How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Desktop Computer

How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Desktop Computer

Despite the fact that the Instagram application exists only for mobile operating systems, we know how to add photos to Instagram from a computer, and we will be happy to share this knowledge with you.

So, unfortunately, there is still no official Windows client or the ability to upload photos via the web interface to Instagram. However, the problem has at least two solutions.

Firstly, you can use the emulator of the Android operating system, which allows you to fully work with Instagram on the screen of a personal computer, the word you use a mobile gadget.

The most popular program of its kind is BlueStacks.

Secondly, there are special applications designed specifically for uploading photos to Instagram. How to upload photos to Instagram from a computer using the popular Gramblr program, we will also tell below.

But for starters.

Looking ahead, we note that the optimal way is still working with BlueStacks. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the Android emulator allows you to work with Instagram fully. not just add photos, but use all the features of the service, as on a smartphone screen.

Secondly, Gramblr is very unstable (although BlueStacks is not perfect in this regard). There are frequent complaints of users about blocking accounts with which they worked through Gramblr. By the way, another common complaint is the blocking of hashtags in the accounts of users uploading photos through this program.

How to upload photos to Instagram from a computer using BlueStacks?

Working with this emulator is quite simple and convenient. To get started, you need to download the program from its official website:

We have already talked about how to download BlueStacks and install Instagram on a computer using it, in a separate article. Briefly repeat: the program is loaded directly from the main page of the site, its installation is elementary. just click “Next” and wait a bit.

Now it remains to do a few simple preparatory steps:

  • The program will offer to log into an existing Google account, or create a new one;
  • After authorization, click on the “Search” button, and enter in the line “Instagram”;
  • Download and install Instagram. just as you would on a mobile gadget by clicking on the “Install” button. The program will be available through the emulator interface, and launch through a separate shortcut in Windows is also possible.

In case you have problems switching to the English layout, go to “Settings” and add the English keyboard through the corresponding menu item.

How to add a photo? Extremely simple: just drag the desired image stored on your computer directly into the emulator window. At the same time, BlueStacks will offer you the choice of the Android application into which you want to import the photo.

Choose Instagram. and it’s done!

Now the picture can be processed and published. All the same features of the Instagram editor will be available to you as on the screen of a mobile gadget. Cropping, filters, blurring and more. all at your service!

We work with Gramblr

You can also download the program for uploading images to Instagram directly from the official website:

There are versions for Windows and for computers running OSX. Installation does not conceal any secrets and subtleties. How to work with the program? The algorithm is simple.

  • Enter your Instagram username and password when entering the application.
  • Click on the file select button to download.
  • It remains to click on the “Upload” button, and the photo will be uploaded to your Instagram account. You will also immediately receive links to the uploaded photo, and a code to insert.

There are, however, a number of shortcomings, in addition to those already announced at the beginning of the article. You will have to crop the photo yourself under the formats of 650×650 pixels, and you will not be able to apply Instagram filters. Despite the possibility to insert a description of the photo with hashtags in the Caption field, it often works incorrectly.

Therefore, it is difficult to recommend Grambler as the best way to upload photos to Instagram from a computer. we recommend using this program only if it is not possible to work with the emulator described above. Gramblr’s only real advantage is that it’s easier and faster to use than BlueStacks, but the unstable performance and truncated features largely negate it.

We hope that our tips have been useful to you!