How to add a tab to your favorites on your iPhone

How to bookmark your iPhone (2022)

With bookmarks, you can quickly access certain web pages without having to browse or search for them. Instead of opening a browser and typing in a web page, a quick tap will direct you to the right web page. Not only does this save you valuable time, but it also makes surfing the web faster. In terms of adding and managing bookmarks, Safari is pretty efficient (complete with a bunch of cool extensions). If you’re new to the Apple browser or haven’t yet mastered this productivity-oriented feature, let me show you how to add, edit, delete, and organize Safari bookmarks on your iPhone and iPad with the skill you desire.

Safari comes with a very powerful bookmark manager, so you can edit, delete, and organize bookmarks with the control you need. Notably, the standard web browser also lets you add website shortcuts to your iPhone home screen so you can access your top picks right from the home screen. What’s more, you can sync your bookmarks across devices with the ever-reliable iCloud, so they’re always available everywhere.

How to add a bookmark to Safari on iPhone and iPad

Adding a bookmark to Safari is easy.

Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Then navigate to the webpage you want to add to your bookmarks and click the “Share” icon at the bottom.

Now click “Add bookmark” on the share sheet.

Next, give the bookmark a suitable name. After that, click “Location,” and then select the folder where you want to save your bookmark. Be sure to click “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen to finish.

How to add Safari bookmarks to favorites on iPhone and iPad

You can add important bookmarks to your favorites for easier access. Your favorites will appear right on the home page.

Launch Safari and navigate to the webpage you want to add to your favorites list. Then click on the “Share” icon.

Now click “Add to Favorites” on the clipboard. Then edit the details, if necessary, and click “Save” in the upper right corner.

How to access Safari bookmarks on your iPhone and iPad

Safari offers quick access to all your saved bookmarks. Consequently, you can easily navigate through them and quickly access your saved web pages.

Open Safari on your iOS or iPadOS device, then click the tiny bookmark icon (that looks like an open book) at the bottom.

You should now see a long list of bookmarks. You can navigate your bookmark folders to find specific web pages and select the one you want to visit.

How to add a bookmark to Safari’s reading list on your iPhone and iPad

To read your favorite articles or stories in peace, you can add a bookmark to Safari’s reading list.

To do this, open Safari on your iPadOS/iOS device and tap the bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen.

Now tap the bookmark you want to add to your reading list. Share button at the bottom and select the “Add to reading list” option on the share sheet.

How to organize Safari bookmarks using folders on your iPhone and iPad

You can perfectly organize your Safari bookmarks by using folders. Not only will this help you access certain web pages easily, but it also saves Safari from clutter.

Open Safari on your device. Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen.

Now click the “New Folder” button in the lower left corner of the screen. After that, name the bookmarked folder and click “Done”.

How to Bookmark All Open Tabs at Once in Safari Browser on iPhone?

  • In addition, you can also create a new Safari bookmark folder when you add bookmarks. Go to the webpage you want to add to your bookmarks. Share icon. “Add Bookmark. “Location”. The “New folder” button at the bottom. Give your folder a name and save it.

How to sync Safari bookmarks between devices using iCloud

You can sync Safari bookmarks across devices using iCloud for a seamless experience.

Bookmarks on iPhone and iPad: how to add, create folders, Favorites, setup

Often while surfing the Internet on your iPhone or iPad you find yourself needing to save an interesting article (or link) to go back to it later. We have already told you how to save an Internet page for viewing without the Internet, but if there are no problems with access to the Internet, then there is a better solution for this purpose. Bookmarks.

How to bookmark a web page in Safari in iOS on iPhone or iPad

Open the page you wish to bookmark.

Tap the bottom of the page to open the toolbar.

Select the location (you can specify a folder, see “Folder”). Below) and click Save.

You can use emoji emoticons as the bookmark name.

How to create a bookmarked folder in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Open any web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Invoke the toolbar by touching the bottom of the page.

Tap the Bookmarks icon (with an image of an open book).

Tap Favorites or select another location.

Click “Edit” and then “New Folder.”.

your, favorites, iphone

Enter a name for the folder and click Done.

Your bookmarked folders are synced between your Mac and iOS devices, so you’ll see the same Favorites pane on each gadget. But if you want, you can set up different Favorites pages on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, or set up separate panels for home and work and switch between them.

How to delete bookmarks and bookmark folders in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Repeat steps 1-5 of the previous instruction.

Press “-” to delete the bookmark or folder, and then press the Delete button that appears.

You can also use the three-bar buttons to set your own order of bookmarks.

How to change your Favorites folder to a different one

By default, the Favorites page in iOS contains a folder with various bookmarks that you add to the Safari bookmarks panel, such as your favorite websites, online translators, etc. If you want, you can change this folder to a more useful one containing only the necessary and frequently visited resources.

You don’t need Safari to open the Favorites panel on iOS. Open the Settings app → Safari. Then tap the “Favorites” line and select the desired folder from the list. You can arrange your bookmarks in the way described above.

Adding Websites to Favorites in Safari on Mac

Quickly browse and navigate the websites you visit with just one click. Add them to Favorites.

Add a website to your list of favorites

In Safari on your Mac, hover your cursor over the Smart Search box.

Tap and hold the quick-add button at the left edge of the box, then select “Favorites.

You can also click in the Smart search box and then drag the URL of the web page you’re viewing to the Favorites bar at the top of the window, to the Favorites folder in the sidebar, or to the Favorites section of the home page.

Organize your favorites

In Safari on a Mac, you can do the following.

Change the order of your favorite Web sites. Drag and drop a thumbnail to the spot you want.

Change the name of a favorite Web site or folder. Hold down the Control key and click the name you want to change in the “Favorites” bar or on the Favorites page, then choose “Rename” from the context menu. You can also force-click the name or click on it and hold it until it is highlighted, then type a new one.

Remove a website from Favorites. Drag a Web site from the Favorites bar or Favorites section into the toolbar, then release the Web site. You can also click the website while holding down the Control key and then select “Remove” from the context menu.

Display another bookmark folder in your favorites. Go to the Safari “Settings” menu, click “Basic” and select one of the options from the “Show Top Sites” pop-up menu.

View the Favorites page

In Safari on a Mac, you can do the following.

Display the Favorites panel from the Smart Search box. Click in the Smart Search box to display the home page with the “Favorites” section, then click the icon for the website you want to visit. Home page view disappears after you start typing and does not appear if you tap the box while viewing the home page.

You can also see your favorite websites when you open new tabs. If you don’t see your Favorites section in new tabs, change your preferences in Safari preferences.

Display the Favorites bar. Choose “View” “Show Favorites Bar. You’ll see your favorite websites bar below the toolbar.

If you see corner brackets around the right-hand edge of the panel, click them to see a list of bookmarks that don’t fit in the panel or make your Safari window wider.

Open one of your favorite websites. Tap the Smart Search box, then tap a website in the Favorites section or the Favorites bar (or use the Touch Bar).

Note. To sync your favorite websites across all your devices, sign in with the same Apple ID. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open “Settings” “[your name]” “iCloud,” then make sure the Safari option is turned on. On a Mac, open System Preferences, tap Apple ID. Tap iCloud, then make sure that Safari is enabled. If the bookmark for your favorite website is missing on one of your devices, you may have deleted it on another device.


On the iPhone, working with bookmarks is organized similarly, but with regard to the touchscreen.

Open the page to be bookmarked. Tap the “Share” icon with the arrow shown in the screenshot.

A “curtain” appears at the bottom of the screen with contacts and apps. Drag it up to bring it to full screen.

Two items are marked with arrows in the action list that opens. The first adds the site to the shared list, and the second adds it to the “Favorites” folder.

To edit bookmarks you’ve created earlier, launch Safari and click on the open book icon at the bottom of the screen.

Switch to the first of the three tabs, indicated by the one in the screenshot. Long tap the line with the site you wish to navigate.

The preview area will appear at the top of the screen. At the bottom. The control menu. Select the “Change” line in it.

In the “Accommodation” area, tap on the folder in which you want to move the bookmark. A blue checkmark appears in front of it to confirm the selection.

How to close all tabs in Safari

While browsing the Internet, Safari browser opens a large number of windows. Closing each of these tabs manually is not very convenient, so it is easier to close them all at once. But before you do that, we have to look through the windows, so as not to lose the necessary.

Note! You can save your important tabs in the reading list.

To close all the windows, proceed as follows.

On the bottom bar of the Safari browser, press the two squares.

your, favorites, iphone

Active windows appear. To close all open ones, you need to tap “Close all tabs” (it shows the number of active windows).

The final step is to clear your browser.

FYI! Deleted web content will free up your gadget’s memory as it is cached by your browser.

Fine-tune the settings depending on the app you’re using

Right at the top of the “Share Sheet” you should see the content you are sharing. Based on the app you can see an “Options” button that you can customize according to your needs.

For example, when you share photos and videos, you can use this feature to remove location data from your photos to protect your security and privacy.

And when you share a page from Safari, you can use this function to save the page as an archive or PDF.

Note: Right below this section, you should see contact-based sharing options based on previous contact activity with that person. In the same area, AirDrop will also show nearby people with ready-to-use devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

What you need to know about bookmarks in Safari on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Safari and go to the website you want.

Step 2. Open an additional menu for working with the website.

Step 3. Click on the “Add Bookmark” button.

Step 4. Enter a name for the bookmark, tweak the address of the web page, and select the directory to place.

Step 5. Save the bookmark by pressing the corresponding button.

How to open a saved bookmark

Step 2. Go to the bookmarks section from the bottom menu of the app.

Step 3. Open the bookmark directory you want.

Step 4. Click on the bookmark to go to the website.

Note, you can use a special panel below the address bar to open bookmarks on the iPad, which resembles its counterpart on a Mac.

How to edit bookmarks in Safari

Step 2. Go to Bookmarks section from the bottom menu of the app.

Step 3. Open the bookmarked folder you want.

Step 5. Select the bookmark whose data you want to change.

your, favorites, iphone

Step 6. Enter a name for the bookmark, adjust the address of the web page, and select a directory to place.

Step 7. Save the bookmark by pressing Done.

Note that you can’t edit bookmarks while Safari syncs them to iCloud.

How to organize bookmarks in Safari

Step 2. Go to the bookmarks section from the app’s bottom menu.

Step 3. Open the desired directory with the bookmarks.

Step 5. Change the order of the bookmarks by dragging them with the special slider on the right.

Step 6. Create new folders for bookmarks using the “New Folder” button.

Step 7. Select the bookmark you want to move to another directory.

Step 8. Choose a folder to place it in.

How to Add A Website / Link to Your Favorites on Mac

Step 9. Save the bookmark by pressing Done.

Note that you can’t change the order of your bookmarks when Safari syncs them to iCloud.

How do I use my Favorites folder?

Your Favorites folder contains a list of bookmarks whose thumbnails are shown when you open a new tab in Safari. The content in this directory is synced across devices via iCloud.

Step 1. Launch Safari and navigate to the desired website.

Step 2. Open the additional menu for working with the site.

Step 3. Click the “Add to Favorites” button.

Step 4. Enter a name for the bookmark and adjust the address of the web page.

Step 5. Save the bookmark by pressing the corresponding button.

If you want, you can select another bookmarked folder as your favorite. To do this, go to “Settings” Safari “Favorites.

How to add a bookmark to the homescreen

Step 1. Launch Safari and navigate to the desired website.

Step 2. Open the Advanced Site menu.

Step 3. Click the “Home screen” button.

Step 4. Enter a name for the bookmark and adjust the address of the web page.

Step 5. Move a bookmark to the home screen by pressing the “Add” button.

How to sort bookmarks in the browser on iPhone

The question of how to sort tabs in iPhone is not relevant to everyone. You only need to do this if your search is complicated by too many open pages.

In Safari

Browser allows you not only to save, but also to sort. If there are too many tabs, you can search by specific names or queries contained within. Opens a general page, where you can see all of the resources that are being accessed. Swiping your finger down from the top of the page takes you to the top, where the search bar appears. You can type your search query there, and then the browser sorts out in order the pages you’ve accessed that match the combination of characters you typed.

In Yandex

In this browser it is a little easier to arrange the available pages in the tabs, because the sorting is based on the behavior algorithm. To create a desired collection of several pages related to the same topic, you need to create a separate folder in the “Favorites” section. After that, the accumulation can be done haphazardly or set to save in specific folders.

Please note! When your Yandex account is active, your devices are synchronized, so you can see your collections stored on your computer or tablet.

How to add a bookmark to “Favorites” in the browser on the iPhone.

The sequence of how to add a tab to “Favorites” on iPhone is not complicated. However, it is worth remembering it to save time in finding the right sources.

In Safari

Wondering how to bookmark Safari on iPhone, you can get a little confused about the controls. However, it will not be difficult to figure out:

  • First you need to open your browser and the web source you want to save.
  • Then select an icon at the bottom of the screen that resembles an open book.
  • Holding it down for a second takes the user to a separate menu.
  • Here you can both add one tab to the list of favorites, and move there all opened before.
  • Also in the last line there is a suggestion to move the page to the reading list. This is a separate resource where you can put aside documents you don’t have time to read or view right now.

It is worth remembering that regardless of the number of saves in the Favorites and Reading List, all resources can be quickly removed. This tool is designed to help the user in a timely manner, so these processes are well-established here.

In Yandex

Yandex, originally a browser for a variety of devices. Computers, tablets, smartphones on different operating systems, is considered more adapted for this type of work. In particular it is possible to add a bookmark even from the menu on the start page. All you need to do is to click on the three dots on the right in the search bar. In the menu that appears, you can not only save any page, but also immediately sort out all the tabs into folders that the user can create himself.

Also the mobile version of the browser, installed on any model of iPhone, will certainly offer automatic synchronization of all devices using the account. This can come in handy if you previously used this function on another gadget, but now you urgently need the data on your cell phone.

Saving, sorting, editing tabs. Built-in functions of any modern browser. With their help the work is accelerated, the search for the necessary sites and sources of information. Using the two most popular ones as examples, you can see that the sequence of actions in this case is not complicated, and can be easily remembered by any owner of iPhone version 7 and higher.