How to Activate Tied Iphone 4s

If the user has forgotten the four-digit password on the iPhone 4S or 5S, it can only be unlocked by flashing it by connecting it to a computer with the iTunes application installed. This is the only way in which, in addition, all personal files on the phone are lost. And if there is no credential in Apple ID, then for the successful reset the option “Find iPhone” should be disabled, since it will be impossible to activate the phone with iOS 7 without entering this information.

Reflash iPhone to reset password

Once again, note that only flashing is the only way to reset the iPhone 5S if its owner has forgotten the password. We describe how to reset the code from the lock screen using flashing.

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer, in the help menu, check for updates for the media player. To work, you will definitely need the latest version of the application.
  2. Connect the original Apple USB device cable to the computer.
  3. In the application, click on the phone icon by going to the iPhone menu. A window will open, with which you will directly work.

How to Activate Tied Iphone 4s

If an inexperienced user has forgotten the password, then the easiest option for him to unlock the phone is to click on the “Restore” button. The program will automatically download the latest firmware for your gadget from Apple servers and reinstall iOS on the device. Then, using the same application on your computer, you can restore personal data from previously saved archive copies.

However, this simple method has a number of disadvantages:

  • the latest version of iOS has a size of the order of 1.5 GB, which makes the process of downloading and reinstalling quite lengthy;
  • in case of any failure in your home Internet or short-term lack of access to the Apple server, the process will have to start again;
  • recovery when using a Windows computer is usually accompanied by errors that make it impossible to reinstall iOS in normal mode.

With Mac OS, the situation is somewhat different. problems when choosing this option to unlock a password, if they occur, are extremely rare. Therefore, the above method is more suitable for owners of Apple computers.

However, it should also be borne in mind that iTunes automatically downloads the latest firmware version, which may differ from yours. This may be an important argument for the owners of the so-called. “Unlocked” devices that can work with only one version of the firmware.

Install your own firmware

There is a way to significantly reduce the likelihood of failures during operation. To do this, you just need to download the firmware suitable for your phone in advance and use it later during the reinstallation. Your actions will change slightly:

  1. Download the latest firmware version.
  2. In the open iTunes window, click “Restore”, but at the same time hold down the Shift button on the keyboard if you are working on Windows, or Alt when working on Mac OS.
  3. An explorer window will open in which you need to find the firmware file you downloaded and click on the open button.

Further, everything will happen in automatic mode. The device can be unlocked when it enters Recovery Mode, flashes and reboots. It remains to select the language, region, connect to iTunes and select the “As new” phone setting.

You can no longer create a password so that the owner of the device does not forget it again. After that, you will get a “clean” iPhone 5S with factory settings.

Reset password in DFU mode

The described method does not always make it possible to avoid device errors by resetting the password. The most reliable option to unlock iOS is achieved by forcing the device into DFU mode, which is significantly different from the previously used Recovery.

The latter acts, simply put, like “rolling back” an existing system to its original state with restoring factory settings and parameters. DFU, by contrast, is a bootloader mode in which the device’s memory is formatted, system components are reinstalled, and iOS is completely reinstalled.

Password reset by flashing in DFU mode

If the user forgot to backup personal data, then they will be lost, since in order to unlock the device in DFU mode, iOS needs to be completely reinstalled. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Turn off the iPhone, connect with a branded Apple USB cable to a PC with fresh iTunes installed and enter the device in DFU mode. It is done like this:

○ hold and hold the gadget’s power key for 3 seconds;

○ press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds without releasing the power key;

○ release the last one after this period of time, and hold “Home” until the gadget enters DFU mode.

  1. In iTunes, select your device and click “Restore” while holding Shift (for Windows PCs).

Next, you can unlock the phone as described previously. indicate to the application the location of the new firmware and start the process. All further actions will take place automatically.

You may not be able to activate DFU mode the first time, especially if you did not have such an experience before. There is nothing terrible about this, you just need to understand how to recognize that the device is located in DFU, and not in Recovery Mode.

The latter is very easy to distinguish when a characteristic image of a media player icon and a USB cable appears on the device screen. When the device is entered in DFU mode, on the contrary, the display will be completely black (or in some cases white), will not respond to a single button press. However, iTunes will be able to detect it, and in the corresponding window it will be written that the device is in Recovery mode. Do not pay attention to this. proceed according to the template already described.

How to recover Apple ID account information

Unlocking the phone is not so difficult if the user has not forgotten the Apple ID password. However, if this data is also forgotten, device recovery can be a difficult task.

over, if the “Find Phone” function is enabled on iPhone 5S with iOS 7, the device is automatically linked to the Apple ID account, so even after flashing with DFU, the gadget will not be able to unlock without logging in to the account.

Successful methods of hacking the firmware are not yet known, therefore, to restore the account, you will have to act exclusively in official ways. There are not many of them:

  1. Go to the page and enter the mailbox specified during registration, which is the identifier in the Apple ID, click on the continue button.
  2. When you select a confirmation using E-mail, a message containing a link allowing you to change the password will be sent to the mailbox bound to the Apple ID.
  3. If you do not have access to the e-mail box, try to answer the secret questions indicated during registration.

If none of the methods worked, you will have to contact the support team and resolve the issue of access to the account personally.