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The number and type of main camera modules have not changed: there are two of them. wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle. The resolution is the same. 12 12 Mpix.

iPhone X Vs iPhone 11! (Comparison) (Review)

At the same time, the parameter, which is not usually paid attention to, has changed slightly. The wide-angle sensor on the iPhone 12 has an f / 1.6 aperture, while the iPhone 11 has a / 1.8 aperture. The first one will let in more light, as a result, night photos will be of better quality. with more details and a minimum of noise.

Also in the iPhone 12, both cameras support night mode, the iPhone 11 only has a wide-angle module. On a hardware basis, ultra-wide-angle modules do not differ. aperture ƒ / 2.4 and a viewing angle of 120 °.


The most notable innovation in the iPhone 12 is the screen. Apple ditched the IPS display and switched to a modern type of OLED matrix.

That’s not the only change, the iPhone 12’s screen also doubles its resolution. It is 2532 × 1170 pixels with a density of 460 ppi. The iPhone 11 has a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels and a density of 326 ppi.

The screen contrast of the iPhone 12 is 2,000,000: 1, the contrast of the iPhone 11 is 1400: 1. The difference is due to the types of matrix. colors on OLED are more contrasting due to the peculiarities of the technology.

The rest of the screens are identical. HDR and True Tone supported, P3 color gamut, brightness up to 625 cd / m².

How the iPhone 12 differs from the iPhone 11. The difference in the price of 20 thousand rubles

iPhone 12 is the successor to the world’s most popular smartphone. iPhone 11 is the default choice, and now “cheaper iPhone” along with 12 mini. We figure out why the latest model is better and what you will lose if you use its predecessor.


The body of the iPhone 12 has undergone radical changes, although outwardly they are subtle. The main thing is that the corners of the side frame are now sharp, and not twisted. This was the case in the iPhone 5S, but Apple refused such a decision in the 6 and 6 Plus.

In addition, the body has become smaller and lighter. The company has moved from an IPS screen to an OLED screen, which we’ll talk about later. This made it possible to reduce the bezel on the front panel and the body as a whole, while maintaining the display diagonal.

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Dimensions iPhone 12. 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm;

IPhone 11 dimensions. 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm;

The rest of the parameters of the iPhone 12 case do not differ from its predecessor. The frame is metal, the front and back panels are covered with glass. The case is protected from water and dust according to IP68 standard.

Iron and performance

iPhone 12 received the A14 Bionic processor. It is the first chip in the world to be developed using a 5nm process technology. It performs eleven trillion operations per second.

Apple hasn’t said how much better it is than the A13. At the same time, she compared it with the A12 at the presentation of the iPad Air (2020). this chip is 40% faster than it. A13, in turn, is 20% faster than A12, respectively, and A14 is about 20% faster than A13.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade?

There are no changes in memory. The amount of RAM. 4 GB, three drive options are available: 64, 128 and 256 GB.

So, iPhone 12 starts at 799 for ATT and Verizon customers, while T-Mobile and Sprint will have to pay 829.

Russian also differ due to the dollar exchange rate. On average, the iPhone 12 in all trim levels has risen in price by 20 thousand rubles relative to the iPhone 11.

Is the copy of the iPhone 10 inferior in functionality to the original??

Oddly enough, the fake sample contains the Face ID feature of the owner. And yet she even works. True, we are not talking about an analogue of the TrueDepth system: a hundred-dollar Chinese clone costs a regular selfie camera.

The quality of pictures for the front and rear cameras of the unoriginal “Apple” phone leaves much to be desired. Even cheap Xiaomi is able to take better quality photos. But the real “ten” is included in the “Top 10” smartphones with the best photographic capabilities.

What is the difference between a copy of the iPhone X and the original

How to distinguish a copy of the iPhone X from the original externally

The counterfeit iPhone 10 in question quite well copies the original device in terms of the design of the back panel. Seeing you with such a device near your ear, those around you will believe that this is a real “ten”. After all, most of them have no idea what inscriptions should be on the original Apple products.

But if the goal is to convince your friends and acquaintances that you really own the most expensive Apple smartphone, then do not show them the device screen is on. The Chinese craftsmen did not succeed in making a frameless screen with a cutout in the upper part, so the “monobrow” was stuck to the usual wide upper frame. The lack of “bangs” in the minds of fake manufacturers, most likely, would be a more annoying blunder than its absence. The rest of the bezels on the fake iPhone 10 are also slightly thicker than the real ones, especially the bottom one. There is a difference in weight: a genuine gadget is heavier, due to it seems more solid.

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Another nuance that gives out a copy of the iPhone X is even more than the original, the protruding rear camera module. One of the disadvantages of the top ten turned out to be even more pronounced here.

What’s hidden inside a fake iPhone X?

The tenth family of Apple smartphones received the most advanced hardware, which still holds high positions in the ratings of popular benchmarks. The hardware platform of the iPhone copy in question was the MediaTek MT6580 single-chip system, which contains four Cortex-A7 computing cores. The processor here is not even 64-bit, but 32-bit! The chipset does not support displays with a resolution higher than 1440×720 pixels and does not even have a built-in 4G modem. Thus, the owner of a smartphone built on its basis will have to be content with only a slow 3G Internet. In the photo below: the original is on the left, on the right. counterfeit.

There is no informative tactile feedback in the “pirate” smartphone either due to the absence of the Taptic Engine. There is no OLED display either. a key feature of this “ten” compared to previous generations of Apple phones. Instead of a bright matrix with rich colors, a mediocre LCD panel is used here, similar to those installed in other devices with a price of 100.

Counterfeit iPhone 10 will be revealed by packaging

The difference between the 100 copy and the original starts from the box. At first glance, the packaging on the sample under consideration seems to be the same, but if you look closely, you can find a lot of small nuances. Let’s start with the color scheme: on the screen of the device depicted in the original version, there are green, blue and red tones. The fake device is dominated by red and blue shades.

In addition, the latter has a lock icon above the clock, which is not in the picture of the original box. Look at the stickers on the back of the box. In the case of a non-original, they may be glued crookedly. Depending on the manufacturer, the differences may show up in something else, but they will certainly be.

Is it possible to buy a copy of the iPhone 10?

The article uses screenshots of the YouTube channel TechSmartt and photos of the Motherboard website.

What is the difference between a smartphone and an iPhone and which is better?

Users often ask how the iPhone differs from the smartphone? The question is really interesting, although it was posed incorrectly. after all, the iPhone is also a smartphone. It’s just that in recent years its name has become a household name, as, for example, in the case of a copier, because Xerox is the name of a company that, among other things, produces copiers.

A smartphone (from the English smartphone, that is, “smart phone”) is a mobile phone that successfully combines the functions of a computer. With it, you can not only call friends, but also play games, watch videos, listen to music, surf the Internet and much more.

And what happens? And the fact that calling the iPhone a smartphone, you can not go wrong.!

What is the Difference Between Smartphones and iPhones?

Now let’s talk about what makes the iPhone different from other smartphones.

Perhaps the first and most important thing is the iOS operating system. Our site has already managed to tell about it. This operating system is interesting in that it is used exclusively on devices from Apple, so you will not find it on smartphones or tablets from other manufacturers. This is good, on the one hand, and bad, on the other. Good, because Apple is honing its operating system to shine, so it often works much more stable than other operating systems. And the bad thing is that it is impossible to install it, for example, on an LG phone.

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The second important difference is the small model range. So, for a long time Apple released only one model, which was later joined by the iPhone 5c. The same goes for the screen size, although in the sixth generation two devices came out at once. one with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, and the second with 5.5 inches. Now look at the huge selection of Android devices. the difference is fantastic. So if you don’t like the iPhone‘s looks, you have little choice but to start looking at devices from other manufacturers.

As for the appearance, there is nothing unusual here. In previous years, Apple could shock the appearance of its devices (remember, for example, the iPhone 4 with a glass back cover), but now it is an ordinary smartphone. Of course, it differs in the presence of expensive materials, but all this invariably affects the cost of the device. But on the back there is a corporate logo. a bitten Apple.

IPhones lack a memory card slot. This, one might say, is a proprietary feature of Apple. Of course, you can always choose an iPhone with a lot of memory, but the price difference will be several thousand rubles, while. However, in all fairness, we note that now many manufacturers refuse slots for memory cards. Fortunately, not all.

Some users refer to the disadvantages of the non-removable battery in the iPhone. In our opinion, this should not be considered a disadvantage. Firstly, in most modern smartphones it is impossible to replace the battery (except in the service), and secondly, it works for 2-3 years, while the period for replacing a smartphone is on average only one year.

It should be noted that it supports only one SIM-card. True, the latest models have eSIM. support for a virtual SIM card.

As for everything else, including specifications, availability of applications, quality of shooting, etc., in this regard, the iPhone does not differ much from other Android devices. What’s better? It’s up to you to decide. You can go to some electronics hypermarket and compare iPhone to another smartphone you like.

Anyway, we found out that the iPhone is also a smartphone that has its own characteristics.

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