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Wi-Fi router with a SIM card inside

This class of devices originated from external modems, which relatively recently enjoyed great popularity.

An external unit with a connected SIM card turns into a router that distributes mobile Internet via Wi-Fi. Such blocks are more expensive, but have LTE support and can be equipped with a slot for multiple SIM cards.

In our conditions, it will only be possible to distribute the Internet, and some foreign operators thus provide the ability to make Wi-Fi calls through their application.

Some models are able to distribute wired Internet or are equipped with a battery for charging a smartphone.

You can connect multiple devices to such an access point, even laptops. There are models with a built-in battery for recharging the smartphone.

The range of Wi-Fi will be larger than that of Bluetooth. such a module does not need to be held very close to the smartphone. It is also convenient to use the modem in a car by connecting to a power source.

In most cases, the second SIM-card will only be able to distribute the Internet. Of all the options to add a SIM card to the iPhone, routers are the most expensive.

The modem with the card must be charged every few days. And to use the mobile Internet from the second card, you will have to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and connect to a modem.

Therefore, I recommend a router with a SIM card on trips or to those who only need high-speed Internet from the second card.

cards, iphone

▪️ Buy a router with LTE support and two SIM-cards: 9268 rub. ▪️ PowerBank Xiaomi 10,000 mAh with LTE modem: 5085 rubles. ▪️ PowerBank Xiaomi 7 800 mAh with LTE modem: 3166 rubles.

Bluetooth key fob with SIM card inside

If you don’t want to spoil the appearance of the device, you can use the Bluetooth-block. It is a very compact phone with no input device or display.

Such a keychain connects to the iPhone and through a special application you can make calls, send and receive messages.

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The iPhone turns into just a wireless headset for the device. Some models have a pair of card slots, allowing you to connect not one, but two SIM cards at once.

The keychain will fit any modern smartphone. There is no need to insert anything into the iPhone, as was the case with the previous option. All calls will be placed in a separate application (sometimes it is very convenient to separate calls by different cards).

Both SIM-cards will be active, each of them can be dialed even during a call to the second one. Calling application may contain call recording!

By the way, this keychain allows you to make calls even from an iPad or iPod touch.

Such a keychain will have to be charged every few days. You cannot use a wireless headset during calls (the Bluetooth channel will be busy)

The second SIM card will not be able to use the mobile Internet. And a separate application for calls is not very convenient.

We get an option for those who need a second number exclusively for calls, but not for the Internet. You can find a trinket with a pair of SIM cards and get three numbers in one device.

▪️ Buy Bluetooth-key fob IKOS K1S: 3096 rubles. ▪️ Module iShere K2: 3367 rub. ▪️ SIMADD module with support for two SIM-cards: 3638 rubles.

Adapter for 2 SIM-cards

The most affordable way is a simple two-card adapter. The substrate is placed in the native slot of the SIM-card, and a thin cable stretches from it, at the end of which there is a port of the second “SIM”.

The substrate resembles the TurboSIM (R-SIM) “pad”, which was previously actively used to work with smartphones locked to the operator. Sometimes the kit comes with a thinner card tray to fit the chip and pass the ribbon.

To make it all look more aesthetically pleasing, the train with a tray is wrapped on the back of the smartphone and closed with a tight cover.

Switching between cards is carried out in the SIM-menu along the path Settings. Phone.

This is the cheapest way to use a second SIM on an iPhone. The module can be used on almost any smartphone, not only on the iPhone.

The second SIM card is easy to remove and insert without turning off the smartphone. Finally, on the second SIM card, calls, messages and the Internet are fully available.

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Only one of the cards is active. You will not be able to call an inactive one! Without a cover, such an adapter is inconvenient to use, and some will not work: for example, metal and very tight, with a rigid back panel.

And if you drop your iPhone in water or get caught in heavy rain, there is risk of moisture ingress into the SIM card slot. You know the consequences.

As a result, this option is for those who only periodically need to call from a second SIM card. Switched over, did the deed and changed back.

▪️ Buy adapter for iPhone X tray case: 920 rub. ▪️ Adapter for iPhone 8/8 Plus tray case: 863 rub. ▪️ Adapter for iPhone 7/7 Plus tray case: 812 rubles. ▪️ Adapter for iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus tray case: 748 rub. ▪️ Adapter for SIM-card without case: 270 rubles.

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cards, iphone

How to add a second SIM to any iPhone

One of the standout features of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR is dual physical SIM support. True, while such devices are officially sold only in China.

If you are not planning on taking an iPhone with two SIM cards, there are options to add support for a second card to any iPhone. There are many of them, each has its own pitfalls.

Here are four of the most popular ways to pair your iPhone with a second or even third SIM. There are no restrictions here, as, for example, in the eSIM standard. The second card will work without problems both in Russia and abroad.

Case with SIM card slot

Logical development of the idea from the previous paragraph. The module for calls was hidden in a case and equipped with a large battery.

Such a case looks massive, but it protects the smartphone from falls and feeds the gadget with a built-in battery. Less battery space than classic charging cases.

Usually it is possible to accommodate a battery similar in capacity to a native iPhone battery. Do not forget that it also powers the radio module for the second SIM card.

So you don’t have to separately charge the unit with the card (the smartphone and the case are charged in transit through one port), and the autonomy of the gadget will increase, if not twice, but exactly one and a half times.

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Everything fits into a case without additional devices. The unit with a second SIM card does not need to be charged separately. A native iPhone Lightning cable is enough.

The case adds protection and increases the autonomy of the smartphone. All calls will be placed in a separate application that has the function of recording conversations.

Both SIM-cards will be active, each of them can be dialed even during a call to the second.

Unaesthetic appearance. You will need to charge the gadget less often, but it will take longer to charge. The application for calls on the second SIM-card is not always convenient.

It is not possible to use mobile internet from a second SIM card. The case will only fit a specific smartphone model.

The option turns out to be interesting from the point of view of battery life: it’s like a battery case, only with a second SIM card.

▪️ Buy a case for iPhone X with a 3150 mAh battery: 4925 rubles. ▪️ Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 7/8 / Plus with 1800/2500 mAh battery: 3773 rubles. ▪️ Case for iPhone 6 / 6s / 7/8 / Plus with 5000 mAh battery: 4654 rub.

Which option to choose

Each of the methods for adding a second card has its own limitations and features, you have to choose the right one exclusively for your scenario of operating the second SIM.

If a second card is needed very rarely for outgoing calls or backup Internet access, you can take an available adapter and case, switching between cards if necessary.

When the second card is needed regularly only for calls (without the Internet) or for calls from iPad / iPod touch, feel free to take a key fob with a SIM card slot. This option is also suitable for those who do not like to hide the device in ugly cases.

The best option to get a case, an extra battery and a second SIM card is a case with a built-in radio module. Unfortunately, the second card is also here only for calls (without the Internet).

If only access to the network is required from the second card, the easiest way is to put it in a special modem and send out a signal if necessary.