How to add a story to Instagram on the iPhone

Storis in Instagram: instructions 22 chips of engagement

I bet you didn’t know that two years ago, Instagram began to decline? Yes, it did. One of the world’s most popular social networks has begun to lose ground to the booming Snapchat app.

And all because users wanted to see what a person was doing now. Snapchat has solved this problem and perfected it.

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A flurry of users rushed to sign up. That’s when Instagram sounded the alarm and launched Stories, and it gave it a second life. And if you are using Instagram to promote your business, then this article will be very useful to you, because in it I will tell you everything about storis.

What to consider before making multiple stories

Before you add a stopis to your feed, there are some principles to keep in mind. Specifically:

  • The storage time of the history is 1 day from the moment it is downloaded. That is, 24 hours after the material is posted, the video will be automatically deleted. It’s accepted in order not to overload Instagram system.
  • For those who want to enjoy their creations longer, there is a section “Current”. And then 24 hours isn’t the time limit for your video story.
  • You can add an unlimited number of audio and video files you are interested in. We’ll mention this principle once again below.
  • You can not only shoot material for your videos online, but also take old ones from the gallery. Fortunately, the ban on the use of non-fresh photos was lifted relatively recently.
  • For fans of filtered “short films” in the feed, Instagram offers a rather curious editor: add hashtags, dates, geolocation, various emoticons and ears, as well as change tones to cool or warm.

Knowing these 5 points will allow you to get pretty good and interesting stories at the output. So be sure to pay attention to them.

How to add a Story to Instagram from Gallery

If you run the official photohosting client, the first thing you see is the Feed, which is what we want now.

  • Tap on the “Your Story” button on the top left;
  • Tap the “Gallery” icon in the lower left corner of the window (the rounded square);
  • When you’re having trouble figuring out which Story to post to Instagram from the Gallery, tap on the icon indicated on the photo;
  • A drop-down menu will appear, where you will mark the storage directory of the images;
  • Click on the appropriate picture. You will see a frame with an edit;
  • Touch the screen with 2 fingers and spread them apart if you want to increase the detail. The reverse action, which consists in reducing the viewing area, involves pinching your fingers together;
  • Adjust the position of the post on the screen. Similarly, you touch the picture with your fingers and drag it to an arbitrary place;
  • Tap on “Your Story” to paste the content into your Instagram profile.

How to add a publication in Stories

Thinking about piecing together multiple Stories? However, it is not necessary to carry out such a transformation. The application will automatically form a trimmer line of user-published content.

Be careful with the manipulations with the movies. Refrain from “zipping” another clip when the old one is not fully downloaded. Otherwise, different download times are likely to be assigned and disruptive.

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

As you add more Stories to Instagram, keep in mind the feature of involuntary saving of posted stories. With Highlights, content is no longer lost on the media site’s servers, but is available in the specified section of the personal page.

But Stories albums open up other possibilities for Instagram members:

  • Lining up content in a specific order, similar to the stories originally posted;
  • Option to add special elements to all Highlights windows.

How to add multiple photos/videos to storis at once

To add multiple Stories at once, go to Add Stories, and open Gallery on your phone. Select multiple photos or click on the gallery icon in the upper right corner.

story, instagram, iphone

Next, choose the order in which the storis will be shown to your followers.

Then edit each photo for the storis separately. Add hashtags, geotags, gifs, questions, quizzes, polls, text, or other stickers. Tap next.

Choose who can see your published Stories before you post them. All your followers or those in your Top Friends list. And click share.

How to add multiple Stories to Instagram

How to add Storis to Instagram to your existing set of stories? It’s a simple enough procedure to update your account content:

  • Open the official client on your portable device;
  • Click on the camera icon at the top;
  • Go to the Gallery;
  • Tap on the square (labeled “Select Multiple”);
  • Highlight up to 10 images;
  • Tap the “Next” button;
  • Provide content with a text description, emoticons, or stickers if you want;
  • Check “Next” again;
  • Click “Share” next to the combination of the words “Your Stories.

How to upload your story to instagram

Stories are very popular on Instagram with absolutely everyone. They allow you to post videos of recent and exciting events, talk about the event, and share your emotions. To post a story on your iPhone or Android, you need to follow the same steps.

Go to the account on your mobile device. A special window will appear at the top, where the storizas of the people to whom the account is subscribed are displayed. Here you will also see a round window with a photo of the user and a symbol in the form of a sign “” with the text “Your story.

story, instagram, iphone

Clicking on the window, you will be prompted to add a photo or video from the gallery on your phone, or take a photo again. After selecting the publication you need to click “Next. A window will appear where you will be prompted to share the storis. To publish a storis, you need to select the line publish story.

After a while the information will be uploaded and will appear on your personal page. Subscribers will be able to view the publication within 24 hours, and the user can follow the information in real time. In addition, at any time storis is deleted by the user himself. You can also add several stories at once, with time gaps.

Internet users and analysts even allocate the best time to publish. This is due to the fact that in some time frame there are more people on the Internet and accordingly more views.

How to add a post to the Instagram Story

How to share a post in storis, we explained in our video and below.

To share a post on Instagram Stories, open your post or someone else’s post in the app. Click the paper airplane button below the post.

An additional tab will appear where you tap

After that, you will find yourself in the standard interface of the History creation, where the record will be located in the center.

You can rotate, zoom, and reposition the image, and enhance it with text, hashtags, geolocation, gifs, and more.

When viewing a Story in which someone has shared content from another account, clicking on the username will take you to the original post. This feature will be useful for Instagram contests where you need to share a post. Also, you can use reposting in a storis to draw attention to new posts.

How to View Stories

To see the new stories of your friends or idols, you need to follow the status of the shared feed. A circle may appear at the top, in doing so:

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories

  • If it has a red outline, the story is new;
  • If it has a green outline, then it is new, but exclusively for the “Best Friends” group;
  • If it has a gray outline, the story has already been read by you.

As a side note. If you don’t want to receive clips from some users, click on their avatar in the history bar and select the “temporary block” button from the menu that appears. Done.

The Instagram story is a useful feature for business people and ordinary users alike. Be sure to take advantage of it and share your news and spirits with your friends.