How to add a phone number to WhatsApp. Add foreign contact to WhatsApp

How to write in WhatsApp without adding a new contact

Today, almost every smartphone owner has an installed messenger. At least one! After all, these applications have become truly popular all over the world, since they combine multimedia and social opportunities. As the most striking example, one can be given by WhatsApp. the most common messenger in the world, which makes it possible for its users:

At the same time, registration is not required from users. It is enough to have your own phone number, as well as Internet access. The value of the application in its convenience, as well as the ability to save on phone calls, especially when communicating with users living in other countries (roaming is a very costly service).

To start using it, you should download and install it. And then add the user number of the Vatsapa or by selecting the number from the list of contacts. In addition, to write to an unfamiliar number in Votsap is quite real, without even adding it to contacts. Such situations are often found, for example, if it is necessary to once exchange certain information with the user, while the need for further communication with him is not. In order to find out how to write to a person in WhatsApp without adding a contact, you should familiarize yourself with three ways below, which has not lost their relevance for 2020 and are successfully used by people.

How to write a person in WA without adding a number to contacts on a smartphone

How to write a person in WhatsApp without adding a contact using a smartphone? Very simple! To do this, you need to make only a few simple manipulations, while not adding contact to the address book of contacts. This is necessary:

  • Get your smartphone and make sure that it is connected to the Internet.
  • Launch any browser (although it is more advisable to use Google Chrome or other popular browsers).
  • And enter the following in the address bar: https: // Instead of “Number of_ Telephone_bonent” we indicate a new number by the Code of the country. It should turn out like this: https: // wa.Me/7-917-975-43-62.
  • If the number was introduced correctly and the user is registered in the WA, then in the next window it will be proposed to go to the chat with the user without saving his contact. Click on the Message key and send him a message (or something else).

Add contacts with iPhone

1 method

If you want to make your life easier, then you need to find out the mobile number, then consider half the age done. Consider this method from my girlfriend’s gadget.

  • Name
  • Surname (if desired, not necessary).
  • Phone (indicate countries, label and ten digits of your number).
  • Additional fields (with your desire).
  • After our work done, we click in the upper right corner “save”

2 Method on phone number

  • A window will open in front of us where you need to enter the data of the user of the cell number, which you want to add. Enter the name and surname, as well as the number and various additional data. How to finish with this, do not forget to click “Ready”.
  • So, we saved the number. Now we step up in WhatsApp. Let’s go to the “chats” there on top will wait for you to search. Enter the added person to us, who will immediately display. We click on him and voila, ready. Now you can write messages to him.

So we learned how to add contacts with iPhone in WhatsApp.

Add contacts with Android

It’s time to now and make out this question from the smartphone. Actions can be said the same, but still there are small differences. Repeat the same actions for me, and success will not make you wait.

As you remember, first we need to find and open an application in our mobile phone.

Below in the right corner there will be a green icon, click on it.

Now a new window will arise before us, where a list of various functions will be presented. We need “New Contact”. We find and click on it.

And here you need to fill out certain data:

And also the “Add Information” item there will be offered a lot of different things to you.

Most importantly, do not forget to click “Save”, otherwise our entire work done will go under the tail of the cat.

We return the window where the list of all users. There in the upper right corner we find and click on the vertical three points.

As a result, we will open a menu where we select “update”.

After we did all the above work, it remains to check that the result awaits us with a positive note.

To do this, we enter the name that we recently added in the search line. For those who like to complicate life, you can flip through the whole list of our notebook.

From the list that appears, we find our own option. Click on it and ready. You can begin to correspond.

We will analyze the most elementary way to make contacts in WhatsApp using a notebook in our mobile.

  • Now look for the icon “”, which is usually located near the search line. Or there will be three vertical points in my right corner. Click on them and select “New Contact”.
  • The page of the new contact will open before us, which needs to be filled out. From mandatory data, it is necessary to record the name of our person and, of course, the number of his mobile. Do not forget to click “Save”. The rest of the data is entered if desired.
  • Great, half.past. Now we open our messenger named WhatsApp. We go to the “Chat” tab and click on the icon at the bottom of the page “Creation of a new dialogue”.
  • After our previous actions, a new page will open, in which you will see our familiar three vertical points on top. Do not be shy, click on them.

Instructions for iOS

iPhone, operating iOS, basically supports only one room. The exception was the XS model that is available in the two. Installing WhatsApp on two numbers on the iPhone is also real.

Installation of WhatsApp Business

This method is completely official and safe. It consists in installing a separate application WhatsApp Business, which can be downloaded in AppStore. It needs to be downloaded, like any other application.

When starting this client, a proposal will appear to use the number that is already registered in WhatsApp. At this stage, you need to choose “use another number”. The same option for installing the second number is also suitable for Android.

Through software

Popular application from developers. TUTUHELPER.

How to Add Contacts in WhatsApp on an Android Device

After that, another WhatsApp will load on the desktop. By analogy with the second step, you need to give permission to install software from Jianahaiwei Co., Ltd “. On the second messenger, go through the usual registration, but with another SIM card.

We use a notebook

The easiest way to add new contacts in WhatsApp is to make the number of the desired interlocutor to the notebook on the phone.

Click on the “Contacts” icon, which is located on the smartphone desktop.

Select the plus icon that is located next to the search window.

The page of adding a new contact opens. Enter the name of the person, his phone number. Press the “Save” button.

Open Messenger WhatsApp. While in the “Chat” tab, click on the icon of creating a new dialogue.

How To Adding international contacts phone numbers In WhatsApp

On the page that opened, click on the vertical troetel, which is located in the right corner from above.

In the open menu, select the “update” line.

Now we are available to detect the desired contact.

Possible problems

Users may encounter difficulties due to the fact that contact may not be a worker or it is not visible in Watsap’s notebook.

First of all, the problem may be that the user has not installed this application or has already managed to delete it. In such a situation, being in the note book WhatsApp, we prescribe the right name in the search bar. We see that next to the user there is a “invite” button. Click on it.

We are automatically transferred to SMS-ki. Send a message with an invitation to Messenger.

Another situation is also possible when a person has an application, you know about this, however, when you enter WhatsApp, do not find this contact. Although often people who first installed this application come across a similar situation and do not see any contacts at all.

In such a situation, you need to enter the “Chat” tab. Select the “Settings” button.

In the opening window, press the line “Permission”.

It remains only to translate the switch, which is located next to the line “contacts”, to the active position. This must be done in order to allow the WhatsApp application access to the contacts that are stored in the smartphone’s notebook.

Now you know how to add new contacts to the WhatsApp messenger on Android. As you can see, you can do this in two ways. You choose more convenient for yourself. You can also use both the first and second option. Remember the possible problems in this matter, skillfully bypass them.

How to synchronize contacts from a phone book with WhatsApp

Synchronization of contacts in the messenger is automatically.

If this is not the case, then check the smartphone settings as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the “General” tab.
  • Typ through the “Accounts” menu item.
  • The WhatsApp profile should be present with the original application icon.
  • At the top, the switch should activate the function “Car Sinchronization of accounts”.

If problems arise and you do not see when adding people who have exactly been installed by the application, then follow the recommendations given below:

Why does the Contact are not added to WhatsApp

If you can’t add a contact, you should:

  • Check the Internet connection.
  • Check the correctness and format of the phone number.
  • Find out if the subscriber’s application has been installed on a smartphone.
  • View permit access to the phone contact book.

How to allow WhatsApp access to a phone address book To do this, go to the “Settings” of your smartphone Further. “Applications”. Find whatsApp in the list. Open it and see a list of permits Make permission active by clicking on the switch Now WhatsApp has access to the list of contacts of your smartphone.

Problems and solution

The first answer to the question of why contact in WhatsApp is not added. you are trying to do this in the desktop or browser version of the messenger. Unfortunately, the option is not available on the computer. you can add contact to WhatsApp through a smartphone, the information will be automatically synchronized with the computer. But otherwise!

What other problems can you wait for you? You forgot to give the program the necessary permission:

The following information is relevant for Android owners. check that all numbers in the phone book have visible status.

Now you know everything about how to add contact to WhatsApp on iPhone or Android. save our review in bookmarks and start communication! Add friends and colleagues, relatives and acquaintances. it’s time to share a funny story or throw a cool photo in the chat Watsap.

How to look for people in WhatsApp by phone number

Finding a person by phone number can be useful when you need to find the interlocutor, but not add him to the phone book. In fact, you can find an interlocutor without a phone, however, it is much more difficult. If a person has a phone number of the necessary subscriber, then finding it in the application will not be difficult.

  • You need to go to the WhatsApp application on your phone;
  • Next, you need to look at the top panel and click on the icon of the magnifying glass that is located on it;
  • A search will open, in which you just need to take and drive the number of a well.known subscriber. If there is one, then the application will give it out.

Thus you can find any person by phone number. There is also another option in the form of just to score the number into the phone book, and then find the well.known contact through the same search. Both options are workers and allow you to find a person to start correspondence with him. It is worth noting that if a person does not have WhatsApp, then it is simply impossible to find it, since it is not registered in the messenger.

If this happened, then you can invite him to a social network in order to start communication.

Problems and solution

Sometimes problems may arise that can knock down the user from the path. WhatsApp, like all other social networks, may have some errors that the developers have not yet installed. It may also be such that a person himself is to blame for the fact that he does not succeed, because he can have completely different settings. Such problems may also arise. In the table below you can see frequent problems, as well as ways of their rational solution.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

How to delete contact

The base of the phone number is automatically synchronized with the Watsap, so if a friend is added in the “contacts”, it will be displayed both in the messenger and vice versa. If you delete it, only the number will be displayed in the messenger, without a name, while correspondence will be preserved.

To delete the room from Watsap and memory of the device, you can use the phone itself. To do this, go to “Contacts”, select the right user, click “” and select “Delete”. You can do the same through the messenger (it is convenient when many numbers have been added and difficult to find the right one):

Problems and their solution

Some users, wanting to add a number, are faced with various kinds of problems. For example, a certain contact does not want to display. First of all, you need to check the correct entry of the number, taking into account the format. Or a friend has not installed a messenger or he managed to remove it. There is a solution. open Vatsap’s notebook, enter the desired name and see that the Subscriber will be “invite” opposite the subscriber.

Pressing it will transfer it to the SMS application, where you can insert the text of the message and send the invitation to install WhatsApp.

Another situation is that a friend has a messenger on the phone, you know about it, but for some reason it is not displayed in the contact list. As a rule, those who have just installed WhatsApp are faced with such a problem (there may not be contacts at all). What to do:

Sometimes users of the desktop version are faced with a similar problem, the one that is installed on the computer or opens in the browser. In terms of functionality it is similar, but “cut”. For example, adding a friend to WhatsApp by number will not work, as well as call (audio, video calls)-these actions must be performed from the smartphone. The developers are sure that it is more convenient. Nevertheless, the version for PC is also popular, as the user works on a large monitor and with a full.format keyboard.

How to send a message to WhatsApp new contact, which is not on the list?

How to send a message to WhatsApp new contact if you did not add it to the contact book? Is it possible to do without this step and write to a person bypassing the phone book? We answer all questions!

Without unnecessary preface, we tell you how to send a message to a new contact in WhatsApp:

  • Open the messenger;
  • Go to the Chat tab;
  • Click on the new chat icon: on Android it is below, on the iPhone. the tablet icon upstairs;

We are talking about how to send a message to WhatsApp new contact. before entering a dialogue with a user who was not added to the phone book, you need to create an appropriate entry!

  • Fill the field “Name”;
  • Add a phone number. this is necessary, do not forget to choose the right prefix;
  • If desired, fill out the remaining fields: e.mail, company, address and others;
  • Click on the icon “Save”.

If a person is already registered in the messenger, there will be no problems with the question of how to write a message to new contact in WhatsApp. The dialogue will open automatically, you can start entering the text or add media.

If he had not used the application earlier, the icon “invite” will appear on the screen. Click on it to send an SMS message with reference to download the messenger.

Without adding to contacts

We will share a small secret with you. we know how to write a message by phone number in WhatsApp without adding a person to the phone book. This option is relevant if you want to start a one.time dialogue and do not plan long.term communication. For example, when buying things through aggregators!

  • Open a mobile browser;
  • Enter https: // API in the address line.WhatsApp.COM/SEND?Phone = 7xxxxxxxxxx;
  • Instead of “xxx” you need to specify the phone number of the person you want to contact. in format 79214445577. Do not use or eight;
  • You will be automatically thrown into a mobile application where a chat with a new user will boot.

Similarly, cunning works on a computer. Enter the link to the address bar of the browser, and the system will send you to the desktop application.