How To Add A Tab To Favorites On Iphone

Removing a folder from Favorites

To remove a folder from the “Favorites” list, you just need to move the mouse cursor to the desired folder and press the right mouse button. In the context menu, select the “Delete” item and after that the folder will be removed from this list.

How To Add A Tab To Favorites On Iphone

Adding programs to favorites

You cannot add program shortcuts to Favorites using the methods described above. When you try to move the program shortcut to Favorites, the entry “Failed to add to Favorites” appears.

You can work around this obstacle by opening the Links folder, which contains the content of the Favorites list.

If the program that you want to add to Favorites does not have a shortcut, then you need to create a shortcut for this program and send it to the Desktop.

The shortcut for the program is created in this way. The “Start” menu = “All programs” = Select the program and right-click on it = in the context menu select “Create shortcut” = “You cannot create a shortcut in this folder. Put it on your desktop? ” = “Yes”. Now the shortcut of the selected program is placed in the Desktop folder.

After the folder with the program shortcut has been opened in Explorer or the shortcut of the selected program is on the Desktop, you need to open the Start menu and open your personal folder (the name of your user folder) in the upper right corner. The content of the Favorites list is located in the Links folder.

Next, you need to open the “Links” folder. The “Links” folder contains shortcuts to the folders that are added to this folder.

Open File Explorer, and then drag the shortcut for the application into the Links folder from the folder that contains the shortcut for the selected application. If the shortcut of the selected program is on the Desktop, then simply drag this shortcut with the mouse to the “Links” folder.

In the image, I dragged the Skype shortcut into the Links folder, and immediately after that, the Skype shortcut appeared in the Favorites list. In the list of “Favorites” program shortcuts are displayed without an arrow.

Adding folders and files to favorites in Windows

This article will describe the different ways to add folders, files and programs to the Favorites list of the file manager of the Windows operating system. Explorer.

In the Windows operating system, Explorer contains a list of Favorites. By default, the operating system adds links to this list to certain folders (for example, “Desktop”), as well as to the folders of some programs after they are installed (for example, folders of cloud file storages Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk and others).

  1. Removing a folder from Favorites
  2. Add a folder to favorites
  3. Restore deleted folders to favorites
  4. Adding programs to favorites
  5. Add files to favorites
  6. Conclusions of the article

You can easily add other new folders to the Favorites list, or delete the folders located there from the Favorites list.

If links to folders are easily added to Favorites, then adding links to programs and files to this list simply won’t work. This article will be devoted to solving this problem.

First, let’s look at adding links to folders to the Favorites list, as well as removing them from this list.

Add files to favorites

Likewise, you can add individual files to the Favorites list. First you need to select a file that will be placed in the “Favorites” list.

For example, I chose a “Word document” named “Questions”. On the selected file, you will need to right-click, and in the context menu, select “Create shortcut”.

Before moving the file shortcut, you can remove the ending. “Shortcut” from the file shortcut so that the shortcut name does not differ from the file name. So just this label will look more beautiful outwardly.

To do this, right-click on the shortcut, and in the context menu, select “Rename”, and then remove unnecessary words from the name of the file shortcut.

After these steps, you need to open the “Links” folder, for this you need to go along this path. “Start” menu = “Open personal folder” = “Links”.

Now drag the shortcut to the file from the folder it is currently in to the open Links folder. Immediately after that, the shortcut to the file “Questions” appears in the list of “Favorites”.

In order to remove the added programs and files from the Favorites list, move the mouse cursor to the selected file and select the Delete item in the context menu.

Restore deleted folders to favorites

After deleting the default folder links, you can restore them. To do this, right-click on “Favorites”, and then select “Restore Favorite Links” from the context menu.

Deleted links to folders that were set to Favorites by default will be restored. This action will not affect previously added folders to Favorites, links to these folders will remain in the Favorites list.

Add a folder to favorites

To add a new folder to Favorites, you must first open File Explorer. Then you need to select the desired folder and just drag it, while holding the mouse button, into the Explorer window to the Favorites list. In this case, next to the folder being dragged, the inscription “Create a link to favorites” will be visible.

You can add a folder in another way. To do this, open Explorer, and then in the Explorer window, open the folder that you want to add to the Favorites list. In this image, the folder “CD-DVD” is selected.

Next, you need to right-click on “Favorites”, and then in the context menu that opens, select the item “Add current location to favorites”.

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After that, a new folder appears in the “Favorites”, in the given example. The “CD-DVD” folder.

Add a Site to Favorites in Safari on macOS and iOS


  1. Open Safari and navigate to the resource you want to add to the new page tab. For example, our website. Then hover your cursor over the smart search field, which is also the address bar. A button with a plus icon should appear on its left side, click on it and hold the left mouse button. A pop-up menu will appear and select the “Favorites” option.

Now when you open an empty tab, the added site will be displayed in the favorites list.

The operation is very simple, even a novice user can do it.

In the mobile version of Apple’s browser, adding to favorites is as follows:

    Open the site you want to add to Favorites. On the toolbar at the bottom, find the button marked in the screenshot and tap on it.

To view your Favorites, open the bookmarks access button on the toolbar. Then select the appropriate tab.

To remove an item from your Favorite, tap the item with the three bars on the right and swipe left. Then use the “Delete” button.

As you can see, nothing complicated either.

Add to Favorites in Safari

It is quite easy to add a particular site to the favorites list both in the desktop and in the mobile version of the program. Let’s consider both options separately.


We examined the method of adding a site to the Favorites of the Safari browser in versions for macOS and iOS. This operation is considered elementary, so even inexperienced users should not have problems when performing it.

How to delete bookmarks and bookmark folders in Safari on iPhone and iPad

1. Repeat steps 1-5 of the previous instruction.

2. Click on “-” to delete a bookmark or folder, and then on the Remove button that appears.

Also, using the buttons with three stripes, you can set your own order of bookmarks.

How to bookmark a webpage in Safari in iOS on iPhone or iPad

1. Open the page you want to bookmark.

2. Tap the bottom of the page to display the toolbar.

3. Click on the “Share” button.

4. Click on the “Add Bookmark” icon.

5. Select a location (you can specify a folder, see below) and click Save.

You can use emoji emoticons as a bookmark title.

How to create a bookmark folder in Safari on an iPhone or iPad

1. Open any web page in Safari on iPhone or iPad.

2. Call the toolbar by touching the bottom of the page.

3. Click the Bookmarks icon (with the image of an open book).

4. Enter “Favorites” or choose another location.

5. Click the “Change” button and then “New folder”.

6. Enter a name for the folder and click Finish.

Bookmark folders are synced between Macs and iOS devices, so each gadget displays the same Favorites bar. But if you want, you can customize different Favorites pages on iPhone, iPad and Mac, or set separate panels for home and work and switch between them.

Bookmarks on iPhone and iPad: how to add, create folders, favorites, customize

Often when surfing the Internet on an iPhone or iPad, it becomes necessary to save an interesting article (or link) for later return to it. We have already told you how to save a web page for viewing without the Internet, however, if there are no problems with access to the Network, then for these purposes there is a more perfect solution. Bookmarks.

How to change the “Favorites” folder to another

By default in iOS, the Favorites page contains a folder with various bookmarks that you add to the bookmarks bar in Safari, for example, your favorite sites, online translators, etc. If you want, this folder can be replaced with a more useful one, which will contain only the necessary and frequently visited resources.

You don’t need to launch Safari to customize the Favorites bar in iOS. Open the Settings app → Safari. Then press the “Favorites” line and select the desired folder from the list. You can arrange bookmarks as described above.

How to add a site to your favorites in Safari on Mac and iPhone

For quick access to your favorite Internet resources in all browsers, bookmarks are saved. Our experts tell you how to add a site to Safari Favorites.


On iPhone, working with bookmarks is organized in the same way, but taking into account the peculiarities of the touchscreen.

Open the page you want to bookmark. Tap on the “Share” icon indicated in the screenshot by the arrow.

A “curtain” with contacts and applications will appear at the bottom of the screen. We pull it up, pulling it out in full screen.

In the list of actions that opens completely, arrows indicate two items. The first adds the site to the general list, and the second. To the “Favorites” folder.

To edit previously created bookmarks, launch Safari and click on the icon with the image of an open book at the bottom of the screen.

Switch to the first of the three tabs, denoted by one in the screenshot. We make a “long tap” on the line with the site selected for moving.

A preview area expands at the top of the screen. At the bottom is the control menu. We select the line “Change” in it.

In the “Placement” area, tap on the folder in which we want to move the bookmark. A blue checkmark appears opposite it, confirming the choice.

Mac computers

On a computer, bookmarks of web pages are added to the “Favorites” immediately at the time of saving or later on editing.

Having opened the site that we want to save, click on the “Share” button on the toolbar. In the list of actions that appears, select the item “Add”.

Specify the name in the save dialog and press the button marked with a two in the screenshot. The number “3” shows a drop-down menu designed to change the bookmark storage directory.

The location selection window expands over the save dialog. Here the user specifies the final directory by selecting it among the system or self-created ones.

To edit previously saved bookmarks, refer to the sections of the top menu. Click the item indicated by the arrow expanding the bookmarks control panel. Select the line “Edit” marked in the screenshot with a two.

An edit area appears on top of the page you are viewing. Any site can be sent to the Favorites folder by dragging it with the mouse. Clicking the right button expands the list of available actions for each entry, indicated by a 2 in the screenshot.


Our experts provided step-by-step instructions describing how to save pages to Favorites on smartphones and computers made by Apple.

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How to close all open tabs on an iPhone

When I first encountered an iPhone, I was very surprised when I looked at how many open applications had accumulated in it, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, a photo album, folders, safari pages, games, a camera and other things. In a word, as it is customary to call Windows “.

I had to experiment a lot until I found out how to close it all. It should be noted that the procedure is slightly dependent on the version of iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 10 or iOS X.

From the version of the phone, for example, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone se, iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPhone x, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, almost nothing depends, only on the version of the operating system.

Only before proceeding to the description of how to close open tabs on an iPhone, I recommend that it be determined whether it is necessary to close open program windows on the iPhone at all. See the last section.

How to close open apps and tabs in iphone

Ios 7 has made quite a few changes to the system, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Not all of these changes are intuitive for everyone. In iOS 6, we had to double-click the Home button to pop up the icon bar.

To close one of them, you need to hold your finger a little longer on one of them, which made the system enter edit mode and we could close open programs

In iOS 7. 10, this view has been completely replaced by the full-screen application manager, which displays background programs as preview tabs.

We can still enter it by double-clicking the Home button, but applications close differently.

For each open program in the background on ios 7, an icon with a name appears at the bottom, and a preview tab is displayed above it.

To close apps, simply drag an open tab to the top of the display, as you would like to throw it off the screen. In version 10, the closure is also performed with a sharp jerk upwards.

By swiping left or right, you can switch between open windows and turn them off.

You can also close two applications at the same time. Just use your second finger to “throw away” the two tabs.

How to close an app on iPhone X

Swipe in from the bottom of the iPhone X display and place your finger in the center of the screen. Pause is the key to open switching between application tabs.

Hold your finger on the window of any tab from the running windows until the delete icon is displayed at the top left.

Click the icon or swipe up on the tab to close completely.

How to close all tabs in Safari

Safari has an interface that allows you to conveniently close tabs. With a simple trick, you can even close everything at once at the same time.

To do this, hold your finger on the first icon (show icon) from the bottom right. In the form of two squares superimposed on one another.

After that, a menu pops up from below, all open tabs are closed at once (the number will be indicated.)

NOTE: in iOS 9, close all cards, you must one by one. In iOS 10 you can do it with one click.

Do I need to close open windows on an iPhone

All active applications slow down devices. Using memory, battery and processor resources.

Following the logic, you should manually close these processes. Only when you press the Home button does iOS disable apps.

It stops using processor resource and battery power. First the application goes to the “Background” and then stops (Suspended).

At the same time, although it takes away the minimum memory, it does not use the processor resource and battery power.

Although the application takes up memory, it is not necessary to close it. As soon as you start, for example, a large game, the system will automatically stop all unnecessary.

So you don’t need to worry about it yourself. You don’t need to manage background apps. The system will do it for you, and of course it is up to you to close everything manually or not. Success.

How to open a saved tab in a browser on an iPhone

Saving the pages you need for daily use reduces the time spent in applications. In addition, it is not always possible to quickly find a verified site. The algorithm is different in different programs.

In Yandex

Organizing bookmarked pages in this browser is a little easier initially, since sorting is inherent in the behavior algorithm. To create the desired collection of several pages related to the same topic, you need to create a separate folder in the “Favorites” section. After that, the accumulation can be conducted haphazardly or set certain folders for saving.

Note! With an active Yandex account, the devices are synchronized, so the user can see the collections saved on a computer or tablet.

How to add a bookmark to Favorites in the browser on an iPhone.

The sequence of how to add a tab to Favorites on an iPhone is not difficult. However, it is worth remembering it in order to save time searching for the right sources.

In Safari

The browser allows not only saving, but also sorting. If there are too many tabs, you can search for specific titles or queries contained within. For this, a general page opens, where all the resources involved are visible. Swiping your finger from top to bottom moves the page to the beginning where the search bar appears. In it, you can enter the request of interest, after which the browser will sort in order those open pages that correspond to the entered combination of characters.

In Safari

In addition to the sequence of how to add a bookmark to Safari on iPhone, the user often wants to know how to edit the save. Indeed, sometimes outdated information may be present in the browser that is no longer required. Such pages should not be accumulated, as their correction later can take a lot of time.

To edit the tabs available in Safari, you need to press and hold each one. Available actions will appear in the menu that appears. The user has the ability to copy the page address in the smartphone’s memory, open a tab. It is also possible to edit. Delete or change the name, address details.

In Safari

When wondering how to bookmark Safari on iPhone, you can get a little confused about the control buttons. However, it will not be difficult to figure it out:

  1. First you need to open the browser itself and the source on the Internet that you want to save.
  2. Then, at the bottom of the screen, select the icon that resembles an open book.
  3. By holding it for a second, the user will be taken to a separate menu.
  4. Here you can both add one tab to the favorites list, and move all previously open ones there.
  5. Also on the last line there is a suggestion to move the page to the reading list. This is a separate resource where you can put documents that you don’t have time to read or view.
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It is worth remembering that regardless of the number of saves in the favorites sections and the reading list, all resources can be quickly removed. This tool is designed to provide timely assistance to the user, so these processes are well established here.

In Safari

To open the page, you first need to figure out how to save bookmarks on your iPhone in Safari. There is a quick way to do this:

  1. Find the tab you want and open it.
  2. Press and hold the open book symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the menu that appears, select the first line “Add bookmark”.
  4. After editing the name at the bottom, you can create a separate folder for saving or place a new tab on the main screen among the rest.

After the actions taken, you need to search for the site in the first lines of the browser called “Favorites”. The algorithm of how to add a new page to “Favorites” on an iPhone in Safari is not difficult, but a large number of saved pages can create difficulties for a quick search.

What are bookmarks

The Internet is the place to go for free information. Text, pictures, music. To do this, you first need to open a special program and go to some site in it. Programs are different: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex, or some other.

We just open the icon that we use for the Internet, and the program starts. Through it we get to the sites. By the way, this program is correctly called browser.

If we need to find some information on the network, then we print a request and receive it. Now you don’t even need to open the search engine site for this. You just need to enter a query in the top line of the browser.

But it often happens that we have found some interesting site that we would like to return to later. It is not very convenient to do it in the same way (via a query), and the search results may change. In order to quickly open the necessary sites, in any browser there is such a thing as bookmarks.

Bookmarks. This is a special place in the browser where you can write information found on the Internet (site, site page). Then, to open it again, it will be enough just to go to the bookmarks and select it from the list.

over, you can not only write pages, but also sort them. For example, I found some interesting recipes. You can create a separate folder called “Recipes” and add these pages to it. And add the sites you like on a different subject to another folder.

Mozilla Firefox

You can add a bookmark in Mozilla Firefox by clicking on the small button with an asterisk in the upper right part of the browser.

The page is immediately placed in a special place next to the asterisk. This is the icon you need to click to open it.

However, it can be difficult to find a bookmark, since the added pages fall into one folder or another. But you can put things in order in them by clicking on “Show all bookmarks”.

Google chrome

Click on the asterisk at the end of the address bar (top right).

A small window opens. At the top is the title that Google Chrome is going to give for the page. It is often too long. But you can change it. Just print another.

Slightly lower in the window, the program offers a place in the browser to save the page. This can be the “Bookmarks Bar”, the “Other Bookmarks” folder or another folder that you created yourself.

“Bookmarks Bar” is the top of Chrome, and “Other Bookmarks”. A separate folder at the end of this panel.

And if you want to create a new folder on the panel, then specify in the list “Choose another folder.”.

You can delete a bookmark from a panel or from a folder by right-clicking on it and selecting “Delete”.

You can also manage the pages added to the browser in another way: Bookmarks

How to add a bookmark

Important: the page you want to bookmark must be open!

It is on it that all these actions need to be performed.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites. And when people add a site they like there, they say: “I added the site to Favorites”.

To do this, you need to click on the star image in the upper right part of the program.

A window will open, inside which the already added pages and folders for them will be shown. A little higher is the button for adding to favorites. It is called “Add to Favorites”.

After clicking on it, a new small window will open in the center of the browser. In it, you can change the name for the page, or you can leave it as it is. The folder to which the bookmark will be sent is also indicated. You can choose any from the list, or you can create your own.

You need to search for the added bookmarks under the asterisk through which we created them.


In the Opera browser, to add a site to your bookmarks, you need to click on the heart at the end of the address bar.

The page is immediately added, you don’t need to click anything extra. But by default, it is written to a place called “Unsorted Bookmarks”.

And to find it, you need to open a new tab (Express panel) and click on the heart below.

The added pages will open. They can be sorted in every possible way. For this, there are a bunch of folders on the left side. Among other things, you can drag the page to the Express panel. Then you will not need to additionally enter the “heart”. The bookmark will be added to the browser home page.

By the way, when adding a site to your bookmarks, you could immediately indicate where it should be recorded. In the Express panel or in some folder. To do this, simply select the desired place from the list.

Or you can generally work with bookmarks in a different way:. Bookmarks (fourth item from the top).