How to Add a Card to Apple Id

How to Add a Card to Apple Id

Delete the card from the Apple ID on the iPhone.

Quite often, iPhone and iPad users have problems decoupling a bank card from their Apple ID account. Most often, the problems are connected with the fact that the option to delete a bank card is hidden deep enough in the settings. How to surely untie the card from Apple ID was described in this instruction.

? How to untie a bank card from Apple ID

Step 1. Go to the menu “Settings“→”iTunes Store and App Store”And select your Apple ID account.

Step 2. In the window that opens, select “View Apple ID“.

Step 3. Select the “Manage Payment Methods“.

Step 4. A list of all payment methods available in your Apple ID account opens. Select the card you want to untie and click “Delete»At the bottom of the page with these cards. Confirm removal.

Done! In this simple way, you can unblock a bank card from Apple ID.

? A similar operation can be performed through iTunes, for example, when the iPhone is corny not at hand. Note that this method will help those users who previously used iTunes and logged in to the utility under their Apple ID account.

? How to untie Apple ID bank card via iTunes

Step 1. Launch iTunes and go to the “Account“→”View“.

Step 2. On the page that opens, select “Manage Payment Methods“.

Step 3. On the new page all payment methods that are associated with the Aplpe ID account will be presented. Select the card you want to untie from your account.

Step 4. Click “Delete»At the bottom of the map page.

Done! You have untied your credit card from your Apple ID account. Now it can not be used to make purchases from the App Store.

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