How to activate iPhone without Internet

How to activate an iPhone without a SIM card

Holding a new iPhone in your hands is not only source of pride, but also an engineering marvel. The owner will definitely want to turn the iPhone on and try it out, and according to the rules we do it with the SIM card inserted. And if you got your phone as a present but could not find an extra SIM-card? What to do, run to a nearby store or try to solve the problem without the card of the mobile operator? You can activate your phone in several ways, and all of them are available even to inexperienced users of modern gadgets.

When you receive your iPhone as a present, people are usually excited and want to turn it on right away. Lack of a card is not a reason not to activate your smartphone right away. Let’s look at three ways to turn on the “apple device” iPhone, any series of release: 5-6-7-8-X.

Options to activate the iPhone without a SIM card:

Choose the most interesting option for us and proceed to activation.

What to do if you can’t activate your iPhone.

In some cases, the activation process is quite easy, in others it requires only professional intervention. If you can not activate your iPhone, the main reasons can be only two: hardware or software. Each problem has its own solution, it is important to identify its exact source. Hardware failure can reflect, for example, modem problems, its inoperability. Finally put such a “diagnosis” and find a solution must be a specialist of the service center. Software errors are usually solved by reinstalling the system iOS.

First of all, if your iPhone requires activation, use the most universal method. hard reset it (the process depends on the model), perhaps the problem will be solved immediately after this action. It is quite common when iPhone does not activate due to lack of connection to the server, because too many users are trying to make an update immediately after its release. If the system displays exactly this message the best solution is just to wait. The second, most correct decision is to apply to the service center of our company, as solving serious problems is better to trust professionals.

There are a few more reasons that prevent iPhone activation. First, the lack of SIM-card, or its incorrect installation in the SIM tray, reinstalling this necessary element will solve the problem. Second, this procedure requires a stable signal of the network used by the selected operator, as well as the presence of an Internet connection. iPhone activation can also be blocked if the smartphone has already been linked to another iCloud account, and it has not been liquidated. Most often such a situation occurs if the smartphone has already had another owner. The problem is solved by unlocking the system, for which the owner must enter the personal ID of the previous user and his password. And finally, a fairly new, but very serious problem, the so-called “iOS 11 syndrome”. It consists in the fact that after the appearance of iOS 11, Apple has introduced control over the repair of the iPhone. If there are non-original parts in your iPhone after repair, or if they were not installed at an authorized service center, the system can lock.

So, the reasons for iPhone activation failure can be many. from simple (no internet) to quite complicated (the modem died). Some of the user can eliminate on their own, others are realistic to eliminate only in the service center. If your iPhone has a problem, do not hesitate to fix it, it is unlikely to disappear by itself.

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But before the activation was only through the SIM card)))

It’s still available for tethered to the recorder iPhones.

So without internet activation is impossible or something?

I understand that you can not. It didn’t work for me, I tried it.

What is the point of this activation in general? Apple always burns napalm.

That’s why it’s Apple. With Android, everything is much easier and more convenient

And how long does it take to activate??

use Android. there is no such a headache with activation))

I am also surprised by this way of activation. This is not the 19th century we live in. it even made me laugh)

Oh, come on, enough already! It’s only a couple of minutes!

The iPhone 6 is coming out now. Will it also have a delusional activation?))

Apparently yes. And the most frustrating thing is that sellers make money on this, making activation for money (

I seem to be the only one who doesn’t understand why the phone needs activation)))

And if the phone is broken and just can’t see the network, it can still activate via computer?

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Frequently asked questions about iPhone activation

There are some relevant questions people are asking about how to activate a Verizon iPhone 7 without a SIM card. Some of these include:

Can I use my iPhone 7 without a SIM

Yes, you can use your iPhone 7 without a SIM card. Nevertheless, you will need to deploy the tactics explained in an earlier part of this guide.

Can I use my iPhone 7 without a SIM

Yes, you can use your iPhone 7 without a SIM card. However, you will need to deploy the tactics explained in an earlier part of this guide.

Activate iPhone using iTunes

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. If necessary, download it from Apple official website.

Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Perform all activation steps, following the instructions on the screen.

After this activation method, iPhone will connect to Wi-Fi network and you can use it for working with applications, watching videos, listening to music.


Before taking any action and attempting to adapt a standard SIM card to the Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM format for the iPhone, contact your service provider and ask for an explanation of the costs and methods of changing the SIM card. To find out how to talk to Vodafone, TIM, 3 or Wind, see. My tutorial on this topic.

To replace the SIM card with the iPhone SIM card, you will need to go to the point of sale of your mobile operator. Below you will find links to find out the nearest center to your home operator.

Ways to activate iPhone X/8/7/6/5 without a SIM card

activate, iphone, internet

Assumes you turn on your iPhone, and when the greeting appears on the display, sequentially press the Home and Emergency call buttons. After that, enter “112.”. and start the call. After that, promptly press the off button. then “Cancel”. Once the call is over, the gadget will perform all its functions and work normally. This means that you have successfully activated your phone and you can now manage your phone.

We haven’t tested the former, but you can try it. it certainly won’t make things worse.

How to activate iPhone

Activating iPhone via cellular network

    If your SIM card has 3G or LTE (mobile Internet) cellular data service, to activate your iPhone, simply insert the card.

Your phone will contact the Apple activation server, which will check the status of your device and approve its activation. After that, you will see the logo of your operator in the status bar on the screen of your iPhone.

If mobile Internet is not connected or not available, activate iPhone via Wi-Fi.

Activating iPhone via Wi-Fi

Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi network with Internet access (required).

Follow the iPhone Setup Assistant’s further instructions.

It may be that there is no mobile Internet connection and there is no Wi-Fi network at hand. In this case, iPhone can be activated through iTunes (your computer must be connected to the Internet).

How to activate iPhone with iTunes

Wait for the software to recognize your device and contact the Apple activation server. After activation, you will see a message: “Congratulations, iPhone unlocked.

As you may have noticed, in all of the methods described, you first need to insert the SIM card into the iPhone. Question: can you activate it without a SIM card?

How to activate iPhone without a SIM card

In intermediate versions of iOS 7.0-7.0.6 there was a vulnerability that allowed you to activate iPhone without a SIM card by dialing emergency number 112. In the final iOS 7.1.2 and newer generations of iOS the hole has been closed.

As you can see, to activate an “unlocked” iPhone, you only need to connect it to the Internet; the rest is done by the device itself. In most cases there is no problem with this, but if you have an exceptional case, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help you.

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How to activate if Apple ID is blocked? Or more precisely writes: “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.”I have no access to the mail, t.к. It’s been deleted, what should I do??

Hello! Backup email was registered? The easiest way is to restore (re-create the same email). Then you can try to reset the password. If you do have a backup email, try just resetting the password. If you remember the answers to the control questions or if you have a receipt from the store. call Apple Support.

hello! I faced the same problem, the phone asks to activate the phone, I enter Apple ID and the password is wrong, I went to the site changed the password says blocked because of the entry of an incorrect password, what to do?

Elizabeth, you can also change your Apple ID password with the help of control questions.

How to activate iPhone 6 if it’s locked

Hello! Insert ATT SIM-card (use ATT SIM-card too), pick up something from gevey-SIM, r-SIM; officially unlock; find a service that will unlock for money.

instead of no SIM it always says search.It doesn’t matter if it has SIM or not.what to do?It will not activate?

My Wi-Fi is broken, I tried to activate my phone after I updated it via i-tunes, it says : Unknown error during the activation. It refreshes and restores well but I can not activate it anymore. What can be the problem? When connecting to i-tunes.

How to activate iPhone 5c if the SIM card slot does not work? ?

You did not tell me how to unlock the phone and showed me how to activate it even a stupid schoolboy knows but in our case, the phone is locked and we can not activate it because I reset it and it is waiting for my SIM card. Can I unlock with jailbreak?? and then reset it? and what ways do you know? I am offered here all sorts of sites for 100 or 40 to unlock or in services where p-SIM will put. What’s the best way?

Hello, can you tell me if you can unlock the iPhone if you do not know the ID?I just found it and do not know what to do with it.Simku inserted and via Wi-Fi it enters a menu through the Internet, and to activate requires an ID and password, the owner has not been found, or should not bother and just throw it away, the state is new.Thanks in advance)

My corner says no network, although the SIM card is inserted.

Connecting to iTunes.It writes every time that there was an error or activation failed and offers to try again or contact apple.Two times I have appealed, no help(((

P.S.I got my iPhone 4 from my daughter and it worked for the first two days.

Afternoon! On October 20 my iPhone 6 was stolen. I still have not found the police. They say that the SIM card has not been inserted yet. But I’m online check the ID code it says that the activation lock is enabled to activate the new user of the device needs the Apple ID and password of the current owner. My husband erased all the data from my phone, so we can’t track him on his iPhone. Can you please tell me if I can activate the activation lock without a sim card?

Good day! On October 20, I had my iPhone 6 stolen. So far the police have not found. They say that the sim card has not been inserted yet. But I checked on the Internet by the name code there is written that the activation lock is enabled to a new user to activate this device needs an Apple ID and password of the current owner. My husband erased all the data from the phone, so we can not track him to find the iPhone. Please tell me if you can activate the activation lock without a sim card?