse a couple of times. Comparing card applications and Wallet, the numbers speak for themselves: according to statistics, no more than 5% of the company’s target audience install applications on their smartphones, while up to 70% of customers using gadgets agree to install an electronic card instead of a plastic one.

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In the Russian market, several companies are engaged in the technology of electronic Wallet cards. It became interesting for us to understand this from the side of the company that wants to launch it. Is the new loyalty technology justifying itself in terms of convenience? First of all, we decided to turn to the “pioneers” of the industry, the aforementioned OSMI Cards.

A few words about the integrator itself

It turned out that OSMI Cards does have some unique features that set its offer apart from others. For example, this is one of the few companies that fully comply with the requirements of FZ-152 on the protection of personal data and are registered with Roskomnadzor.

discount, cards, wallet, iphone

This is a unique service for Russia that provides an API for working with any systems. Only OSMI Cards is currently integrating Wallet cards with checkout systems and customer loyalty programs.

The company has also developed many tools to integrate Wallet e-card technology into companies’ business processes, such as smartphone-based mobile scanners, card issuing applications and much more.

The services of the service are already used by Hugo Boss, the Adamas jewelry chain, ROLF Premium, AVTODOR-Toll Roads and many other large companies. In addition to Russia, OSMI Cards also operates in Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy and England.

How to create an electronic loyalty card for Apple Wallet?

In this we can be helped by special services of electronic cards, which provide complex solutions for business automation.

For example, such as OSMI Cards. This is a service that has been running since 2012 on the basis of Wallet (then Passbook) for iOS and PassWallet for Android, helping companies and users to take full advantage of all the benefits of this technology.


In general, the creation of an electronic map was quick and convenient. The service is easy to use and has many different interesting business opportunities that can help companies improve their customer communication methods. The main thing I liked was that the card is not static, it can be “reissued” even every day, again and again contacting customers. This definitely plays into the hands of marketing services. We hope that this virtual tour, during which you and I managed to look behind the scenes of creating electronic loyalty cards, will be useful for you to learn how the Wallet service works.