How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Computer

How To Add A Photo To Instagram From A Computer

Hello, dear visitors of our site! In this article, we will consider how to add a photo to Instagram from a computer? I think the issue of registering with Instagram has already been resolved. In a previous article, we discussed Instagram tags, and also looked at the most popular ones.

Two ways to add a photo on Instagram

Before you start, I recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the popular hashtags (in the form of drawings).

1. How to upload photos from your phone?

To begin, let’s see or remember (for those who already know how) the process of adding photos from the phone. We will consider the example of Android.

So, the application has already been downloaded and installed on your smartphone. You are registered and logged in. Now click on the camera-shaped icon at the bottom of your screen. You will see a proposal with further actions. take a photo or choose from existing photos on your device:

Choose a “camera” and take a photo:

If the photo turned out to be successful, select “Finish”, if not. go back.

The next step is to crop the shot. After cropping the photo, click on the green arrow at the top:

Now you can apply various effects and filters to our photo:

You can expand the photo, make it brighter, add a blur effect, etc. I think that with all the functions you can quickly figure it out. When you are finished working with the photo, click on the green arrow at the top.

Now the last step is left before adding a photo to Instagram. add hashtags and a description of the image.

Everything is ready! Our photo has been added!

2. Add photos to Instagram from the computer.

Now let’s look at the second option. using a computer.

If your webcam does not work, I recommend reading this article.

To get started, launch the Bluestacks application on your computer:

If you have a webcam on your computer, you can take a photo from the camera by analogy with a phone:

To add photos from a PC, you need to install the ES Explorer file manager in the Bluestacks emulator:

After installation, launch the application and go to the “bstfolder” folder (Local storage → sdcard):

Then select the “BstSharedFolder” folder:

Drag the desired photo into it and select “Access via LAN”:

After the photo is uploaded, log in to Instagram and again click on the camera icon in the center below. Then click on the “Gallery” icon and select ES Explorer:

The next step is to select the path to our image:

Further everything, as with the phone:

Done! Photo added!

In today’s lesson, we have discussed how to add photos to Instagram from your phone and computer. I hope you succeeded and did not have any problems!

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I wish you success and all the best!

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